Crime & Punishment. Punishing a Country for a Crime of a Few!
Posted on August 12th, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

Under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his hawk-eyed brother Colonel Gothabhaya Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka was liberated from a three decade cancer of Terrorism. Some observers have different descriptions, call it what you like, but it was Terrorism!

Several countries demonstrated their hidden Agenda when the patriotic Defense Forces crushed Terrorism and routed its scum leadership with every single means available, by calling for various investigations to belittle the Leadership of Sri Lanka.

Whoever, who is above us, the insignificant human beings, be it God, Buddha, Allah, the Hindu Diety or Jesus Christ, might not react at that spur of the moment, but, “by God”, sooner than later, the pay-back comes in by the bucket-load.

The next door neighbour India, had a rap-on-the-knuckles with the Mumbai Massacre. Performed by courtesy of a Terrorist Group from (allegedly) Pakistan.
There were several natural disasters to follow, with loss of life.

Then came the recent massacre of innocent children, in broad daylight, for all to witness on Live TV, in Norway, courtesy of Anders Breivik. Breivik is certainly not a lunatic or one with a gippy-brain. A clever, young, educated, handsome, Norwegian, who planned and deployed the massacre. Could he be called a Terrorist? Possibly not! Because he is a blond-blue-eyed Norwegian Viking, who killed his own blood bothers, sisters, citizens.

Trailing fast behind comes gallopping, the English Riots in London, Manchester, Birmingham et al. Excuse was the police murder of a black gangster. Up came the mob, Black, White, and Brown, from across the ethnic divide, and from street bums, teenagers, teachers, designers, to the daughter of a white British millionaire. The Toffs were gobsmacked!  Ed Milliband was speachless. David Cameron who left the bald Toff Hague “the Vague” to take care of the shop during his holidays, had to double back, fast.

The British Police admitted that they were defeated, When London Burnt, The Police Simply Stood-by and  looked.

The Payback, in terms of money was not a big deal. Possibly UK£ 500 million! Part of will be borne by the Insurance market.

The Loss-of-Face, humiliation on the breakdown of Law & Order, where Democracy ruled, where those who voted for Tory or Labour or for Tory-Liberals, were kicked in their butt.

The British Government had to admit defeat to a bunch of third class yobs, now called by many names, including Terrorists! The Final Price is yet to come.

Now onto others who paid their Price of recent times, with a Prize which they did not expect or believe!

Iraq: President Saddam Hussein. Two sons who ruled the roost with Saddam, were gunned down, a few months before Saddam himself hung at the end of the Hangman’s noose.

Egypt: President Hosni Mubharak. Two sons who churned billions of dollars in illegal back-handers, and other deals, are being held in Prison, whiles the aging, sick old Hosni is facing a humiliating Trial, awaiting a possible verdict of a Death Penalty.
The glamourous British wife is also a potential target for litigation.

Libya: Leader Colonel Muamar Ghaddafi. One daughter  and one or two sons killed by bombing. Saif Al Islam Ghaddafi, the flash young playboy, with a questionable Doctorate skimmed-off from the London School of Economics, santering from one hide-out to another. Just one year ago, Saif wined and dined with the mighty rich, famous, politicians, and even the Royalty. But today, everyone is playing Pontius Pilatus washing hands! Rubber gloves are off-fashion.

Sri Lanka: President Mahinda Rajapaksa & the Clan. Rumour mongering is a way of life in Sri Lanka. Now that the main “whipping-boy” Velupillai Prabhakaran is dead & gone, the loud mouths in Sri Lanka need a new sheep to beat.

What better way than to find an excuse of selecting supposedly the young budding MP Namal Rajapaksa for the Sacrificial Alter?

Destroying of Listed Virgin Forests, carving a highway to heaven to transport the Clans fortunes, is now going to be the Theme.  Hopefully, this is just “hot-air” created by a few!

The “self-appointed” unofficial Press & Public Relations Spin-Doctor Levin Rajaratnam might write a line or two giving an objective analysis of the ground status. Please keep it short, preferably in “bullet format”.

The moral of the Story is that: In the Eyes of the Law, the Law might get distorted. However, that “Person” above us, takes his time, and the punishment will definitely be awarded, for all to see, in due course, whether be it Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, et al!

And for the Crime of One, an entire Country might get Punished. Not fair, is it?

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One Response to “Crime & Punishment. Punishing a Country for a Crime of a Few!”

  1. douglas Says:

    Thank you. One thing you forgot to mention as far as Sri Lanka is concerned was the 1983 riots. We all know the atrocities committed during that time, mostly inspired by the Political Leaders of the then Government. The inaction of the Head of State led to wide spread ugly incidents. So the “Pay Back” lasted for nearly thirty years.

    Now we have finised the “Pay Back”, let us hope the present Leadership learn the lessons from the past and also what is going on aroud the world, and steer the fate of the country to a much publicized “Dream of the South East Asia”. Do we see it happening? Let’s wait and see.

    I only hope that HE will keep in mind the “Noble Eight Fold Path” of his religious follwing and attend to the daily task of “Good Governance” . Here again, do we see it happening?. But as things are …… NO. HE has forgotten the noble advice “Asewanacha Balanan” However he is good and noble, he is encircled by a gang of “Balayas” and that will bring his down fall. We see it happening in a daily basis, slowly and steadily.

    I urge him to look around and be awake to what is going on. Have “Samma Ditti”, and you will be protected by yourself. Please do that, because you only can do that.

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