Supporting Tamil Terrorist Front Organizations in Canada
Posted on February 15th, 2011

Ira de Silva London, Canada

Hon. Jason Kenney,
Minister of Citizenship & Immigration
House of Commons, Ottawa
Dear Mr. Kenney:
It is with disappointment and regret that I read of your endorsement of the Canadian Human Rights Voice’s (CHRV) Human Rights & Sri Lanka Conference particularly when you must have known that of the ten organizers of this conference, eight were anti-Sri Lanka Tamils. How can it be about human rights when they deprive others of the right to attend or make any comment? 
It is no secret that the LTTE supporters have established Toronto Canada as a primary base to re-group and continue their goal to divide Sri Lanka and this type of gathering is part of their public relations exercise. Your endorsement indicates that you are lending your support to the left over LTTE in Canada, the same LTTE that ran a fascist, terrorist dictatorship in Sri Lanka, deprived thousands of human rights and killed thousands without compunction. It has been the policy of the Liberal Party and the New Democrats to pander to the Tamil terrorist supporters in Canada in the hope that they would get their votes at elections. It now seems that you and the Conservatives are also following this unprincipled approach to get votes at the expense of the human rights of millions of people in Sri Lanka. I would like to point out to you that the voters you are trying to entice  are Canadians and have no voting rights in Sri Lanka. For them to try to impose their will on Sri Lanka is to deprive Sri Lankans of their “human rights”. Is that what you support? What right have Canadians to deprive citizens of other countries of their basic rights and freedoms? Your endorsement indicates that you are following Liberal policies of supporting terrorism in Sri Lanka from Canada, a policy which made Canada part of the problem of terrorism in Sri Lanka. 
I would like to bring to your attention some of the latest news reports regarding the LTTE and their activities in case you missed them.
In Tamil Nadu, India, the home of the LTTE  where India developed them into terrorists, the Indian security services have issued a warning that those LTTE, who fled to India after their  military defeat in Sri Lanka, have re-grouped and re-armed themselves with the help of LTTE supporters in other parts of the world and are planning to assassinate politicians at the upcoming elections. Recently the Prime Minister of India cancelled a visit to Tamil Nadu because of security concerns – the LTTE had plans to assassinate him. You are well aware that some of the LTTE have also arrived in Canada fully supported by the Canadian LTTE front organizations and politically backed by the Liberals and NDP. It seems that the Conservatives too have joined these unprincipled politicians for a few Tamil votes. Let us hope that there will not follow the security concerns that are now prevalent in India because of political support of terrorists ignoring the fact that these LTTE terrorists are still terrorists. In such an eventuality, do you believe that the Canadian voter will thank you with their votes?
Just last week, a spokesman for the LTTE in Germany was indicted on terrorism charges. Agilan W., who now holds German citizenship, was arrested in November and indicted on January 24. Prosecutors said he was spokesman in Germany for the Tamil Coordination Committee, a front for the LTTE, from 2004 to the end of 2009 and oversaw its public relations. Three other leaders of an alleged LTTE front were earlier arrested and indicted. In Canada it appears that politicians are falling over themselves to accommodate and promote the well organised front organizations of the LTTE rather than charge them with supporting terrorism even though Canadian officials keep talking of law and order. It remains just talk because of unprincipled politicians.  There is ample evidence of LTTE activities in Canada, spokespersons, sympathisers, organizers who are ever ready to welcome more of their kind offering to support them, finance them and provide for them. In contrast to Germany and Switzerland, Canada is merely looking at them as possible votes. 
In Switzerland arrests were made of LTTE supporters much the same as the news from Germany. With the world being told that the largest  group of LTTE supporters are in Canada and are trying to fool the world with their government in exile etc. Canadian law enforcement is looking the other way. Is it because your government is asking them to do so?
The Conservatives seem to be blind to the fact that there are many Canadians of Sri Lankan origin including Tamils residing in the Toronto area that do not support what the LTTE sympathizers in Canada are doing. If your party follows the same policy as the Liberals regarding the LTTE supporters in Canada, many who voted Conservative in the past election because of Liberal policies, will not have any reason to vote for you at the next election. I hope you and your party will take heed.
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
London, Canada

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    Excellent as always Ira.

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