Politicians Beware! “Fast & Furious” Internet, more Effective than the Long Arm of the Law!
Posted on February 1st, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

For the first time in the history of the Internet, Egypt “Blacked Out” the Internet connectivity throughout Egypt by government order, to the chosen half dozen ISP.

That goes to show the power of technology invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The information reaches pan global in a split second, depending on the ISP speed.

In the late 1950s, it took a week before the Tamils in Jaffna heard about a minor incident between the Tamil-Sinhala pavement hawkers in Pettah and to react, which bounced back to Colombo after a few days, which started a mini-racial riot.

Today, reactions and inter-reactions can occur within minutes.

When Shah of Iran, (the looter)  got booted out of Iran and sought refuge in USA, his best ally and friend, supplier of the entire Defence Force of Iran and the biggest fleet of Boeing, MAC trucks, he was accommodated in USA temporarily, but the Americans gently washed their hands off the Royal Family. Kicked him to Egypt to die.

Duvalier of Haiti was embraced by its former Colonial Power France, and allowed to move in with his loot to the French capital as an honoured guest. TV had limited access and the print media coverage did not allow speedy interaction.

The President of Tunisia, a Muslim, was not that lucky when he tried to enter France with his family to enjoy the billions he had transfered to France, Luxembourg, Dubai, and he had to re-direct his flight to Jeddah. That was an Internet reaction!

Idi Amin spent his post-cannibalistic years in Saudi Arabia, due to his faith in Islam. This was before the Internet.

Very likely, Hosni Mubharak will receive sympathetic reception in USA or UK, since his only criminal activity was to siphon off about 30 billion dollars, off his “savings”, so to speak.

Sri Lankans have seen the “Power of the Web” during the past five years, and how reactions and opinions may be changed using the Internet.  LankaWeb, during the past 10 years have opened a new specialized platform and focussed dimension to promote serious interactive dialogue within the global Sri Lankan community.

Whereas TV, depending on the broadcaster,  tends to give an occassional “biased” opinion, Internet allows a jumble of voices to express diverse print-audio-visual content, in a flash. Google, and YouTube have provided the most effective Search & Rescue service todate.

Like Tunisia, now Egypt, tomorrow Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE citizens may defy the might of the military and police, to protest against the government.  Any brute force will be counter-productive, since it will reach the four-corners of the universe by SMS-Video-Voice and the Internet, within seconds.

The Tianamen Square experience will never be repeated by any political leader who wishes to seek refuge in a safe abode outside his country, should his power fails to quell the protests.

Sri Lankan political leaders have yet to grasp the finer sensitivities on the Internet. There have been many instances that their positive actions have been turned against them by elements such as the Opposition Party or the Rump of the Tamil LTTE Terrorists.  There has been very poor Rapid Reaction Damage Limitation.

Placing an ex-Major General in a comfortable seat at UN or in Geneva, without any understanding of sophisticated communications and the Art of Damage Limitation, is a waste of tax payers money. Let’s bare facts. English is the operative language of the Internet. Fluency in English, delivered effectively can produce dramatic results.

The government Press Officer or the Chief of Communications (CC) must have his own Team of intelligence at each of the Diplomatic Missions globally, for continuous feed-back. As all major news networks such as CNN, BBC, CNBC, SKY have promoted, CC should have an “Underground Coms Network” in each major country to feed information by email and SMS regularly.

This will have both positive and negative consequences. All government officers will be under surveillance, for a start. Bribery & Corruption will be under a mcroscope, as well as movement of funds, money laundering, in & out of Sri Lanka would be under observation. Apart from corrupt politicians, involved in B&C, various businessmen fizzling funds in & out, as there are also inward movement of funds, to support nafarious activities.

The era of politicos and their families, as well as the likes of Ratwatte-Fonseka-Tillekeratne, should come to a speedy conclusion and face justice. Incidentlly, any news on Danuna Tillekeratne?

Political leaders should note now, that they have no more friends in civilsed countries to seek refuge, no matter how many billions of dollars one might have in thei secret bank accounts. The Internet will expose the entire history with or without WikiLeaks.
“All Dressed-up & No Where to Go”!

Another area of movement of capital, is by exporting valuable gems by post.  A few years back, British Customs followed and subsequently arressted a Tamil of Sri Lanka origin, collecting from Watford Post Office, weekly parcels of curry powder from Sri Lanka, for illegally importing Blue Saphires, Rubies, and other gems worth thousands of Sterling pounds.

Where as an informants letter to authorities may leave a paper-trail, Email & Internet Messaging could be Anonymous and Rapid.

And the bottom line today is that, top politicians, leaders of countries who have embezzelled the Sovereign wealth, gets little or no sympathy from potential “havens” to exile in. Friends like France, Switzerland have decided to repatriate looted funds to the rightful governments.

Like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on 30.01.2011, “Our interest and loyalty is with the Peoples of Egypt”. Full Stop. Their great friend, Hosni Mubharak is laid to rot anywhere he pleases!

The “Long Arm of Power” belongs to the people, through Wireless Internet and the Cell Phone, not to the Military or Police. There is No Escape from the Fast & Furious Power of the Internet. And millions of humans may wake-up to support their brethren and protest against Any One Man and his Power Base, globally, in a matter of minutes!

To comprehend this message in full, one must “Read between The Lines”!

And to Readers & Contributors of LankaWeb who have read my contributions, who made comments both positive & negative: Thank You!

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3 Responses to “Politicians Beware! “Fast & Furious” Internet, more Effective than the Long Arm of the Law!”

  1. Leela Says:

    This is a frank write up and should be an open to all sorts of robber barons. Our bandit queens are apparently safe it will not be so for the present day politicians should beware of their deeds.

  2. cassandra Says:

    Well said. But who cares about the Internet? Never, never underestimate the resourcefulness of the Sri Lankans. They’ll find a way around anything!

  3. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Fire power is nothing nowadays. Vietnam peasants won the war against American military might with hoe and axe. Americans are still struggling with all their might in Iraq and Afghanistan. Might is not always right. The leaders are elected by the peoples’ power of the ballot while some climb up to rule the people with power of the bullet. Whatever way they become the rulers of any country they are only temporary care takers of the people. The trigger is in the hands of the people who can promote or demote their rulers by pressing a few buttons on the cell phone or moving the mouse of the computer. Politicians should bear in their minds to be nice to people when they climb up because they meet the same people when they climb down, and nowhere to go after that.

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