SRI LANKA – Human Rights Violations
Posted on June 15th, 2011

F. Rovik

We see there is a lot of pressure to investigate Human Rights violations in Sri Lanka. Good. Let?s go ahead. Sri Lanka has nothing to hide, as far as I can see there is no credible evidence of any human rights violations against the LTTE terrorists.

Yes, unfortunately, civilians died when the LTTE terrorist hided among civilians. Civilian casualties are unfortunate and should be avoided or limited at all cost. SLA has been able to do limit the civilian casulties and performed far better than the professional armies held by the ?super powers?. The Sri Lankan defence forces should be applauded for minimizing the civilian casualties.

The human rights record is not perfect. There has been serious human rights violation that cannot be defended and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Some crimes are done by Sri Lankian nationals, others serious crimes committed by foreign nationals.

The worst human rights criminal is Adele Balasingham. We have firm evidence this Australian nurse provided Cyanide capsules to brain washed minors. How many has died due to her actions are unknown, but the figure is substancial.

Another human rights criminal is Erik Solheim, a so called Norwegian peace negotiator. He is a proxy of the failed Norwegian Peace Industry. Who firmly believed in bribing Sri Lankan?s to accept a LTTE fascist terrorist state. Erik Solheim?s untraditional negotiation methods included brothel visits, first class transportation and hefty use of alcohol. Well, Solheim failed, thousands of Sri Lankan?s lost their lives for Solheim?s dream of a Nobel peace prize. Despite of numerous phone calls from Sri Lankan expat’s he refused to do anything to stop the LTTE genocide on Tamil dissidents. Instead Erik treated the LTTE terrorists as statesmen and did his utmost to secure Norway oil rights in the LTTE occupied areas.

Let?s help the Serbian war criminals with some new friends. Prosecute Adele and Erik, then send in the rest of the International LTTE organisation to the war crime tribunal.

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  1. S de Silva Says:

    Having seen the broadcast, the total denial by the SL government is I believe not quite the best way to defend SL. The pious intention could have been for zero casualties but casualties and war crimes on both sides is the inherent reality of every war in the past and SL has no need to apologise for that sad but sheer historical reality of every war. There is no such thing as a ‘clean war’ with zero casualties and criminality – only a naive wish for that!

    The highly relevant, immediate issue is, the ‘support’ shown for LTTE and the partisan coverage of the events by C4 by avoiding the historical background that led to the situation. In my opinion C4 appears to be in breach of Section 5: “Due Impartiality and Due Accuracy and Undue Prominence of Views and Opinions” under the Ofcom Broadcasting Code. It is under this heading that the CH4 has to be dealt with and that should be the priority course of action for the government of SL. – S de Silva – London

  2. Raj Says:

    Thank you for this article. The president has said, as I understand, that the ‘evidence’ will be looked at and if proved the perpetraters will be brought before the justice.

  3. Rohan8 Says:

    Whatever these jokers in the UK mainstram media put out. I know I will sleep soundly knowing the Evil LTTE are wiped out. They can never rise again. If they do, I am sure the SL Army will know how to deal with them! LTTE are no more and that’s all that really matters as far as Sri Lanka is concerned.

  4. R.M.W Says:

    Hi Falk,
    Hope you are keeping fine.
    Good piece.
    Would wish to contact you. Ranjith has my e/mail ad. Send me an e mail with your phone number.

  5. andylingam Says:

    Ref:The president has said, as I understand, that the ‘evidence’ will be looked at and if proved the perpetraters will be brought before the justice

    but MR is keep saying zero civilian casualties ( C4 is contridicting ) ! this is a ram card for dispora LTTE’s to fool Tamils now .

    If He accept ,Sri Lanka has nothing to hide , Let?s go ahead for investigate Human Rights violations than these headless LTTE”s have no place to play!
    Also We can take Adele Balasingham & Erik Solheim & other money suckers( BTF , GTF, TGOTE) into Rome Court !

  6. AnuD Says:

    LTTE organized their oveseas machinary for propaganda, human right screams and money collections long before the beginning of the war. Because of this humongous spider web, it is difficult to allow to indepandant investigations because every thing done in good faith had been spoiled by these rats.

    Therefore, independant investigations by outside will never work.

    Besides, for those who think logiaccly and carefully, there was ample evidence was available and hear even now in order to understand how LTTE was working.

    Some how, LTTE machinary is still continuing. We can not stop as there are other stake holders who will benefit if LTTE tamils are to win.

    Though, I personally don’t know who it is, USA has sri lankan Tamils who discussed the use of Suicide bombers to attack the Sri Lankan Army. Now, they live like peaceful americans.

  7. nilwala Says:

    The C-4 documentary spent a good part of it on the shelling of the hospital in the effort to prove it a war crime.
    The military will not waste its artillery fire or shell a hospital where only maimed and sick people are housed as it would not result in any military advantage.
    ANY FIRING ON THE HOSPITAL WOULD HAVE BEEN BY ACCIDENT, COULD HAVE BEEN CAUSED AS COLLATERAL DAMAGE, OR, IF THERE WAS FIRING FROM THE HOSPITAL, AND ORIGIN OF THE FIRING WAS LOCATED ON THE ARMY GPS, AND RETALIATORY FIRING MADE HITS ON THE HOSPITAL AS THE SOURCE. In this instances, the army’s actions are all legally acceptable during an “armed conflict”. Besides, if there was such intense firing as to cause so many dead bodies, how come the fragile hospital structure remained while the people inside died?
    The other point is regarding the shooting of captured people. What proof is there that this footage is from Sri Lanka? Some of the dead do not look like Sri Lankan Tamils, and the Sinhala spoken is of a strange quality that is not the usual spoken Sinhalese language, suggesting that it was dubbed in and the speakers were not Sinhalese.
    The LLRC should investigate to the fullest as there is nothing to hide. This war was conducted with greater compassion and consideration for civilians than are most wars conducted by the West who are Sri Lanka’s critics on this issue. The LTTE ‘s captive civilians were supplied with food, medical supplies and other needs for decades despite the bombs being set off in Colombo. One does not need to say more. What other country of the West has done that is the question one needs to ask.

  8. Sarath W Says:

    The Sri Lankan government did well to catch K.P and bring him to Sri Lanka. Why can’t the government catch Adel and bring her to Sri Lanka and charge Erik for war crimes against Sri Lankans?

  9. Vis8 Says:

    Deslite the usual ‘announcements’ against Sri Lanka by the western politicians and media, who are obliged to the financial support from these terrorists who have conveniently used fabrications to gain “refugee status” in the greener pasteurs of the west, the Britsh govt finally appears to have learnt who these wolves in sheeps clothing are. The first batch of terrorists have been deported.

    Like in Canada, where these terrorists paid “campaign money” (aka terror money) to bribe politicians along with promised votes, they have gained temporary sympathy, but their true colors are beginning to show…. They colonize in suburban towns in Toronto, and eventually will feel “discriminated” by the very western people who helped them, and will clamor for a ‘separately governed’ townships…… and will go on with separatist demands. Not long ago, these people publicly clamored “discrimination’ against a Canadian politician, just because the politician had disagreed with them.

    Recently, one of these terrorists got allvotes from her fellows to be elected to the Canadian parliament. The first act she brought to the Canadian parliament was to “invesitgate Sri Lanka”. – just shows what the hidden aganda of these terrorists. Canada will soon learn…. but it cannot escape from these terrorists many have now made Canada their home. Terrorism will raise its ugly head in Canada, Australia and the EU, but never again in Sri Lanka, thanks to our forces.

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