Posted on August 1st, 2011

Malin Abeyatunge

Most recent election for LGs n the North gave astounding victory for racist TNA. They managed to get 18 out of 26 LGs in the North and UPFA managed get only three local bodies i.e. Delfts, Kayts and Vilonia. I am not an expert to critically analyze the election with numbers, figures and population spread etc to suck that UPFA did not loose in the North. On 28 April 2010, I wrote a letter to the papers and websites titled “Uthureta Kiri Dakuneta kekiri” where the Government, the INGOS, Foreign funded NGOS, foreign Governments were focusing every thing on the North and East and the South was completely forgotten except for some development projects in Hambantota. I requested in that letter for the President not to forget the southerners who put him to highest pedestal as President at the Presidential election and the general election. I will have to reiterate this fact in terms of the LG elections in the North and like to look at a different perspective of the results.

TNA being a LTTE proxy still haven’t given up the LTTE ideology with a few exception like national list MP Sumanthiran who appears or pretend to be moderate. Reiterating the facts in my earlier letter, President has done more to the North and East over the past two years. In the remote areas of rest of the country, the poverty is in rampant, people walking miles to get their drinking water, lives in mud thatched pelas, no proper sanitation, no pipe born water or electricity, no proper transport for the children to attend schools, dilapidated bridges which joins villages each other, dilapidated roads etc. But just above a half a million people in the North are enjoying the dividends of the war for which many of them were at one time part and parcel of LTTE willingly or unwillingly. Leave that aside, SLG liberated the Tamil population almost whole of North and East from the clutches of LTTE. That itself is enough for the Tamils in the North to support UPFA instead of TNA.

It’s a pity that some journalists, writers editors in main stream newspapers have no courage to call a spade a spade in analyzing Northern LG election results and say “it’s a clear manifestation of Tamil racism”. This is a contentious issue where some journalists, papers dared to trod on this path ( Daily News acts like “Patholaya” snake gourd neither good nor bad) and I believe they should have guts to speak the truth. IF TNA or the Tamils in the North say that they are not racists, then it’s bull shit. The LG elections in the North indicates otherwise.

Having done so much to the Tamils in the North, yet SLG could only muster three LGs but the Tamils in the North at large preferred racist TNA who has brought misery to the Tamils colliding with LTTE. Why? There is a simple answer. The Tamils in the North are racists and ungrateful lot after having done and continue to do so much in infra structures, economic development and brought peace and new life to them by the SLG. Government may build palaces for each and every Tamil in the North and East but still they will not be satisfied and they will want more and more and will ever be ungrateful. That’s the stark truth. But having done so much little to the rest of the country, still the people voted for UPFA for being grateful for bringing peace to the country. The SLG should realise these stark facts and concentrate at least now on the rest of the country where the poor is still living under poverty line.


Malin Abeyatunge


  1. Samson Says:

    Uthurata Kiri Dakunata Keri!

    What should happen is.

    Uthurata Kiri
    Dakunata Kiri
    Ratatama Kiri
    Uthurai Kiri

  2. jimmy Says:

    Love one another
    respect one another
    pray for one another

    Bring the best Psyciatrist doctors councilors for all srilanans
    60 years of fu—ing hatred will never go easiy unless we all get help
    some might need medication . Be honest and accept it

    We Srilankans are very smart people . Our education standard is very high
    Silent majority of Srilankans are happy people who are kind to each other , respect each other
    Sadly minority ass—es in both sides are racisits

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    “Love one another
    respect one another
    pray for one another”


    We may agree to disagree. This is where pretenders are seperated from the genuine.

  4. thurai Says:

    Sri Lankan Tamils have no Politicians who guide them in the rightway. Particularly in the north.
    Roots of TNA led Tamils and SL into disaster. The peoples from the north have no chance to realise
    their mistakes. The reasons are 1) SLG treat Tamils as well as Sinhalese. 2) They receive enough financial
    assistance from Diaspora. TNA & Tamils misuse the facilities offered by the SLG.

    TNA has no any Social and Economic development programm for the Tamils. They need more power to
    rule the Tamils not to rule the Sinhalese. If they get more power TNA will have strong relation with
    Tamilnadu . The Northern SL will change like Tamilnadu and people will suffer from Cast system and
    poorness. TNA family live like Karunanithy,Jeyalaitha and Maren Family. After that poor Tamils
    from the north will understand who love Tamils, Buddhist Sinhalese or Hindu Tamils.

  5. andylingam Says:

    Ref:The Tamils in the North are racists and ungrateful ! No
    NP election result gAve clear message to Govt
    1) Do not get friendly with EPDP Doucles & white van co.
    2) Puli pasichchalu pullaia thinnathu ( even straving tiger won’t eat grace ).
    3) They do not want free gifts .
    4) They want respect nothing else , right to live in their own land & work hard to earn money for their food.
    5) implement 13 amended fully immediatly.

  6. jimmy Says:

    I honestly do not know anything about Douglas or EPDP
    I care less to Politics
    I have to say I do admire this guy for talking about Unity in public meetings raising Lankan Flag telling people we need to go along with sinhala majority
    These are good steps

  7. AsokaK Says:

    Tamil professionals overseas who support the Tigers still are racist & ungrateful.

    Had free education in Sri Lanka that enabled them to get good jobs and now are trying to stop trade with & aid to SL.

    Aren’t they bastards ?
    Yes, according to even good Tamils.

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