Denouncing the Tamil National Alliance, and a word from my friend Thurai a Tamil from Kokuvil, living in Europe.
Posted on June 2nd, 2011

By Charles.S.Perera

The Tamil National Alliance is misleading the Tamil people of Sri Lanka making  them believe that it is the TNA that could solve their problems.  The danger in TNA is that  it is creating a problem between the Sinhala  and the Tamil Communities that never existed. The Independence from the British colonial rulers was demanded by  Sinhala, Tamil, Malay and they had no intention of breaking up Sri Lanka between the Sinhala and the Tamils after Independence.  The idea of separation was a later development which is now called the ethnic problem.

The ethnic problem was created by the Tamil politicians,  Ponnambalam, Chelvanayagam, Suntharalingam and the rest, to create for themselves a Tamil enclave of which they would have been  the rulers, keeping the ordinary Tamils within their caste frame, denied of priviledges preserved for the high caste Tamils.

The TNA politicians are the worst of the Tamil politicians, having had their birth in the womb of terrorism, and brought up in its cradle. In reality they should not have existed after the elimination of terrorism. However they  found “respectability” in the aftermath of the settlement of IDPs and the general election that followed in which they were able to garner the votes of a ” terror shocked” Tamil population that was settled  immediately after terrorism.

They are now trying their best  running after every  “demon” haunting Sri Lanka after the demise of terrorism, such as  Ban Ki Moon, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the  Western  “democracies” hanging on to the “dollar strings” of pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora,  to clear the blood stains of terrorism left on them by Prabhakaran and his terrorist cohorts- the  TNA politician’s proper milieu, their “godparents”.

Unfortunately the Tamil people who seek a political leadership have still not found  a credible source.  Anandasangaree who could have stepped in to fill the void,  has still not understood that the best prospect for the Tamil people is to unite with the Sinhala in a larger Sri Lankan Nation without the Communal identity.

Even Douglas Devananda has failed to accept that reality, which was understood only by Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan- more familiarly known as Karuna Amman, as he came to politics in the most dangerous way possible.  That is by first being a terrorist fighting for a Tamil Eelam and giving up that virulent past to become a full fledged Sri Lanka patriot, becoming a member of  a dominantly a Sinhala political party..

The TNA sowing the seeds of  Tamil racism  distances the Tamils from the Sinhala, thereby   becoming a barrier for the reconciliation of  the two Communities. The TNA is creating an artificial situation of  an ethnic difference in order to fool the  Tamil people to win them over to its  side projecting itself  as the only solution for a separate Tamil identity  breaking away from the Sinhala majority.

The TNA  politicians are an out dated group of men who have no new political vision.  They have no viable political philosophy for a Sri Lanka awakening into development after a deadened period of 30 years of  under development in the grip of a  devastating terrorism.

The TNA Political policies follow  the dream of a dead terrorist who had no deep understanding of the reality of life,  and  the  development of a country and its people.  What we now want is a political philosophy which brings every one of the Sri Lankans be he or she  a Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or Malay in to the main stream politics to build Sri Lanka together without giving into divisive politics of the JVP, TNA or the UNP.

We want a political philosophy that would  make the whole of the people of Sri Lanka  a force to stand as one  against all local and foreign forces who are all out to divide the country by putting one community against the other.

The TNA politicians who now even try to  contact China and Russia to dissuade their support to the Government of Sri Lanka on the ethnic issue , seem to be going a bit too far and they have to be stopped, perhaps legally prohibiting their moves under the Terrorism act.  That is up to the government.

Unfortunately at the moment Sri Lanka is handicapped by a Western attempt to deny its rightful existence as a Sovereign State, leaving it to enjoy the freedom of  being delivered from the suffering under a 30 year terrorism.

Even though the International Community complains that Sri Lanka Government is discriminating against the Tamils, or Tamilnadu Tamils want a separate territory for the Tamils,  the  Local  trouble shooters like Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, Jehan Perera and others call for devolution of power for the minority ethnic community , and  Ban Ki Moon appoints a panel to investigate whether the Sri Lanka armed Forces have violated  human rights of the Tamil people at any time during the war against terrorism, and besides the Websites TamilNet, Sri Lanka Guardian, Transcurrent, Groundview, LankaeNews complain of discrimination against the Tamil minority, all the  Tamil people of Sri Lanka are not blaming the Government or the Sinhala majority for any discrimination against them, or do not demand separation from the Sinhala Community in Sri Lanka.

My friend Thurai, is a Tamil from Kokuvil now living in Europe.  He studied at the  Jaffna Central College. His parents were middleclass Tamils.  His father was doing a small business.  Though Thurai has not been to south and lived with the Sinhala people, one of his uncles married from  a Sinhala Family  living  in Jaffna.  Through them Thurai too came to know  the Sinhala people.

He says  that the Tamils in Jaffna believed in S.J.Chelvanayagam and hoped he would bring prosperity  to the Tamil people.  He says that they were brain washed to believe in people like Chelvanayagam  for the future  prosperity of the Tamil people as against the Sinhala Governments in the South.

Thurai left Sri Lanka in 1983  not because he did not like Sri Lanka, but to have better  prospects in  Europe where he lives now.  When he visited Sri Lanka in 1998, he met Sinhala soldiers who  were in very friendly terms with his family.  These  Soldiers who visited his home some times  shared meals with them, or they were  given a lunch packet to be taken with them.

Thurai says that in Kokuvil  though some residents supported the LTTE,  they secretly hoped that the Army would one day end terrorism. He says that it was the common hope of many Jaffna Tamils.

He says it took him 30 years to realize  that the Tamil people had been fooled by the  Tamil politicians. He supports the elected  Government of Sri Lanka and says that he has no ill-will towards the Sinhala people.  He likes to read my articles he says because I write about the unity of the Sinhala and Tamil people.

He tells me that even in Tamilnadu there are Tamils who disagree with the DMK policies and speak well of the Sri Lanka Government. Thurai says that  his friends in TamilNadu read the Lanka web, it was in fact his friends in Taminadu who wrote to him about my articles in the Lankaweb and recommended him to read them.

Thurai assures me though the Tamils do not write articles in favour of the Sri Lanka Government or the Sinhala people, many Tamils  believe that the present government of the President  Mahinda Rajapakse in Sri Lanka is doing a lot of service  which is helpful to all people in Sri Lanka without any distinction of an ethnic difference.

He says that the Tamils of the diaspora are responsible for the disaster of  our country-Sri Lanka.  He says that most of those  who demand a Tamil Eelam live in  luxury in Europe with the money they collect from the Tamils, and are cheating the Tamil people.  He says he has realized that it is now the time for both the Tamils and the Sinhala people to unite and work together for the benefit of  all the communities in Sri Lanka, he says the Tamils and the Sinhalese should not be enemies any longer.

Thurai says he cannot understand why Ramdas of PMK is interfering into the affairs of Sri Lanka.

Thurai says that, Ramdas is asking UN and the Indian Government  to  create an Eelam State in Sri Lanka, but he has forgotten the Estate Tamils and the Tamils in the South.  Do  not they belong to the Tamil Community, or would  Ramdas ask  for separate States for  the Tamils in  the Estates and the Tamils in the South ?   But Ramdas, Thurai says, should first attend to the caste  problem in TamilNadu.

My Friend Thurai asks me to add, that some of the  members of the Tamil Diapora are engaged in criminal activities, and they do not understand that they are by sponsoring the International Community against the Government of Sri Lanka are playing with the lives of the Sri Lanka Tamils.  He says the Tamil diaspora and the Tamilnadu politicians who supported  these criminal groups and sponsor the International Community should be brought before a tribunal to answer for their crimes

When I wrote to Thurai that I am writing to the Lankaweb an article about  this encounter with him and sent a draft for him to see, he asked me to add the following, which I reproduce in his own words:

“At present we all Sri Lankan communities from all over the world should form a Global unit to save Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Tamils who live around the world must find out who is their  real enemy,  is it  the Sri Lankan Government or the persons who incite them against the Singhalese and Sri Lankan Government.    After supporting them for the last 30 years what have you reached?

Do anyone of you know the Tamils behind LTTE and the war?  What are their position Now?  How many Tamil millionaires  are there without their own capital, but on the capital earned forcibly from other Tamils, and with  Bank Credits living around the world? Do anyone of you  know, of any one of them visiting  and investing  in India or  in Sri Lanka? Do you accept being cheated by your own people at the cost of lives in Sri Lanka? “



15 Responses to “Denouncing the Tamil National Alliance, and a word from my friend Thurai a Tamil from Kokuvil, living in Europe.”

  1. andylingam Says:

    Charles.S.Perera /Thurai u
    Ref :understood only by Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan- more familiarly known as Karuna Amman

    Is he formar LTTE first in commander ( Kaddala Thalapathy) ? (:-)

    We need a National leder who have long vision who can united our country for ever !

  2. Charles Says:


    Yes what you say is relevent : Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan-more familiarly known as Karuna Amman was at one time a very highly placed terrorist who was the personal Guardian of the Thalaivar Prabhakaran.

    But he realised that terrorism is not going to take the Tamil people any where, therfore he broke away from the terrorists group risking his life. He formed a seperate Tamil political party and worked with the government.

    Later on he realised that the future of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka as well as the Sinhala Majority depend on working together as a united people without separately itentifying as Sinhala and Tamil but as Sri Lankans. There is then a sharing of every thing, political power, social welfare, cultural afinity, and economic and financial wealth.

    Therefore, Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan –more familiarly (or affectionately) known as Karuna Amman disbanded his political party and joined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

    That is historic, because if all the people in Sri Lanka – Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Malay, instead of having their own separate political parties , join the main stream political parties like the UNP and the SLFP, the ethnic problem is solved for ever and then we sill have only « political problems ».

    It would be like it is in USA, where there are only two political parties the Republicans and the Democrats. And that is how a « blackman » came to be elected as the 44th President of USA. This same thing could happen in Sri Lanka if all Tamils and Muslims decide to join the main stream political parties like Karuna Amman. We will then one day have a President of Sri Lanka from either the Tamil, Muslim or Malay Community.

    To-day in Sri Lanka we have a very foresighted political leader with a great vision of the future for Sri Lanka in the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Here very long afterthe dissolution of the communist influence in the world, still some newspapers publish articles in series criticizng the communist parties, their leaders. It looks itis funded by some govt agencies.

    Sri Lanka should follow a similar policy towards TNA. Govt, get tamil publications to publish a series or articles targeting their people and what they do. Even if the govt funds one of those publications that would be better.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Nothing can change Tamils in the north and in Tamil Nadu voting for communal political parties. This will NEVER change. The more we avoid facing this truth, the more incapable we are to resolve the problems caused by these communal parties. Even if we temporarily managed to convince Tamils in the north to move away from communal politics, they will soon resort back to it because of very strong Tamil Nadu influence on them.

    We have to find solutions to SL problems by accepting this fact.

    Anandasangaree is another racist because he represents the Tamil United Liberation Front a racist party just like TNA. Only difference being it cannot get elected. He was kicked out by Tigers due to his communist views coming from his pre-1970 communist/samasamaja party membership. Then he crept under the feet of national political parties for protection. Now he is back in his 1977 business. DD is a better guy but he too has to give into communal poltiics because that is all the northern Tamils and Tamil Nadu Tamils accept. KA/KP were terrorists but are way better NOW. What matters is the present and the future more than the past.

  5. andylingam Says:

    Agreed ,Communal politics will NEVER change.
    Since 1948 All 100% ( incl Me & Thurai) Tamils have been possined, If I Say I against Separate Tamil Eelam than I am lieing to your. Thease Well educated ( puththaka pucchikal)master minded also this was indirectly helped by DSS to MRP( no long vision).
    KA/KP are terrorists, terrorist never change ( KA killed 400 unarmed polices offers / KP tired very hard to get ties in his eyes in interview what a jock ).
    So only You Sinhala People can come with solution (avoid facing this truth, the more incapable we are to resolve the problems ) does not have to be Tamil sperate land or geniue devaluted provinsal council or any other new inavation …..

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Communal politics in Sri Lanka will change permanently only when Tamil Nadu improves enough in its social outlook in eradicating the social disharmonies in Caste Issues especially, and offers equal or more in education & employment than Sri Lanka. Then the Net Exodus of Tamil people will be into Tamil Nadu (or South India), and not into Sri Lanka, and the so-called Tamil problems will stop in Sri Lanka !

    However, at present Tamil Nadu has only some 5 Million Tamils of Dalit (Untouchable) origin as opposed to some 55 Million of Caste Tamils. The non-Caste Tamils or Tamils of Dalit origin are heavily outnumbered. 95,000 Tamil people of Dalit origin are still employed as ‘night soil carriers’ by the state govt. of Tamil Nadu. Till such day that Tamil Nadu improves living conditions and social acceptance as equals for her people of Dalit origin, Sri Lanka had best beware of the facts and take measures to protect herself.

    Sri Lankan Tamils know they have it very good in Sri Lanka compared to Tamil Nadu at present, though I hasten to add that the main issues of life such as coast of living, education, jobs, health care, safe environment etc. for the bulk of ALL Sri Lankans could do with improvement. As such, in Sri Lanka, it is NOT an Ethnic Issue, but mainly an Economic Issue. President MR has correctly identified the problem. He is good at his job !

    From time to time a few Tamil writers to these columns make absurd suggestions such as that the solution lies in putting aside Lanka’s main religion or that changing leaders will do the needful. NO. The answer is that Tamil people of Lanka should realise that they are Sri Lankans, and work for the betterment of themselves and this country. Belong to Sri Lanka, and not to some point half way in the Palk Straits.

    To the Tamil people we say : “don’t kill the goose (Sri Lanka, in this case) that lays the golden eggs” !

  7. andylingam Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Ref:Sri Lanka will change permanently only when Tamil Nadu improves
    Verry Sad , That will never happen in TN (india) We all know about it ,( those 5% never walk up)
    example look at our Estate Tamils Who born in our mother lanka they have same slavery (Koli) behaviour who work as savan girls/Boys in our home . Why, Why Sad they also have same free education/medician etc….

    that changing leaders will do the needful. NO
    Fran Diaz , sorry to say, We need a permant solution for our ethenic problm …
    Our All head of leders (DSS to MRP) tried so many sort cut to solve this problem ( Eg: These are word used by them time to time – you work out who said & when :
    We are one nation , No probmle in our country, if war than we will have war if peace We will have fight,My parents(two Priministers) made miske etc…. )
    Fran Diaz, these Tamil Communal politics do not mind to kill the goose for thier own parlimant seat (life time pension).

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    “Andylingam” :

    I am truly sorry for the Tamil peoples troubles. However, a change of attitude must come from within. See website for self help. Anyone can follow through the web casts on this website and benefit. Change we must or suffer.

    We know Tamil professionals from the Upcountry sector and respect their sense of integrity, honesty and decency. Being an
    Upcountry Tamil has not proved to be a barrier for achievement and having good human values. They have benefitted from the free education & health care and other help offered in Lanka. Unfortunately, most of the Tamil Diaspora abroad who now create trouble for Lanka received the same free benefits when in Lanka.

    People who pluck tea should be proud to do so. It is a valuable economic activity and not everyone can do it well. Perhaps some kind of ‘uniform’ attire and other ways of recognition should be designed to make this activity anyone can be proud to take part in.

  9. AnuD Says:

    Tamils don’t have any other option. If they are provided with a political option that does not have communal politics. they will accept it. As JVP had been marginalized, Tamil communal politics also can be marginalized. They won’t disappear but most tamils will follow non-communal politics.

    See how, at one time 100% HIndu Tamils are now strong chrsitians andmuslims. So, it will be easy to change the political needs of tamils.

    Tamils now have for decades left for greener pastures leaving their language behind. IF we can provide the same thing while they are inside the country they will accept it.

  10. andylingam Says:

    Ref:does not have communal politics. they will accept it.
    Few Tamil politions tried & failed ( eg: Thuraiappa, Doucles ,Rajathurai ,etc…), I think if We have a Politician have geniune long vision from Sinhalese society may direct these Tamils into correct bath.
    I know not ease, these LTTE terrarist are more stonger than before may2009 now becuse they realied their times are numbered ( may be another 2 to 3 years).
    We Tamils are good followers (like sempari aadu) like Lambs, example We followed Chelvanayagam to VP.

    I hope & pray MRP can do this job , but he has to be honest .

  11. thurai Says:

    late Alfred Duraiyappa told me personally Chelva & Co cheating you. I realised after many years. Now is the time,
    Tamils to change their mind and find a new way of life in Sri Lanka. We all realised that Political parties and socalled Tamil liberation Organaisations have one weapon Tamillaguage and Tamil community. But all
    come from North and east. Noone considered the life of other Tamils who live in South or Upcountry Tamils.
    Anyhow they called themself as gurdians of Sri Lankan Tamils. Is it really acceptable?

    TGTE( Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam) also have the root from the chelva & co and LTTE.
    TGTE and Viswanthan Uruthirakumar and some selected refujees as members and ministers they called themself
    as leaders of Diaspora Tamils. How many percent of the Diaspora Tamils voted or selcted them?.

    The Tamils who speak Politics with Tamil language are NO.1 cheaters of the world. They are behind the Tamil Terrorism. Tamils in the north and east who are diturbed and disabled to continue their normal life, by those powerthirsty Tamils. Tamils need assistance now. It is right time of sinhalese and Tamils Politicians, religious leaders, and wellwishers from south to give hands. The only way is win the heart of the Tamils.

    If their is noone to play political Game with life of Tamils, we all are in peacefull in Sri Lanaka. I hope
    Sri lankan Government will take the disabled Tamils in the arms and show and prove who are real
    criminals in the world. Sri Lanka govenrment or powerthirty Tamil cheaters.

  12. Dham Says:

    In 1987 one of my young Tamil friends asked ẅhy is the army not coming out of Jaffna Fort and finish off Tigers.
    I still do not know he was saying this honestly or not.
    Only thing I know is Sinhalese treated Tamils like own brothers until 1973.

    Both Indian and Sri Lankan Governments should apologise to Tamil people for inaction or no firm action to eradicate the dictatorship of Prabhakaran. Whether Tamil people voted idiots into power and are still doing it is not the question. The question is law and order was neglected for 45 years.
    Women were allowed to be gang raped by IPKF. Young Tamil girls were given to Europian visitors to play in exchange of arms.
    Need an apology from India and Sri Lankan government for not carrying out genocide of amil Tigers for ever.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    President CBK apologized to the Tamil people two or three times. As far as we know, no Tamil leader has apologized to the Sinhala people & all others in Sri Lanka for the tremendous damage the ltte did for 30 yrs. and the ltte rump continues to do abroad.

  14. jimmy Says:

    Nice point from Thurai
    I was a child when Duraitappa died. I heard he deveoped Jaffna
    I like what you said man ” It is right time of sinhalese and Tamils Politicians, religious leaders, and wellwishers from south to give hands. The only way is win the heart of the Tamils”

    I pray to almighty that every one Muslims, Chettys, Indian Tamils, Bergers , Tamils and Sinhalese all should work hard for peace .
    People should love each other to be compassionate to each other respect each other eventhough we all may look different we all may speak different language, have different faith and cultcure

    In Rural areas in Jaffna or Baticaloa or in Trinco , a villager only see the Sinhalese who are Police officers or Army officers or Navy officers
    These officers should win the heart of Tamils
    There should never ever ever be any kind of intimidation or hatred towards these villagers .This is the most most important thing
    Yes Tamils in Colombo know how wonderful the sinhala race is . I mean it from bottom of my heart
    Most of the villagers in Tamil areas only see these officers who are sinhalese. It is important for these men in uniform to be extremly kind and honest to Tamil people


  15. Bodhi Says:

    The sinhala name for Kukkuvil or Kokkavil is KokaVILA.
    Let the tamil speakers write the name as they please. But sinhala speakers should attempt to review the traditional Sinhala names.


    here is the writeup:

    Kokkavil(Giranika [Killinochchi])
    The form “Koka” is used for heron-like birds, storks, cranes etc in Prakrit. In Sanskrit it is more often applied to the Cuckoo. “Kokku” is used in Tamil for the mango (tree), and also for cranes and similar birds.
    The Sinhalese origin of this type of place-names in Jaffna was first pointed out in the early part of the 20th century by Messrs. B. Horsburgh. (1916. .doc file) and J. P. Lewis, both of the Colonial CCS. The late S. Gnana Prakasar, the philologist of international fame, agreed with them and furnished his own list of place-names of Sinhala origin found in the North and East. He mentioned village ending in “vil” like Kandavil, Kokkuvil, Inuvil, etc.; those ending in “vattei”, like Polvattei, ittavattei, etc.; villages from the word “kumbura” like Markkamburei, etc., from “yaya” like Moolay etc., from “deniya” like Narandanei, etc., from “eliya” like Puloly, as examples.
    As part of the post-war development, a radio and internet transmission column (highest in South Asia up to 2011) has been constructed in Kokaavila and opend in June 2011. Silumina report

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