Posted on October 20th, 2010

by Stanley Perera

Famous anti government Duleep Chickera says “it is not the pardon Sarath Fonseka needs.  Sarath needs justice”.   Well Chickera who else did you speak out to provide justice?.  Chikera fellow is well known to be an ardent supporter of Terrorist group LTTE and anti government activist.  In the past Chickera held hands with Soundranayagam and Rayappu Joseph in the campaign to establish Elam.  However Rayappu and Saundranayagam have been tamed by Arch bishop Dr. Malcolm Ranjith since annihilating the Terrorists.  They had nowhere to go other than to support the Arch Bishop.  That fellow Chickera remained unsupportive of Sri Lanka government’s plan for peace.  Anything that is against the Rajapakse government, Chickera is readily available to criticize.  Now he is making noise about Sarath Fonseka.  At this juncture I must ask Chickera who else did you speak for other than the Terrorists LTTE?

During that womaniser Chief Justice Sarath Silva’s time in office, many litigants have been deprived of justice.  Some have been hounded by Sarath Silva for over a decade.  Some have been denied of justice because of his personal vendetta against Justice Mark Fernando.  Did Chickera speak out of any of those litigants? Why is this fellow so worried about Sarath Fonseka?  Is it because the campaign is against MR government?

Chickera is known to be anti MR government and also an ardent supporter of the Terrorists LTTE.  This man is the only bishop in Sri Lanka who did not join Arch Bishop Dr. Malcolm Ranjith’s delegation to the President Rajapakse in support of the peace process and the development programs of the country.  Perhaps it must be because of the fact that he belongs to a different section of the church.  However though my personal view is that Chickera fellow is anti MR.

Stanley Perera.



  1. gdesilva Says:

    The Govt. could not have made a better anti-Fonseka campaign than this! When the Tiger sympathizer Chickera speaks on behalf of Fonseka it is easy for any one to put 2 and 2 together – maths could not be made this easy!! Well done Chickera and well done Fonseka!!

  2. callistus Says:

    As a Christian I am ashamed of Chickera and apologize for him.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Rayappu was tamed? What is that? Rayappu was accompanied by the Sinhala Bishops to the IDP camps in Vanni to deliver “spritual guidence” by Catholic Church. Did they deliver or helped some of their Catholics who worked together with LTTE to escape from the camps?

    Fr.Malcolm Ranjith is now decorated as a CARDINAL by the NAZI POPE for his services. GTF, the controlling body of LTTE overseas headed by Fr.S.J.Emmanuel, is working against Sri Lanka. Malcolm Ranjith or POPE never control Emmaanuel or crticize him. How?

    Malcolm Ranjith or other Sinhala Bishops never made any public statements about the involvements of the Rayappu gang with LTTE.

    That means POPE support terror against Sri lanka by LTTE!

  4. De Costa Says:

    Mudali has a good argument. Rayappu is not tamed. he is waiting for the next opportunity.
    Nazis come in different ways but I am not convinced that Cardinal Ranjit supports LTTE. We have to wait and see.
    It is also true that Sinhala priests never really condemn LTTE alone. That is very strange. They have no worries now. So why are they still compassionate about Tamil people only ? Mudali, why are you complaining, if they supports Tamils more than Sinhalas ?

  5. M.S.MUdali Says:

    They are not supporting Tamils but they support Nazi POPE to go against Hindus and Buddhists!

  6. samurai Says:

    I agree with Mudali. During the war Sinhala Catholic Bishops never made a public statement condemning the LTTE atrocities or extend moral support to the soldiers defending the country’s territorial integrity. The Sinhala bishops were having on foot in the Tiger-dominated North and and the other in the South not believing that the terrorists would be defeated. eventually. However in the case of Chickera, Malcolm Ranjit has no control over him in any matter because the former is an Anglican Christian like that other dubious Anglican priest Kenneth Fernando who once said that Prabhakaran was a ‘humane person’ after meeting him.

  7. Dham Says:

    Welcome back friend. Where have you been ? In Sri lanka helping to get the Ponseka out ?

  8. Dham Says:

    Oh ! I was FOOled by Samurai. This is the old stuff.

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