Posted on March 14th, 2011


 When the tiger terrorists were in full sway in the North and East munificent to Ranil Wickremasinghe and his corterie’s ignominious CFA and shameful appeasements, and even during the humanitarian liberation operations being carried out following Mavil Aru capture, Sri Lanka was full of Tiger Terrorists in sheep’s cloth in the form of Peaceniks, NGO vultures, Green Tigers, Pseudo Marxist Tigers, and Tigers in the cloak of Priests openly justifying and advocating the cause of the terrorists and their acts.  Although peace has returned to all parts of Sri Lanka due to the firm and unwavering leadership given by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to carry out security services operations until to a finish at whatever cost and at in the face of whatever the international hindrances that may come, and tiger terrorism was vanquished from our precious soil militarily, the tiger terrorists who were in sheep’s clothes continue to raise their ugly heads every now and then and attempt to avenge President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government for “the crime in their lexicon” defeating the terrorists.

 Despicable attempts made by one of the Green Tigers and the shameless Pseudo Marxist Tiger to humiliate President Mahinda Rajapaksa over the Oxford Union visit is a first-rate example how these treacherous elements raise their ugly heads and would strike against the President and the Government whenever an opportunity arises.   The latest to raise his ugly head is the so-called Catholic Priest Rayappu Joseph (I have deliberately omitted the eminent reference “Rev” since using this prefix to a person of his calibre would underrate the eminent Priests in the country) who was tagged by many as “Tiger in Bishop’s Cloak”.

 News Reports claim that this “Tiger in Bishop’s Cloak” has taken a firm stand against President Mahinda Rajapaksa and has indicated to take him head-on.

Misusing his diocese powers he has sent in directives to all those catholic churches under his dioceses to inform those attending church masses not to cast their votes for any candidates contesting in government party tickets in the forthcoming local government elections.  It is also reported that this dark horse has said that although Tamil Tigers are decimated and its leader Prabhkaran killed, it does not mean the Tamils are given any of their rights instead subjugation. He is also reported to have said that he does not possess a feeling of being a Sri Lankan.  He has also in his true terrorist form has warned Government Party candidates contesting the local Government bodies in the North not to canvass the support of the Tamils.

 In the first place all Tamils in Sri Lanka and particularly those in Mannar and in the Northern Province would agree that this “Tiger in Bishop’s Cloak” has no right to speak on behalf of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, as for the whole of the 30 years of Dark Age, he remained “a terrorist cadre in cloak” and aided and abetted the terrorist outfit presenting a canonic voice for their malicious and baseless propaganda, turned not only a blind eye to forcible recruitment of children but even assisted in grabbing children for the terrorist war, and even allowed the sacred Madhu Church premises to become a bastion of the terrorists.

 When the Tigers wantonly shelled the Madhu Church on November 20. 1999, killing 38 refugees and injuring 60, he failed to accuse the Terrorists for  cold blooded murder and the desecration of that shrine.  Commenting to Indian Express he blamed the Army personnel for being there and went further to protect the terrorists by commenting to BBC accusing the Army of using the refugees as human shields. 

We can recall the attempts made by this Tiger Bishop to launch a massive propaganda stunt on behalf of the terrorists by removing the sacred statue of “Our Lady of Madhu” from the Madhu church saying that the Church and the Statue is in danger from the security services operations and sending the statue to the safe custody of terrorists in Theavanpiddi, instead of sending it to the Bishop’s House if there was a real danger.  He made all these propaganda stunt to paint a bleak picture locally and internationally that the security forces were bent on destroying churches and church monuments and also to convey the message to the international arena that the security forces were waging the war against the Tamils who were Christians. 

 It can also be believed that similar to many of the peaceniks operated in the country this white robed terrorist was also on the payroll of the Norwegians. In an articles published in the Daily News on 19,08,2008, it was reported quoting “Catholic Messenger” that in a Memorandum submitted to the Government Rayappu Joseph has suggested that the Government should permit the Norwegians to go to Kilinochchi to keep alive their communications on conflict resolution.

 He also wanted the Government to respect the unilateral ceasefire declaration of the LTTE

 The Daily News article written by Mr. Prasad Gunawardene also pointed out that the Catholic Community in Sri Lanka should warmly welcome the statement made by the Vatican Cardinal, Francis Arinze commending President Mahinda Rajapaksa for liberating the historic Madhu Shrine from the ruthless LTTE which, time and again, held the holiest Shrine to ransom in the face of mounting pressure from the Security Forces.

 Rajappu Joseph was not only a white robed terrorist but also an extreme Tamil chauvinist another factor that makes him unfit to be called as a Christian Priest.  He remained totally silent and quiet when the Sinhalese fisherfolk who happened to live in Kokilai was indiscriminately bombed by terrorists.  This shows that he did not believe in universal brotherhood but believed only in Tamil Extremist brotherhoold. 

 He himself has attended LTTE propaganda rallies and other functions, including the funeral of murderers like Thamilchelvan and has turned a blind eye to child soldiers participating in such functions.

 In an open letter addressed to His Holiness the Pope, Members of the International Christians For United Sri Lanka, a Catholic Christian organization based in Canada questioned the motive behind Rayappu Joseph for transporting the Holy Statute of the Virgin Mary from Madhu, to St. Sebastian’s Church located at Theavanpiddi, 70 km away from Madhu to deep into an area which was controlled by terrorists at that time making it inaccessible to the vast majority of Catholics in Sri Lanka as well as from all over the world.

 In the book entitled “Assignment Colombo” written by the former High Commissioner for India in Colombo the late Mr. S.Dixit, it is stated that the Tamil Catholic clergy kept arguing in favour of the LTTE throughout his tenure in Sri Lanka. He says that it seemed that the Churches official policy was accommodating Prabhakaran and the LTTE as crusaders, despite the overwhelming evidence of crimes against humanity on LTTE’s part.

 The terrorist website TamilNet reported on 02 April 2008, that Rayappu Joseph, hundreds of religious dignitaries, and devotees staged the peace march from the cathedral through St. Sebastian and Bazaar streets of Mannaar on that day and Rayappu Joseph handed over an appeal to Mannaar District Secretaty A. Nicholas Pillai against military operations in Mannar.  However, as soon as the statue of Our Lady of Madhu was removed from Madhu Church tiger terrorists broke into the church and made it their operational centre for the area.   This confirms that Rayappu Joseph even desecrated the Our Lady of Madhu statue to facilitate the tiger terrorists. General of the Mannar diocese Rev. Fr. Victor Sosai confirmed at that time that , the church zone was more like a battle zone with the heavy presence of LTTE cadres. In  April, 2008 the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka demanded the LTTE to leave the sacred precincts of the Madhu Church immediately, but they remained there and used the Church as their operational centre until the Army forced them out. 

 Now it is time for Catholic who love peace and who are committed to peace and look forward to be dedicated partners in development of our country, to take appropriate and early action to get this camouflaged terrorist de-robed and totally erase the dark image painted by him on the Sri Lankan Catholic community as a whole.

 Meanwhile the government should also take appropriate action against all the elements who in the form green tigers, NGO vultures, peacenicks, pesudo marxist tigers, and terrorists in religious garb helped the terrorists, acted against the government to promote the terrorists and stall the security service operations since they acted as the enemies of the country and their complicity with the terrorists resulted in the death of several thousand people in Sri Lanka, including the massacre of Buddhist monks in Aranthalawa and the innocent people in many parts of the country. 


  1. Manjula Says:

    Now the Vatican can decide whether they support a terrorist or a legitimate and democratically elected government. More the Vatican turns the blind eye to this white robed terrorist, more the suspecion the Catholic Church will have on any under world participation in terrorism.

    If this white robed terrorist is not feeling as a Sri Lankan, then what the shining hell is he doing in Sri Lanka other than claiming refugee status in Canada by travelling in a boat LTTE used to transport weapons?

  2. Samson Says:

    I salute you Mr Nizam for a fearless, factual analysis.

    But I don’t think the government will take any action. Knowing government inaction, the Catholic Church will not do anything either. He can do more damage unless we stop him now.

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I always wondered why Ryappu Joseph and a few other catholic priests like him made statements to discredit the security forces battling the terrorists to protect the nation, but remained silent or even provided support to Tiger terrorists when they carried on their ethnic cleansing of non-tamils in areas claimed by the Tiger terrorists.
    Now I understand why. Rayappu Joseph is not a follower of the Christian doctrine but is a follower of the Tiger doctrine of murder and mayhem. As long as he wears a cassock, he will continue to degrade the SriLankan Catholic clergy and bring disrepute to the Christian religion unless he repents for his past actions and dump the Tiger doctrine of hate, violence and slander.
    Vatican made a grave error when they did not condemn Hitler’s crimes, and is the Vatican going to repeat this blunder by failing to disrobe people like Ryappu Joseph, who at the moment is riding high, thanks to Tiger influence in Western nations.

  4. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Soak this “Tiger in Bishop’s Cloak” in thick starch so that he can stand straight and see the right. There is something radically wrong with this clergy who can’t realise that he was born in Sri Lanka and now he does not possess a feeling of being a Sri Lankan. It seems that he is being possessed by the devil.

  5. samaraweera Says:

    Nizam correctly labels Rayappah Joseph as a “Tiger in Bishop’s Cloak”. He had openly supported the tigers for a long time. Hiding behind his cloak he had always defended the tigers and stood by their atrocities pointing the finger at the the army and accused them of killing tiger terrorists . In fact by supporting the tigers openly he brought disgrace to the Catholic Church and other genuine priests. He should be exposed.

    P.A.Samaraweera, Australia.

  6. Ben_silva Says:

    Well done Mr Nizam for identifying this robed terrorist. All evil killers or supporters of killing need to be expsed.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Priest Reyappu Joseph is really fighting the Tamil Caste System, we presume. But, Lankans do not practice Untouchability, so he is in the wrong country and crashing on the wrong leaders. Lankans have had nothing to do with the setting up of Tamil Nadu Caste System. It was set up 3,000 yrs ago through the Laws of Manu tied to the Hindu religion. It may have served a purpose in organising society in India at that time long ago, but is a defunct system in this modern age.

    Or is he looking for quick results for Tamil people of low caste or from the Dalit sector to achieve “high status” in Lanka society through the Catholic church ? We ask : How can Lankans possibly reverse the status of these Tamil people who have come from Tamil Nadu’s 3,000 yr old Caste System (tied to the Hindu religion) ? Self Respect for any sector of society cannot be won overnight and least of all through misdirected anger. We suggest Meditation & Contemplation, plus the practice of the 4 Hindu Yogas (Kriya, Karma, Raj, Bhakthi) as ways of gaining Self Respect. Hindu Temples should teach the 4 Great Yogas to their Tamil people.

    We know now that the Catholic church tried conversions in Tamil Nadu, but it has perhaps failed ? Some people are reconverting back to their Hindu religion in India. Please be realistic – it will take many decades to achieve something in this direction of liberating Tamils from the effects of their Caste System, and do NOT hold Lanka or the Sinhala people responsible for the Tamil Caste System. It was made in India and Lanka has suffered enough through it. The Buddha (realise please that he was also an Indian !), said categorically : “Uppathiyen vasalayek novae” (Sinhala). Translation: “One is never a slave by birth. One is high born or low born only through one’s actions”. Lanka is a Buddhist country and we judge people by their actions.

    Also, has Jaffna transferred its fight for the low caste Tamils from Jaffna to Mannar ? Rev. Joseph should not misdirect his Tamil flock to further new trouble ! It will be a challenge for the Tamil people of the North to think for themselves and not follow blindly those who mislead them – didn’t they suffer enough through Prabhakaran ?

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    He is fighting for Tamil Elam; not just caste nonsense.

    He is a Tamil Tiger terrorist. Nothing less.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, Lorenzo, I understand that, but he is using the Caste issue to draw people. The Caste issue is at the heart of all Tamil problems, next lack of skills for a job, proper education, etc.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Never ending stuff Fran.

    The world is not enough to resolve Tamil grievences and Tamil aspirations.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    We really wish that the Hindu Ramakrishna Missions of earlier days are brought back to help and guide Hindu people. These Missions as well our Buddhist Organisations/Associations should widen their scopes to work at grass roots levels with their people, such as the Christian/Catholic YMCAs etc. do. It is pointless our complaining about Church conversions and interference. If there is a void in our social structures, they will fill it to their advantage ….

  12. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I am yet to hear the view point of a Hindu Priest even though most Tamils are Hindu and have close connections with buddhists. Are the Hindu Priests living in fear of people like Ryappu Joseph who received the backing of LTTE terrorists, and in fact some Hindu priests who tried to take the lead in the reconciliation process, were killed by the LTTE. Also, though Christian “peace” NGOs get funds from the West, I’m not aware of any Hindu or Buddhist association getting similar funds.

  13. Cerberus Says:

    During the last world war II when the Nazis in Germany were hunting down the Jews and killing them in gas chambers it was the silence of the majority of the decent German people which helped the Nazis.

    In the same way over the last 30 years of the war with the LTTE it was the Catholics Church’s backing of the LTTE activities which was silently approved by the rest of the Catholics in the country including the Bishop.

    Even today when this terrorist in the garb of a Catholic priest tries to demonize the Sinhalese with outright lies and bitter tirades to rouse the racial tensions in the country when the President is doing his best to heal the divide after 30 years of war, the Catholic high command including Bishop Malcolm Ranjit is keeping silent. His silence is an assent to the words spoken by Bishop Reyappu Joseph. The silence of most of the Sinhalese Catholics is also an assent to the words spoken by Bishop Reyappu Joseph.

    Bishop Malcolm Ranjit should use his authority to make sure that this terrorist in the priest’s garb keeps his mouth and his personal opinions to himself. Since 1948 Sri Lanka has provided free education, free health care and even free food to all it’s citizens including the Tamils. Most of the Doctors and the Engineers and even Bishop Reyappu Joseph I am sure took advantage of this facilities. Yet they blame Sinhalese for all their unhappiness.

    If they are so unhappy why is that most of the Tamils who were offered Indian citizenship to go back to Tamil Nadu never left. It was because they really had it good with the stupid Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. Prabahakaran created a rift between the Sinhalese and the Tamils by shooting soldiers and then when riots happened told the world “see it is all their fault”.

    If Sri Lanka did not have a free press and a democratic Government Bishop Reyappu Joseph will not be able to open his foul mouth. He would have been got rid of long ago if the Sinhalese are as bad he tries to make them out to be.

    There is an information block on the doings of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka. In all the other countries of the West many people have come forward to state that they were abused by Catholic priests. I wonder why no one has come forward in Sri Lanka. I am sure some of the Catholic priests in Sri Lanka are no different from the ones in the West. I think information is not put out because of the hold the Catholic Church has on the media and the Government of Sri Lanka.

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