PLEASE ! PLEASE ! Do not make the precincts of the revered Maha Maluwa, lose its sanctity, by holding Political Meetings
Posted on October 8th, 2010


As a Buddhist, Iam requesting the Maha Sangha, with great deference, to stop your crazy notion right now,  to have Political Meetings, within the sacred precincts of the Dalada Maligawa.  Venerable Sobitha Thero, and  Ranil, please take cognisance.  Ranil as a Christian will have no qualms in desecrating the precincts and sanctity of the Maligawa.
The Maligawa is a place where the Buddhists of this beautiful  country of Sri Lanka, come to worship, and pay obeisance to the Great Lord Buddha. It is not a place to air out innate ill feelings on any individual or entity.  It is very clear that the very idea of having the envisaged meeting, in the precincts of the Maha Maluwa, is to speak on a Prisioner’s behalf, and against the Democratically  Elected Government, and its Officials, and in the process, vehemently express idealogies, that would sound like  music to the ears, of a part of the audience,  and would irritate and  anger, the other section of the audience. The end result would be creating, variances amongst the Buddhists, and make them clash with each other. There is no assurance, as to how they would clash. Both parties will come ready to meet any event. Some may even bring weapons. Then, the very Speakers at the Meeting, will be solely responsible for the clashes, and the resulting injuries. The irony would be that, the very Sangha wearing Saffrom Robes, who are the incumbents of safeguarding the religion, and the sanctity of the Maligawa,  would be the party that initiated the clashes. This would be a very serious situation. The Mahanayakes of Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapters, should say a firm NO, to Venerable Sobitha and Ranil. They can be advised to go to the Bogambara Grounds, where there is more space for a BIG AUDIENCE.   WHY MALIGAWA.?
Please permit me to digress from this subject for a little. The hue and cry to release the Military Prisoner from Jail, is tantamount to CONTEMPT OF COURT.  It is by a ruling of the Judiciary, that a punishment is being meted out to an individual. Then a display of street hooliganism, holding meetings, signing petitions, Buddhist Priests in saffron robes, airing their opinions is unwarranted. Politicians who do not see the light at the end of the tunnel are very instrumental in fostering unruly behaviour, and rowdism. Also, it is a shame to be publicly dashing coconuts and cursing the JUDICIARY THAT METED OUT THE PUNISHMENT.   Those who are seeking some solace, please pocket the pride. Stretch out the Hand of friendship, to the adversary.  PRIDE GOETH FORTH ON HORSEBACK GRAND AND GAY, but cometh back afoot, abegging its way.  Cultivate Humility.
Reverend Mahanayakes, please do not let the MALIGAWA be the venue, TO START A CLASH IN SRI LANKA. 

6 Responses to “PLEASE ! PLEASE ! Do not make the precincts of the revered Maha Maluwa, lose its sanctity, by holding Political Meetings”

  1. Raj Says:

    I agree with you hundred percent.

  2. priyanikari Says:

    Well said susantha. I personally lost the respect I had towards the Sobitha Thero. Ranil is just a waste of space but I couldn’t beleive why this Thero can’t respect the judgement given by the judiciary system of our motherland. Those who protest for releasing SF are the brainless idiots in Sri Lanka. SF deserves this for his stupid power hungry actions. What goes around comes around SF.

  3. cassandra Says:

    Are we sure it is the JUDICIARY that meted out the punishment? SF was not tried in a court of law; he only faced a court martial. Ah! there’s quite a difference.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. Nanda Says:

    You normally bring up exccelent consistency with regard to justice but for some reason you love Fonseka to the extent that your biasness is clearly seen.

    Court martial is not only constitued in Sri lanka. It is the same in almost every country. It is not Rajapakse’s own court. Being a member of armed forces you loose your freedom to a certain extent. In fact in the coutries like USA it is even worse than in Sri lanka.
    Why don’t you qestion fonseka’s honesty instead ? Do you award contracts to your son ? I am sure you don’t do it. Fonseka accepted he did that but he argues it is his right.

  6. cassandra Says:

    I note your comment although I would still not regard a court martial as being part of the SL Judiciary, but I take your point.
    I can assure you I do not love Fonseka as you suggest I do; in fact, I do not love him at all.

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