Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea!
Posted on October 6th, 2010

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya Melbourne

Some of the local and expatriate Patriots and Patriotic organizations took upon themselves the task of defending the false propaganda carried out by the anti Sri Lankans local and abroad. If the Sri Lankan Embassies abroad executed their responsibility to counter these false propaganda these efforts would not have been necessary!

 Now the time has come for the people to carefully evaluate the qualities of the person who is fit to lead this liberated country. The incumbent President may have shortcomings, as no human being except Lord Buddha is infallible, yet he is Sri Lanka’s only choice to lead the country to prosperity at this juncture.  He is the only leader who loves the country, his task was to liberate the country and unite all ethnic groups so that all communities can live in Peace & Harmony.

 Since the start of the LTTE menace there were very powerful Presidents, ordinary, mediocre, and just to say he was also a President.  They had every chance to nip this menace in the bud or even at puberty stage. But they were selfish, visionless, spineless but cunning enough to hang on to power by hook or by crook.

 The courageous Generals we thought we had in the past, the likes of Denzils, Wijaya’s, Algama’s, Janaka’s etc in essence have now been reduced to cardboard Generals by Mr.Sarath Fonseka. They were no different to the privates in the army who had limited powers or none at all on their own; is that why they could not defeat the terrorists?  We are led to believe that he saved the country single handed, aren’t we? I don’t take pride to talk in this manner, but with a heavy heart one has to assess the stark exaggeration today while sympathising at Mr.Sarath Fonseka’s claims due to ignorance. I hope the masses are not naive today to gulp this nonsense.

 Before and after the Presidential and General elections we saw how things went sour between the major contestants. The allegations were of a serious nature for those who held responsible positions at the elitist level, serious gaffes were uttered leaving even the poor UN Secretary General no option but to install a Panel (became controversial ) of Jurors to investigate the confessions.  The President too had no option, the perpetrator had to be tried at the Court Martial. The outcome was a foregone conclusion as the evidences staked out one after another. This does not amount to any prejudice; some claims may have been ignored or left as insignificant allegations had the defendant been in the good books of the administration.  These actions are not uncommon elsewhere in the Globe.

 The opposition has repeatedly accused that the President and his family has misappropriated various funds, but they were mere tools of propaganda at election platforms to hoodwink the gullible masses. If those allegations had solid evidence there would have been court cases and perhaps they may have been the proud occupants of the Welikada Prisons beating the ex-General in the race. That means they are as pure as the unsoiled white national dress they wear.

 Mr.Sarath Fonseka is undoubtedly one of the hero’s in eliminating the brutal LTTE.  The masses knew it and they were ready to worship by one and all. Unfortunately, we all regret, that he was misled by the opportunists, who ridiculed his victories in the past became the treasured friends instantly, just to make him the cat’s paw in their dirty politics. His premature ambitions damaged any chance of leading the country at a different level. He could have been easily groomed to take charge of the country one day if only he had the patience.

 Yes, Government got KP who has access to finances and all vital information of the defunct LTTE. Mind you, this is also the time, disgruntled LTTE Diaspora is propagating within the West, that Sri Lanka is persecuting and killing LTTE cadres indiscriminately and requesting the Western Government not to repatriate the Tamil asylum seekers for fear of been killed. Now this where the present administration is between the Devil and the Deep blue Sea. At a time like this what would be the best action by the Government? To kill this guy? Imprison for life? Or adopt a win win situation out of a hopeless predicament? They have the money, the blood money, but would they hand over these funds just for asking? Then how best can the Government lay their hands on this wealth? There is a big bill to rebuild the North/ East, presently the Government is utilising that money loaned by various institutions for the development of the entire country with a major portion dedicated for the development of the North and the East. This is a very unfair situation.

 Sadly at the same time, KP who was equally responsible to share the untold damage and brutality meted out on Sri Lanka in par with the slain LTTE leader, is enjoying a relative freedom and perks that the ex-General is deprived of. Some have already joined the mainstream politics and presently engaged in the process of developing the country. How did this happen?

 This is a glaring good quality of an excellent leader, one who has the knack to win the hearts of the enemy to realize the errors they have done and now to engage them in the rebuilding of the material and emotional damages meted out to his kith and kin in the past.

 The opposition may seize the moment and suggest, under these conditions the only option is to oust the present Government!

 It’s easier to say, has anyone thought of an alternative government, any prospective leader better than the known devil? Ranil? The man who loved LTTE regime and was ready to give many more liberties at the expense of the Sinhala Nation.  The man who Worship the very earth treaded by the White Sahib? Who runs to them with Constitutional amendments, just to get their approval?  Sajith? Somawansa? Or is it Dayasiri? These are a pack of Jokers, who are unable to solve the UNP leadership issue let alone Twenty Million problems of the entire country!

 The time has come for Sri Lankans to maintain a balanced sensible approach and rally around the present leader, rather than losing their mind and joining the destructive band wagon to create unrest throughout the country to disrupt the rapid progress that we are experiencing at the moment!

 The President has said under the Constitutional he could Pardon Mr.Sarath Fonseka if he makes a formal appeal. So this is the time one has to stomach his pride and admit to human failures and have an amicable Peace talk with the President, you may never know where he will land!

2 Responses to “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea!”

  1. gona Says:

    Sensible article, based on fact as against hysteria or bedroom journalism.

  2. jana Says:

    Sensible article.It is more the reason why MR should behave in a responsible and accountable manner. Taking so many sycophants to the UN and at the same time increase the price of Bread tothe poor shows that he lacks the sensitvity and the responsible behaviour that is expected of him. Poor governance has been the characteristic feature of his regime. Appointment of sycophantic ,unqualified party faithful into positions of power does not augre well for the country especialy with a opposition that is weak led by a traitor with no checks and balances. Unless MR shows even at this stage that he will utilise the best brains for the betterment of the country and behaves in a accountable and responsible manner Sri Lanka will only be going from Bad to Worse. Amendment 18 is not the best way forward for the country as it only consolidates him but does not give the country any option.

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