Response to Tamil Nadu Tactics
Posted on June 16th, 2011


JayalalithaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s government has called for economic sanctions on Sri Lanka , the latest in the continuing saga of political interference into Sri Lankan affairs by Tamil Nadu state politicians. It has become the norm for them to whip up nationalistic feelings to gain support to achieve their political end. They thrive on the immediate political splash which generally fades away without much stir.

Credit should go to the Central government who rubbishes off these with little or no annoyance.

However these utterances and speeches filled with enmity do hurt ordinary Sri Lankans who are in the process of reconciliation. There may be a case here for our provincial, municipal or local councils in the country to take up these matters as a response and pass resolutions and deliver speeches condemning Tamil Nadu tactics probably with equal venom. Of course Sri Lankan government cannot be held responsible for local government measures which could be the outlet for grass root Sri Lankans to express their feelings. Minister Rambukwalle has rightly clarified the governmentƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s position in dealing only with the Central government.

I call upon the local councillors in the country, government or in opposition to take up these matters in earnest which is not within the grasp of our government.





10 Responses to “Response to Tamil Nadu Tactics”

  1. andylingam Says:

    We can ignore these Indian jokers !!!

  2. sena Says:

    You cannot count on them. Just like their senior colleagues and their condescending officials, they are busy fattening their pockets. What has happened to cricket administration (although minor in comparison to other affairs) is a good example of widespread mismanagement. Unfortunately despite president’s often repeated pledges to clean up, it seems the country is going in the other direction, betraying the memory of 29 thousand heroes who gave their lives and making the country more vulnerable to outside pressures (due to ever weakening economic conditions which more and more depend on handouts).

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    Good that you brought this issue out many writers and average Sri Lankan do not see the danger of Tamil Nadu. It is not a set of jokers as Andylingam describe Tamil Nadu politiciains. This what Mr. Senaviratne does not know. Jalalitha told Prime Minister Singh: if the Katchthev Island is not under Indian rule, then the security of Tamil Nadu will be in great danger. If Indian Government do not capture the Katchchve Island, then Tamil Nadu Militia will do it in 2012. TNA MPs should be allowe3d to sit in Tamil Nadu parliament as well as Sri Lanka Parliament. Indian Government has the covert power to topple Mahinda Rajapakse. It must be done before 2012. SL opposition cannot take this issue in parliament because they are in the payroll of INdian RAW. When the sensus is published you can see that the toltal Tamil population is around 3%.In the Norther Province the majority is NOT Tamils but Muslims!. So where do Tamil Nadu Tamils go from here! Jayalalitha told Indian prime Minister to STOP the sensus been published! There are computer models Belonging to Tamils, that are in UK Canada etc running these programs that feed the results to Tamil Nadu government agencies This is how jayalalitha won the election and now to topple MR adminstration. She might succeed unless people like Mr. Seneviratne educate the avrage SINHALA. Going against Tamil Nadu is NOT anti SL Tamils but to save them from getting annexed to Tamil Nadu.

  4. thurai Says:

    There is a political game with the name of Tamils. Which game brings damge to the Tamils only.
    Jeyalalith has chance to escape from his own problems in Tamilnadu. I know IPKF (Indian Peace keeping Force)
    was angry with Tamils in Jaffna. They asked what are the problems you have? Why did you start war?
    You have all facilities better than us in India.

    I ask hier all friends Donn´t mind India is only Tamilnadu or Jeyalalitha. Donn´t mind Tamils are
    only from North and East. Please built friendship and peacefull life with all communities who live together.
    Their is conspiracy aginst our country. When we are not alert we all be in disastor. We all must get together
    to find our enemy. If we fight within us without any reason our common enemy will have chance.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Kit Athul, you say : “When the sensus is published you can see that the toltal Tamil population is around 3%.In the Norther Province the majority is NOT Tamils but Muslims!”. Tamil is an Ethnic Group whilst Muslim is a Religious Group. There are lots of Tamils who have embraced Islam and are Muslims. Lots of Tamils have also embraced Catholicism and are Catholic. Some are Buddhists, but not evident due to change of surname or intermarriage.

    It’s time for all to think of themselves as Sri Lankans and not as people of various ethnic groups. The common enemy now for us all is Climate Change & Poverty, Health & Education Issues, etc. We should spend our energy looking at these problems, but some Tamil Nadu leaders & Tamil Diaspora have to stop harassing Sri Lanka.

  6. Kit Athul Says:

    Fran thanks for correcting me. I was focusing on how Tamil Nadu looks at the ethnic group TAMILS. Let me also tell you the complexity of ethnicity. I am originally from western provinve. There is and area near Baruvilla called Kadiyawatha. The muslim community there keeps their Saudi ancestry intact. They do not want to be called Sinhala, or Tamil, they want to be called Muslims! Tamil Nadu Tamils do not think like you! They think northern provinve is all Tamils. So the Sensus will tell them that they are wrong. I will give you another example: Yesterday on infolanka web site the TNA MP S. Sridharam made a complain to the Aliveddi Police station that their political meeting was broken up by the Sri Lanken Army. The SL Army denied it. So today he changed the story and said the attackers wore similar out fits as the SL Army. Can you see how Jayalalitha is twesting the issue?

  7. charithsls Says:

    It has become a norm for the TN politicians to use SL as a political football making many adverse comments and almost all go ‘unpunished’ by SL.It was only Sarath Fonseka who had the guts to identify them as jokers that made them too to get hurt.However because he was a public servant ,India complained.Therefore we should get our councillors to do this job;as the Govt theoritically abstain from comments to be on the good side of the central govt,we should make use of our municipal/provisional councillors to critise TN jokers in their council meetings whenever TN make harsh comments on SL, as a mean of giving a good slap back.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Kit Athul: Thank you for response.
    I do not know about ‘pure’ Saudi Muslims communities in Lanka. People are free to embrace any religion or some even keep hopping from religion to religion to suit the times and their personal purposes. The more diverse the various groups of people are in Sri Lanka, the more important it is for them to be Sri Lankan and loyal to Sri Lanka first, and not strongly tied to wherever they came from, i.e. in the case you mention, Saudi Arabia. Such a feeling of loyalty to Lanka must be inculcated in children at school entry level, at a very young age. In the case of democratic western nations, that is how they hold the country together. This is a very important issue, and no time should be wasted in implementing such a program in every school.

    In America, every one who becomes a citizen here has to take an Oath of Allegiance. They cannot contest the Presidential elections if they are not true born Americans. In Canada, naturalisation means taking an Oath. In UK it is even tougher. All these countries have extensive probes into the would be citizens past. How is it done in Sri Lanka ? Can someone write in the details ? I think the rules are quite lax here and that is why various groups think they can carve up the country.

    Something is very wrong with the way naturalisation Laws have been put in place here, or that Laws have not been upgraded to suit the times in Sri Lanka. We will lose Sri Lanka if we do not wake up and correct these anomalies.

    Ms Jayalalitha and Sri Lanka Tamil MPs (TNA) will go on hammering Sri Lanka, till Sri Lankans wake up and correct the anomalies in the legal processes here. Ms J. & TNA are together to ensure that all negative thinking is focussed on Sri Lanka and not on the issues of Caste & Poverty etc. in Tamil Nadu. It is pure distraction. But, now we can see through these cooked up ploys.

  9. jimmy Says:

    I am concerned of Jayalalitha who is anti srilankan
    She is againt Congree I , she supports BJP and a very influential person among opposition parties
    She is fluent in Hindi unlike Karunanithi. At one time she formed 3rd party in national politics also

    Tnadu got 40 parlimanet seats and I am sure Indira Congress is concerned due to their terrible loss in the
    Tnadu elections ( They only got 4 seats lowest ever)

    I do not believe India will stand with Srilanka like Russia or China because of change in Tnadu Elections

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    India has to play the Game of keeping her Union intact with Tamil Nadu in this instance. India also has to answer to her regional partners, Russia & China and the days of openly bullying Sri Lanka is difficult to do. India is also running with the west at present.
    Sri Lanka has no quarrel with India’s present position on matters of mutual interest. It is Tamil Nadu politics that are weird.

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