Posted on February 18th, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Beacause we are divided in every issue it’s very difficult to go forward. Best thing is now to be united and help each other and work together for the benefit of all Sri Lankans. Our opposition traitors should give up their ungreatful struggle and joined with the Government to face our enemies together at this hour of danger to our country from outside evil forces. This Government has done and doing more than any previous Governemnts in the past to our nation and to it’s people. It’s the truth and nothing but the truth. Our Tamils also should be thankful to this Government for what they have done and doing at the moment. Nobody has ever visited North and East like now at any time by our leaders. We have a leader notƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ only for one section ofƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ our population but for all sections. He is a man of quality, decent and honest who have promised to serve all citizens equally.
If Ranil loses this LG polls this time ( 100% he and his party will be defeated) he has to make a decision to quit politics for good because he will never ever win an election in my land for another 100 years that’s for sure by that time he will be dead and gone. If our President eliminate corruption and waste in Goverment and in private and also rising crime on our streets he can be sure of a bright future for himself and for his Government. This is our country and we together must get-together and protect it without any division. Every single individual whether Sinhalese,Tamil or Muslim should remember the suffering we had during the dark days of war. How much we spend on war. How many of our loved ones sacrificed their lives for the war?How many people displaced their homes and belongings due to war? How many intelectuals left our land because of war? Think of all those and atleast stop fighting each other and help this Goverment to carry on their mission without any disturbance. This is our country no one will come to help us unless we are united and we must show the world that we can solve our own problems on our own ways. Our Opposition goons should love first our nation rather than making false allegations aganst the Government in front of distiguished guests in world forums. Ranil and his hypocrits talk as if they are from another planet criticizing the country and the Goverment for everything to bring embarasment to our leaders and to the country. They should stop all these nonsence and be faithful to the land they were born. It’s disgrace to have such power hungry politicians in our society. They cannot solve their own problems in their own party and talking about solving the problems of the whole country. It’s a joke. They are all jokers who clapped and dance to the national anthem without respecting it.
I say to all Tamils please give your hand in friendship to majority Sinhalese and try to live and think as Sri Lankans to take this beautiful country to par with other developed nations around the world. Dont think of party politics just give your valuable vote to a person with good education and charactor who can deliver goods to you and to your family’s future. Our unity is more important than anything to survive as a nation. We doƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ not wanted to be called as a Sinhales or a Tamil or a Muslim but as SRI LANKANS. We are a proud nation with rich culture and a proud history. Together we got our Independence from British so lets be together for ever unitedly as one loving family who loves our Motherland. Do not go behind power hungry,money hungry politicians who promised sun and the moon for their own benefits not for our benefit or for the benefit of the country. Because of natural desasters the food prices are up in every country in the world even rich countries suffer because of this and we see riots in western countries nowadays. Ranil or Sajits or their dead fathers cannot stop the rising food prices. Last few days due to rain we lost too much and no magician can bring us back all those we lost. Dont believe the fairy tale stories of the opposition these days. They cannot bring down prices of anything because they dont have any proper plan or ideas because they are fighting each other for their own survival. Our President is doing his best to give people the best for the best price as you all know and seen. He knows the peoples needs sincerly and he does things accordingly not like bogus promises of the Opposition monkeys. For him all citizens are same and treats same alike as we are all Sri Lankans. We never felt like this before and now because of this man we feel it He make it possible after the cruel war of thirty long years.
We have to overcome all obstacles to achieve our goals together as one nation from Dondra to Point Pedro. We will help our President to take the city to the village and to develop all the villages in every corner of our land to produce better people for tomorrow.We dont need jokers who play with peoples lives but better educated and decent individuals who can be our future leaders. The President and his Governemnt is very capable of protecting our land and our peoples our job as citizens is to help them in every way we can to make our country the Light of Asia in the near future without harming their progress upto date. Police brutality, Murders and thefts should be eliminated with tough actions as soon as possible. Civil security personel removing nails from rail tracks cannot be taken lightly. They shoud be given the maximum punishment as per the law of the country. Before they hire individuals to such forces must check their charactors and the past records whether he or she is suitable for the job otherwise many people will be in danger from these monsters. Also corrupt police or Armed Force personel should be severly dealt with and put them behind bars for good. We should not pity these criminal mind individuals. IGP cannot just give press conferences and say they are protecting the citizens while his own forces brutally assault innocent people sometimes kills even. He should diciplined his forces before it gets out of hand and be an example to other forces in the land. Even a small happening in the country gets a big picture in the International media due to our own traitors in the opposition so we need to be alert in all fronts. One journalist missing,one journalist killed is the big news for CNN and Al Jazira while hundreds of Journalist missing and killed in other countries daily. How many was killed by Americans in Iraq and Afganistan war? If they kill someone they say SORRY but if others kill they ask questiones and we have to answer. America is the biggest terrorist in the world and they are very capable to break countries in to two so we must be vigilant and careful drealing with America.
We can overcome all evils if we stay united and vigilant. We need every single individual citizen to think as Sri Lankans and help our country in deeds and in words sincerly and honestly. Let’s go foward together.Lets work for the unity of our peoples. Lets work for our future generation. Let’s select educated, uncorrupt, decent individuals as leaders of tomorrow. Forget the past and looks for the future. Lets build our land and make a just socity for all Sri Lankans to live in PEACE AND HARMONY whereever they like to live in our blessed land. Those who have left please come back and see how you can contribute to our future. Dont believe anyone unless you see for yourself from your own eyes and hear from your own ears. May Lord Buddha protect our land and the peoples. May God Bless,Peace be upom him.


  1. Asoka_Wickramasurya Says:

    What more can I say! Three cheers to Ranjith.

    It is high time for all of us to get back to work, real work with an investigative and analytical minds, not as blind believers. If we ever to call us Buddhists or the followers of Buddhist wisdom (as I myself call), we never should be believers at all, as we are now. We have become worst of all the believers!

    We (SL) have one of the best telecommunication network for a third world country. As you all have seen for sometime how this technology has use to discuss, comment, build up and destroy people and societies.

    It is also high time to unshackle our laziness and the use of Buddhism as a scapegoat for our own stupidity and ignorance. Enough time for poojas, geethikas and yathikas. Enough of talking about the glory of Buddhism by ‘scholars’ and the old glory days. Old glory days were built by sheer hard work, not with modern day machinery we utilise now. Having all or some creature comforts now, why can’t we do something to call ours and done by us, Sri Lankans!!!!

    Start now, walk now, we will go somewhere to call ourselves this is us, Sri Lankans. This may not suite the INGO, NGO, US, UK, EU and their worshipers living in Sri Lanka, but it is the way to go.

  2. jimmy Says:

    I love you Man
    Agree with you eventhough I am not sure about your comments about Ranil

  3. andylingam Says:

    Agreed , We should be united to develop our mother lanka !!!

    Andy lingam
    (Pungududivu ) NP

  4. Nishantha Says:

    Of course… Mr. Ranjit..
    America must take the resposibility about many key issues of many countries aruond the World. They are the people who manipulate brutally lot of ethnic problems according to their favour. Recently it is unveiled in front of World communities about Shameless America, thanks to Wikileaks.
    Moreover, when I read your article one thing came to my mind that is, how Mrs Hillary Clinton defined about bloody LTTE in Sri lanka. She told that LTTE is a partiotic terrorists. In my opinion, what is meaning of such a stupid definition of LTTE. During past three decades, where she was living..? In America or Pluto plant..? Are these kind of people suitable to hold State Secretary positions..?
    However, this is the high time to protect our motherland from such legal terrorists….

  5. Sri Rohana Says:

    Nishantha if Hillary can defined barbarian LTTE tamil terrorists as patriotic terrorists then we can defined Al Qaeda as patriotic freedom fighters fighting to chase NATO invaders.

  6. melton Says:

    Nicely written Mr Wickremeratne.

    I was surprised to hear that Sri Lankan Government documents in my Mother-land still asks for your Race/Religion?

    We should do away with this if we all want to be called as Sr Lankans not, as a Sinhalese or Tamil or Burgher etc.
    I looked at my birth certificate and sure enough it asks for my Race!

    May the Good Lord bring us the propsperity and peace we deserve after decades of war…let the healing begin…starting with these little changes.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Unfortunately the Tamil National Alliance doesn’t think so and hunderds of thousands of people vote for them! This is one insumountable obstacle to thinking as one.

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