President Rajapakse among the Top Ten in ‘Time 100 Poll’
Posted on April 15th, 2011

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

President Rajapakse had become the first Sri Lankan if not the Asian leader to be featured in The Time magazine’s ‘Time 100 Top Ten’.
Since ending the 30 year war, the President had become the most influential and popular democratically elected leader in the Asian region.
During the war, he stood like a brick wall against pressure from the US, Britain and France, who tried to rescue the World’s ruthless terrorists and it’s leader Prabhakaran. He won the confidence of China, Russia and India in the war against the LTTE and made Sri Lanka the first country to eradicate terrorism. He held his grounds against threats by EU to cut GSP+tax incentives.
After the war he challenged the US , EU and the UN to proseceute him against alleged human rights and war crimes. Then he gave a shock to the western powers by defeating them at the UN by forming a coalition against super-powers. The UN is making a mockery of itself by pointing the finger at countries like Sri Lanka while shielding the US which is inolved in widespread human rights abuses.
Recently, while the western countries were tumbling into a financial crisis giving fear to a world depression similar to the one in the 1930’s, the President generated an economic boom in Sri Lanka. The growth rate now is 10 per cent and the per capita income had doubled leading the country  to a middle income status.
After bringing peace and harmony to the country, he introduced mega development projects such as the Hambantota harbour, ports, super-highways and so on. At the recently held local government elections he had a land-slide victory.
The President reached the Top Ten above powerful icons such as President Obama who won the Nobel Prize last year. At the time there were many who argued that it is President Rajapakse who deserve the Nobel Prize for ridding the country of terrorists and bringing an end to the war.
The President ranked above Michelle Obama, potential Republican Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Burmas Aung San Suu Kyi, Chinese President Hu Jintao, Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahyu and Egyptian Presidential candidate Elbaradai. Others whom he surpassed were Prince William and  Kate Middleton, Physicist Stephen Hawking, famous film stars and billionaires. Thus the President had been leading global political and social leaders and reaching the Top Ten.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    It was a great honour to our Motherland to have such a well diciplined,well manered,fearless leader as our President. We all should be greatful to this village lad who later become our most popular President of all time for freeing our nation from the ruthless terror organization in the world and eliminating the most feared traitor to our Motherland. Peace and Harmony prevails and every Sri Lankan have the freedom to do anything as he or her wishes. Thank yoy Mr.President for stopping bombs and destruction and allow all the citizens of our country irrespective of Race,Religion and color to live side by side in peace and harmony. Be tough on traitors in the midst of our population who runs to the white man and complain every small issues and telling lies and lies to them to bring shame and dishonour to our leaders and the Motherland. Also clean up your team of useless and vulger corrupt Individuals who bring shame to you personally and to our beautiful Motherland by uttering third grade comments and doing criminal activities.

    Long live our President and long live our beautiful nation called SRI LANKA.

  2. Vis8 Says:

    Yes Sir! Congratulations Mahinda! We salute your brave leadership. May Sri Lanka prosper and shine!!!

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