India should consider regional stability and not opportunistic TamilNadu demands
Posted on August 21st, 2011

Ranjith Soysa

It was reported that TNA will discuss issues relating to Sri Lankan Tamils and the TNA’s political solution with India.

It will be of advantages to SL Tamils , if following items too are included in their agenda.

1. Investigations into IPKF atrocities committed against the SL Tamils in the North and the East and human rights violated by the Indian forces . The Indian authorities and the most vocal human rights organizations including the UN Human Rights Commission should be advised of the outcome to safeguard the interests of civilians in comparatively less powerful countries who live in the shadow of bigger countries.

2 To invite ,if possible the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and other vocal Tamil politicians who very often shed tears to the TNA discussion and request to allow Sri Lankan Tamil fisherman to fish freely in SL waters without being harassed by the Indian poachers.

With India’s Hindu Editor ,Mr Ram’s big brotherly advise to  Sri Lankan President to distance himself from SL’s Defense Secretary ( the Island 19,Aug) it is obvious that Sri Lanka is being misunderstood or is being taken with a pinch of salt by some of the members in the Indian Establishment.  While India chooses to discuss Sri Lankan issues with TNA , a racist Tamil political entity which covertly and overtly supported the LTTE ,some Indians pretend to act holier than others with their tattered relationship with the neighbouring  counties including the long festering Kashmir.

India should refrain acting as a big brother with a cane leading to tensions as the peace and stability in the region will be a win win situation for tens of millions of poor in India and other impoverished in the region. Sri Lanka can be a trusted friendly partner but, pushing Sri Lanka to a point of no return with holier than thou Indian strategy can only create anti-Indian feelings among the majority living in Sri Lanka which will ultimately lead to a divided region allowing interested interloping outsiders to fish in the troubled waters. India will be the looser finally as the interlopers will help the divisive political movements to balkaize the Indian territory on ethnic and linguistic lines.

Let Sri Lanka settle its internal issues democratically and regional issues based on pancha seela principles.

6 Responses to “India should consider regional stability and not opportunistic TamilNadu demands”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    India wants to destabilize its neighbourhood. It succeeded in Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh, Nepal and even in SL until recently.

    We cannot expect India to be good towards us.

  2. Samson Says:


    Hampantota is not in Sri Lanka!

    If China/Al Qaeda attack South India atomic stations in Tamil Nadu, Jaffna, Tamil Nadu and Vanni will be doomed. Not elsewhere. So what’s the problem?

    Anyway there is no third world war. India, China and Sri Lanka will get together and destroy Tamil racist lunaitcs. That is more probable than a third world war.

    Talking big about Tamil power, who is the only person to take Tamil to the UN? Indian PM? No you fool, it was Rajapaksha. Tamil racists like you are so damned dumb that you needed a Sinhalese to take Tamil to the UN.


    It is history. You can’t change that. After a century when South Indians read UN history they will come across Rajapaksha as the first person to use Tamil at the UN GA. Then they will say Rajapaksha was a Tamil!

  3. AnuD Says:

    I think, India had some role in deviding SF from the main camp too. Politicians know that.

    I think President Rajapakse’s Leadership skills were not strong enough and probably he wanted it that way. Other wise, Defence Secretary’s and SF. both should have been useful in the govt.

    India wil never help. They always talk in order to help themselves.

  4. jayt Says:

    no ordinary people is hungry for blood and world is yawning for peace. This is the dream of ordinary Muslim, Hindus, Buddhists, Christian, Jews and others

  5. Kit Athul Says:

    The relationship with India should be challenge / Response. not brotherly love the UNPers want. TNA MPs and Tamil Nadu Tamils must know they do not have a foot hold in SL any more, even though Hillary Clinton thinks it is still there. Lorenzo is RIGHT.

  6. purohithaa Says:

    It’s time Tamil Nadu forms their own Country! LTTE in Sri Lanka is no more, TN’s hope’s were dashed with the annihilation of LTTE, treat the failed attempt as a training lesson and now go for the jugular have your own identity! Tamil Nation!

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