Cardinal Walks on a Tight Rope between Religion & Government
Posted on November 6th, 2010

Prof. Hudson McLean

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ As a Catholic I am dismayed and disappointed that the new Cardinal Malcom Ranjit’s decision to resurrect the LTTE Flag against a leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government.

Catholic Clergy has in many instances played a role to support the “under dog” in many countries.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  In this case the LTTE is not the “under dog”, more of a wild mad dog, the Devil in disguise.

Catholic Clergy in Sri Lanka has created immense bad will amongst the Sri Lankan citizens by openly supportingƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  a criminal, Velupillai Prabhakaran and his coterie of murderers.

The government under Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cabinet has done an exemplary salvation of Sri Lanka after 33 years of blood shed and annihilation created by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists.

Moreover, President Rajapaksa has created an atmosphere of reconciliation, goodwill, fairplay, and put the Island on a “fast track” development programme.

By playing into the hands of Norwegians, USAƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  under the influence of the remnants of Tamil Tigers in USA, France, Canada, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit, as the leading Shepherd, is dragging his Catholic Flock into a quagmire.

I do hope, Rome is informed of this bigoted behaviour of the Cardinal, taking a political slant whilst on duty and be instructed to behave according to his Call of Duty, but not act as a messenger of Terrorists.

If the Cardinal in his wisdom, feels He wishes to play a real constructive role in the development of Sri Lanka and with that the Catholic Church faithful, and in that order, He should first take a long serious look at what President Rajapaksa has done during his tenure, till now!

Cardinal better get off his Tight Rope Act before he sacrifices all the Catholics in Sri Lanka to the Devil.

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Please visit -: a Catholic I am dismayed and disappointed that the new Cardinal Malcom Ranjit’s decision to resurrect the LTTE Flag against a leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government.

15 Responses to “Cardinal Walks on a Tight Rope between Religion & Government”

  1. jay-ran Says:

    I take my hats of very respectfully for your above comments which are 100% patriotic notbecause of supporting the cause of MR but CORRECTLY HIGHLIGHTING THE UNWANTED,IRREVELENT COMMENTS BY A CLERGY OF THE STATUS OF CARDINAL MALCOM RANJITH.
    I do not wish to insult any clergy whether Buddhist, Catholic or otherwise, but Malcom Ranjith has TOTALLY SPOKEN OUT OF TURN AND DAMAGED THE RESPECT PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA HAD AND HAS TOWARDS CATHOLIC CHURCH!!!
    Thank you Sir, for highlighting this.

  2. De Costa Says:

    Thank you prof. I am feeling ashamed as well.
    This man is not qualified to represenet the devine. Contrary to what you hope, Vatican too may have been become slaves to the west rather than saving the world. I believe cardinalship was offered on some promise by malcom. Malcom betrayed his country greedy of cardinalship.
    I would like to see Cassandra’s comments on Malcom’s call for “political soultion” after the “militray soultion” ended 90% of the suffering of Tamils. His urgency is now on 10% only.

  3. gdesilva Says:

    Is it just a repeat of history??

    The Catholic Church’s appointment of John Paul II as the pope was followed by the demise of the regime in Poland and in Eastern Europe. Just wondering whether a similar attempt is made to undermine the Sri Lanka Govt by appointment of Cardinal Ranjit and getting him to agitate the faithful. Let’s face it, the CIA has not given up on Sri Lanka yet and they will do whatever possible to get rid of this Government.

  4. Kit Athul Says:

    Let’s not hit hard at Cardinal Ranjit. He has to move with what Vatican suggests. He might be in trouble with the Vatican already, no one knows. This is something that came from the past, may be UNP Catholics, who updated his presentation of the past to reflected it to the present. It is very clear that INDIAN RAW played a big role here. INDIAN RAW ownes the UNP! Don’t forget Malcom Ranjit helped President Rajapakse to establish the Sri Lankan Vatican ambassador’s office. When Presedent Rajapakse wanted his help during the last stage of the war, he was there to give it, as opposite to RYEAPPU. One needs to look in to the Petrine Office (Theologians call it Ecclessiology) and how it operates. Pope is the head of state of the Independent, Sovereign Vatican City. Traditions and routines dominate there. I am a Sinhala Buddhist American, so let’s not attack the individual, but vigorously attack what he has presented, like what Dr. Sudath done in his artical. Thank you Prof, for bringing this to the open.

  5. Sirih Says:

    Issue is not the Christian faith… Problem is the Church which cater for exclusive colonial club.. Even the church name implies what its stand for.. ( Ceylon Church ?).

    BTW there is no such a thing as Independent, Sovereign Vatican City since this is nothing but a fallacy and UN does not recognise this as a state..

    If you look into Chinese argument “that if you a Christian you obey country’s law and start with local church and why worship foreign entity based in Rome or London which came from historic power play between european war lords.”

    As I said before You need to be a Sri Lankan first and religion second… Only a true patriot understand that.

  6. Ben_silva Says:

    Prof. McLean has analyzed situations correctly and bravely expressed his opinion. He has been a good friend of Sri Lanka and I support his view that Sri Lanka belongs to its citizens. The impression I have is that the Catholic church has been supporting Tamils and the terrorists. As the Prof. said we need justice and fair play for all – all humans and not just for Tamils. As for religion:
    Religion may inhibit unbiased thinking. Religion is perhaps used us a money generating business, giving an income to many, from contributions by believers. Well known thinkers and scientists such as Arthur C Clark, Bertrand Russel had little faith on any religion. The famed science fiction writer, Arthur C Clark, who once denigrated religion as “a necessary evil in the childhood of our particular species. He was so anti religion that he did not want any religeous rights at his funeral.
    Russell:. I regard it as a disease born of fear
    Einstein: A man’s ethical behaviour should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary.

  7. D Godage Says:

    Good on you ‘Professor’. We learn every day. I had never heard of Catholic McLeans before!

    THe problem with Dumbara campus graduates who have ‘been’ to Harvard, like the writer Malinda Seneviratne is that there are lots of ‘holes’ in their ‘work’.

    The article and all the comments are from the same mentally sick hyena.

    Hove a good week!

    Godage, Toronto


    Yes, we learn everyday, especially of a “Godage from Toronto” Canada I believe – who has no knowledge of Catholic McLeans, McShanes, McNeils & Macks of Sri Lanka. Prof McLean please keep on imparting your knowledge we are all eager Sri Lankan readers around the globe and not necessarily from the Gamas & Godas of Sri Lanka.

  9. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Thank you Professor for highlighting the dangerous path the Cardinal has taken. History records that during the second world war the Vatican allowed Hitler’s Nazis to carry through their inhuman policies against mankind. It seems the Vatican is repeating the same inhuman approach by taking on the role of Tamil Tiger spokesman through Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and those other catholic priests who travel the world carrying the Tiger message. As for people who try to silence supporters of a united SriLanka, I believe we’ll come across many like that, who may have wished the mentally sick Tigers success, but we have to ignore them and move on as fast as possible with the development of an economically strong, united and peaceful Sri Lankan nation.

  10. Siri Says:

    Thank you prof for highlighting what this Cardinal is doing. I too am a Catholic from Sri Lanka and residing in the USA. I feel ashamed to be a Catholic after seeing how our Cardinal is behaving. He is a disgrace to the country. If he is a true Patriot I would expect him to say to his followers “BE PATRIOTIC SRI LANKANS FIRST AND THEN GOOD CATHOLICS NEXT, TRUE TO THYSELF” We do not need the Roman Church to guide or order us around. God is Ominepresent. Everybody can worship him from anywhere if they so desire. The catholic church is fast losing it’s influence and following in other parts of the world. It has been even said that the present Pope knowlingly covered up for priests accused of being Pedophiles. This was before he became Pope. The church is fast losing it’s wealth because they are being sued by people who were abused by priests when they were children. The church has started a cost cutting programme now. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith should help in the progress of the country if he is a true Patriot instead siding with the West against our country.

  11. hela puwath Says:

    Give serious thought to what “gdesilva” says. The appointment of the Polish cardinal as Pope Paul II and Polish revolution that followed, and the begining of the end of the Sovient Union cannot be coincidence.

    There are no laboratory experiments to prove events in history, especially events that involve the Anglo-American Empire, and the Roman Catholic Empire. The Roman Catholic Church has since the 14th century been the instrument or the vehicle that lead the ‘European Genocide” of the world.

    Make no mistake, Sri Lanka’s struggle with “unethical conversion” is one of the top priorites on the Sri Lanka Roman Catholic church’s agenda. The Jathika Hela Urumaya’s efforts to bring about anti conversion legislation has hit a road block because of the efforts of the Roman Catholic Church and Islamic members of the president’s cabinet. Now the stage is set for the Cardinal to address the world from highest pulpit. The Tamil grievance is only the opening salvo.

    We urge “gdesilva” to share his knowledge about this subject in an article in the Lankaweb. Expect some comments from the likes of “Daya Godage of Toronto” to add some humour to serious discussions in this forum!

  12. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Vatican has invested in GUN industries now. A Nazi is the head of Vatican. Catholics now believe in gun deals over the peace and Jesus. So, Ranjith is an agent of Vatican gun runners. I old manytimes here about the Vatican’s aim over Sri lanka!

    LTTE practiced whatever Hitler practiced. LTTE was under the control of the Catholic Church. Now the Diaspora Tigers are under the Global Tamil Forum headed by Fr.S.J.Emmanuel. That means Vatican is not givenup its “intervention” in Sri lanka.

    But Mahinda Rajapaksha has a “vatican” in his home. I think the catholic church is now trying make some profits through it!

  13. Nanda Says:

    He is a professor of Theology – check out before you talk. It is you who are metally retarded to the extent that cannot read an understand the big lies Malcom’s statement.

  14. jay-ran Says:

    It appears that both Godage & ronetr are mentally retarded guys unable to accept the TRUTH EXPOSED BY Prof. Hudson McLean.

  15. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    If insinuations and casting wild remarks are the Forte of the mentally retarded, let them play on. So be it. Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.

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