Mr. Ban Ki-Moon is Playing God
Posted on April 20th, 2011

Jay Deshabandu

The world’s most dangerous terrorist outfit is still active mainly in Western countries.  The pro-LTTE agents somehow manipulated the USA and Western Politicians for their gain. Besides this, the USA, France and British governments have tendency to discredit Sri Lanka because they think we have sided with China and other Asian countries.

 Everyone in the world knows that USA controls the UN.  In fact UN is the USA.  Mr. Moon was appointed as a puppet to safeguard their interests.  Mr. Moon is now playing God.  The three member panel to advise him on the final days of the war was appointed arbitrarily by him; and, it was not set up as a follow up of a UN resolution. He is wrongly accusing Sri Lanka of murder, rape and a host of other imaginary bogus chargers.  In fact,  he did not adhere to rules and procedures set up by the UN, but was listening to nuclear armed western powers!

 Sri Lanka should not reply to these bogus charges as a show of protest!

 Mr. Moon should realize that the whole war effort was supported by the vast majority of peace loving citizens including the President of Sri Lanka, the defense Minister, the ordinary soldiers, religious leaders of all faiths and many others.

 The fact that president of Sri Lanka and his government were re-elected by a huge margin reflects the people’s approval of the work done by the president and his government. As we know, people were grateful to our president for saving the country and bringing peace and prosperity back to the country.  Mr. Moon is against the will of the people of Sri Lanka and is trying to change the regime!  Mr. Moon is not following procedures and rules; and, he is playing GOD!

 The setting up of a three member panel consisting of Sri Lankan haters has many parallels to the committee that was set up in the USA by a Christian crazy minister for accusing the Holly Quran as a criminal book. They made their own committee and decided that it was a criminal book. But this is even more like a show of arrogance and power!  The next step of the Moon is to bring our president and other heroes to the Criminal court to belittle the effort and sacrifices of lives of our gallant soldiers.  Our soldiers did not die for the accusations of rape and murder. They died for us! They did not die for humiliation!  Mr. Moon wants a regime change which could bring another puppet of the west that could become a president of Sri Lanka. This is a shame!

 All Sri Lankan citizens at this time must understand the grave danger and threat posed by Moon to our security, peace and prosperity of Sri Lanka.  It is the most important duty of all Sri Lankan citizens to protect his mother land from all forms of threats and invasions.  Mr. Moon is now trying to re-ignite the flames that existed for over thirty years and at a time the government is trying its best for reconciliation.  Mr. Moon’s dictatorship must be stopped now!  He is in effect renewing the healed wounds!

 I am fervently appealing to all peace loving citizens to shed all forms of differences and support our president and his government at this difficult time.  We should be united when our nation being humiliated by Moon!  As a show of strength and support, please make everyone aware of this grave danger and stand united and protest peacefully against this Mr. Moon who is playing GOD!

2 Responses to “Mr. Ban Ki-Moon is Playing God”

  1. douglas Says:

    It is high time that this world body “UNO” should be located outside USA. Perhaps, it could be located in a country like Singapore. The next step is to clean the whole administrative set up and remove all the “goons” and the “Moons” etc.

    This is a wake up call and hope all the member countries seriously consider this proposal.

  2. jay-ran Says:

    We all have to be united and express our support to President and the SL Govt at this hour of need as the writer says.
    This foolish report thus forces Sri Lanka to get more and more closer to Russia and China who have been always with Sri Lanka with NO HIDDEN AGENDA!!!

    May the Blessings of The Noble Tripple Gem Protect our President! SL Govt and ALL LIVING IN SRI LANKA AND OUR MOTHER LANKA!!!

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