Sri Lankans have set an example to the world sports
Posted on April 14th, 2011

Orpheus Perera

It was a  pleasure to read   the article written by  Radhchrisnan in the sports section of  “The Hindu”.

Sri Lankans have shown the world what  sports all about. It is not bringing the world cup home, it is not about winning. It is about the participation, building friendships and the enthusiasm.  It is not like losing a war against terrorist, losing your country to an enemy or not winning a war in a foreign country and not  bringing spoils(or oil) home. Even in a developed country like Australia the losing team did not receive such a welcome. If they won they would parade the cricketers along the streets. When they lose nobody wants to know about it. In our region it is worse, mostly due to unsporting gangs and gamblers who gamble millions of rupees on cricketers.

In the west, most of the sportsmen and women must have been taking sports enhancement drugs for years. Only recently, they have starts to do the blood tests. This is all because they could not accept the defeat.

We hope that the attitude of Sri Lankans towards the cricketers who lost the finals will be  applied to all the areas of our lives. Winning or losing is not the issue. It is the attitude and the effort. We won the cup sixteen years ago and India won it after twenty years. Our cricketers did well, came to the finals. That is good enough for the moment. Our boys will bring the cup home one day if not next time. We should be proud of our team, our people and the President.

 From The Hindu:

 Orpheus Perera

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  1. De Costa Says:

    We need not be proud like idiots.
    We need to do things right way. We need not be “yes” boys to Mr. President and behave like Americans.
    We must discuss our shortcoming, corruption, lawlesness etc etc in order to improve. That is the true Sri lankan spirit.
    Cricket is the same.

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