Rule Brittania – By Home Grown Terrorists Wearing Balaclava
Posted on August 12th, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

The Rich Sick Society – Bonnie & Clyde wannabe!

Whatever is said and done, last weeks events throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain made one thing very clear!

Criminality, violence, gang thievery has lifted its ugly head, and must be decapitated immediately.

Those who were found guilty should-;

1: Pay financial penalties to compensate losses,

2: Prison sentence – Boot Camp

3: Passports confiscated, denied or impounded,

4: Curfew between 1800 – 0600

5: Wear a Tagging Bracelet and report to Police once every 5-7 days

6: Grounded in his/home area for indefinite period.

7: Relinquish rights to subsidised Council Homes

8: Not permitted to wear hooded garmets or balaclavas.

9: If underage, the parents are held responsible for all acts and compensation

10: Not allowed to participate in any football or similar matches, festivals etc

In other words Branded, Named & Shamed.

Same Law should be applied with Zero Tolerance in Sri Lanka, whether it be Sinhala, Tamil, Burgher, Muslim or visitor. Tough Laws, applied without mercy should be done, just like in Singapore.

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  1. Rohan8 Says:

    As a fellow Brit fully agree with the proposals you’ve laid out here. Some of the scenes reminded us of the movie by Stanley Kubrick a Clockwork Orange. Where the droog characters go on a rampage of looting and destruction.

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