At this time Sri Lanka needs help from Expatriates.
Posted on April 21st, 2011

L. B. Wasantha

Dear Patriot Sri Lankan,

 This is a time that Sri Lanka needs your support.  As you know, Tamil-terror-supporters have infiltrated the world over, and have an apparent stranglehold on Western politicians, who are cashing in on the promised votes and “Campaign money”, by these terror-supporters.

 Not only are these terrorists controlling the UN, but, these people are influencing major communication networks to publish fabricated and exaggerated articles against Sri Lanka.

 A majority of Western people are very much ignorant as to the real situation in Sri Lanka, and believe what their networks say.  Due to this, the Western population is now tending to be prejudiced against Sri Lanka. 

 Since the internet has become a powerful communicating medium, the West is leaning more and more towards the internet for news sources.  Most of the newspaper articles of other countries appear on the internet, and are read by millions.   Many Tamil terror-supporters are posing on the internet as Westerners, and write fabricated and opportunistic lies under the “Comments” section, against our country. 

 Sri Lanka needs your help in educating the World about these terror-supporters.  Little-by-little, the World will know the truth.  We need to give a couple of minutes each day for our country.  Please consider leaving a few words (in the “Comments” section) to educate the West on what is happening, and to inform of the dangers they face from Tamil terror-supporters.  If you don’t have time to type, just cut-and-paste the following writeup (edit as you wish) under “Comments”.  Most comments can be inserted by logging in through a Google or Facebook account, or, by creating a user-account with a made-up name.

 Tamil terror-sympathizers have infiltrated into politics all over the world.  Greedy, power-hungry Western politicians, having accepted their promised votes and “Campaign Money” (a.k.a. Terror-money), are playing to their tune, staging a campaign against Sri Lanka, fueled solely by the anger at  the Sri Lankan Govt., who did not bow down to their demands to stop war in order for the terror-leadership to escape.  And, Banki Moon dances to the song of his Western masters. Little do these short-sighted politicians know that these actions will lead their country towards a very uncertain future; case-in-instance:  LTTE-terror-supporters who teamed up with a certain Canadian politician, recently accused him of racism and discrimination, in a well-publicized manner. This, due a disagreement between them on Sri Lanka. Recently formed, is a “Transnational Tamil Eelam Foundation” in Canada.  Pretty soon, there will be separatist demands around the world, such as already seen in France and Canada. ” The West has done too little, relying on their supremacy and intimidation of poorer countries with their money, and pay no attention to the Greater Asia region of China/Russia/India. Hope it is not too late for the West”.

L. B. Wasantha

8 Responses to “At this time Sri Lanka needs help from Expatriates.”

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    L.B. Wasantha, thank you very much for the article. Even though it is short, it gave clear sight for experience editors to forcus on the urgent need to expose the Tamil Sangahm based in Boston, USA. As you stated these Tamils use Sinhala names to persuade editorial writers away from critiquing the UN panel report to religious subjects like “What religon is better Buddhism or Catholicism?”. Un fortunately some editors fall in to this trap. Most urgent requirement from the editorial writers is to denounce the UN panel report, headed by this Tamil South African woman Navi Pillai.

    I will add my penny’s worth comments: I am Sinhala American. “Why senator Casy of Pennsylvania passed the Resolution 84 in the senate? It is because the Tamil Sanghams approached him and told him that if he passes this resolution they will contribute $100,000 to his re election campaign. Why can’t millioner Sinhala Americans living in Caliafornia do the same thing? I do not know.

  2. ranjit Says:

    This is the time for all sri lankans to be united irrespective of race,religion or party politics. Our millionires inside the country and outside should be more philanthropic to the nation they love and care. Our nation is first and we all should get together and try to save it from enemies of our land to have a real peace and to live happily the same way we have now. We dont want to see any division or any terror realted incidents which kills innocent people. Now our people dont need anymore fighting they need food for their stomach,good job and a good house,good education for their children and good health services etc.

    Our President and his Government should act the same way they did during the last stages of the cruel war which killed thousands of our own citizens. They should be tough and straight forward and fearless when they deal with cut throats like Americans,British,France and Europians. We cannot trust them at all. If Russia can come forward and tell the whole world that they supports the sovereignty and peace in Sri Lanka why cant these hypocrits cannot say openly and give support to us and say to Banki banki go to hell without investigating lies. Banki’s Pillai’s Blakes and other supporters of evil will perish from their own stupidity and lies. May god help these poor evil souls.

  3. Ben_silva Says:

    Good points made by Wasantha. Please keep up the good work. I made similar points in my article with the title Strategic Communication to beat the LTTE propaganda war

  4. thurai Says:

    Very Importat Article at this time. Terrorist are cheating the world. LTTE (TGTE) also a Terrorist Group.
    They Cheat their own Tamils and the whole world. LTTE tasted the blood of innocent people of Sri Lanka.
    LTTE robbed the money of diaspora Tamils. Now they have no chance in Sri Lanka. They divided into two groups
    to save their robbed money. One Group wants to live amoung diaspora Tamils ,other wants to settle in India and in Sri Lanka. We all unify to find out this Terorist who stay near to us and wait for the right time to kill us.
    We all must bring the truth of LTTE &TGTE to the world.

  5. Sri Rohana Says:

    Agree with Wasantha. It is true that expatriate Sri Lankans must do something for their country. Communication is much more powerful than most weapons. We have to defend our country against racist tamil terrorists goebbelsian propaganda machine. Tamil racist terrorists try to change the Sri Lanka history for their agenda without shame. (Thanks to Mahawansa our history book it tells a story that spans nearly 2,500 years, the oldest and longest chronology in the world, therefore racist tamils cannot do it that easy).
    My worry is some Sri Lankans those who got the maximum benefit of education up to University or post graduate levels totally free. If it is any western country they have to pay at least more than $ 80,000-100,000 for the higher education itself. But most of our guys totally forgot their country. They don’t have atom of gratefulness. As Wasantha says it is high time them to defend our country from tamil racist propaganda machine.

    I agree with PFH’s 22nd April comment too. We have to talk sincerely for the benefit of Sri Lanka. I too have seen some diplomats how their interviews. Their body language and scary faces proves they are kindy boys. Why don’t Foreign Service officials train for the T.V interviews? If they are not fluent in English they must take the service of translators. That’s nothing wrong as only 6% of international community speaks English and in entire Europe only one country speak English. If they are not confidence then avoid the interview. That is way better than behave like a culprit in front of the camera. At least they should learn Sri Lanka’s History, Geography, Buddhism, and Culture etc.
    Once I saw Palith Kohana’s interview with Al Jazeera. He was shivering in front of the camera like a murder suspect in the high courts. We heard how former High Commissioner Shenuka Seneviratne wrote against Dayan Jayathilaka when he defended Sri Lanka against British foreign secretary. Now she is in Geneva for the human right mission. Can she defend Sri Lanka against Navi Pillai as Dayan did? Can she organize a counter resolution against U.S, Britian and EU as Dayan did?
    I don’t agree with Dayan’s pro federal ideology. But Only Dayan Jayatileka had talents to defend against Westerners. Once Sri Lankan, British MP Niranjan Deva Adithya very well defended Sri Lanka in his interviews against tamil racists. Though he was a conservative I was very proud of him the way he answered the interview. Other than few examples what really selfish so-called diplomats do for taxpayers money, which they enjoyed as perks. Which Sri Lanka mission educates expatriates on the present Banki Moon scenario. What action done by Sri Lanka missions in U.S.A, U.K, EU and Australia? Have they at least talked to Sri Lanka associations?

  6. Vis8 Says:

    Hi PrabasFlaccidHead,
    I see your points well. But the biggest mistake we have made is that we haven’t gotten the support of a big politician in the US/UK/Canada. The ltte has effectively seduced the Western politicians, and made inroads to gaining their support. All these politicians care about is who looks after them at the elections. With the Tamil vote behind them, they essentially ignore the Diplomats’ views. I have seen this happen quite often – the Diplomats are helpless. But, we have the support of China, Russia and (maybe) India, the soon-to-be super powers of the World. We should be quite aware, and, use it to our advantage.

  7. Chintha Says:

    Agree with PHF. The SL govt reps should be more agrassive and talented. But on the eyes of the west politicians and media they are just govt reps defending govt. The argumants and information by citizens of that country count more towards defending LTTE lies and falsehood. We are not govt reps defending govt, we are people who are unbias and nutral and what we as citizens of these country’s say counts and can go along way. Thats why expatriate participation is very important. It is much more powerful than the govt defence.

  8. aravinda Says:

    We should understand that Western nations ( their governments, certainly not people), actively supported LTTE during the Eelam wars. Now that they failed, plan B is in action. That is to remove those great men who saved Sri Lanka and India and install puppets like Ranil and Managal Samaraweera. The plan B will fail too. As long as Sri Lankans stand by their government I can not see how these rascals could destroy Sri Lanka. Plan C would be to start another terror campaign.

    Sri Lankans think one step ahead and be prepared.

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