Posted on December 23rd, 2010

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Congress leader in India Rahul Gandhi today has voiced his concern over Sri Lanka government “not doing enough” for the Tamils there and said he would ensure that they would get justice.

Rahul should first learn the Indian history properly. He should be able to access the reports of TamilNadu political plots which took place in early nineteen twenties in India to gain independency from India, subsequently the Indian government under British rule imposing country wide ban of any kind secession in India thereafter. Following this ban the independency plot was temporarily exported to neighboring country Sri Lanka as the majority Sri Lankans possess a soft and kind heart and overwhelmingly friendly with everybody.

It was Rahul’s paternal grandmother Indira Gandhi who funded, trained, advised and developed Tamil Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka. There are millions of facts available in open media today to support these truthful allegations and in fact Sri Lanka should claim billions of Sri Lankan rupees as compensation from India for this purposeful heinous and disastrous act by Indira Gandhi. The Tamil Tiger terrorists brutally killed Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and others in scores including civilians and politicians in order to achieve a dreamland called Ealam till they were beaten severely and totally eradicated by the brave Sri Lankan forces.

Even after Rahul’s father Rajiv Gandhi paid by his life for Indira Gandhi’s LTTE terrorists, it is worth investigating why Rahul is crying for them.

No doubt that innocent Tamil people should be cleared from the IDP camps as soon as possible. Not only the Tamils but also every innocent person living in IDP camps should be freed and assisted for a decent life by the Sri Lankan government.

Factually the present Sri Lankan government has implemented unprecedented measures to expedite the clearing of people from the IDP camps and currently spending millions of Sri Lankan rupees for the rehabilitation. Any interested person can verify these statements which are transparent in Sri Lankan government books.

The only reason why Rahul is sheading these crocodile tears for the IDPs in Sri Lanka can be figured as his cowardice to protect his own life from the emerging threat from the LTTE which is regrouping in TamilNadu which surfaced by intelligent reports last week.

A keen and honest request to Rahul:

Dear Congress leader Rahul Gandhi,

It looks like that you are so disappointed about the handling of IDPs by the Sri Lankan government. It would be extremely nice of you if you can grant these IDPs immediate citizenship of India so that they can live with you peacefully and in justice.

We hope that you will start working on the relevant procedures to grant them political asylum and get them to India without delay and go to sleep peacefully without bothering yourself anymore if they are willing to come.

Sri Lankans always live in harmony with Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others and your baseless allegations can harm the speedy recovery of peace in Sri Lanka.

Don’t you have enough troubles in your own country to look after rather than poking your dirty fingers in to another independent country’s internal matters?

It is absolutely enough that your family disturbed the peace in South Asia so far. Today India has a well-qualified and a dedicated leader Dr. Manmohan Singh who has a greater vision and you better obtain training from him before becoming a joker.

Also you better watch your mouth before those ruthless terrorists will teach you an ultimate lesson.

Please mind your own business and leave Sri Lanka alone. Sri Lanka has wiser people who can tackle their problems systematically for good. Thank you.


  1. aravinda Says:

    One winter’s day a farm hand found a snake frozen stiff with the cold, and moved by compassion he picked it up and put it in his bosom. But with the warmth its natural instinct returned, and it gave its benefactor a fatal bite. As he dies he said, ” I have got what I deserve for taking pity on an evil creature”.

    If only Rajiv Gandhi had read this Fable by Aesop, he would have not given warmth to LTTE. I hope Rahul has read Fables of Aesop as a child.

  2. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Aravinda, it is a good one.

    Rahul Gandhi is shedding copious tears, not that he is really caring for the Tamils in Sri Lanka from the depth of his heart. It is better for him to poke his dirty nose into his own porridge rather talking about Sri Lanka.

    See the news on today’s DM
    The United States today commended the Sir Lankan government’s efforts in resettling most of those who were internally displaced by the fighting in the country………..

  3. dhane Says:

    Why not Rahul invite all Tamils to come to their mother land Tamil Nadu and settle there. Then he can see how many will go to Tamil Nadu leaving their Businesses, Practises etc in Sri Lanka. Rahul Sri Lanka Tamils are living in better condition than most in India. Why not you look into their problem than poking your nose in Sri lanka

  4. Sie.Kathieravealu Says:

    Please bear in mind that Rahul is interested in the Tamil Nadu state elections that is to be held next year and NOT in the Tamils in Sri Lanka. He, like his mother, does not care about the well-being of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Please note the place where those wordings were uttered, then you can understand. This is just an election gimmick and so need not be taken seriously

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  6. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Rahul need to answer the question as to why Tamils from India keep migrating to SriLanka rather than the otherway round, except during the period the LTTE were running riot in the North. In fact during Mrs Bandaranayake’s regime, she had to introduce the Identity Card for all Sri Lankan citizens to prevent or reduce the hundreds of thousands of illicit immigrants coming every year from South India to SriLanka. After this introduction the South Indians continued coming illicitly to SriLanka with forged ID cards, but in greatly reduced numbers. So Mr Rahul Gandhi, the Tamils have and still are voting with their feet as to which country they prefer to live in and it is time India looked into this serious issue of as to why the Tamils are not happy in India.

  7. jimmy Says:

    Agree 100% with Sie. Kathieravealu
    These politicians are smart in India and they will say anything just to get votes
    I hear from people who visited Jaffna that Jaffna is very very much improved now
    There are so many motels , Restaurents shops every where . Tourists are pouring there
    Real Estate value is going up . What a success story Things are going there

    You are wrong Srilankan Tamils are different from Indian Tamils ( plantation tamils in Kandy Nuweraliya and other places)
    Not sure where you get these info South Indians are coming to Srilanka. I never heard of

    Srilanka should resolve the tamil issue
    The Government got the majority and they should provide the best solution for Tamils

    I agree 100% with George Willy ( Tamil Lawyer in Texas) . Listen to his speech


    Let us pray the Government provide the best solution for tamils

    God bless

  8. Leela Says:

    Like Jimmy, I feel very many Tamil Diaspora like to take a cue from Mr. Willy. In my opinion, what Willy did really was disguise the old wine by putting it in a new bottle. I write about the new bottle some other time. Let me elucidate about the old wine.

    Before the independence, Tamils never complained about discrimination. How could they, like God chose Hebrew as his chosen race, the British Raj had chosen Tamils as their loyal subjects. Yet, Tamils had wanted to establish their own country in this Island even at that time.

    Writing to Daily Mirror on 18/12/2009, Mr.Devanesan Nesiah said; two large segments of the Tamil population had boycotted State Council elections of 1931. He also said; Jaffna Youth Congress boycotted it because they wanted immediate Independence meaning separate country or Eelam. The other section did not want any independence but wanted the British Raj to remain here.

    But eminent journalist DBS Jayaraj had taken a lot of effort to cover up that truth and tell us a different story of the Tamil mindset. He wanted to articulate dividing Sri Lanka wasn’t popular before independence. ‘Tamil state’ was first proposed by a little known man called Visvalingam in 1918 there were absolutely no takers for it.” Mr. Jayaraj wrote to Daily Mirror. He had gone further to prove his point. “When the brilliant Tamil intellectual C. Sundaralingam articulated a clear-cut political demand for Eelam, which he spelled out as ‘Eylom’, he was scorned as an “eccentric” and his demand rejected by the Tamil politicians” said he. He also wrote; “even the explicit reference to Tamil Eelam was made by the intellectual giant Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam in 1924 struck no responsive chord in the Tamil heart.”

    I say; what I have quoted above as Mr.Devanesan wrote had been the accurate picture of the then Tamil mind set whereas what Mr.Jayaraj wrote is either his visualization or a pep pill to pacify Sinhalese. I say Mr.Devanesan wrote is what that led to Wadukkoddai resolutio which urged Tamil youth to take up arms and not to lay it down until Eelam is won.

    I am not going to put across counter arguments here for all that absurd things that Mr. Willy said so eloquently. But the way he said it all has proved one point to me. That is; Willys wanted was to embarrass our President. That is not the way to treat a head of state. Clearly, his aim had been to dig a another roadmap to Eelam.

    In my opinion Mr.Willy should have given a speech to TNA parliamentarians and advised them to follow Indian born late minister Mr. Thondaman to reach ‘the best solution for tamils’ as Jimmy says.

    Let me write what Mr. Thondaman did. He clearly rejected the road that lead to Wadukkoddai resolution. He chose to be a part of various governments and made deals with them to improve many a setback of ‘estate Tamils’. Detractors may say estate Tamils are still in misery and etc. Then again, Rome wasn’t build in one day.

    What is important to remember is; Thondaman did not ask what Sri Lanka cannot give. I mean, 13A, etc that lead to Eelam. Above all he didn’t resort to terrorism to get what he got.

    I say, there is no reason why Tamils of the North couldn’t have done the same. But it seems, many a Tamil now chose LTTE rump as the vehicle to reach their goal. I pity them for they never learn what they can get and what they cannot get.

  9. ranjit Says:

    This Tamil problem will go on and on how much we give them and make them happy. Best thing is to settle down Sinhalese,Muslims and Tamils all over the country from Point Pedro to Dondra. No more Tamil areas,or Sinhalese areas to be called anywhere in the land of SRI LANKA.This is our land and it should be that way for ever. India never did anything good to us at any time.They are jealous and greedy of our blessed land. We have to be united and should not allow our Sinhala and Tamil traitors to play with our freedom and peace. Just see in North and East how much progress achieved in one year after the war.How many banks have opened? How much money these Tamils were earning now due to peace.Did they have that oppertunity when that murderer Prabakaran was there.They have to worship MR for getting rid of that murderer and bringing Peace to the whole country. Sinhala nation is not for division or for sale.It’s for us and for all SRI LANKANS irrespective of race color or Religion. India hands off SRI LANKA. Mind your own business Rahul big head.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    Ture. But this shows this bugger’s intention to make SL a political football for Tamil Nadu politics. That is what we should protest. India has lost her clout in SL now. If Indian leaders make such irresponsible statements (never mind these statements are for the consumption of modayas in Tamil Nadu and “Tamil Elam”) that will push SL further towards closer defence co-operation with the China-Pakistan team (the most powerful defence pact in the region).


    100% agree with you. We MUST change the ETHNIC COMPOSITION of the north. Otherwise this problem will go on and on.

  11. jimmy Says:

    Ranjit agree with you 70% . Jaffna is improving a lot . I pray There will be everlasting Peace

    No one can help to resolve the internal issue . In my humble opinion it can be resolved by Srilanka only ,by Srilankan Leadership Only.
    Only Srilankans can resolve the issue with compassion love and respect

    Mr Willy gave a great speech .He did not support Eelam or Tigers . He was very honest in my opinion

  12. AsokaK Says:

    Stupid Rahul should do something for the Tamils in India first- like building toilets for those who pollute the rail tracks in Tamil Nadu.

  13. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Jimmy: I agree SriLankan Tamils are different to SriLankan Indian Tamils. I also agree that the present Govt has a good opportunity to resolve Tamil issues, if there are serious issues needing early resolution. When I stated South Indians were coming illicitly and Mrs Bandaranayake introduced the ID card to check this major problem at the time, I was ONLY challenging Rahul Gandhi’s statement as to how he could reconcile it with the ground reality that large numbers of Tamils migrated to SL because they must be happier in SL than in India.
    Yes, this is the story of the SriLankan ID card.

  14. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Tamils are part of Sri lankan life for thousands of years. Sri lankan Kings and Queens went to Tamil Kingdoms for marriage, help and trade. Can any one deny this facts.?

    Now, after the Christian rule Tamil nadu became part of the Indian union from 1947. SL too became independent.

    When Sinhala racism flex its muscles Tamils run to Tamil Nadu. Present day rulers of Sri Lanka are not Elara or Gemunu to treat all citizens are equal. The system changed to a Parliament. The majority can capture the power. To get the support of the majority politicians do all the crimes. When India get Tamil refugees India’s response is natural.

    Are the Sinhalese hide under the SOVEREIGNITY to justify their racist criminal ideology? India, and only India has the moral obligation to interfere in Sri Lanka affairs because of the history!

    To those who bark at India for terrorists:

    Can any one tell us why UNP and Catholic Church of Sri Lanka supported LTTE? Did UNP supported LTTE on behalf of India?

  15. mjaya Says:


    “India has the moral obligation to interfere in Sri Lanka affairs because of the history!” NO COUNTRY HAS A RIGHT TO INTERFERE IN OUR INTERNAL MATTERS WHATSOEVER. If you says so then please take the next flight (or Kallathoni boat) back to India. You don’t belong here.

    BTW: don’t you have anything better to do in life?

  16. jimmy Says:

    looks like you do not like catholics ha. What is wrong with you
    never heard Cathloc church supported LTTE
    I am a christian ( not a catholic) I am offended when you say this all the time pal

    As I said before Only Srilanka can resolve the internal matter with lot of compassion love and respect
    As a Tamil I pray Governent will give the best solution for us that no one gave for 50 years ( I like Mr Willys speech)
    No other country or outside world can do anything. Other countries do not care they care about their own selfish reasons
    Time for Srilankans to go forward not to go back
    There is no time to even talk or think who came to Srilanka first whether Sinhalese or Tamils . Waste of time to argue not going to help
    We have to help people all over Srilanka who need help , reach out to those who are homeless, poor and needy
    This is something we never did before . We can do it if we want. Tamils should help sinhalese who are poor
    Sinhalese should help Tamils who are poor and needy. There can not be any divisions. It is possible
    Srilanka can become like Singapore if people help each other with love compassion and respect
    Life is too too short we can make it better for every one


  17. Charles Says:

    Dear Mudali,

    Tamils are not a part of Sri Lanka as long as they refuse to integrate with other communities to become Sri Lankans. There are Tamils in Tamil Nadu. There are Tamils in Malaysia. There are Tamils in Sri Lanka. Tamils in Tamil Nadu are Indians, Tamils in Malaysia are Malaysians. But the Tamils in Sri Lanka refuse to be Sri Lankans, they still want to be Tamils..

    The Tamils in Sri Lanka should accept to be Sri Lankans before they make any demands. The Sinhala the majority do not want to give any rights to the Tamils, but they are ready to share their rights with other Communities including the Tamils, if they give up their narrow Communal identity, to identify themselves with all communities as Sri Lankans.
    The Tamils do not want to integrate with the Sinhala because of their inane inferiority complex. The Tamils find strength in the “ we Tamils” complex. That is again the reason why they want a Tamil homeland so that they can feel strong being among themselves.

    It is only in giving up their call for a homeland and integrating with other communities as Sri Lankans that they will be real patriots of their motherland -Sri Lanka sharing every thing with their compatriots..

    The Sinhala, who ask Tamils to come and become one with them are not racists. The Tamils call Sinhala racists through their inferiority complex, not being sure of their plight by being with the Sinhala. The Sinhala are not racists they want to share every thing with Tamils and other communities as Sri Lankans.

    Is that difficult to understand ?

  18. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Can you tell why Catholic Church openly involved in TAMIL politics?

    Can you tell why Fr.S.J.Emmanuel told “LTTE are the divine soldiers of Christ”? He is the leader of Global Tamil Forum and openly advocte for LTTE and separation in Sri Lanka. His GTF is heavily involved in the propagandas against Sri lanka overseas. Vatican never try to decipline him or expel him from the Church. When Catholic priests involved in politics and supported Leftists in Cuba and Nicaragua, POPE threw them out of the Church but this Catholic Emmanuel still part of Vatican. Vatican support LTTE.

    What do you mean by “integration”? Change names to Fernando or Silva or Buddharakkita or Somarama?
    If Sinhalese upheld “sinhala” identity, others too will do. Muslims has their religious identitiy and that is OK for Sinhalese while they speak Tamil. Muslims never “integrate with any society.

    Tamils are in other countries dont face SINHALA racism in any form. Can you provide any evidence? But only in Sri lanka Tamils are killed because they speak Tamil.

    So, you guys expect that Tamils must keep silence when Sinhala thugs kill them.

    Sinhala racism always show its ugly head in Sri lanka. But you tell NO SINHALA RACISM.

    Why are you Sinhalese run and live in other countries?

    Sinhalese are engulfed with inferiority complex than Tamils. That is why Sinhalese cry all the time about Tamils in other countries whenever Sri Lankan Tamil problem popup.

    If Sinhalese firmly believe Tamils are inferior to them and kill them or treat them as lower, Tamils have no choice and they will ask help from others.

    But Sinhalese keep silence about the UNP or Catholic Church which helped LTTE. First come out why Sinhalese helped Tamil terrorist LTTE.

  19. jimmy Says:

    I am not a catholic I am a Protestant ( born again christian). I never heard of Fr Emmanuel
    Do not talk bs about cathoic religion man
    You can not say catholisim support EElam because of Fr Emaunel
    Is Fr Emmaunel a Bishop or Cardinal for Vatican to remove .
    There are Peodophile Priests in catholism and you do not say Catholisim support Pedophiles

    You are accusing the Religion because of one Priest .I thought You are smart may be not

  20. Charles Says:

    I will tell you why the Catholic Church helped LTTE.

    The Catholicism as a religion is faith based. Therefore it has to have faithfuls. If there are no faithfuls the Catholicism falls apart like a pack of cards.

    The Catholic Church has no love for a country or nation as such, but it has “divine” love for the faithfuls in a country and the faithfuls among the Nation of people.

    Faith according to the Catholic church is to accept without question , not to be like Thomas de Apostle. It is said in the Bible “ blessed be those who believe without seeing”

    That is why the Catholic Church is more active among the poor. They give gifts of money food and clothes to the poor, and say those are the gifts of divine love, trust in him- the God, and you will get more. They found fertile ground of possible converts in the North and among the poor people suffering under terrorism.

    Suffering and poverty make it easy for the Church to sow the seeds of faith. The Catholic Church was also active with the fisher folk in the East and the South. They were people whose lives were uncertain battling with the seas for their catch and existence, they will willingly kneel down to pray God to make their men have a better catch of fish.

    Sri Lanka, poor and divided between the LTTE in the North , and the poor people in the South living in fear of terrorism, the Catholic church could have had a field day with increasing numbers of converts to its faith.

    UNP is another story. UNP wants to have political power and to have it they will sign an MoU even with the Satan himself. Their love for the country is to what degree the UNP “Capitalist class “, could squeeze the poor masses to increase their financial benefits, for their luxury living conditions, and social status.

    Integration is not what you seem to understand of it. Changing names is for personal identity. But social integration is different. Integration is defined as the action of incorporating a racial or religious group into a community or the act of combining into an integral whole.

    The Tamils Mr.Mudali is a minority of 8 percent of the population in Sri Lanka. It is they who have to make an effort to “integrate”. If they show that intention “work together with the Sinhala as compatriots” without being arrogant and aggressive the Sinhala will have no problem accepting them with their arms wide open.

    I do not want to make this any longer. Therefore, please drop using the word “racism” in your comments and also please do not refer to each other as “guys”. It does not seem a good way to address people.

  21. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sinhalese claim they are Buddhist but follow Catholic Church against Buddhist principles. Can any one tell why Sinhala leaders including Rajapases are silent about the Catholic Church.

    Cultural integration was smashed by the Christian rule. Hindu and Buddhists dont have much problem with their religion.

    The worst is the so called Sinhala Buddhists bark that Hinduism is 100% different from Buddhism. That is amtter for laughing. Some Sinhala idiots try to find common ground between Buddhism and Christianity. Can they find?

    Integration comes when all the people are free to talk or participate in their cultural lives.

    Buddhists and Hindus celebrate NEW YEAR on the same day. Did any Sinhalese ever give any importance to that event as a National celelbration? No.. Why? Sinhalese dont want to tell anything common between Tamil and Sinhalese.

    That is the moronic Christian following. Those who cry against Tamils are cheapest politicians without thinking ways to build bridge of friendship or understnding between the two communities.

    Language based RACISM is a truth in Sri lanka. I cannot call those people spew racist venom as gentlemen but I call them GUYS only!


    You did not tell why Catholic Church bark for TAMIL politics. Your church leader is Queen Elizabeth of England. If UK goes against Sri lanka, your church too follow the same. Ranil do the same because he too belong to your church!

    But you know very well how Catholic Church allied with LTTE terrorism.

    Catholic Church is more powerful than Sri lankan government globally. So, the WEST dont need any direct intervention in Sri lanka but Catholic Church will do all the atrocities on behalf of the WEST. Your Church also join them when the occassion comes!

  22. Charles Says:


    You are obsessed with anti Sinhala feelings. Please rid yourself of it and try to look at Sinhala people differently. If you accept others, the others will accept you. If you refuse to respect others and accept them as they are you will be rejected. That is the cause of all conflicts. If you have good ideas to promote, others will listen and accept them even with some conditions.

    Your comments are the same in all posts to which you had contributed. It is like an exercise in cut and paste. Therefore any sensible argument with you is impossible. You keep on making the same comment over and over again on Sinhala, Catholics, UNP and occasionally on terrorists.

    The Sinhala I repeat are not racists. But the Sinhala Buddhists alone can manage Sri Lanka to make it a great Country, without the Tamils or Muslims. Therefore it is the Tamils that should make a step towards unity. The Sinhala Buddhists could do without you.

    If you are merely making comments to keep yourself occupied it is better you revert to some thing else, as it seems that you have no more new arguments to come up with. It is a waste of time replying to your comments in different forms you keep on repeating.

    Good luck in your campaign of spewing poison. I will keep away from the atmosphere you are poisoning

  23. mjaya Says:

    Hi Charles

    Regarding Mudali there is a nice quote “The mind of the bigot is like the pupil of the eye” Oliver Wendel Holmes

  24. mjaya Says:

    Hi Charles

    Regarding Mudali there is a nice quote “The mind of the bigot is like the pupil of the eye – the more light you shine upon it, the more it contracts” Oliver Wendel Holmes

  25. jimmy Says:

    MS Mudali
    I give up man I will pray for you
    I know you do not like christians at all Period whether Protestants or catholics or Pentecostal like me or methodist or Lutheran
    I love every one man whether you are a Buhdhist or Hindu or Muslim or even Atheist

    You do not make any sense and I am not going to argue with you my Tamil brother

  26. M.S.MUdali Says:

    You are on the run as I expected. Because your church is not for peace but to make Sri Lanka into pieces. All Christians have proved that they are the agents of the WEST collectively!

    You have no answer why LTTE is backed by UNP Sinhalese or by Catholic Church. I hope you are not a Buddhist!

    You have no solution to solve the problems but you have enough to create problems.

    You guys expect the Hindus must forget their language and culture but you agree with Muslims to have everything separate. This kind of double standards never give peace in Sri lanka.

    The attitude of the Sinhalese who are with a minority complex globally create more unwanted problems. India will and has enough rights to worry about the Tamils of Sri Lanka. Anti-Indian sentiments always cost the welfare of poor Sri Lankans only!

  27. Sri Rohana Says:

    Can’t Rahul remember how tamils garlanded to his dad? Seems he lost his memory. Is he suffering from Alzheimer’s disease?
    Rahul Gandhi may not remember but we remember very well, with the connivance of his grand ma Indira and RAW, tamil nadu state of India openly trained the terrorists and supplied weapons to terrorists in large scale against India’s neighbor Sri Lanka. Can he or any pro Indian RAW agents say no!
    How come he justifies his dad’s Sri Lanka invasion in 1985 to save megalomaniac terrorist velupillai and his terrorist outfit?
    In India still 75% living below poverty line (750 million). Rather than solve their problems why his interest in to 700,000 tamils in Sri Lanka. Isn’t it a political agenda? Who’s support he expect on next election? M. Karuannidhi or Jayalalitha?
    With some peanuts to some tamil nadu politicians I don’t think he can stop tamil nadu separate movement against Delhi’s hindu rulers. Very soon tamils in tamil country (tamil nadu) will start their fight against Delhi rulers. That will start with the blessing of U.S.A and other western block. Can’t he remember Prof. Ramasamy of Malaysia openly said that, tamil fight has to start in tamil nadu itself and no way of start from Sri Lanka now as a stepping stone.
    He has to solve Kashmir, Nagaland and Naxalite freedom fights with in India. The Sikkim invasion cannot hide from the world. Rather than solve his one billion problems why this man tries to interfere to our matters.
    To solve Sri Lanka’s matters we appointed a democratically elected government by us so we need not his advices.

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