The World Today Is Loaded With Apathetically Misguided Tamil Tiger Supportives Who Will Stop At Nothing To Discredit The Government!
Posted on February 22nd, 2011

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Feb 22nd 2011
They surface in all parts of the globe, these apathetically misguided Tamil Tiger supportives who never seem to give up their futile attempts to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka and top ranking officials, with no tangible evidence never caring whom they target and this time they have picked on one of Sri Lanka’s most respected career diplomats, an intellectual and someone whose credibilities soar mountains above the pitiful bleatings of the voice engines of a dismantled, disrupted and destroyed terrorist organization from opposite sides of the Atlantic whose signals however are at times picked up for all the wrong reasons by all the wrong entities, some with access to world organizations of repute and transmitted to the world rather than being trashed for their worthlesness!

 The Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils and the US group Tamils Against Genocide which fit into this category reeks of bias relative to their real intentions of presenting alegations of war crimes to the International Court against Dr Palitha Kohona which seems laughable based on sheer absurdity! !

The very substances of some of these apathetically cooked up concoctions of accusations against top ranking Sri Lankan Government officials often reek of lies and speculative innuendo where not a shred of tangible evidence to incriminate the accused is ever presented and all they really are with hardly any rocket science needed towards establishing proof, are manifestations of frustrations and desperation reflecting a lost cause namely Eelam ~ the dream of the subversive secessionists whose motives and attempts to recussitate their terrorist cause in the name of what they infer as ‘Justice’ must never be tolerated in a world rife with criminalities stemming from these very subversives who are ably supported by the Tamil Global Diaspora ambitious albeit ignorant enough to believe that their attempts to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka fuelled by their ambitions could ever suceed!

 The foregoing illustrations is very true of the manner in which the entities refered to have attempted to smear and discredit Dr.Palitha Kohona, one of Sri Lanka’s foremost intellectuals, a just and reasonable administrator and now a government representative to the United Nations and to add to the nerve and highhandedness of the accusations they even include allegations of murder which even in a figurative sense is preposterous.

 Dr Kohona also an Australian citizen has been accused of complicity in the murders of three surrendering Tamil Tigers in an application to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands where as applications go they are dime a dozen given the ever ready willingness of the enemies of the Government of Sri Lanka to file them and to reiterate, worthless with no substance to back them up beyond speculation!

 Perhaps there needs to be guidelines set by the ICCN that demand stringent preconditions towards filing such application where the applicants probably need to go before an Investigative Review Board towards checking their own credentials and credibilities prior to filing such application and heavy penalties of perjury imposed if the findings attest to motivative bias and false representation which in the case of the two organizations under review are more than likely!

It is indeed true that Dr. Palitha Kohona, was part of the international face of the Sri Lankan Government’s war with separatist militants, the Tamil Tigers, and played an important role in the surrender of Tamil Tiger soldiers following their defeat in May 2009 which role was never single handed to prove a point that he was a part of a team of well qualified administrators and adjudicators.

It is also true that reports of mass killings and the extrajudicial killing of surrendering Tigers have since surfaced but what substantial proof is there to point fingers that these were ever carried out as depicted ? is a very logical question as similar reports which have come under scrutiny previously have often been confounded and deduced as cooked up based on falsified photographs, doctored videos and statements which have never been conclusive or provable as their very intangible nature has been proven through credible and plausible means within the requirements of the laws of the land and investigative forces equipped and qualified towards the task finding them to be false and pretentious!

 Dr Kohona and the Sri Lankan government have every right on this basis to strongly deny the claims and allegations in the application, and so far the international community in hindsight perhaps has not paid too much attention to them indicative of how flimsy they probably are.

 The two international Tamil organisations The Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils and the US group Tamils Against Genocide that have made a series of war crimes allegations to the International Criminal Court involving Dr Kohona and his role in the negotiated surrender of three Tamil Tigers who are believed to have been killed are verifiably part of the global network of Anti Sri Lankan Government operatives and their conflicts of interest relative to their objectives need no microscopic examination as their modus operandi is now a well known feature of their trade and very visibly apparent as they continue to campaign for~~ you guessed it…. Ealam in a lost and failed cause .

With full entitlement to it and as expected the Government Sri Lanka does not recognise the jurisdiction of the court somewhat kangaroo in the view of some, with a somewhat circumspect Aussie pun attached although the theorists suggest that Dr Kohona by virtue of his Australian citizenship -Australia being a country which is a party to the court can potentially be prosecuted but to be prosecuted on the grounds the petitioners claim, there needs to be VERY TANGIBLE EVIDENCE of which there are none and the Australian Government obviously needs to be guided by the protocols applicable to diplomats whether senior or not in playing a part in disillusioning the petitioners that theirs is a lost cause and the court in the Netherlands needing to demand more than speculative character assassination attempts by craftyEelamist idealogues many of whom have neither direction nor true expectations of success to their insidious schemes.

There is every likelihood however that no investigation is likely with the International Court confronted with items of far greater importance and felt need based on real events around the globe demanding attention as recent history has proved the ineffectivity of the many attempts outcast global cells of Tamil Tiger supportives who have shown their transparencies through their own duplicitous attempts to revive a lost and impossible cause .

Dr Kohona became an Australian citizen in the 1980s while working in Canberra with the Foreign Affairs Department. He is now the Sri Lankan Government’s representative at the United Nations.

During the 2008-09 civil war which led to the defeat of the Tamil Tigers, Dr Kohona was secretary of the Sri Lankan foreign affairs ministry and played a role in negotiating the surrender of Tamil Tigers for which he needs to be recognized and all he did to trigger off the accusations against him in all probabilities was to be overly conciliatory towards all the Tamils concerned whether they were terrorist supportive or not. It would be fair to conclude that some who eventually slipped through the protective cordon and escaped overseas are now being pumped up by the overseas underground Tamil Tiger networks of which there are some known factions around the globe to sound very realistic about a matter that involved a war against global terrorism where the Armed Forces guarding the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka in the final surrender of fleeing Tamils pursued by heavily armed terrorists pursuing them were their safety factor and if some of the pursuing terrorists were gunned down by the Forces what consequece would it be towards the legitimacies involved where the portrayal of white flags in the arms of these killers sounds like a load of hogwash! This, given the ever resilient, resounding slogan of Velupillai Prabhakaran that ” they would rather die than ever surrender or be taken alive” points to the stark reality that the so called ”surrendering terrorist with white flags” appears to be a fabrication( no pun intended!) where nothing has been proven to this day relative to the accusations and the so called witnesses who attested to what allegedly transpired, needing cross examination to establish the real truth which may very well turn out to be an instigation on the part of Global Eelamists!

Dr Kohona in a media report has said that the claims had no substance and were politically motivated which seems all too well to be the case.

3 Responses to “The World Today Is Loaded With Apathetically Misguided Tamil Tiger Supportives Who Will Stop At Nothing To Discredit The Government!”

  1. aravinda Says:

    Another concocted story to damage Dr. kohona’s reputation. What surprise me is the ability of LTTE remnants to plant this story in major newspapers around the world. Although terrorists are defeated, its international backers are still active damaging Sri Lanka; purely out of hate, jealousy and the shock of defeat.

    There are many, so called Western powers, still unable to understand how their blue eyed boy, the Sun God, the good terrorist, the man they backed to break up India, could die in like a stray dog in a lagoon. This leads to planting “Cock and Bull stories” about men who saved 22 million Sri Lankans 1.2 billion Indians.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lanka is a trampoline for Tamils to jump abroad and villify the land that has basically helped them in the past. Tamils cannot slam Tamil Nadu as that is supposed to be their Homeland, but they are quite willing to slam Lanka. There is nothing else that seems to bring them together through their 3,000 yr old Caste structure.

  3. Chintha Says:

    The Ealam dreaming Tamils Schemes, plans and organize all the lies and FRAUD against patriotic Sri Lankans and Sri LAnka. For years there seems to be never ending FRAUD and lies. Doctored photos to created vedios to fraudulant history claims to what not. The western media, the dumb western politicians , the dumb un and other human right groups all ssems to be blinded with money and fed with tons of misinformation which they absorb so easily. There is very few who care to defend these misinformation and FRAUD against the country. I think the expat Sri Lankan community has a great duty to rise against this.

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