Bill C-49 & support by Balan Ratnarajah and his Peel Tamil Community Centre
Posted on November 11th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario Canada

November 10, 2010


Devinder Shory, MP (Conservative MP for Calgary Northeast)

Hon.Vic Toews, MP (Minister of Public Safety)
Hon. Jason Kenney , MP  (Conservative MP for Calgary Southeast and  Minister for Citizenship & Immigration) 
Hon. Deepak Obhrai, MP (Conservative MP for Calgary East & Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs)
cc. Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, MP , Prime Minister (Conservative MP for Calgary Southwest)


Re: Bill C-49 and support by Balan Ratnarajah and his Peel Tamil Community Centre

As a card carrying member of the Conservative Party (C11255047) and a Sustaining Donor, and a former member of the Reform Party and Canadian Alliance and mentored by Art Hanger (former Conservative MP for Calgary Northeast) for years, I was extremely disturbed reading the Canadian Press article “ƒ”¹…”Human Smuggling bill endorsements not all they seem’ bylined by Heather Scoffield which appeared in the Globe and Mail.

Balan Ratnarajah was quoted several times in the article where he said, “Our way of working is to work with the government to get something from the government””¦ “We don’t support the whole bill”.

Ratnarajah said that he was hoping his support of the human smuggling bill will encourage the federal government to back his group financially.  But he also says he has some reservations about the bill.  He says that he has been assured that the troubling elements on refugees will never see the light of day.

Gentlemen, there is one thing that I want to underline in RED for all of you to take note of.  I do not wish to see a single cent of mine as a tax payer go to Balan Ratnarajah’s group, which he says was set up about a year ago and that it is too new and underfunded to have an office, staff or website.

Here is why I caution You and my Conservative Party.  Balan Ratnarajah was elected as a member of the Tamil Separatist “ƒ”¹…” Transnational Government of Tamil  Eelam’ in Exile to represent Canada’s  District 3: Western Ontario with a vote of 4,844, in December 2009.

I was absolutely shocked and peeved to read in the Canadian Press story which said “Still his (Balan Ratnarajah) reservations did not stop Conservative MP Devinder Story from trumpeting the group’s support during debates in the House of Commons.

Well, Devinder, you are pulling the Conservatives into Canada’s terrorist supporting black hole dug by the Liberals by supporting the Tamil Eelamists.  This is the terrorist group that the Liberals supported for 13 long years by letting them collect two million dollars a month to stuff the Tamil Tiger war-chest to buy weapons to kill my innocent Sinhalese people.  And Cabinet Ministers Paul Martin, Maria Minna and several other Liberal back benchers patronized the Tamil Tiger fund raising $60-a-plate dinner in Toronto in May 2000. 

Take my word Gentlemen, and keep an eye on your colleague Devinder Shory, as he is on the path of destruction of the Conservative Party by tarnishing you all as MPs of a Tamil terrorist supporting party.

It is that simple and acknowledge me as a friendly Soothsayer who has never been wrong for 27-years with my predictions about these new Tamil refugees who buy a plane ticket to get on the first flight to Sri Lanka no sooner they obtain their Canadian passport. 

Gentlemen, we have been made suckers by this lot for far too long and don’t let Devinder Shory continue to make us look suckers and easy targets to be made fools of by these separatist Tamils.


Asoka Weerasinghe

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