Posted on May 4th, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

The word corruption is a dirty word we hear everyday everywhere in this world. The whole world is corrupt one way or the other.Politicians, sportspersons, Government officials,religious people almost every human being is corrupt except few good in whole wide world for some reason. We are not worried or care about the world corruptions we are worried and angry about ours. Why cant our leaders take action to stop this menace from our society for good. If we need to be the light of Asia we should get rid of this menace once and for all as our leaders promised to do in their election pledges. Most of the leaders in countries around the world gets unpopular because of corruptions in their governace. We all know our President is very popular and works hard to uplift the standard of our citizens in our country. The popularity wont be last long if his Government or officials he appoints to high places engaged in corrupt practises through greedyness.

 Very sad to hear at this juncture regarding corruption in our most popular game of cricket. We all know in our hearts this may be true because of some matches we saw in the past. Anyhow if it is true it is disgrace for our cricket and for our country too. We admire our crickerters very much and if they do such things we cannot forgive them at all. I dont know about others but not me as I hate such people. How much our countrymen love specially our cricketers and all the sport persons who represent our country in the world stage? The cricketers were paid in thousands if not millions still if they do such shameful crimes then they should not be spared in my view. They talk about the country and talk all big and nonsence to the media and do these shameful acts is not acceptable to me or to the cricket loving people of Sri Lanka if it is true. I hope the accusation by former captain not political motivated. This should not happend at all at this time of period because our country is going through very sad period due to unneccessary interference to our sovereignty from our enemies around. Anyhow we hope the truth prevails and we can enjoy the gentleman’s game like true sportsmen.

 I like if our President take this allegations seriously and do something about it for the sake of the country and it’s image abroad. We dont want greedy thieves to represent our country in any sports or anything. The politicians,Officials in high places should be monitored and if get caught sacked them without mercy and be an example for others. Corruptions and waste is too much in our society and it should be eliminated to become light of Asia. India our big neighbour has started to clean up of corruptions and already some bigwigs were sent behind bars. We too do the same not to satisfy anybody but for the good of the country. Just talking and blaming someone is not enough.If sombody actually engaged in corruption they should be identified and inform the authorities to take action without naming anyone wrongly. Our people have not learned any lesson yet after thirty years of war. Still we have the same mindset people who are jealous,revengful and ungreatful. We need to change our way of lives according to this new century. If we allow corrupt individuals to carry on their corrupt practises then we are part of it therefore when ever you see any sort of corruption in any Government or private institution please inform the concerned authority to take action against the individual or group who were engaged in corruptions. We need to eradicate this menace. Each and every citizen should cooperate in this noble endeavour. We cannot just give wrong information to the authority or to the media just because we saw or heard of corruptions in our society.We need evidence to prove it and then only we can charge the culprit or culprits and bring them to face justice.

 Our President has shown all his faithfuls in his Government how to govern and how to serve the people from top to bottom. Anyone does anywrong doing should not be kept in his or her position nor in the party itself because they dont have any trust among the public anymore. In the beginning itself the President should have started cleaning his house for the betterment of his party and our society. No one should be afraid of these politicians they come and go same like Tsunami. We need better quality, best behaved, inteligent decent politicians to govern our country not corrupt underworld rowdies. My vote is always for the right thing and for the right person. If someone does something wrong it’s wrong whether your friend or your own family or your relative.The punsihment for the guilty of corruptions whether he or she is in the high position should be same as given to the ordinary citizens as we are all human beings born to this blessed land of Sri Lanka. After the war our country has come very far when you compared to other countries who were having wars around the world. During the war many earned a fast buck by selling the war and no one to question or bring the guilty to books but now the war is over and the country is moving forward and we are getting so much aids from diffrent countries and organizations for different projects around the country and we must see whether politicians and the officials in the Government utalize the money well without misusing or putting in their personal bank accounts. The citizens should be vigilant and report any bad behaviour of officials to the police or concerned parties as the Government has given telephone numbers and names whom to contact in such cases.

 Nowadays thieves have a hay day due to lack of security in many parts of the country. We need to have have more informants and police in civillian clothes patrolling the streets to keep an eye on gangsters,robbers,petty thieves,purverts etc. We cannot be the light of Asia with all bad images of the country. More and more tourists visits our Motherland these days and we need to protect those people from all bad things which tarnish our reputation. We need to have strict security through out the country specially in places where tourists visits more. So many corrupt individuals are there in this tourist business whom we have to watch and monitor to safeguard our culture,our society and the country because these people to earn a fast buck they do all dirty tricks to lure the foreigners. The Government trained tour guides should be introduced to the trade with good knowledge of english and history of our Motherland. Corruption in all forms should be eradicate from our society.The Government cannot do this alone they need the support of the public as well. Think of our Motherland, Think what we are doing is for our future generation and the country we love and wants to be the wonder of Asia.

 Help to eradicate corruptions from all walks of life from top to bottom from our society.

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