Letter to Rahul Gandhi
Posted on December 30th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

December 30, 2010


Mr. Rahul Gandhi    Member of Parliament for Amethi, Uttar Pradesh 
Leader of the Indian  National  Congress 
10, Dr. Bishambhar Dar Marg
NewDelhi 110 001,  Delhi, India

 Dear Rahul:

A Happy New Year and hope it will be a good one for you capped with geo-political Wisdom and Maturity.

You have surprised me with your statement that Sri Lankan Government is “not doing enough” for the Tamils in Sri Lanka and that you would ensure they get justice.  

 Wow!  That’s mighty talk Rahul.  Are you echoing what your Grandma and Dad said about Sri Lanka?  You seem to have picked up the song that your Grandma Indira had to stop before she finished the last bar because she was assassinated by a Sikh for taking the most fatal step of storming the Sikhs Golden Temple, the most critical policy decision of her life;  the song that your Dad, Rajiv, thought he could continue and finish off, but he too had to pack  it up abruptly while he too was trying to find the harmony to pander to the Tamil Nadu  politicians as he too was assassinated by the very Sri Lankan Tamils he thought  he was  helping.  And now you”¦.just be careful Rahul as the Sri Lankan Tamil issue has no place in Indian politics. And more over it is none of your business and it is anointed with bad, negative vibs.

 “The bastards!” you may have cursed the Tamil Tigers, your Grandma’s prodigies  under your breath as a young 21 year old when you circled the wood pyre  where your Dad’s body lay before you set it alight at Shakti Sthal on the banks of the Jamuna as the last salute to your Dad who was a wonderful Dad to you. And now you have picked up the song where your Dad had to stop, but I am afraid Rahul you are still singing the song off key as it lacks truth, it lacks chords of honesty, and it lacks harmony and have dischords of the Tamil Nadu politics.  What you should know is that any permutation of Tamil Nadu politics and the Tamils of Sri Lanka is a deadly combination, as it seems cursed to fail.  No two words about it.  Just be careful as you don’t need such popular Tamil Nadu politics like a hole in your head.

Let me remind you that the 5,280 page Justice Milap Chand Jain’s report comprising eight volumes of interim findings of the murder of your Dad, Rajiv Gandhi, and nine volumes of annexures bound in black rexine, hold Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi and his DMK responsible for abetting your Dad’s murderers.  Unfortunately domestic politics have thrust you to deal with this man and he is now guiding your destiny too as he did of your Dad’s, getting you involved with the Sri Lankan Tamil issue, which I would say is a non-issue as they are a privileged minority, much more so than most of  your minorities in India.  These Sri Lankan Tamils are blessed in every which way.  And that is a fact.

 So if that statement of yours of the Sri Lankan Government is “Not doing enough” for the Sri Lankan Tamils was instigated by Tamil Nadu politicians, believe it or not it is emotive and politically explosive.   If I were you, I won’t go for it and be cautious to act on Tamil Nadu’s political advice to comment on Sri Lanka’s Tamils.  “Not doing enough” for the Sri Lankan Tamils you said.  Like what Rahul?  Spell it out so that we all know.  I am not sure whether you know it either.

Let me relate this interesting story to you, where the Gandhi Dynasty has been trying to help the Sri Lankan Tamils, which they really do not need.  Believe me Rahul, the Sri Lankan Tamils are OK.  The DMK is lying to you.  What the heck do they want for the Sri Lankan Tamils?  Do you know? If I were you, I would encourage Karunanidhi to invite the disgruntled Sri Lankan Tamils back as they really belong to Tamil Nadu where 61 million of their kith and kin live, which is indeed their homeland, and not London, Toronto, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Oslo, Texas, and Stockholm.  These are the cities that they fanned out bypassing Chennai, after their God gave them that opportunity with the July 24, 1983 Colombo riots.  If not for that God’s gift, 90% of the Tamils who got onto planes and boats to fly and sail away from the Jaffna Palmyra trees crow’s nests wouldn’t have had a snow ball  of a chance in hell to immigrate if they had to fill in forms to immigrate legitimately.  And that is another fact for you to study and understand.  This is another chapter in the Game of Tamil Refugee Lies by the Sri Lankan Tamils.

The Story:

Once upon a time, long, long time ago, when I was a kid and you were not even born, the story begins in the time of your great-grand-Dad Jawaharlal, when he too like you was in politics. The aftermath of the end of World War II in 1945 saw your India get its independence in 1947.  And it came with a price with the partition of the country into India and Pakistan on religious grounds and it was bloody, it was nasty and it was horrific.  Your neighbouring Burma was ridden with secessionist movements, but the tear drop island beneath India’s face from where I come from, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) was blissful, with not a single bullet shot with anger from a rifle or a pistol.  The place was laced with harmony and it was perfect when Ceylon got its independence from the British on February 4, 1948.

But that was all window-dressing I am afraid, as within the hearts of the conniving bright, legal minded politicians of the 11% Tamil community, they wanted to govern the country and make the majority population of the Sinhalese which happened to be 69.4% of the population subservient to them.   They were really a bunch of nasty, conniving Tamils.   So they were into their shenanigans.  But mind you, during the 131 years of British rule, they were the “privileged minority” and the majority of us Sinhalese were the “wronged majority” as the result of the divide and rule policy of the British.  The minority Tamils gloated and loved every bit of it, and no Tamil then stood up and said, “No, this is not right.  We cannot do this to our Sinhalese brothers and sisters who are our friends.”  Not one single soul said it.  And they are complaining to you all now because they cannot accept the concept of Equity in a multi-ethnic society where every single Sinhalese from the majority community too had the right to live a decent life as every minority Tamil did during the days of the British.  The Tamils want it all, and that is indeed the problem and you have been sucked into it by Karunanidhi’s crowd.


And then when you were six years old, something interesting happened on the muggy, hot day of 14th May, 1976.  These Tamil politicians got together for a palaver in a place called Vaddukoddai in the North of the island and after the meeting passed a resolution declaring:

“This convention resolves that restoration and reconstitution of the Free, Sovereign, Secular, Socialist State of TAMIL EELAM, based on the right of self determination inherent to every nation, has become inevitable in order to safeguard the very existence of the Tamil Nation of this Country.”  And further it said, “And this Convention calls upon the Tamil Nation in general and the Tamil youth in particular to come forward to throw themselves fully into the sacred fight for freedom and to flinch not till the goal of a sovereign state of TAMIL EELAM is reached.”

You know Rahul,  that was the day when these Tamil nasties, passed the death sentence on the next generation of the Tamil youth, and had an unwritten script which said, “all you Tamil youth who are under 18, if you  do not volunteer to fight this war, we will kidnap you when you are on your way to school, or on your way to a boutique to buy some grocery items for your mother, or on your way to play with your friends, and force you into military fatigues, give each of you a Kalashnikov, a hand grenade, and garland you with a string of live bullets, and march you out to the front line to fight our adult war,  while we sit in the bunkers enjoying a good cup of Ceylon tea and feed ourselves with a good plate of rice and beef curry and karavadu.  And if you get killed, tough luck and we will bury you with a military guard of honour and recognize you as a martyr.”

This is the day when they stamped the seal of approval on the death sentence on the next generation of Tamil girls under 14, who would be trained as suicide bombers, to go and pull a trigger of their suicide body pack and blast hundreds of bystanders to smithereens together with the principal target.  It was one of them, Danu, who got your Dad on May 21, 1991 in Sriperumbudur  in Tamil Nadu.  There were 382 such suicide bombings by the end of the war on 18 May 2009.

Gandhi Family Act One

This was not going to be a  romantic fairy tale of  the Tamils believing that they would end up in an utopian land called Eelam, with the help of your Grandmother Indira and Dad Rajiv,  saying”¦. “ƒ”¹…”so we lived in our Eelam happily every after.’    It was destined not  going to be that easy as there were too many obstacles.  And this is when your Grandmother Indira, got involved as the God-Mother of these schemers and the archangel who would bless every Tamil kid who was sentenced to die in the war that was going to happen at some point, after the Vaddukkodai Resolution.

So your Grandmother, Indira, decided to create the Death-Monster, the Tamil Tigers, and took to India the barefooted Tamil guerillas who weren’t able to shoot straight nor hadn’t seen a Kalashinov in their lives.   So several militant groups identified by acronyms: EPRLF (Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Front); TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization); PLOTE (Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam); EROS (Eelam Revolutionary Organizations) and TELA (Tamil Eelam Liberation Army), were trained in camps in Parangimali, Salem Kollimalai, Kanjipuram, Sengalpattu, Thanathur, Kongurukolam in Erodi, a place in close proximity to Greater Kailas 11 in New Delhi, a camp in Uttar Pradesh close to the Himalayan foothills and so forth.

Your Grandmother, Indira, entrusted full responsibility of providing military training to these Tamil guerrillas to RAW.  And it was Colonel Jayant Chitale who served on deputation with RAW who trained the Tamil militants who later graduated as terrorists and sent back to Sri Lanka to fight for their separate state, Eelam.  And it was RAW that is alleged to have added the concept of suicide squads to the training of these Tamil terrorists.  It was the Tamil Tigers who perfected the art of suicide bombings with body packs which are now being used by the Talibans and every other terrorist outfit around the world.  So I would be glad to announce that the “ƒ”¹…”Oscar for the Art of Suicide Bombers goes to India’s Indira Gandhi’, and she happens to be your Grandmother.

This no longer  is a  romantic fairy tale Rahul, but certainly is good enough for a script for a terrorist tragi-comedy war movie where India gets involved because of Tamil Nadu politics, and the Congress (I) party wanted their Tamilian votes.

Gandhi Family Act Two

Now your Dad, Rajiv, comes into the scene having become the leader of the Indian Congress Party.

Although a loving Dad at home, in the arena of geo-politics and Sri Lanka he turned out to be a  Big Bad Bully.   Sri Lanka, he thought it was his business to tell President J.R. Jayewardena how  to run his country and deal with your Grandmother’s prodigies, the Tamil Tigers, who were by now wreaking havoc in Sri Lanka killing innocent civilians and using them for target practice as trained in India’s military camps. 

 During May, June and July of 1987, you may have been attending Rollins College in Florida and these months may not have registered in your daily scheme of things.  But really it were months of intrigue.  It was India’s military War Chess-Games and your Dad was shadow boxing with the President of Sri Lanka, J.R. Jayewardena and his Deputy Defence Minister, Lalith Athulathmudali.

The Tamil Tigers were almost wiped out in 1987

By May 31, 1987, the Sri Lankan Army was advancing about one mile a day in the North, and still had four kilometers (2.5 miles) to go to reach Point Pedro, having blown the Tamil terrorists arms factory up at the northeast tip of the Jaffna peninsula, and complete the capture of the Vadamarachchi region which was their main objective.  That would have spelt the end of your Grandmother’s prodigies,  the Tamil Tigers, the political friends of M.G. Ramachandran and M. Karunanidhi and Company of Tamil Nadu.

So your Dad made a move to save the Tamil Tigers so that they could fight another day to establish their separate Tamil state, Eelam, as it didn’t seem likely with the military offensive.  Your Dad urged President Jayewardena to halt his offensive.

On 30th May, three major Indian newspapers urged your Dad, Rajiv, to take steps to end the fighting, and that was four days after President Jayewardena ordered the start of his long waited offensive against the Tamil terrorists, which he said would be a fight to the finish.  The influential Times of India said your Dad, Rajiv had to act swiftly and decisively.  This meant that the Indian naval ships should now begin patrolling Sri Lanka’s waters and prepare to reach assistance to the Tamil resistance in case the Sri Lankan military offensive continued.  By now your Dad, Rajiv, made it his business that Sri Lanka’s destiny, a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with India was his business.  The Sri Lankan curse was hovering over your Dad like a Halloween ghost.  It was an emotive and a politically explosive move by your Dad.  Almost 18 million Sri Lankans cursed him and so did I say “Pox on Rajiv Gandhi”, and he had called for it.

India makes a move on Tamil separatist fight

India’s Bully mode was now moved in to top gear and two Indian Navy frigates were sent to patrol the Sri Lankan waters.  The sighting of the two frigates fuelled speculation in Colombo that the Indian Government may yet intervene in the military offensive against the Tamil separatists, your Grandmother Indira’s prodigies, the Death Monster-Tamil Tigers.

On Monday, June 1, 1987, India with the approval of your Dad, Rajiv, announced it would send a convoy of unarmed ships to northern Sri Lanka on Wednesday, June 3, to provide “ƒ”¹…”humanitarian assistance’ to the Tamils besieged from a week’s offensive by the Government’s armed forces.

This announcement marked the first overt attempt by India to undercut Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, stuff to begin regional wars, and intervene directly in Colombo’s four year battle against your Grandmother’s prodigies, the  Death Monster-Tamil Tigers, who were seeking to create a separate, racist, mono-ethnic Tamil state, Eelam, carved out of one-third of the island, bordered by 66 per cent of the coastline for 12.6% of their people.

I sincerely hope that you Rahul, with your strange statement that Sri Lanka is “not doing enough” for the Tamils, are not following that path of getting India to undercut Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, as the Sri Lankan Tamils is none of your business.  If Karunanidi feels that it is India’s businesss, then tell him to invite these  disgruntled Sri Lankan Tamils to Tamil Nadu which really is the homeland of these Tamils.  It is simple logic and clear as a church bell.

An Indian official announces on the night of June 1, that a convoy of 20 ships would sail to  Sri Lanka’s northern Jaffna peninsula and that the convoy would not be armed and accompanied  by un-armed vessels, and that the mission would not be postponed or negotiated with Colombo.

So there you are Rahul, great stuff to tag India as a Bully-Boy and you seemed to repeat this Gandhi Dynasty trend by announcing that Sri Lanka was “not doing enough” for the Tamils.  What is this Rahul?  Is it the Gandhi Dynasty genes of blatant arrogance that is kicking in, or what? Isn’t this entire stuff perfect for a great script for a film titled “”…” India the Regional Bully-Boy?

So with that intervention, Sri Lanka was stopped getting rid of Tamil Tiger terrorism for good and its consequence that India has to acknowledge and accept is that the Eelam War continued for another 22 years with the death of almost 94,000 innocent Sri Lankan civilians,  economic disaster  and destruction of that island.  Rahul, you Indians have no way to justify this Himalayam blunder, and guilt of the War Crimes against puny Sri Lanka.

If India didn’t stop the capture of the Vadamarachchi, and wipe out Tamil Tiger terrorism in June 1987, we would have saved the lives of your Dad, Rajiv Gandhi; Sri Lanka’s President Ranasinghe Premadasa; Sri Lanka’s Deputy Defence Minister Lalith Athulathmudali; The Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar  (Tamil); the former Foreign Minister and Defence Minister Ranjan Wijeratne; eminent Tamil intellectual Neelan Thiruchevam; Appapillai Amirthalingam (the former Leader of the Opposition (Tamil);  Alfred Duraiappah, the Mayor of Jaffna (Tamil); A. Thiagarajah, MP for Vaddukkodai (Tamil); V. Dharmalingham, MP for Manipay (Tamil); K. Alalsundaram, MP for Kopai (Tamil); V. Yogeswaran, MP for Jaffna (Tamil); Sam Thambimuttu, MP for Batticalao (Tamil); A. Thangathurai, MP for Trincomalee (Tamil); Srojini Yogeswaran, Mayor of Jaffna (Tamil); S. Shanmugadasan, MP for Vavuniya (Tamil); P. Sivapalan, Mayor of Jaffna (Tamil); C.V.Gunaratne, Minister of Industries and Gamini Dissanayake, MP and Presidential candidate,  and many more political luminaries, all assassinated by your Grandmother Indira’s protƒÆ’†’©gƒÆ’†’© Death Monster-Tamil Tigers.  Rahul, all this is criminal, just because your Dad, Rajiv, wanted to pander to Tamil Nadu politicians.  By the universal cosmic law of things, I believe in retribution.  Don’t you?

Sri Lankans threaten Indian ships

Your Dad, Rajiv, and the Indian Government by this time was playing a devious game with Colombo, trying to send unsolicited “humanitarian” aid to Tamils of Jaffna, Sri Lanka’s northern most province.  In an incredible display of bully-boy tactics, your Dad, Rajiv, was playing power politics with a small, weak neighbour for his own internal Tamil Nadu reasons.   It didn’t look good Rahul.  All of Sri Lanka called you all”¦ “You damn Indian hegemonistic bastards“.  All 18 million Sri Lankans except for the Tamil separatists were livid.

So your Dad, Rajiv, himself gave the order to dispatch 19 leaking fishing boats with food and medicinal items across the narrow Palk Strait.  The aim he insisted was to feed the starving Tamils in Jaffna.

The Sri Lankan Government decrying what it saw was an Indian intervention in stopping its attempts to stamp out internal terrorism by your Grandmother, Indira’s, prodigies, the Tamil Tigers, ordered its navy in, and your Dad’s defenceless armada was forced to turn their tails.  The convoy itself was in shambles.  Even the Red Cross distanced itself from the convoy which used its flag regardless.  This was a mess Rahul.  Logistically the exercise was a mess.  Politically it was a disaster and your Dad’s name, Rajiv Gandhi was firmly stamped on the entire bullying enterprise, all to appease the Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi’s lot, who had promised to bank their votes for your Dad, Rajiv’s Congress (I) Party.

This all looks sick, doesn’t it Rahul?

Your Dad, Rajiv on the ropes

By now Rahul, your Dad, Rajiv Gandhi, the leader of the world’s largest democracy had placed himself at the centre of an international storm.  This is why I wished you “geo-political Wisdom and Maturity” in the New Year, so you would not follow the footsteps of your Dad and blunder, however loving he was to you.  You made your first faux pas by saying that Sri Lanka was “not doing enough” for the Tamils.  Come again Rahul!.  You have been badly advised as it is a load of poppycock.  They have been treated a thousand times better, no a two thousand times better, than how you lot treat your Dalit community. “Not doing enough“ for the Tamils, you say.  Yea”¦yea”¦yea”¦Rahul, what a load of Shutki!.

Sri Lanka attacked India for its “illegal” action and demanded redress at the United Nations.  At the United Nations there were calls to denounce India.

The day after the Sri Lankan navy faced down the Indian flotilla forcing it to turn around an Indian Air Force Squadron with five Soviet-made transport planes and a fighter escort of four French made Mirage jets screeched over Sri Lanka northern sovereign airspace dropping bundled pallets of food supplies by parachute at regular intervals “”…” 25 tons in all, a lousy amount, not even enough to feed 10 thousand people.  There were 800,000 Tamils in the North.  That was stupid on the part of your Dad, Rahul.  We were lucky Rahul that both countries stopped short of being dragged into a regional shooting war, however weak Sri Lanka was.  It was Sri Lanka’s sovereign pride that was at stake.

Romantic and Peaceful India has a Gandhian aggressive streak

With all this bulling by your Dad, Rajiv, it showed that India was a rogue continent, which showed to the outer world that it was peaceful, non-violent and almost romantic as it is portrayed in the Bollywood movies,   Not so, Rahul.  This was your massive country which  without the slightest hesitation sent its military-cargo planes into the air space of a small independent country to parachute supplies to your Grandmother Indira’s prodigy terrorist Tamil Tigers who were fighting for separation from the state of Sri Lanka.  This move Rahul, shocked many who believed the 40-year-long myth about a peaceful neutral giant, was ever ready to abuse its puny neighbours and underestimated by the West.  With China and Pakistan which had come to the brink of conflict with Rajiv Gandhi’s India by then, it showed, Rahul, that the world’s most populous democracy was spoiling for a fight.  You certainly don’t need that nonsense, do you now Rahul?  Keep away from that stupidity on Sri Lanka.  The Dalits need you more than the disgruntled Tamils in Sri Lanka.  Lend the Dalits a hand, Rahul.

Gandhi Family Act Three

I hope you learned some lessons from your Dad, Rajiv’s stupidity.   If your India, under your command Rahul plays the role of the rogue elephant and starts trampling its neighbours, the entire region, including India will suffer; and the Soviet Union and China will benefit. This is what my crystal ball reading says.  India under your guidance will just have to learn to behave as a good neighbour.   Throwing in lines like, Sri Lanka is “not doing enough” for the Tamils is no help for your leadership.  This is why you better not allow the Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi’s politics drag you down the road of no return where at the end of the road sits the curse of failure.  And that is why I sent you New Year wishes capping your new year with geo-political Wisdom and Maturity.

The Indo-Lanka Accord spurned by Tamil Tigers and vowed to keep fighting

After scaring the jeepers out of the Sri Lankan administration by flying the Russian built Mirage -jets over Sri Lanka’s airspace, your Dad, Rajiv, staked his personal prestige in a bid to get a peace settlement between the Sri Lankan Government and the India trained Tamil Tiger terrorists in the week of July 28, in Sri Lanka.

Your Dad, Rajiv, thought that he understood his Mother Indira’s protƒÆ’†’©gƒÆ’†’©s well, having been trained for military warfare in Indian military camps, and  urged the Tamil Tigers to surrender their weapons and sign a peace treaty with Sri Lanka or see their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran go to jail.  Ha! Fat chance I thought, Rahul.  What a miscalculation!

Prabhakaran whose 2000 terrorists wore cyanide capsules around their necks to avoid being captured alive, rejected the accord which he called “a stab in the back”.  According to the Press Trust of India, Prabhakaran demanded the north-east of the island to be officially endorsed in the Accord as a Tamil Homeland, and they refused to lay down their arms until the Sri Lankan troops dismantle and pull out  of all army camps in the disputed Tamil region of north-east of Sri Lanka.  So your Dad, Rajiv, thought this peace accord would be a cake walk.  He got another on Sri Lanka wrong, Rahul.

Your Dad, Rajiv, arrived in Sri Lanka and signed the Indo-Lanka agreement on Wednesday, 29 July, 1987, aimed at ending the four year old war which had taken the lives of 6,000 people by then.  Well”¦well”¦well”¦ Rahul, your Grandmother, Indira, created the Death Monster, the Tamil Tiger, and your Dad, Rajiv, was having a tough time to lasso the monster and kick his behind and bring him down on his knees.  It wasn’t easy”¦.and it wasn’t going to be easy.

There were anti-government riots on the streets. Your Dad, Rajiv, was attacked by a member of the Sri Lankan white uniformed honour guard who clubbed him with his rifle butt as he was reviewing the troops during his departure ceremonies.  Your Dad staggered, his knees buckled and was a bit shaken.    Your Dad said later that his quick reflexes saved him: “I saw through the corner of my eyes some movement”¦I ducked down”¦He missed my head and  the brunt of the blow came on my shoulder below the left ear,” he said.

And Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa boycotted the signing of the Accord ceremony, and that was significant, and so did the Deputy Defence Minister Lalith Athulathmudali reject the Accord.  And that too was significant. 

Big Brother India fails to disarm the Tamil Tigers as promised in the signed India-Lanka Accord

India’s fourth largest army in the world rolled into Sri Lanka  after  signing of the Accord to disarm 2000 of their trained Tamil Tiger terrorists.  It was the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF).  The intension was to enforce the Accord, keep peace in the North and also disarm all  the Tamil terrorists by August 7th.  What a miscalculation, Rahul.  Fat chance!  It was embarrassing.  By August 14th, the IPKF still hadn’t disarmed the Tamil Tigers.

Believe it or not Rahul, this Accord forced by India was the most infamous contract imposed on a small country, short of military occupation, since the Munich Agreement of 1938.  The island’s ethnic conflict and her relations with India had drawn comparisons with many post World War II situations.  There were no more striking parallels, however, to the course of events in Sri Lanka than those which proceeded to the Sudetaen-German crisis of the 1930s.

In 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain described the situation in Czechoslovakia as “a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing,” Those who did know the country like Winston Churchill admired her “virile democracy”, and “her will to live unmolested.”

Rahul, so was it with Sri Lanka, if you study its political history,  you would recognize that she was the only Third World nation to have exercised universal adult suffrage in free elections for an uninterrupted period of 55 years (by 1987); that she had the highest literacy rate and the lowest infant mortality rate among the poorest countries, and an average life expectancy of 72 years of her peoples exceeded by a few richer nations.  Yet Sri Lanka, by 1987 had been in the news as was Czechoslovakia in the late 1930s, because of an ethnic conflict exacerbated by a larger neighbor.  And that was your India, when your Grandmother Indira, decided to take the Tamil guerrillas, train them as terrorists in India’s military camps, and your Dad, Rajiv, acted the Bully boy and abused the Sri Lanka’s sovereign air space by sending Mirage jets over it and parked Indian Navy frigates in Sri Lankan waters.  In the eyes of Sri Lankan’s you Indians were no good bunch of bullying rascals.  And I don’t blame them one bit.

The IPKF finally returns home

It was 1989, and you may have just entered Rollins College in Florida to pursue your Bachelor’s Degree and you may have not followed all these India’s embarrassing events, when the IPKF started to move out of Sri Lanka.

So the IPKF who were supposed to have disarmed their protƒÆ’†’©gƒÆ’†’©s, the Tamil Tigers by August 7, 1987, were engaged in combat with the Tamil Tigers.  They refused to be disarmed and took on their Masters who were the fourth largest army in the world.  And they met your guys bullet for bullet, RPG for RPG, and gave your guys one hell of a licking. When the IPKF finally withdrew not having accomplished what they were supposed to do, they were minus 1,200 of their colleagues as they had returned home earlier in body bags.  Tough, and it was embarrassing to all of you. They withdrew following the election of the Vishwanath Pratap Singh government in India and on the request of the newly-elected Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa.  The last IPKF contingents left Sri Lanka in March 1990.

The End of Story and Conclusion.

Rahul, this story is no romantic  Bollywood Fairy Tale, where the Gandhi Dynasty helps their Tamil Nadu friends, the Indira Gandhi trained Death Monster-Tamil Tigers to create their mono-ethnic,  racist Tamil, separate state Eelam,  carved out of one-third of Sri Lanka’s prime real estate bordered by 66% of the coast line where they would live happily ever after.   It has been far from it and sordid with the assassination of your Dad, Rajiv, on 21 May 1991, by a women Tamil Tiger suicide bomber, for the very reason he angered the Tamil Tigers his mother’s protƒÆ’†’©gƒÆ’†’©s the Death Monster-Tamil Tigers by sending in the IPKF to have them disarmed and teach them how to behave in a civilized society.  This story is one of sordid power politics, arrogance of one Asian political family and the bullying and rape of a puny neighbour nation, and nothing more and nothing less.

The lesson that you, Rahul have to learn is that you have your own problems at home, like taking care and giving your Dalit community a life and not worry about the Tamils in Sri Lanka.  You will have to pick up your gumption and tell the Tamil Nadu Karunanidhis to invite and welcome the disgruntled lot of Sri Lankan Tamils to Tamil Nadu as they belong there in their homeland.

And finally Rahul, keep your hands off Sri Lanka and her Tamils, as they are not your business, as their lives are two thousand times better than your Dalit community who are suffering and are being discriminated.    Stop opening another can of worms spewing out politically explosive statements like, Sri Lanka “ƒ”¹…”is not doing enough“ for the Tamils, as even worms have a habit of biting.  Let the Sri Lankan government handle the rehabilitation of her Tamil people and settle them the way they want to as they don’t have to please India’s Rahul Gandhi or Tamil Nadu’s Karunanidhi, as Sri Lanka suffered 30 years of haemorrhaging because of your Gandhi Family Act One and  Gandhi Family Act Two.  As I wished you before may I wish you once again a:

 Happy New Year capped with geo-political Wisdom and Maturity.


Asoka Weerasinghe  (Mr.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (consider me as an honest new found friend of yours)


4 Responses to “Letter to Rahul Gandhi”

  1. aravinda Says:

    Well researched and informative, thanks Asoka. Lets hope Mr.Rahul Gandhi is wise enough to read this and take it to heart, if not, one day he could be a sitting duck for next generation of LTTE, now in conception in Tamil Nadu. Next time, they will go for the big prize…”The Republic of Tamil Nadu.” The Congress Party is blessed with many brilliant leaders…why does it have to depend on Gandhi name to win elections?…what a pity!

  2. jimmy Says:

    Great article Asoka

    Indian politicians just talk to win seats in Tamil Nadu . Do not take them seriously.

    Only Srilanka , Srilankan Leadership can resolve not by others

  3. gdesilva Says:

    As aravinda points out, what US and the Western cronies want to see is also the birth of the Republic of Tamil Nadu. As Clinton once said, it is the economy, stupid. What better way to control the emerging massive Indian market other than by splitting it into smaller nations. The entire Western philosophy and mindset is based on this ‘reductionism’ which helped them achieve many feats – from putting a man on the moon to controlling upcoming global economic players. Let’s hope India will not follow the path Yugoslovia was forced to take.Who knows Rahul may become the ‘Gorbachev’ of India who will help the West to dismantle this great nation. How long will the West be able to hoodwink other nations?…..only time will tell.

  4. Terry Says:

    Please let us know if you get a response to your letter “SENT BY AIRMAIL”

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