Extremist Tamil Separatists Call For A Plebiscite In The North & East To Establish A Separate State Of “Eelam”
Posted on November 30th, 2011

Mahinda Gunasekera

The Declaration adopted by the separatist Tamils seeking international support for the holding of a plebiscite in the north and east of Sri Lanka to establish an independant, sovereign nation state of “Tamil Eelam” is appended below. As their military wing has since been eliminated in May 2009, they are now seeking the route of a plebiscite in the predominantly Tamil areas of the north and east to achieve the same goal of a separate state through the break-up of the sovereign, independent nation state of Sri Lanka where they enjoy equal rights. They are calling on the international community to uphold the South Sudan or Kosovo process that will enable them to form an independent state by carving out territory from Sri Lanka.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ As advocated by some of us, it is time that Sri Lanka referred the 13th Amendment creating Provincial Councils with devolved powers as imposed by India through the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 and the threat of military intervention, for a decision of the island’s people who were not earlier consulted on this issue at a referendum as to the retention or discarding thereof, and replacement of the Provincial Councils by District Councils with appropriate powers deemed adequate for such units, along with Grameeya Sabha with wider powers to meet the needs of the resident populace in each village where the majority of Sri Lanka’s people live, whilst at the same time remodelling the Centre where more powers would be shared with the minorities giving them a role in the day to day governance of the country. Such a move could be accompanied by greater decentralization of the administration by locating the central authority of each department and governmental body in the most appropriate place to maximise the outcome of the services provided and benefits accrued to the general public.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ This declaration which speaks of a Historical Sovereignty to the north and east which never existed, an Earned Sovereignty where the north and eastern regions elected members of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) in the 1977 general election comprising less than 10% of the legislators following the adoption of the infamous Vadukkodai Resolution of 1976 which urged the Tamil youth to take up violence in pursuit of the separate state of “Eelam” where the votes cast against the TULF candidates exceeded that polled by the TULF even though more TULF candidates were elected as a result of the split in the opposing votes, and Remedial Sovereignty as a remedy of the wrongs done to members of the Tamil community which embraced violence including suicide terrorism to pursue their goal of a separate state. Over 3,000 rock inscriptions (which is more than that found in either India or mainland China) and the written history recorded in the Mahavansa dating back to over 2500 years clearly shows the Hela/Sinhala orgins and the close links to the Buddhist Teachings which greatly influenced the unique Sinhala Buddhist civilization that developed the magnificient hydraulic systems that sustained the people of the island of Sri Lanka from the earliest of times.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ History shows that the Tamils initially came as invaders from South India and held on to some territory for temporary periods lasting 6 months to 2 years before being defeated and driven back except for Elara who ruled the Pihiti Rata from Sri Lanka’s ancient capital of Anuradhapura for a period of 44 years before the country was regained by King Dutugamunu of Ruhunu Rata in the 2nd century BC. Sri Lanka enjoyed comparative peace for the next 14 centuries. Tamils first came as settlers in the 11th and 12th centuries as confirmed by Tamil Historian Karthigesu Indrapalan of the Jaffna University, and succeeded in establishing a sub-kingdom called Jaffnapatam confined to the Jaffna peninsula and a narrow strip of land along the northwest coast to Mannar in the 13th century which paid tribute to the main king or emperor of the island of Sinhale located in Kotte. The sub-kingdom of Jaffnapatam lasted approximately 150-175 years before the King of Kotte regained suzerainty over the usurped territory by forces led by Prince Sapumal. It was the Sinhala Army of the Kandyan Kingdom led by one Atapattu that did battle against the Portuguese before relinquishing this piece of territory losing nearly 5000 men out of an army of 10000. The Sub-Kingdom of Jaffnapatam did not have any control over the Vanni or any part of the eastern province. It was the Portuguese and Dutch who held sway over the coastal regions from 1505 to 1805, and British colonial rulers to whom the island was ceded by the Sinhalese Chieftains in 1815 that gave lands under their control in the Vanni, and Eastern Province to Tamil settlers and others from South India to grow tobacco. Later the British brought in over a million Tamils from South India in the 19th century as indentured labour to work on Coffee, Tea and Cocoa plantations established in the heartland of Sinhale (Sri Lanka) on lands confiscated from the indigenous Sinhala people under the infamous Waste Lands Act without paying a Penny in compensation to the Kandyam Sinhala landowners who were forcibly displaced from their lands.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The extremist separatist Tamils who are yet chasing their dream of a mythical state of “Eelam” based on an invented history and other concocted claims are once again seeking to mislead ignorant members of the international community to win their support for division of the country, and use this as a cause to raise funds to carry out hostile acts against Sri Lanka. Any proposal that affects the country as a whole has to be decided by all of the people of Sri Lanka and not by any special interest group or segment of the population. This hate filled campaign by the extremist “Eelam” separatist lobby could seriously hinder the ongoing reconciliation process and development programs to uplift the living conditions of the needy persons in each and every ethnic community.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Mahinda Gunasekera

14 Responses to “Extremist Tamil Separatists Call For A Plebiscite In The North & East To Establish A Separate State Of “Eelam””

  1. Vijendra Says:

    Mahinda, you have made some great comments. I have no idea why Sri Lanka is still retaining the 13th amendment forced upon them by India. Another important thing is for all to understand that there should be no recognition of “homelands” or ” Sinhalese” or “Tamil” areas. Sri Lanka is for Sri Lankans, irrespective of the ethnicity. They fought for nearly 30 years at tremendous cost to all to get away from this concept, which is divisive. There should be legislation enacted soon to prevent any politician speaking only for Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims with a view to bringing about divisive politics. All in Sri Lanka are Sri Lankans; no less, no more. Learning from the last 30 years of hate mongering, anyone who behaves in a way to bring discredit to the country or to divide the Sri Lankans by engaging in divisive politics should be taken to task. Peace must be given a chance to take root and hopefully we will learn to trust one another, intermarry and be Sri Lankans in heart and behaviour. Hope Mr. Rajapaksa will have the guts and the support of the loyal Sri Lankans to enact enabling legislation which would move the country in the right direction. I wish him luck.


  2. thurai Says:

    The Tamils who want Seperate State(Tamileelam) from abroad and their supporters and belivers in North and east of Sri Lanka most of them never loved their neighbours. They will never consider about destructions
    to Tamils or Sinhalese in Srilanka. Good Parents work hard built a house and keep their Childrens with them.
    Others let the children what the want to do. The same the Tamil Politicians of North and east wanted
    powerful positions in Sri Lanka only. They never worked hard for the prospectus life of all Tamils without
    cast,Religious and Regional discrimination. Now Diaspora Tamils live in all developed western countries.
    It is easier to brainwash and incite Tamils against SLG. Tamils destroy themself not by others.

  3. jimmy Says:

    I agree 100% with Thurai

  4. Ariya Says:

    Oh, the Tamils living a cozy life in Canada want this? Maybe they are still looking for money from gullible Tamils over there. There are none in Sri Lanka, who wants a separate state, or they’d find themselves in the Nandikuddal lagoon on their way to meet their sun goat Prabakaran!

  5. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Mahinda Gunasekera!
    I agree 100% of the view that Sri Lanka is UNITARY State & as been for many years. If a group of tamils numbering 0.5M or less want a seperate state it is in INDIA state called Tamil Nadu.

    When a small minority is given equal status and many other benefits under present system, why on earth they want a seperate state.

    As done in Canada and MP on public pay roll should be asked to take oaths supporting the democratically elected President & Parliament which is elected with a majority. Otherwise they should loose their right as a MP. In Canada any connection to sepratism is frowned upon and resisted by all federal parties.

    Why isn;t Sri Lanka enact laws to bar any MP even mention the word seperatism as UN- SRI LANKAN or ANTI Sri Lankan & considered an enemy of United Sri Lanka.

    I feel articles like yours will help Govt. & its opposition to adhere to long established cry: ONE NATION, INDIVISIBLE, UNITED & FREE”. This is NOT negotiable. Thanks very much for the opportunity to voice my concerns.

    Gamunu Alahakkone. P.Eng ( canada).. retired Engineer-Canada

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sarath : You are right in stating that “FEAR” is the key word, and I would add, among other issues.

    To recap :

    * FEAR was first created by Caste wars of the Tamil North. When the Lanka Army went in to quell the internal violence in the North, the Tamil leaders turned the blame on GoSL. Since then, Tamil Leaders have tried to make GoSL and the rest of Lanka the ‘Enemy’ to unify the Tamils all over the world. We can see how the original Fear & Anger due to Caste was turned around and pasted on the GoSL & the rest of Lanka.

    * Next, the Vaddukoddai Resolution (VR), was brought in by Tamil leaders in May 1976 to create ‘Eelam’ through violence, a separate state for Tamil people only, creating a sense of unity for the Tamil people, but Fear for the rest of Lanka. The ltte which was a nascent ‘rag a tag’ group till the VR, began the slaughter of other communities, mainly Sinhalas, has created FEAR among the Sinhalas & Muslims. The ltte was legitimised by the VR and about 30 yrs of ltte terrorism was the result. Added to this was the JVP uprising (Class war), creating more FEAR for Sinhala leaders.


    Some Solutions: TNA should officially renounce the Vaddukoddai Resolution and Separatist ideals. Then there is some hope for both communities to live in peace together.
    Also, as in India, the Sri Lanka Constitution should be amended to include Separatism as treason.

    Both Tamil & Sinhala basic problems should be handled through Education, Development, & Job Creation. Also, the DDCs will better serve the People rather than Provincial Councils.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    As prominent lawyer Gomin stated, TNA is taking the government on a ride.

    This political solutions nonsense should FAIL because they don’t address the problems, grievances and aspirations of the nation, Sinhalese, Mulsims and upcountry Tamils (90% of the population). First address the problems, grievances and aspirations of 90% of the population and THEN move to the problems, grievances and aspirations of the Ceylon Tamil community. Otherwise it will fail once again.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    It is not only the diaspora Tamils supporting separatism. Most Tamil voters in the north support it.

    Look at election results. They ALWAYS vote for Tamil RACIST political parties.

    e.g. All Ceylon T congress
    Illankai T arse kachchi
    T united liberation front
    T national alliance

    What does this T stand for?

    Tamil racism.

  9. aravinda Says:

    I have reproduced parts of the address from a “Internet warrior” of Tamil Eelam now living in Canada. This was when he made the ” Declaration adopted by the separatist Tamils seeking international support for the holding of a plebiscite in the north and east of Sri Lanka to establish an independant, sovereign nation state of Tamil Eelam.”


    Our own Thalaivar…(V.Prabakaran)

    We can not wait for justice….

    there will only be peace if…

    never waiver until our goals is realized…..

    build new allies…

    diaspora must stand firm on Tamil sovereignty…

    freedom struggle had a legitimacy according to Geneva convention…

    non-violent civil disobedience is not an option…

    it is genocide when you are denied education and culture…

    real peace only if national liberation…

    reject the unitary constitution of Sri Lanka…

    we reject the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka…

    100,000 members of Sri Lankan army occupying North and East of Tamil Eelam…


    This little man, with very limited knowledge of Sri Lankan history and its people, should understand that Sri Lankan Tamils are the 4th largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka. He says that SL Army is occuping North and East of Tamil Eelam. Do these people have plans to occupy whole of Sri Lanka? What about other 92% of the population?

    He may not know that Tamil children in Sri Lanka can go to Government run Tamil language schools and study up to university free. No student loans in Sri Lankan Universities. The GOSL pays you to study. Are you surprised Mr. Krishna? Tamils Hindus in Sri Lanka enjoy Maha Shiva Rathree, Deevali and Thai Pongal as public holidays. Tamil is a “National Language” in Sri Lanka. All government documents are in Tamil, Sinhala and English.

    Tamils are second class citizens in Canada, similar to other recent migrants. You continues fool yourself claiming you have more rights in Canada. Your parents took you to Canada, worked to bones cleaning Canada and hoped for a better future. Now you are advocating Tamil kids in Sri Lanka to take up arms. What about you? What did you do when Thalaivar was hiding in the lagoon, shitting in this pants?

    Less than 2% of worlds Tamils live in Sri Lanka. Let them live in peace. 70 million or 95% worlds of Tamils live in India. What about liberating them? One word of separation in India will lead to prison. Empathy of Sri Lankans is not a weakness. Ask your Thalaivar ( V.Prabakaran), and he will tell about how he soiled his pants when Sri Lankan army was approaching.

  10. thurai Says:

    Dear Aravida,

    Tamils in the North and the east want friendship with Tamilnadu even they have no Bridge between
    Sri Lanka and Southindia. At the same time they want seperation even Tamils lives in the south and in the upcountry. we have railway and highway between north and south.

    In the modern world people built bridges and destroy walls. Tamil politicians never removed the
    railway track. Only Terrorist removed to safe them from army attack. Tamil politicians made a mistake
    by supporting Terrorism. Now they are liberated by SLG. But LTTE mafia not defeated. They enjoy their
    life all over the world. For the safty life of TamilMafia abroad ,Brainwashing is necessary.

    Tamils must understand the truth themself. Otherweise noone can help them.

  11. Dilrook Says:


    The trouble making elements of the Diaspora is a composting dump (“kunu wala”).

    They will get integrated (digested) into the Canadian, British, etc. societies because none of these countries respect the Tamil identity. Tamil is not an official or national language. With only Tamil language, no one can get a job in these countries. These countries don’t compromise on their values, language, public holidays, etc. That forces the Diaspora to toe the line or suffer grave consequences.

    In another generation, the Tamil Diaspora will be totally detached from Sri Lanka and be a part of Canada, Britain, etc.

    Look at African Americans. They are totally detached from Africa today.

    All this havoc until the digesting process is complete. I know many Tamils who migrated to the UK before the 1970s. Their children are now more British than Tamil. Some of them are into LTTE work but lack the drive of recent immigrants.

    Time is the best cure for the ills of the Diaspora. Tamil nationalism will die a natural death in the Diaspora.

  12. Ariya Says:

    Lorenzo Says:
    December 1st, 2011 at 1:12 pm, ” As prominent lawyer Gomin stated, TNA is taking the government on a ride.”

    Well, it looks like the TNA is taken for a ride. If you watch the Lankan political scene, you’d find that these so-called Tamil parties don’t have any power, except talking or going to UK and other countries to meet low level government officers. Tamils in Lanka already know its better to be silent and integrate with the Sinhala community., or at least try to live with them. The Sinhalese won’t hurt them as far as they don’t attack in any way. The Sinhalese allows anyone to live alongside them as far as they are friendly.

    The Tamils in Lanka had learned a terrible truth – such people like Prabakaran is not good for their health.

    The Tamils abroad is another question, they can whine, cry, collect funds and have even their own governments, and all this is problems of the hosting country, not of Sri Lanka. As far as Ranil and his UNP don’t come to power, no Tamil would raise his head for the division of Lanka.

    Oh, if Sampanthan or some other joker have a trip to Canada and says something doesn’t matter at all, as he is considered as joker in Lanka.

  13. Voice123 Says:

    Sri Lanka needs to follow a policy of national integration so that all districts have a similar ethnic composition or a composition that reflect the population as a whole. Today you see an imbalance in the North and up country and also in Colombo with minorities forming a disproportionate level and the opposite problem in certain downtrodden rural regions with the majority Sinhalese disproportionately represented. We need to encourage more multiethnic regions and neighbourhoods where different communities get to interact and live in a tolerant way. A more representative population mix can come about with increased communication, development and multilingual education. Other countries also discourage ethnic polarisation into certain suburbs or regions eg Australia and Singapore. Singapore government insists on representation of all ethnic groups in their public housing estates, neighbourhoods, civil service, army, police etc. Sri Lankan should observe such policies and see if we can learn from these.

  14. Christie Says:

    The real problem is Hindu supermism. Tamils are Hindus like most of the Indians in India as well as elsewhere.
    Indai has wiped out locals in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands that were given to t India when British lost the empire because of the WWII.

    The so called Tamil diaspora are Tamil terrirists who went to the West since 1983. The emigration of thse Tamils were part of the terrorist plot. All these Tamils went to the West through India, passage pade by the terrorists and the Indian Intelligence Service.

    Thes Tamils give about 10% OF THEIR earnings to the terrorist movement as a pay back for the service received. (You would do the same if you were provided with the same opportunity).

    Major part of the money ends up with the Indian Intelligence Service as they have to look after Indians in other parts of the Empire.

    You might think I am mad , but this is what I have seen and learned. It cost a lot to pay for people who support Tamil terrorists.

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