Posted on May 20th, 2011

by hela puwath

The Sihalese are selling their properties in the cities and moving out to the countryside en masse, look at Colombo, Kandy and other cities. Our government is encouraging the poor – mostly Sinhalese – to go to the countryside to farm by offering incentives like free fertilizer etc., while not offering any incentive or encouragement for entrepreunuership and business in the cities.

 You may have heard of many cases where the poor “”…” mostly Sinhalese – who used to live in cities and surroundings, have sold their properties and moved away from the commercial centers and now are making a living driving three-wheeler taxies. They now drive long distances from their village, in to the city in the morning, then return in the evening to the village. Speak to the three-wheel driver the next time you are Colombo. By the way, you won’t find any Sinhalese-owned three-wheel taxis in Colombo on a Sunday or late weekday – they are out in the village. Even then, of late, according to these three wheel entrepreneurs, the cities are now overcrowded with three wheelers, and it is getting hard to earn an income “”…” but it is the village that the Sinhalese are encouraged to move to.

Ask yourself where the facilities like good schools, good hospitals and government offices are – in the village? If the village is where the easy/good life is for the Sinhalese, why are all these people commuting long distances to-and-from the traffic-congested cities? Making matters worse for the Sinhalese, in a city like Kandy, where most buildings and land are the property of Malwatte and Asgiriya temples are all leased or sold to others, but the Sinhalese.

Then, when the Saudi Arabs come and take over the village farmland where will the Sinhalese go – Saudi Arabia? Read the following article and decide for yourself:

Saudi delegation to visit Sri Lanka to explore new areas of business cooperation Fri, May 20, 2011ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

 May 20, Colombo: Saudi Arabia’s Commerce and Industry Minister Abdullah Zainal Alireza has said that the peace achieved in Sri Lanka has made it possible for the Kingdom to establish new trade relations with the island.

During a discussion with the visiting Sri Lankan Minister of Industry and Commerce, Rishad Bathiudeen in Jeddah on Thursday, the Saudi Minister has said that earlier due to the unrest in the North and East of Sri Lanka the Kingdom was unable to promote much trade but now it can open a new chapter in the trade relations between the two countries.

The Saudi Minister has told Bathiudeen that he would now send a Saudi trade delegation to Sri Lanka soon to explore new areas of cooperation between the two countries, Arab Times reported.

The Sri Lankan Minister has identified tourism, garments industry, information technology, cultivation of fruits and vegetables and gem and jewelry as promising areas of investment.

Responding to a request made by the Sri Lankan minister, his Saudi counterpart has agreed to send a technical team to identify new areas of cooperation in the field of agriculture under King Abdullah’s Initiative for Saudi Agricultural Investment Abroad.

During the discussions the two countries have agreed to form a joint Saudi-Sri Lanka Business Council to enhance bilateral trade.

Bathiudeen, pointing out that the bilateral trade stood at $249 million which included $43.8 million for Sri Lanka’s exports to the Kingdom has said that the bilateral trade can be improved with the exchange of trade visits between the two countries and the establishment of business council.

Minister Bathiudeen had also requested Saudi Arabia to import garments from Sri Lanka adding that they can be made according to the specifications of the Saudi businessmen.

He has urged Saudi businessmen to invest in upcoming projects in the island nation, which would yield attractive gains.

The visiting Sri Lankan Minister also met Riyadh Governor Prince Salman in Riyadh on Tuesday (17).

He also met Water and Electricity Minister Abdullah Al-Hussayen, Deputy Finance Minister Hamad Al-Bazie and chairman of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry Abdul Rahman Al-Jeraisy.


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    After the 5th Non Aligned Conference in Sri Lanka in 1976, Col Gaddafi was interviewed over Radio. He asked the Muslims to increase their population and to buy land along side major roadways. See where we are today!

    This alone must be reason enough to understand the slow displacement of Sinhalese from their land. Real Estate is changing hands for Rupees, which has only a transitional value. They make money from their business enterprises and buy land. There must be safe guards against selling of properties that jeopardize the ethnic balance in major cities – which are the power houses of our economy today.

    If not like lemmings we will have to walk to the sea one day!

  2. Dham Says:

    Saudi Arabia is the most corrupt,uncivilised, murderous country in the world. Their men will come here looking for Sinhala village girls.
    They will spread their Dhamma, the animal rule, setting up mosques.
    Not sure what is happening.

  3. AnuD Says:

    See the web, how Islam is fighting to convert the whole world. They marry women from other religions and get them to make many children

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Although the west is exploitative, hypocritical and greedy, their actions are mostly against the spread of Islam which is the greatest threat to “their way of life”. In comparison, SL, India, China, etc. pose little to no threat to “their way of life”.

    The west follows 2 main strategies.

    1. Economic exploitation of resources of the Muslim world (because these are used to promote Islam around the world)
    2. Pitting Islamic factions against each other (because this is the least cost method to kill)

    These are very bad deeds but they work for the west’s advantage. Obviously the west (and India and China) don’t want another Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives or Indonesia in SL. Even if SL is complacent in allowing a massive increase in Muslim population COMPARATIVELY, these powerful nations will intervene in one form or the other.

  5. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sri Lanka must introduce the “ONE CHILD POLICY”. Otherwise no one can save SL!

  6. Ben_silva Says:

    I agree with MS Mudali on the need for population control. If there is no population control living will be hard for all due to shortage of resources inclding water. land and food. However there has to be a mechanism to look after old, disabled and sick people who are citizens of Lanka.

  7. Dham Says:

    Both Mudali and Ben seems to be enemies of Sinhala people.
    Sri Lanka is the only place for Sinhala race to flourish. Mudali has South India for his race.
    We have one of the lowest population growth in the world.
    One child policy was dropped even where it started, in China.
    Mudali is cunning and Ben is foolish as usual.

  8. Nanda Says:

    Ben has gone mad. He used to be a sensible person.
    But brain does not last. Anicca, Dukkha and Anathma.
    The person we created has undergone anicca.

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