War Crimes in Sri Lanka
Posted on August 5th, 2011

Warna Hettiarachchi Canada

Mr. Bob Rae,
Office of the Liberal Leader

 Mr. Rae,

 With your below statement, it is obvious how you are planning to beg for the Tamil Diaspora voted from Toronto East communities to try and get at least a decent defeat, unlike the humiliating one you were slapped with during the last federal election.

 As a Conservative Canadian, I can assure you that you and your liberal party will not win a Canadian election for a LONG time as Canadians are not as easy to fool as you thought. You are trying to cater to racist, mono-ethnic Tamil Tiger activists like your previous Liberal leaders Mr. Paul Martin and Mr. Jean ChrƒÆ’†’©tien did. They allowed LTTE front organizations to roam in Canada and raise funds through extortion, credit/debit card scams, operate and execute human/narcotics/arms smuggling operations worldwide and allowed those funds be channelled to LTTE to buy arms, explosives and ammunitions to kill tens of thousands of innocent unarmed civilians in Sri Lanka. In other words, you and your predecessors abetted with internationally banned terrorist organization Tamil Tigers to wage a terrorist war against a democratic sovereign nation Sri Lanka for 30 years.

 Despite all indications from around the world of LTTE’s terrorism and bans from the USA, UK, Europe and India, Liberal party DID NOT ban the Tamil Tigers in Canada, but instead called them “freedom fighters”. I challenge you to see the attached heroic actions of your Tiger buddies and see for yourself about how your liberal party promoted all those innocent people who died and property destroyed by Tamil Tiger invented Suicide Bombers?

The LTTE sold its Suicide bomb and IED roadside bomb making expertise to Hamas, Al-Qaida and Taliban, which is killing hundreds of our heroic Canadian troops deployed in Afghanistan.

 It was not until our REAL CANADIAN LEADER Rt. Hon. Mr Stephen Harper and his conservative government that banned Tamil tigers in Canada in April 2006 and the federal authorities started cracking down on LTTE’s funding mechanisms right here in our country. All that illegal activities were allowed to be operated by you, Maria Minna and the other Liberal politicians in exchange of 300,000 Tamil votes and kickbacks in various forms. Not a single bullet was fired nor did any suicide bomb exploded since the end of the brutal terrorist war in Sri Lanka and the people are living there in peace and harmony. There is no persecution or threats to Tamils in Sri Lanka. 71% of Tamil Canadian refugees have visited Sri Lanka right after getting immigration papers processed and have returned to Canada safely! Over 70% of Tamils in Sri Lanka lives in the South with Sinhalese and Muslims.

Tamils constitute 30% of Colombo’s population. They all live in harmony.  Also, to make a correction of your misleading nonsense depicted in below letter, it was Darusman-Report appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon that made a report on Sri Lanka during the final battle to crush the Tamil Tiger Terrorists due to propaganda pressure from influenced UK and US politicians by Tamil Tiger votes.

This report was NEVER a part of the UN, nor was it endorsed by the UN. If you and the rest of your Liberal party folks pushing for agendas of Tamil Tigers and its front organizations which are banned terrorist outfits in Canada, doesn’t that surmount to being engaged in illegal activity in Canada?

 We want Canada to be a safe place and honor the rest of the world to be FREE of Terrorists and terror-related activities. All other sovereign nations have a right to govern according to their constitutions and protect their territorial integrity, as much as Canada needs to keep Quebec as one of its unified provinces and keep it from seceding to Sovereigtists.

 It is inconceivable the low levels of Liberal party’s actions to garner even terrorist themes to avoid another history-making humiliating defeats.

Keep trying, Mr. Rae. Keep on going.

 I have enlisted a letter sent to NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan further below for your reference. I also challenge you to answer those questions for her to the best of your informed knowledge, NOT on hearsay fabrications published in Tamil Tiger propaganda and other LTTE-paid western media.

 I wish you sanity and common sense.

 Warna Hettiarachchi

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For Immediate Release

August 4, 2011

Statement by Liberal Leader Bob Rae on allegations war crimes during the Sri Lankan civil war

SYDNEY, NS “”…” Liberal Leader Bob Rae made the following statement today on allegations war crimes during the Sri Lankan civil war:
“The Liberal Party of Canada has long supported the United Nations report on the civil war in Sri Lanka, which brought forward allegations of war crimes during the Sri Lankan civil war. The Sri Lankan government’s recent admission of civilian casualties further indicates the need for an independent, transparent body to hold those who were responsible for the violence to account, and to advance the truth and reconciliation movement.
In 2009, in the immediate aftermath of the civil war, I was denied admission to Sri Lanka at the Colombo Airport, despite having requested permission to visit refugee camps in areas of the country I came to know well as a result of my direct experience in the country during negotiations over a possible political settlement.

The Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary Caucus believes that establishing the truth is a necessary step for political reconciliation, and the circumstances surrounding the end of the war deserve and require an independent investigation.”

Contact: Press Office
Office of the Liberal Leader 

Pour diffusion immĮՠթdiate
Le 4 aoƒÆ’†’»t 2011

DĮՠթclaration du chef libĮՠթral Bob Rae concernant les allĮՠթgations de crimes de guerre durant la guerre civile au Sri Lanka
SYDNEY, N.-ƒÆ’†'”‚°. “”…” Le chef libƒÆ’†’©ral Bob Rae a fait la dƒÆ’†’©claration suivante aujourd’hui concernant les allƒÆ’†’©gations de crime de guerre durant la guerre civile au Sri Lanka :

« Le Parti libƒÆ’†’©ral du Canada a longtemps appuyƒÆ’†’© le rapport des Nations Unies, qui a exposƒÆ’†’© des allƒÆ’†’©gations de crimes de guerre durant la guerre civile au Sri Lanka. Le gouvernement sri lankais avouait rƒÆ’†’©cemment qu’il y avait eu un nombre de victimes civiles, ce qui indique qu’un organisme indƒÆ’†’©pendant et transparent doit tenir responsable ceux qui ont commis cette violence, et doit faire avancer le mouvement de rƒÆ’†’©conciliation et de vƒÆ’†’©ritƒÆ’†’©.
En 2009, immƒÆ’†’©diatement aprƒÆ’†’¨s la guerre civile, je me suis vu refuser l’entrƒÆ’†’©e au Sri Lanka ƒÆ’†’  l’aƒÆ’†’©roport Colombo, malgrƒÆ’†’© le fait que j’avais demandƒÆ’†’© l’autorisation de visiter les camps de rƒÆ’†’©fugiƒÆ’†’©s dans les rƒÆ’†’©gions du pays que j’avais appris ƒÆ’†’  connaƒÆ’†’®tre durant mon expƒÆ’†’©rience directe dans ce pays, durant les nƒÆ’†’©gociations d’une possible entente politique .
Le Parti libƒÆ’†’©ral du Canada et notre caucus parlementaire croient que la rƒÆ’†’©vƒÆ’†’©lation de la vƒÆ’†’©ritƒÆ’†’© est une ƒÆ’†’©tape essentielle ƒÆ’†’  la rƒÆ’†’©conciliation politique, et que les circonstances entourant la fin de la guerre mƒÆ’†’©ritent et exigent une enquƒÆ’†’ªte indƒÆ’†’©pendante. »
Renseignements :

Service de presse
Bureau du chef libĮՠթral

System administered by LPC / SystĮՠլme administrĮՠթ par le PLCLiberal Party of Canada

81 Metcalfe Street, Suite 600

Ottawa, ON K1P 6M8

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From: Warna Hettiarachchi [mailto:warna@sympatico.ca]
Sent: July-21-11 9:09 PM
To: ‘sitsabaiesan.r@parl.gc.ca’; ‘Rathika.Sitsabaiesan@parl.gc.ca’
Cc: ‘kennej@parl.gc.ca’; ‘Kenney Jansen’; ‘toewsv1@parl.gc.ca’; ‘toewsv1@mts.net’; ‘Toews.V@parl.gc.ca’; ‘harper.s@parl.gc.ca’; ‘pm@pm.gc.ca’; ‘comments@ontariopc.net’; ‘johnecthompson@rogers.blackberry.net’; ‘johnthompson@mackenzieinstitute.com’; ‘Bruce.Kirkland@sunmedia.ca’; ‘tom.godfrey@sunmedia.ca’
Subject: RE: Questions for NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan
Importance: High

 Dear Ms. Sitsabaiesan,

I am  adding the following Human Rights Watch (HRW) report from December 15th 2008, titled Trapped and Mistreated,

which describes how the Tamil Tigers , whose “CAUSE” you are pushing: www.hrw.org/en/node/77143/section/3 

I quote a small portion:

Human Rights Watch research in Sri Lanka shows that the LTTE has brutally and systematically abused the Tamil population on whose behalf they claim to fight, and that the LTTE bears a heavy responsibility for the desperate plight of the civilians in the Vanni.[4]The LTTE, which has been fighting for an independent Tamil state-Tamil Eelam-has a deplorable human rights record. During the past 25 years it has committed innumerable murders of Sinhalese, Muslim, and Tamil civilians, political assassinations in Sri Lanka and abroad, and suicide bombings with high loss of life. The LTTE has frequently targeted civilians with bombs and remote-controlled landmines, killed perceived political opponents including many Tamil politicians, journalists, and members of rival organizations, and has forcibly recruited Tamils into its forces, many of them children. In the areas under its control, the LTTE has ruled” 

Is this hidden agenda of LTTE and its brutality and how moderate innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka were treated by them happen to be your “fight for Tamil cause”

as you told on the interview on Tamilthai website I have annexed below?

A Tamil Cause in Canada? Or Sri Lanka? If it is latter, what are you doing in the Canadian parliament?

As well, I missed to mention Tamil Refugee Aid Society having lost “charitable” status after they were caught having sent $713,000 to Tamil Tigers to procure arms.

(see http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/story/2010/07/17/tamil-revenue-agency.html)

 Dear Hon. Prime Minister Harper,  Hon. Jason Kenney, Hon. Vic Toews,

Please make a note of how dishonest, misleading, lying, deceiving and corrupt the representatives of Tamil Diaspora in Canada and elsewhere are.

They are very good in re-writing history with their conveniently engineered fairytales to suit any allegation and any situation to their advantage.

This is how they won the votes of Scarborough-Rough River riding.

Thank you.

Warna Hettiarachchi

From: Warna Hettiarachchi [mailto:warna@sympatico.ca]
Sent: July-21-11 12:04 AM
To: ‘sitsabaiesan.r@parl.gc.ca’; ‘Rathika.Sitsabaiesan@parl.gc.ca’
Cc: ‘kennej@parl.gc.ca’; ‘Kenney Jansen’; ‘toewsv1@parl.gc.ca’; ‘toewsv1@mts.net’; ‘Toews.V@parl.gc.ca’; ‘harper.s@parl.gc.ca’; ‘pm@pm.gc.ca’; ‘comments@ontariopc.net’; ‘johnecthompson@rogers.blackberry.net’; ‘johnthompson@mackenzieinstitute.com’; ‘Bruce.Kirkland@sunmedia.ca’; ‘tom.godfrey@sunmedia.ca’
Subject: Questions for NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan
Importance: High


Ms. Rathika Sitsabaiesan, NDP MP for Scarborough-Rough River, Ontario 

House of Commons, Ottawa


Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister

Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration

Hon. Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety

Mr. Tim Hudak, MPP, Leader “”…” Ontario PC Party

Mr. John Thomson, President of Mackenzie Institute

Sun Media

Ms. Sitsabaiesan,

As a Canadian Citizen, I have concerns regarding the following themes, promotions and actions you uphold as an MP in our Canadian Parliament.

  1. Do you support Canadian front organizations of Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, which is an international Terrorist and Criminal organization banned in Canada, EU, USA and India? You are a supporter of Tamil Elam secessionist or separatist ideology (see attached screenshot of your Facebook page with Tamil Tiger flag and http://youtu.be/JGAabvG3UEs for your promo video with NDP candidacy showing hypothetical Elam map separated from Sri Lanka) Tamil Tigers were sole terrorist fighters for a mono-ethnic, racist, separate state for TAMILS ONLY. Do you continue to support LTTE terrorists and their ideology? Under the circumstances, do you also support French Canadians secede Quebec and separate from Canada?
  2. Tamil Tigers invented Suicide Bomb vest which killed unarmed innocent civilians including women and children, a President of Sri Lanka and a Prime Minister of India. Your support to Tamil Tigers or their ideologies is an extension of support of these killings. Why do you support terror activities that kill innocent civilians and world leaders, as a Canadian parliamentarian?
  3. Tamil Tigers trained Al-Qaida and Hezbollah terrorists on suicide bombings, recruitment of women and children and LTTE’s innovation in Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) aka Roadside Bombs that kill Canadian Soldiers deployed in Afghanistan on peacekeeping missions. Your support to Tamil Tigers is tantamount to supporting our brave Canadian soldiers getting killed.What is your stand on this? Do you support our valiant Canadian forces and soldiers or do you support the Tamil Tigers? (see http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/22/AR2009052202033.html)
  4. A video of your promotions, activities to promote Tamil Tiger sentiments and ideologies have appeared on a LTTE sympathizing front organization website  http://www.tamilthai.com/?p=16370 sponsored by TTR Global Media. What more proof is there that you are supporting activities of a foreign Terrorist outfit banned in Canada, while being a member of our Parliament in the disguise of representing minority issues of no concern to Canadian public?
  5. Tamil Tigers (LTTE) abducted children of 12-17 years from schools and parents and forcibly conscripted them to the world’s largest Child Soldier brigade dressed in civilian clothes and deployed them in the frontlines of its battle with legitimate government military forces. When child soldiers got killed their weapons were removed and photographed for media mileage to gain global sympathy for Tamil Tigers. To this date, you have not expressed your disgust and disapproval of using underage children in armed conflict by Tamil Tigers. What is your stand on this matter? (see http://www.hrw.org/en/news/2004/11/09/sri-lanka-tamil-tigers-forcibly-recruit-child-soldiers)
  6. I attach graphically compiled records of gruesome terror attacks by the very Terrorist organization you support (attachment – Research on LTTE), citing creditable western media links as proof. Do you support these actions of killing innocent people? This was the real killing field of how Tamil Tigers ethnically cleansed forcefully captured areas of Sri Lanka of all non-Tamil ethnicities, including Sinhalese and Muslims. This is called GENOCIDE in its real form. What do you say about these murders and killings by Tamil Tigers that go ignored in your promotions and protests?
  7. In 1990 Tamil Tigers killed 600 surrendered, unarmed Sri Lankan government policemen at point blank range and covered  them in a mass grave dug by the victims at gunpoint before getting killed. This is a clear violation of Geneva Convention on POW’s by LTTE. What is your stand on this as a Canadian Parliamentarian? Will you expose and publish this to provide a balanced perspective to Canadians on Tamil Tigers?
  8. You, along with Canadian Tamil Congress (David Poopalapillai), had knowledge of the names, addresses, copies of ID cards and passport info of the 490 illegal-Refugee seekers that came on board MV Sun Sea. You and CTC also had names and addresses of their relatives in Scarborough and Markham ridings. However, CTC and other Tamil Tiger front organizations in Canada mislead RCMP investigators claiming these illegal refugees had no identity papers and that they were escaping persecution and killing of innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka. This deliberate diabolical misleading of federal investigators violates the Canadian law. CTC confessed they had all names and address info of the illegal refugee claimants onboard MV Sun Sea and that Sri Lankan government agents broke into their office in Scarborough and stole the computer hard-disks that contained such info to “punish” those who jumped in the boat to sail away from Sri Lanka. What is your stand on this misleading contradiction? How did CTC get the illegal migrant’s names in their computer?(see http://m.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/mv-sun-sea-migrants-information-stolen-from-tamil-groups-office/article1704561/?service=mobile and http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/crime/article/860072–tamil-congress-says-espionage-is-behind-break-in)
  9. Tamils in Sri Lanka are not marginalized, persecuted or killed, unless they belonged to the terrorist outfit LTTE and fought against legitimate government for separatist ideologies. Many civilians including Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims died in Sri Lanka’s war against terror, not only Tamil civilians. Sinhalese people also died in the thousands during armed Ultra-nationalist JVP uprisings in 1971 and 1988. Your highlighting and depiction of only Tamils in Sri Lanka getting killed portrays you as a racist and mono-ethnic secessionist which are diametric opposites of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, non-secessionist society of Canada. You are also aware that MAJORITY of Tamils in Sri Lanka live among the Sinhalese majority in the South parts of the country in harmony with Muslims, Malays and Burghers. Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo boasts of 40% Tamil. 20% Muslim and 40% Sinhalese ratio, while Tamil businesses like the entire Sea Street (Chettiar Paddaikku) is bustling with ONLY Tamil Jewellery shops in the middle of the city and hardware and wholesale trade dominated by Tamil and Muslim businesses, Wellawatta, Kotahena and most Colombo sub-divisions vibrant with Tamil Hindu Temples and festivals, it is truly a multi-ethnic and multicultural place. Recently, the UK deported 26 illegal Tamil refugee-seekers, citing it is safe to send them back to Sri Lanka. Given these facts, why do you as an elected Canadian Parliamentarian keep on telling engineered diabolical lies to Canadians about Tamils being marginalized, persecuted and getting killed in Sri Lanka, even after the war was over? Don’t such lies establish grounds for human smugglers and LTTE fronts to keep getting more refugee-seekers at hardworking Canadian Taxpayers’ expenses to come here start extorting their sweat and earned livelihoods? (See http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/latest_news.php?nid=30372)

10.  71% of Tamil Refugees in Canada have returned to Sri Lanka on holidays on Taxpayers’ expense when their refugee application is approved, the very country they claimed on their refugee claims was persecuting, marginalizing, torturing and threatening to kill them. According to UNHCR, Sri Lanka’s situation has improved and refugees are returning and enjoying the peace after evaporating LTTE. Lying, misrepresenting facts, including false information on federal immigration documents is a crime that can revoke refugee or resident status. The Federal Government will revoke citizenship from 1800 new Canadians who have obtained it by fraudulent means, including illegal immigration or having filed false information. Will you support Tamil Refugees who have lied and filed false information to gain refugee or resident status in Canada for CONVENIENCE and vacation in the country they escaped from? Or else, would you cooperate with Canadian federal authorities to protect Canada from fraudulent immigrants who will abuse our Taxes?

(See http://www.torontosun.com/comment/2010/09/03/15244266.html and http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/1027523–1-800-canadians-poised-to-lose-citizenship-kenney?bn=1)

11.  What is your stand on

(a)   Canadian issues of illegal immigrants coming to our shores by jumping the line ahead of genuine refugees coming through proper channels?

 (b)   What is your stand on International human smuggling, such as in the case of MV Sun Sea?

  12.  You are have good knowledge of Tamil immigrants in Canada being subjected to extortion by Tamil Tiger front organizations and gangs that forcefully take money from them in millions of dollars every year. Some of them have to deduct a preset amount from their paycheques, refinance their homes, obtain high-interest loans from Tamil Tiger-operated loan sharks to send funds to Eelam off-shore accounts. Some of this money have gone to fund terrorist war and purchase of plastic explosives from Ukraine, arms and ammunition to run a foreign terrorist war by Tamil Tigers in the past, deceitfully claiming humanitarian or rehabilitation purposes. TRO, FACT, WTM, WTA, TCC, TYO, TVO and TKCO have been identified as collecting money through unethical means to fund LTTE’s arms procurement. The Dutch government is currently pursuing an active crackdown on Tamil Tiger operatives and front organizations engaged in extortions, gangs, illegal drug & human trafficking, money laundering and credit/debit card scams in The Netherlands. The Dutch Tamil operatives were raised funds for Tamil Tigers to start another terrorist war.  What will you do to stop this extortion and Canadian Tamil Tiger fronts funding of banned foreign terrorist outfits that continue to threaten honest Tamil immigrants and residents making an honest decent civilized living under Canadian law?

(see http://www.mackenzieinstitute.com/2003/other_peoples_wars4.htm and http://www.rnw.nl/international-justice/article/tamil-tigers-sneak-through-schagen-part-1)

13.  You are aware that Tamil Tiger operatives in Canada are engaged in forceful closing of moderate Tamil newspapers, gang warfare, criminal activities of drug/human trafficking, illegal migration, extortion, credit & debit card scams and operating businesses that do not pay Canadian taxes.

(by not issuing commercial invoice or receipts). What are you going to do about these activities “”…” will you ignore and deny they exist or help Canadian authorities with your connections to Tamil Diaspora to expose masterminds behind these crimes under Canadian law? (See http://www.mackenzieinstitute.com/2000/2000_04_Tigers_Terrorism.html)

  1. Several Canadian Tamil Tiger activists were caught by FBI, convicted and sentenced in the US for 25 years for trying to procure high tech weapons for Tamil Tiger terrorists.

(See http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2010/01/25/us-tamil-canadians-sentence-100125.html and http://www.fbi.gov/newyork/press-releases/2010/nyfo012510.htm)

Do you support the US conviction or do you oppose it based on the Tamil background of the convicts?

15.  Britain’s Channel-4 production “Killing fields of Sri Lanka” is coming to a theatre near you.

I am not sure which version will be screened in Canada on its global promotion tour by HRW and AI, but heard you plan to spearhead the campaign to promote LTTE and bash Sri Lanka.

If you are a truly democratic and honest politician you need to show the PDF file I have attached titled RESEARCH ON LTTE to the audience on screen before or after Channel-4 production to offer a democratic balanced view on the Terrorist war in Sri Lanka.

16.  You are representing Tamil issues of a country halfway across the planet from this country as an opposition MP of Canada, that are of no concerns of vast majority of Canadians. What real issues that affect Canadians every day on Canadian soil are you actively representing, working on and have worked on, as a Canadian MP from NDP?

Canadian Citizens do not support terror activities in other countries and neither do they support any unarmed civilians being killed in Canada or overseas. Terrorist activities in other countries are not upheld nor supported by Canadian constitution. In respect of that, I as a strong Conservative Canadian expect you to depict a balanced portrait of the banned terrorist organization Tamil Tigers and work on what is best for Canada on Canadian soil. Just like Canada, Sri Lanka belongs to its people of ALL ethnic, religious, cast, social and cultural backgrounds making it a vibrant multicultural hub in South Asia. Not a single bullet was fired, not a single suicide or any kind of bomb exploded and not a single person died of terrorist activity since Tamil Tigers were destroyed and peace returned to that country. Canada is glad to see the elusive peace finally having dawned on that country. Canadian Conservative Leaders and government have acknowledged that and are well-aware of the new peaceful atmosphere and economical strength it is successfully gaining after 30 years of destruction. Canadian Government is well aware of the situation there through well-informed sources of Canadian High Commission in Sri Lanka “”…” no need trying to fool them with crafted news and propaganda.

Your detailed responses are anticipated.

Warna Hettiarachchi


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