Response to New Yorker blog by Jon Lee Anderson
Posted on February 3rd, 2011

Mahes L;

“The New Yorker of Jan 13, 2011 carries Jon Lee Anderson’s blog post titled “Visiting Sri Lanka’s Ghosts” that is an insult to the quality of your magazine as well as being insensitive biased reportage against all those other people of Sri Lanka who have had to face the blasts of LTTE terror, together with those who defended the nation against the violence and suicide terror of the Tamil Tigers for near 3 decades during which they assassinated a Sri Lankan President, a Foreign Minister, several political leaders, >600 Policemen who had given themselves up, and thousands of innocent civilians whom the LTTE targeted and killed in cold blood in cities, villages and religious sites (not to speak of assassinating a Prime Minister of neighboring India, Rajiv Gandhi ).

This piece by Anderson is a well-cloaked heartless defense of terrorism if ever there was one.

Sri Lanka is at peace again, and the people are attempting to rebuild their lives and their country, and this includes the Tamil people who were under the jackboot of the LTTE for too long. Irresponsible and insensitive writers such as Jon Lee Anderson do not seem to have a moral code from which they operate. What drives media support of a group acknowledged to have been one of the world’s most ruthless of terror groups? This is a question for self-examination by both Anderson and the editors of The New Yorker.”

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