The West’s unconditional and ceaseless bashing of Sihale
Posted on December 4th, 2010

By Kith de Silva

Here we go again.UK Channel 4 has timed it perfectly. What a fantastic diversion to take the heat away from the Wikileaks exposing atrocities of the West. Kick Sri Lanka in the guts yet again.

 No one should condone civilian killings by any. However over three decades LTTE went on killing spree of civilians and wanton destruction of economic assets and desecration of religious sites in Sri Lanka.

British and other so called guardians of human rights and democracy kept mum, the minority Tamil votes in marginal seats and the blood money of the terrorist to oil their campaign was more important. What a duplicity? US waged war and is still doing so in other sovereign countries slaughtering  civilians. Agent Orange, carpet bombing of entire villages were then “the smart war”. The Sri Lankan soldier fought a war on his Motherland to rid it from the most dangerous terrorist outfit of our time while the West was supporting the terrorists. Such is the duplicity of the West so they have no moral authority to castigate my Motherland.

 As for UK the duplicity has no peer. They raped and pillaged my Motherland as colonial invaders. They introduced genocide to Sihale by annihilating all the Sinhala men over eighteen years old in Welassa after the uprising.

 Even as we speak now Adele Balasingham, a key terrorist who was the mentor of the LTTE female brigade is living a luxury life in London out of the blood money of the LTTE. London was the official headquarters of LTTE while it was banned in UK!

 Now it is all out. Yes LTTE blood money bank rolled UK political machine, a fact many know but wish to deny. The same scenario is happening in all Western democracies. The irony is that Tamil racists are masters of this game. They did this right throughout the history of Sri Lanka politics, both pre and post independents. That is why before the Racist and Communal politics of Tamils came to be clearly established in Sri Lanka in seventies many Tamils represented Sinhala majority electorates in Sri Lanka.

 However Sihale has prevailed for nearly three millennia against all odds and we shall prevail.

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