The Language Act and Tamil services.
Posted on December 8th, 2011

Bodhi Dhanapala, Quebec, Canada.

   Anne Abesekera (AnnA) has written an article entitled  the “language Issue” on 29 November in the Island newspaper. She is  amazed that the Government hadn’t had the grace to acknowledge its failure – and … of previous governments – to implement the Official Languages Act for so long.   Cold comfort to the Tamils who have waited in vain  for several decades to receive official communications in Tamil and to have the right to use their mother-tongue when dealing orally or in writing, with Govt. departments. Then she quotes  Prof. Sasanka Perera: ” The vast gap between … Tamil as an Official Language and the practical implementation … is yet to be bridged.   As recently as 2005, …  The facilities of communicating with the central government in obtaining its services in Tamil are minimal. The situation amounts to a violation of constitutional rights of the Tamil speaking citizens of this country.  Apart from the indignities they are made to suffer, they are put into innumerable inconveniences in transacting business with the Government.  The provincial administration … miserably fail in serving citizens inhabiting those areas…” 

Neither Prof. Perera, nor AnnA, asks (i) How does Sri Lanka compare with other multi-ethnic countries like  USA, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland  and Canada ? (ii) Why is it that the Tamils wait for the government without acquiring some of the needed capabilities themselves?.

The USA has some 17% Hispanics, and ‘traditional homelands’ in California, New Mexico, Southern Texas.  The US asserts that the Hispanics must learn English.  Britain  today is more multicultural than before, with 4% from India, and 3%  Arabs. English is the only official language.

France has some 10% Arab speakers.  Large parts of France were under Arab rule before the Crusades. Nevertheless,  no concession is given to Arabic. Instead, the nation’s politicians view the threat to the French language with alarm. Arab children must study French and also not wear the now-illegal Islamic head cover. Germany has harboured French speakers in the Alsace-Lorraine region, even before the rise of Germany under Bismark.  However, the recent phenomenon is the 5.6% Arab population. A very menacing right-wing political movement with Neo-Nazi connections ensures that no concessions are made to these new Germans.

Switzerland is the exception to the above problematic nations. The country started as  independent cantons with common mercantile interests, with  similar Swiss-German dialects and French, Italian. The federation simply retained the languages of each canton at confederation.

Canada started as two nations at war. The natives were subjugated in “reservations” run by  possibly highly corrupt band leaders. The average “aboriginal”  lives without running water, doctors or schools. Tuberculosis, alcoholism, crime and drugs are  rampant. Their Languages have no place in the constitution. French and English populations have been  2:3 in  strength. When French separatism arose in the 1960s, Pierre Trudeau and others leaders proposed bilingualism. Bilingual education, bonuses, bilingual promotions  and  incentives were announced. Top posts became necessarily bilingual.
Four decades and after billions dollars of money spend, r Canada is still 80% unilingual. English is  difficult to find in rural Quebec, while French becomes rare  west of Ottawa, the federal capital. The federal services, their web pages etc., are  bilingual; but local-government is 90% unilingual. Canada  made an honest effort; but its bilingualism has failed.

The situation in Sri Lanka, with currently less than 10% Tamils, is not comparable to Canada with 40% French, or with USA with 17% Hispanics. Meanwhile, Tamils who go to Germany, France, or even Poland and Norway rapidly learn those complex languages.  Tamil and Sinhala  have the same structure and many words are common. A Tamil can learn Sinhala easily (or vice versa). So why do the Tamils  wait for the government to ‘implement the law’?

Ordinary Tamils , being practical minded,  have always studied Sinhalese. But the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK)  strongly campaigned since 1956 against learning Sinhala. Psychological and Physical threats were applied. Legal cases were filed even in the Privy council challenging  the act. The manifestos of the ITAK promised an imminent  creation of a Tamil Kingdom;  stamps were printed in the early 1970s. The Banda-Chelva pact or the Dudly-Chelva pact were not trusted by those who read the Tamil manifestos promising Arasu, while English manifestos talked of federalism. By the 1980s, Tamil officers who worked in Sinhalese could die. Sinhalese who knew Tamil left the North. Meanwhile the Tamil politicians informed the world that Tamil-language services are not offered by the government.

We can understand AnnA living in her cuckoo world of Colombo acting as a cat’s paw for for scraping the beggars wound assiduously cultivated by the Eelamists. Not long ago she harranagues about the single sign in Omantha where the name is correctely written in Sinhala. She wanted the Tamil version to prevail not only in Tamil, but also in Sinhala and English. According the CIA fact sheet on various countires, Sri Lanka is said to now have only 5% Tamils, with the rest listed as Indian tamils. This seems to me s to be an under-estimate. But there is no doubt that the Tamils are demographically less significant than the Hispanics in the USA, or the Arabs in France. And yet Ann Abeserker goes about stirring the pot, asking for something evan wealthy  Canada, with more than 40% French could not achieve even under no-war conditions.

 So, even if we ignore Ann A, how is it that a Professor of Sociology is also totally ignorant of the social realities that prevailed in the country? In which country does he live?  Where does he gets his facts? Which nation pays him?

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  1. Raju Says:

    It is truly amazing how propaganda is created and repeated endlessly so easily, where the truth is twisted so quickly. Something we can see such taking place even today despite the huge media medium available for everyone.

    Lies and deceit if left unchallenged can continue unabated resulting in serious consequences as seen by the manner in which the Underperforming Enterprise Act has been dubbed an “expropriation act” by a bankrupt nation hating opposition when that is hardly the case when you look at the actual contents of the Act. Of course this is due to the opposition salivating at the hopes of economic destruction for that is the only “election platform” they have. Hence they spread as many distortions as they can about this country and this particular act. While the contents of the Act can be questioned, debated and looked at, allowing lies and deception that harm the nation to propagate is unacceptable and disgusting.

    Only fools, racists and those who benefit from such deception (financially, politically, ideologically) would continue to advocate such lies and fraud as “the truth”. The media in Sri Lanka is by the far the biggest and most unforgivable culprits in doing so driven by their own selfish reasons and gross lack of responsibility.

    Case and point of the effect of vicious and insidious propaganda is the manner in which the biggest lie of them all is continually told to this day and that happens to be decades old lie about the non-existent yet so called “Sinhala Only Act”.

    There was no such thing as a “Sinhala Only Act” at all. In 1956 the Official Languages Act was passed (in Sinhala it was known as Swabhasha Act which also translates into “language”). That is hardly what can be called by anyone “discrimination” as every country has the right to decide on national language policy and the language of the majority is the language that is used and accepted not that of a “minority”. Especially when the so called minority has been artificially created by European conquerors. Conquerors that imported said minority into this country en mass to first function as a Military hit force then later as “population diluter” in their (especially the British’s) plans to subjugate the native Sinhalese. Subjugation done using barbaric and brutal occupations, alcohol intoxication, starvations, ethnic cleansings and inhumane violence against the native Sinhalese (who refused to give up their freedoms and nations –so naturally they had to be crushed both physically and mentally).

  2. Raju Says:

    Furthermore the purpose of the Language Act was to give Sinhala its rightful place in Sri Lanka for Sinhala is only spoke in Sri Lanka and this land is the source of all Sinhalese as it is the homeland of the Sinhalese, why should English out of all languages be given a place ahead of the nations one and only indigenous language spoken by 80% of the population –a language that developed in Sri Lanka and is only spoken in Sri Lanka? Why should even Tamil be given such a position when it not only is spoke by tens of millions elsewhere, it was brought to this country artificially via violence and brutality?

    This act gave education and opportunities for the Sinhala masses throughout the nation who had for 500 years been deprived of their human rights and had it not been done their oppression would continue where they would remain akin to India’s dalits –just as the British wanted for they to this day are filled with hate and bile for the “historical wrong” the Sinhala masses committed against them by daring to fight for freedom in 1818 and 1848 against the brutal inhuman occupation.

    By calling the Language Act “Sinhala only” (when that is not the reality) a pathetic racist connotation is added, as was the purpose in doing so when this “new term” devoid from reality was coined by the upper caste racist Tamils in the 1960s for reasons I shall delve into.

    What is despicable is how this racist connotation is repeated to this day by Sinhalese themselves unaware of history and truth subjecting themselves to the whims and fancies of vile and manipulative, exploitive and unforgiving Tamil racism. For the claim of “Sinhala Only” is a piece of deceit (akin to the re-naming of the Underperforming Enterprise bill as an “expropriation act” to spread a false image and idea). It is lie created by Tamil racists to undermine the introduction of Special Provisions bill when it was tabled and discussed in 1958, and eventually passed in 1959 giving us the Special Provisions Act of 1959.

  3. Raju Says:

    The 1958 riot was started by the plethora of racist Vellahla caste/upper caste Tamil politicians (Chelvanayagam, Sunderalingam etc) to prevent the introduction of the Special Provisions Act of 1959 that would, and indeed did, empower the lower Tamil castes giving them universal franchise (the right to vote) and access to education and health services which up to that point had been denied to them by the upper caste leadership who dominated Tamil politics –and all other spheres of life. Empowerment and services awarded to the lower castes is something the upper castes were infuriated by.

    Nonsense about “language” etc pedalled at the time by the upper caste Vellahla/Jaffna Tamils was merely a smokescreen to build “consensus” amongst Tamils to universally oppose this bill using a ruse –they wanted to covertly avert a bill that would undermine the vicious Tamil caste system and thus maintain the dominance of the Upper Castes by tricking the lower castes to essentially remain in destitution and poverty.

    Intriguingly this action was taken by them even though the then Government had tried to appease the upper caste Vellahla/Jaffna Tamils by reinforcing Thesawalamai law to make way for the Special Provisions Act. The upper caste Vellahla’s were never satisfied with anything as they wanted their “special status” throughout the country. Nothing infuriated them more than the Special Provisions Act (of 1959) that was tabled and discussed in 58 and eventually passed.

    Ironically amongst other things (universal franchise and right to education) the Special Provisions Act of 1959 made Tamil the administrative language of the North and East i.e. all Government activity, the police, the civil service, schools etc had to be done in Tamil and has been since. However the Tamil upper caste racists cared little for that, they wanted domination through the country and most damningly of all the annulment of universal franchise for the low castes (specifically those in the Plantations).

    The Tamil created 58 riot saw thousands of Sinhala Buddhists brutally murdered. The riot was started by them to cleanse the “Tamil homeland” of Sinhalese as punishment towards Colombo for trying to undermine the vicious Tamil caste system –sending a message to the Sinhala leaders that they had no problem unleashing violence on Sinhala people if they dared “interfere” with “Tamil affairs” –apparently trying to give equal rights to all of Sri Lanka’s citizens was a crime against Tamils.

    Prior to the riot Baticola was 20% Sinhala, after the riot it was 2% Sinhalese (piled up body parts making that 2% figure for sure). Yet Tamils today use this event, re-package it and moan about it, as they do over loosing the war and many other incidents they create, due to numerical factors and because the riot was suppressed (they were hoping it would “spread”). All of this illustrates the manipulative nature of Tamils and their propaganda. Importantly it reflects on the key fact that Tamils as a community do not have a problem using deceit for their own self-advancement.

  4. brahamin Says:

    @ Raju
    You need to write your own article than going to such great lengths!

    The main point of the article seems to me is that (i) multilingualism is a failure even in Canada (ii)We should have followed USA, France etc., and stayed with Sinhala only.

    I think I agree.

  5. herman Says:

    Bodhi, this is a well written aricle, well done. This is not a “problem” confined to the Tamil, Sinhala or any other ethnic in particular but more a “human” issue. However, to manage these very sensitive “beings” we need excellant Leaders for which Ceylon / Sri Lanka had none todate. Almost all of our foolish leaders took the British made constitution as “God” sent “bible” and Kowtowed, paying the heavy price for their foolishness.

    SL may be in a better situation if only we had a Leader like the previous prime minister of Singapore, a 1st class honours law graduate from Cambridge university, an “enlighten” chap who had the foresight and revised the British handed down constitution particularly to matters pertaining to multicultural, multilingual and multireligious so as to better keep checks and balances in his diverse secular society.

    Singapore’s population is not much different from SL’s:

    75% chinese
    14% Malay
    9% indian
    2 % others

    Buddhism 34 %
    Christianity 18 %
    Islam 15 %
    Hinduism 5 %
    others 28 %

  6. Ariya Says:

    As Anne Abeysekera does not write here and her article was published in the Island newspaper, this article should have been sent to the Island newspaper, rather then here.

  7. Ben_silva Says:

    clearly the Sinhalese appear tobe gradually losing their only home land. The reason for this need to be investigated and the decline need to be arrested. My opinion is that the reason for the decline of the Sinhalese is their lack of competitiveness. If any group os not fit enough to survive that group will lose out. The problem with the Sinhalese is that some follow a passive Indian religion, that is dead in India and that has been dumped by Indians.
    We need to be fair to all Sri Lankan citizens and should not allow Tamil racists to win. All mono ethnic areas need to be dismantled and Sinhalese need to be settled to pre ethnic cleansing levels.
    We have to be fully aware of the dangerous racism openly displayed by some Tamils.

  8. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Bodi Dhanapala!…
    Very interesting facts & figures. Eevn I had a hunch that number of tamils in Sri Lanka are dwindling, the more conservative figures from people like Dr. Jayaratne, Ambassodor to France, and many other interlectuals have said many times that GIVING Tamils & their language EQUAL STATUS was the most DIVISIVE Act by the then administration.

    Sri Lanka is a UNILIGUAL country where all ethinicities lived in harmony till TAMILS mostly original people NOT new comers from India or Malaysia protested and smewhow managed to prepare false popultaion reports and continue DEMAND excessive powers.

    As the writer has stated EVEN in Canada with 40% of French speaking Govt. as policy granted equal status, YET many other checks & balances are there to keep country predominanly ENGLSH. That is no fault of theirs when majority even NOT English Canadian but other Candians have adopted English as their preferred language.

    If CIA says 5% are ONLY truly Sri lankan Tamils, other 4 or 5 % are Indian or other Tamils who arrived recenlty, then we have to believe them. Because it is such organizations in USA & UK mostly who pampered these racist Tamils to get what they want by INTIMIDATION.

    As the learned General who won the war said after the war, that Tamils are ALLOWED to stay in Sri Lanka as long as they DO NOT make UNDUE demands from the Central Govt. For ONCE he spoke the truth. He also said to Tamils YOU ARE A MINORITY and 5% or whatever ASKING equal status in OFFICIAL language is too much. Even WE SINHALESE have accomodated their demands in the name of PEACE for the last 30 years.

    It is hight time the foreign DO GOODERS mind their own defficiencies in their countries WITHOUT interfering HOW a Soverreign GOVT. who was TWICE elected with majorities, must be run by writing artciles ALWAYS supporting the enemies of Sri lanka.

    Tamils who refuse to CALL themselves Sri lankans & YET demand some more concessions shuld NOT be given anymore BUT somehow curtail their strength by the NEW CENSUS & instructed them to assimilate & learn the ONLY language SINHALA. If the Presdent can learn tamil & speak in tamil..WHY CAN;T ordinary Tamils numbering 5% or less follow their leader Dr. Prsedent HE Mahinda Rajapaksha.

    Now we all know who the real RACISTS are. Very valuable contribution BODI, please feel to enlighten this people CALLED INT: COMMUNITY. The nuisance community.. ….

    Thanks again for the opportunity………Gamunu Alahakkone. P.Eng Canada….retired engineer – Canada

  9. Dilrook Says:


    Singapore is a very good model for Sri Lanka to follow in this regard.

    Singapore has a bi-lingual policy (mother tongue and English only) not a tri-lingual short sighted policy as proposed by the president.

    That is the difference in the two countries.

    There is another good alignment in languages in Singapore due to the implementation of the language policy.

    Quote: Throughout the years, Singaporean households have experienced a change in home language occurring one or two generations later, as a result of exposure to more dominant languages in Singapore due to government language policy implementation.

    Quote: As of 2010, Indians make up 9.2% of Singapore’s total population. About two-thirds of the of the Indian population are Tamil speakers from the India’s southeastern state of Tamil Nadu. As of 2005, about 38.8% of Singapore’s Indian population speaks Tamil frequently at home.This is a drop from 2000, when 45.3% of the Singapore Indian population spoke Tamil at home.

    Therefore although Tamil is a national language, it’s use even among Tamils have been reduced from 100% within Tamil homes to 68% in 2000 and just 58% in 2010.

    Although 6.1% (9.2% x 2/3) of Singaporeans are Tamil, only 3.6% (9.2% x 38.8%) use Tamil even at home.

    This drop from 6.1% to 3.6% was achieved peacefully through the practical implementation process and the promotion of English.

    A very good model for Sri Lanka.

    In 1965 when became independent, Singapore looked up to Sri Lanka as a role model. By then the Official Language Act has been passed and implemented (1956).

    However, Singapore is essentially a dictatorship. LKY has always been the sole ruler directly or indirectly. Singapore spends much more than Sri Lanka to maintain its relatively huge armed forces which is essential in ensuring law and order and LKY’s family in power forever.

    Sri Lanka is a better democracy and policy matters should be handled more carefully than in Singapore.

    I’m against forcing anyone any language other than the mother tongue. It is a choice of people. But English must be taught to everyone.

  10. Dilrook Says:

    Good article Bodhi.

    As Raju says Tamil speakers in Sri Lanka have reduced to 12%. Of that only 6% (half) are Tamil only speakers.

    Therefore there is absolutely no need for everyone to learn Tamil. Teach them more English instead. That will be productive.

    In India too the Tamil speakers have reduced to 6% now. Over 45% in India are Hindi speaking. That is 3 nations already (Sri Lanka, Singapore, India). Needless to say Tamil is not recognised in Malaysia.

    In this context, why are we going backwards?

    Let these natural trends take over. We should not resist it or force things.

    Raju is also right on the real root cause of the problem. It is caste issue. The 1957 Prevention of Social Disabilities Law is the root cause of all these agitations. I read a beautiful article by a Tamil gentleman who explained it very well with facts and figures. Not sure where it was.

    Many Lankaweb writers have also highlighted this fact.

    If you read the B-C pact (which some people call the solution), there is absolutely no “resolution” to the “language issue” because there was no real language issue. Instead it talks about sharing power. The language issue was an empty mythical problem created to grab power. Otherwise B-C pact would be resolving the “language issue” and would not talk about sharing power which has nothing to do with 1956 or official language act.

    It is shocking how advanced the propaganda campaign of LTTE and Tamil race centric politicians. No wonder westerners believe them when some Sri Lankans themselves have been misled.

    Sri Lanka should stop playing with the Constitution now. Instead a good Asian democratic Constitution (which is not an exception to other democratic countries) should be copied with relevant changes.

  11. Christie Says:

    What language right the Tamils and other Indian races have in India?

    Tamils wanted Tamil language and a separate state in the fifties or sixties and hundreds of thousands of Tamils were killed by the Indian army.

    So dont go looking in far away place.

    What the Island nation needs is English the medium of education and Sinhalese communual langusge.

    If the Tamils or other Indians want their language, they should return to their respective mother lands.

    The Sinhalese have to unite and demand their basic rights they lost to British and Indians since 1792, when the British Imperialists and Indian colonial parasites ariived in the Island.

    Look what has happened to Bo people and their Bo language in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

    It is time for the Sinhalese leaders to stand up for the Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays.

  12. brahamin Says:

    So we expect to see an article from you in the Island as Ann Abesekera has Prof. sasanka perera cannot get away with such nonsense.

  13. thurai Says:

    Accordig to the policy of Tamil Politicians and Liberation Organizations, Tamil language is valuable than
    human rights. Tamil Politicains say donn´t learn Sinhala even if you are hungry. LTTE killed
    Tamils if they give food to a poor Sinhalese. Are those important to a Land which want peaceful life
    for all communities?

    Tamils enjoyed more facialities than Sinhalese more than many decades from north to south.
    Tamil politicians who enjoyed wealthy life in the south and went to north every five years to win
    the election are responsible for the present situation to the Tamils community.

    I hope Sinhala leaders understand the situation and work together to extingiush the unnecessary fire in Sri Lanka.

  14. lingamAndy Says:

    Agreed thurai
    It is not chinise magic to learn Sinhala (by Tamils),

    eg: Ana – Ayana, Ena -Eyana -What is the diffifulty to learn this ?
    Ofcause this so call Educated (english- puththa pusshikal ) panangodai ( Jaffns man) made this situation out of control !by winding (usuppaththi) up all our Tamil young generation !
    Only Sinhala leders can safe guard these Tamil from so call Tamil political leders !

  15. thurai Says:

    Dear Sarath,

    We are confronting Terrorism and Humanrights in our life.

    Mind of all communities in the world must change into the right way.
    Buddhism,Hindusim, and Muslims respect human rights and if we all follow our religions we have no problem with us. There are visible Terrorism and unvisible Terrorism in Sri Lanka and in the whole world. It is a big problem not only in Sri Lanka but also in the whole world.

    In Europe and some other countries in the world one land has surrounded by many other languages.
    Peoples near boarder areas speak both languages. like Vavuniya in Sri Lanka.
    Peoples go to Hindu and Buddhsit Temple. Tamil Girl loves Sinhala man and Sinhala girl loves Tamil man is normal.
    No one object it. Where is the problem. Created by Politicians only.

    Who really will help the people never see differents between Tamil, Sinhala , Hindu Buddhist or Muslim.
    We need politicians who are strong patriotic and work hard for unity and peace among all communities.
    If fail we are under Terrorism always.

  16. Ben_silva Says:

    Dilrook has made some good points. In general Tamils are good people and I have no problem with Tamils, in general. However there may be few Tamils, with Chola or Prabakaran mentality. Even if the percentage of Tamil racists may be small, due to the large number of Tamils, perhaps over 100 million, world wide, the threat to the Sinhalese may be significant, We need to be able to defend ourselves from these minirity nasty Tamils. In order to understnd and keep track of these nasty Tamils, we need to learn Tamil. Also we need to keep track of what is happening in Tamil Nadu. I have been to Tamil Nadu and in general, Tamils in TN are far more familiar with the affairs of Sri Lanka than we have of TN. Again to balance the situation, we need to learn Tamil. In my view for our own defence, and self interest, we need to learn Tamil.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    We need to stop illegal migrants to Sri Lanka. Hundreds of thousands of Tamil people came in to Sri Lanka as illegal migrants during ltte control of N&E. Presently, they hold UNHRC ID plastic cards. The more comfortable Sri Lanka is with widespread Tamil language, the more illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu. Tamils flee Tamil Nadu due to Caste/Poverty issues. Those who want to learn Tamil are free to do so, but it should NEVER be made mandatory. No minority language should be made mandatory. In Sri Lanka, what feels right is : Sinhala the main language with English as the link language, and Tamil an Official language (per Constitution).

    What needs to be done is to teach more Sc&Tech. Even to Buddhist priests could learn Sc&Tech. It is more useful for Lankans to learn more Sc&Tech than learn Tamil language. Learning more Sc&Tech will prove more useful to us all than to learn the Tamil language.
    If we had time saving and useful machines like cookers, fridges & washing machines assembled in Sri Lanka in every home, then we can break away from the ‘domestic service’ mentality of earlier times, which would advance our society as whole, and help remove the Caste/Class issues even further.

  18. brahamin Says:

    Do we need to learn tamil to understand Tamil speakers? I know tamil, but I think you don’t need to learn tamil or any other minority language because, in a few years time, your computer or your cell-phone will have the capability of picking up a conversation (or text) in tamil and out put it in Sinhala or any other language. There have been many articles about that:
    The most recent was in the Island newspaper

  19. Ben_silva Says:

    Fran Diaz is right, as time is a limited resource, learning SC&Tech may be benificial than learning Tamil. However, learning a language make new neural circits in the brain and helps brain development. Monitoring Tamils may be left to specialist language group. Indian unis study Lanka and Tamils in Tamil Nadu are fully aware of the situation in Lanka, whilst some of us seek Nirvana and are clueless about the activities of TN.
    As Brahamin says tecnologycold be used for language translation. Good to find out a range of opinion.

  20. thurai Says:


    hier are the answer to the question.
    1. Violence against media personal by the state?
    It is common among Tamils and Sinhalese even among Tamils in the western countries. Media is important
    for political parties recruiting supporters.At the same time if incite the people against democratic elected Government punishable.
    2. Abductions and murder of personals by white van?
    Just Sri Lanka liberted from Terrorism. It will take time
    to stop such incidents. we are happy there is no more suicide attacks last two years.
    3. Attack on relegious and educational places such as Jaffna library and Sri Dalada Maligawa
    4. Attack on hospitals and schools.
    . 3 & 4 are work of Terrorism if the incident war During the war those are unfortunate.

    Sinhala community is Majority.But Tamils are majority in North and east before 30 years. In North and east we had Sinhala police officers. In coastal areas Soldiers and Navy. Only for controlling Smuglers
    and safegurd civil administration. We must behave according to our circumstances and we cann´t
    change circumstance according us. Tamil enjoyed all facilities and still they want relationship
    Business and other with southern Sri Lanka.

    What about identity of Tamils? Did any sinhalese object to built hindun Temple in the South?
    even only two Buddhist Temple in Jaffna and in the Nagadeepa before 30 years.
    Any Sinhalese object Tamil Cinema Theaters in Colombo?

    I donn´t accept all Sinhala politicians or Tamil politicians are perfect. But we make unnecessary trouble
    We have to consider poor people who suffer for daily life. We speak about powerwilling politicians only. We have to respect the democratic elected Government until next election not give the chance to selfwish politicians and trouble makers. It is Important

  21. Lorenzo Says:



    Hundreds of thousands of Tamil illegal immigrants came to SL during LTTE times and still continue.

    During LTTE time, SL Navy was not in control of northern waters. Only after 2007 could they master the waters after bombing almost all sea tiger bases (LTTE terrorists call these fishing villages!) into dust. You may recall how many Dvora boats were sunk by the LTTE before that every month.

    Army was not in control of the north east coastline (except a few places) until 2007.

    During this time hundreds of thousands of Tamil illegal immigrants came to the island. Abject poverty in Tamil Nadu, caste problems of Dalit (aka Damila) people, LTTE propaganda of an independent Tamil Nation in Vanni, criminals who wanted to evade Indian law, etc. came to SL.

    They MUST be sent back.

    Children born in India in Tamil refugee families are Indian. Children born to Tamil refugees in SL are SL. So Indian born people cannot be SL citizens. They MUST be sent back.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    Tamils are NOT the majority in the eastern province.

    “even only two Buddhist Temple in Jaffna and in the Nagadeepa before 30 years.”

    No. Hundreds! From 1948 to 2009 we didn’t have a powerful enough army to save them from Ponnambalam, Chelva, Amirthalingam, Prabagaran armed mobs. Now we do. These are being rehabilitated now.

    You cannot generalise that bombing ALL schools (as defined by LTTE agents) are bad or unfortunate.

    Tamil Tiger agents call suicide bomber schools as schools.

    Sencholai was an old school converted to a LTTE suicide bomber training school. Until 2007 they escaped because they called it a “school” and fooled the government to send money as any other school. After that Tamil people complained to the air force that it was not a school but a suicide bomber factory/school. Air force destroyed the suicide bomber factory school.

    Tamil Elam supporters should be abducted and eliminated. It should NEVER stop. If it stops, there will be tar bucket campaigns (initiated by SJV Chelva), Satyagrahas against the nation that turn violent, suicide bomb attacks, bus bombs, village attacks, assassinations, attacks on army camps, etc. once again.

    But politically motivated abductions are bad and should stop completely. No excuse.

    Same with media people. Some media people spread Tamil Elam views. They should be eliminated from the society. Otherwise they corrupt the society.

    These things happen in every peaceful country under different names.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    No one forces another with a gun to learn a language.

    Making a language mandatory is not forcing. 95% of the people have no problem with that.

    In UK, English is mandatory. Where is your “forcing” logic? UK is mother of democracy! What are you talking.

    During the war some people were forced by circumstances to leave their houses in war zone. Was it bad? No. Because it was for their own good. Today they live happily and safely.

    Teaching English is good but why not first make the 5% Sinhala illiterates zero? That is easier. We have more Sinhala teachers. Once everyone can speak one language, they will realize how good it is.

  24. Voice123 Says:

    @ Herman, Dilrook – very good points about Singapore’s language policy and we can learn from it. However, Singapore’s language policy does not exist by itself. Singapore has an overall social policy of integration of all ethnicities, albeit maintaining their own culture and language should they choose to. Singapore government insists that every housing estate and neighbourhood have a communal mix that matches the nation as a whole. They dont even tolerate majority Chinese community forming ghettoes. Similarly in Sri Lanka we must have a policy that encourages Sinhalese and other non-Tamil communities to move to the northeast and well-meaning (non-dangerous) Tamils who have certain skills and knowledge to move to poor areas with a majority Sinhalese population each contributing towards the good of the nation. There ought to be no separate homelands for different ethnic groups within Sri Lanka.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with all you say. However, children born to true Lankan Tamil citizens in Tamil Nadu camps are going to pose a problem, as they have to be with returning parents. And vice versa.
    As sorry as I am for the Tamil poor/caste bound people, all illegal migrants must be sent back. America has deported over 400,000 Mexican illegal entrants this year alone.

    Until the imbalances in society are corrected in Tamil Nadu itself, at least to bearable levels for low castes/poor, Lanka must be aware & be prepared. If TN wants help to restore dignity to all her Tamil people, Sri Lankans should be prepared to help in whatever we can, at least in planning. But, all plans & dealings must be aboveboard and made public.
    I don’t see how such an enormous and ancient problem such as the problems of the low caste people can be tackled easily , but we humbly suggest that TN starts off by modernising their toilet systems to release many thousands employed by birth as ‘night soil’ carriers.

    We should part as friends who are prepared to help each other in the future, and put all shady, illegal deals aside. If everyone concerned acts aboveboard and makes public the plans on both sides of the Palk Straits, there is no reason for failure.

    Dear Sarath :
    Sri Lanka armed forces, including Navy, were confined to barracks during Pres. Premadasa’s time as well as Pres. Chandrika Bandaranaike’s time. They had no chance to defend Lanka against illegal migrants. Remember the now infamous Ceasefire Agreement (2002) ? That was the time that ltte took advantage. Truth/Nature/God/Allah brought the Tsunami of Dec 2004, and the llte Sea Tiger might was washed away (and others).
    When Pres. Rajapakse launched the counter attack after Mavil Aru debacle, the ltte took the civilians as a ‘human shield’. The Army at that time assessed the ‘human shield’ to be some 100,000 people. It turned out that the ‘shield’/IDPs was over 300,000 Tamil people, in spite of Tsunami losses. How do we account for such massive jump in numbers if not for illegal migrants at the the ltte held the Mannar area plus all of the N&E ?
    By Pres. MR’s time, Colombo had experienced a large influx of Tamil people from the North. At that time, it was estimated that about 54% of Colombo were Tamil, now dropped to 44% (check this). Therefore, if a large number of Tamil people of the North left for Colombo prior to the war times, how do we account for the sudden jump in numbers in the ‘human shield’ which was later labelled as the IDPs ?
    It appears that the numbers who left for Colombo were replaced by illegal migrants in the North.
    How else can we explain what happened ?
    If we correct all the wrongs that have happened in the past and wipe clean the deceptions, we all have a chance for true and lasting friendship and peace.

  26. Dilrook Says:

    Fran Diaz

    I agree with all you say. However, children born to true Lankan Tamil citizens in Tamil Nadu camps are going to pose a problem, as they have to be with returning parents. And vice versa.
    As sorry as I am for the Tamil poor/caste bound people, all illegal migrants must be sent back. America has deported over 400,000 Mexican illegal entrants this year alone.

    What is the context of this?

    The links I gave relate to caste problems in Sri Lanka. Of course Tamil Nadu has similar problems but that is beyond our control.

  27. Dilrook Says:


    Singapore’s bilingual system is what suits Sri Lanka. As explained above, practical implementation of the language policy has been carefully managed to promote some national languages at the expense of others in Singapore which is also relevant to Sri Lanka.

    Fully agree with the need to integrate people of all ethnicities. That is more important than language. Already most people can communicate with each other. Anyway the best practical way to learn a language is to regularly use it. The best to do that is to have mixed ethnic communities everywhere.

    A good starting point is the Colombo city area. It should preferably have a representative ethnic mix in the same proportions as the national mix.

    At the moment this is not so.

  28. Dilrook Says:

    Fran Diaz

    On illegal immigrants, I agree on principle that all illegals must be deported. Sri Lanka doesn’t have enough resources for its own population so it is impossible to provide for others.

    However, there is another thing at play. I wrote an article a few months ago based on a report submitted to the UN. It showed Sinhalese population growth very low compared to Sri Lanka Tamil and Muslim communities. A large number of Indian Tamils become Sinhalese. They are not accepted into the Sri Lankan Tamil community but Sinhalese welcome anyone. May be this was why one racist Tamil politician openly called Sinhalese “mongrels” in 1931. This is a very healthy thing to do, both scientifically and politically.

    If a compromise can be reached, those illegals who become Sinhalese by taking up the language, etc. can be granted citizenship. Please appreciate that it is not because of Sinhala one illegal would stay while another would go, but because Sinhala is found only in this country and anyone speaking that language by definition belongs here.

    If this compromise can be made the bad effects of low population growth rate can be compensated to some extent. I don’t think any Sinhalese would object to anyone calling themselves Sinhalese.

  29. Dilrook Says:

    The opposite extreme of mongrels is inbreeding.

    Inbreeding is mating between parents of genetically close affiliates. This creates inbreeding depression within their community.

    Jaffna Vellala Tamils run the serious risk of genetic disorders due to very heavy inbreeding. They have been very lucky so far to avoid serious genetic mutations due to inbreeding but things will change if it continues. This is mother nature’s way of forcing people to integrate. They never (very rarely) marry non-Vellala or eastern or Indian Tamils. They always marry within their community.

    In 1921 there were 517,000 Sri Lankan Tamils. Assuming half were Northern Tamils, their number was 258,500. Assuming 70% northern Tamils were Vellalas, their number was 180,950. Assuming the average family size of a Vellala family at that time was 6 (those families were very large), that gives 30,000 families. Given the exclusive matrimonial practices of the Vellala community, this is very small. In addition social class and wealth also restrict marriages within the community.

    This number explains why most Jaffna Vellala families have distant relatives married to each other. We are talking of less than a century ago not millennia.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for your response.
    Re the part : “What is the context of this?

    The links I gave relate to caste problems in Sri Lanka. Of course Tamil Nadu has similar problems but that is beyond our control”.

    I was meandering a bit there and what I wrote earlier only has indirect bearing on what you were writing about. I was taking off at a tangent on the subject of children born to refugees (I might add, plus illegal migrants) in both Lanka and Tamil Nadu refugee camps. I am sorry if I caused some confusion there.

    Many thanks for all of your evaluations in the important areas.

  31. Fran Diaz Says:

    On other matters : Re genetics, we do now have quite a healthy gene pool in Lanka, and we feel that there is no need for absorbing any more Tamil Nadu low caste/poor into Lanka, even if they want to be Sinhala. In Democratic Sri Lanka, they may end up in other ‘camps’ and retain vestiges of loyalty to Tamil Nadu !!

    ALL ILLEGAL MIGRANTS SHOULD BE DEPORTED. Re parents of children born to illegal migrants, they ought to be asked to decide whether they want Lanka or Tamil Nadu (Indian) citizenship. Dual citizenship should not be allowed as that would bring another plethora of problems as matters are not resolved in Tamil Nadu separatists activities or TNA activities in that area.

    All true born Lankan Tamils are ‘valued citizens’ of Lanka along with all others. However, re the hard core ltte cadre who are due to be released in mid-2012 (per GoSL news item), we feel that they should be re-habbed for a much longer period with hard labor penalty.

  32. Voice123 Says:

    Dilrook said “A large number of Indian Tamils become Sinhalese. They are not accepted into the Sri Lankan Tamil community but Sinhalese welcome anyone.”

    Agreed that genetic diversity is good social and scientific policy. However are you sure Sinhalese would welcome ANYONE?? I disagree. I think history has shown Sinhalese more readily accept Tamils and Malayalees but not, for example people from other continents and regions – for example – Africans, Europeans, Afghans, Arabs, Latin Americans, Malays, Chinese etc. Am I wrong? I say this because Fran Diaz raised a good point. Sinhalese are absorbing mostly Tamil genes and this has been going on for centuries mostly in one direction. In a few generations, Tamil racists will say Sinhalese are identical to Tamils and the validity of their point will become stronger each successive generation. They use other arguments to undermine Sri Lanka also, for example Tamil racists readily use the Vijaya story to say that Sinhalese should all be expelled from Sri Lanka to Bengal or Gujarat and the Sinhabahu legend to say Sinhalese are bestiality perverts. If the Tamilisation process goes on without further diversity, Tamil racists will sooner or later launch an all out takeover of strategically important Sri Lanka to annex it to a Greater Tamil Nadu. I dont know what the solution to this problem is but logic would suggest Sinhalese become more broadminded and less squeamish about accepting non-Tamil/non-Indian nationalities from far flung continents that dont pose a security threat to Sri Lanka. (All of us, after all are humans descended from the same remote ancestor). This policy would be the ideal counterpoint and anthisesis to India’s obnoxious caste system. Perhaps accept small numbers from as large a variety of remote countries as possible. In this way alone can we prevent an “identity takeover” by Tamil Nadu or by India. India’s ruling classes will naturally see this as against their interests and fight tooth and nail against this and will try and get their Western allies to oppose this, but we have to look after the interests of Sri Lankans above appeasing India.

  33. Fran Diaz Says:

    Rather than bringing in more diversity for the Sri Lankan gene pool, it would be better to upgrade and teach life skills to the people who are already Sri Lankan citizens. To my knowledge, Sri Lankans who marry foreigners abroad are welcome to bring their spouses back to Lanka. This is a natural method of adding diversity, rather than ‘importing’ foreigners to Lanka.

    Adding Gene pool diversity by ‘importing foreigners’ can come later after the existing Sri Lankans have achieved higher goals, both material & spiritual. It is the N&E that needs more southerners (both Sinhala, Tamil & Others), to settle down. The rest of Lanka, particularly the SW quarter is well populated.

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Sarath: The GA’s of those areas that were held by the ltte during those years were UNDER THE LTTE THUMB. The GAs merely said what the ltte wanted them to say. That is for sure.
    I recall that it was the UN (which was under the Norwegian & the rest of the west thumb), that first brought out the 300,000 figure in the ‘human shield’.
    Don’t worry – there never ever will be another 1983. That too was a trap that should have been investigated much more thoroughly and the results made public.

  35. jimmy Says:

    There are hundreds and thousands of Srilankans both Tamils and Sinhalese live all around the World
    If we work hard there is always a bright Future for us
    People are respected regardless of their color of the skin, cultcure or Personalities in many western Conutries
    The LAW protects the minority whether you are an Indian or Malay or Chinese or Srilankan
    You can sue if any one make you uncomfortable at work talking about your ethnicity or you are treated differently either at work or in Public places
    THE LAW is upheld in Western Countries. Western Countries are Chritian Countries. In USA our $$ note says
    IN GOD WE TRUST ( christian Faith)
    You have the right to worship your God , practise your cultcure , You have the ability to go anywhere in North America without Fear

    WE have to make sure my friend Bodhi, minority people in Srilanka also can go anywhere without fear or intimidation
    The same way you and me are protected by LAW in Western Countries , The minority in Lanka should be
    protected at all cost .

    Lord Budha said ” Truth is within you”
    Lord Jesus said ” heaven is within you”
    Lord Allah said ” Peace is within you”

    I have been to Qubec city and Montreal for my vacation. It is a beautiful place . I did not understand many roads because it was all marked in french . It looked different to me . Cultcure , architecture all differ from English.
    French are treated very well by Majority. I never heard minority french were killed by Majority .due to hatred
    I heard from my canadian friend who worked with me the Referendum by Qubec to separate from canada failed because French wanted to live within canada. I heard Qubec Separatists lost by 50000 votes
    There was never violence against these 2 races . There were no riots where innocent people got killed or women raped or houses burnt in Canada against French

    Spanish is the 2nd Language in New York and NJ . If you go to any Government offices there is a section for spanish speaking people
    I am sure Spanish may be 2nd Langiage in many other States also

    Srilanka is beautiful Island . Terrorisim is eliminated .
    Now what needs to be done is to eliminate racists who create hatred
    If the Government is serious about Unity they need to pass LAW against the SOBS who talk or write against race , cultcure and religions whether they are sinhalese or Tamils or Muslims or Bergers
    Take the monsters to Cleaers. Make them peniless

    It is not the time to write or speak hatred. Only people who do not want peace talk or write things like this

    Tamil Leaders should ask TNADU to shut up and not intefere Lankan issues because it creates uncomfortable feelings between the races

    Create Pschiatric clinics all over the country to spread love and Unity among races

    In Srilanka Tamils should reach out to Sinhalese and Sinhalese reach out to Tamils . Help each other in every way people can
    People should hoist Srilankan Flag all over the country and take oath of Allegiance to Srilanka

    severe punishment for people who create hatred speeches and writings

    I have met friends who went to Srilanka and came back .They are extremly pleased to see the deveopments,
    I give the credit to Government for this

    I am also sad to see the sufferings of the Tamils who lost their kin and kith in the War. It is beyond imagination what they went thro. They need support from every Srilankan regardless of race

    There are Srilankan Soldiers who died in the WAR, who lost their limps . Their families need support , these men also need help and compassion from All Srilankans regardless of race

    I earlier decided not to write or read Lanka web because I was uncomfortable to read some commecnts from some members which are too mean
    Any way I read this artcile
    Fran, I am not sure where you get the numbers 10000 illegals to Srilanka
    You are a man of integrity. I hope I am correct . I conceive a good opinion from your writings
    I hope you are not lying
    Where did you get the numbers
    TRUTH IS WITHIN YOU ( LORD BUDHA SAID). Are you telling the truth? who gave you this info?
    what makes you to think these people who already suffered in this war are not Srilankans but Indians
    That is too too mean to say . Correct?

    I belive now from your writings You are a sinhalese . Good Lord bless you and majority Sinhalese like you who have compassion for others


  36. Lorenzo Says:



    Bringing new migrants in whatever form is such a stupid idea. SL cannot do what Australia does. If SL does that only illiterate, poor and dirty bottom sections of south India will land here. Other countries get only quality and educated people!

    Keep it simple.


    It works well.

  37. Dilrook Says:

    Fran Diaz / Lorenzo

    Looks to me you have mixed two different issues.

    1 – I talked of genetics in the context of Vallala inbreeding only. It is not a reason to worry for Sri Lankans, mainly Sinhalese.

    2 – Awarding citizenship only to illegal immigrants who are proficient in Sinhala is not to further diversify genetics. As it is, diversification is sufficient. It is to increase the population growth of Sinhalese because now it is very low. I don’t want anyone to migrate to Sri Lanka. All I want is to accept illegal immigrants who are already in who are fluent in Sinhala.

  38. Dilrook Says:


    I would still say Sinhalese would accept anyone into the community.

    Over the years Arabs, Iranians, Chinese, Indonesians, Europeans, Bengalis, Russians, North Indians, Jews even Africans have been absorbed. After all we are in the middle of the Silk Road!

    Take Arabs for instance. We had been with them for over 3,000 years. Islam was introduced only in the 6th century which means at least for 15 centuries they were becoming Sinhalese (Buddhists). By the 12th century when Islam made the strongest lasting wave, early Arabic settlers’ decendants had already become Sinhala Buddhists.

    I will post a link if I can find which said Colombo had a sizable percentage of so many different ethnic groups from other countries in early 20th century including Maoris. You can’t see these distinct identities today because they have been absorbed in to the Sinhalese.

    Actually due to various reasons, Tamils and Malayalees were not fully integrated as others! I’m speaking relatively here. That is why they have retained a unique identity. Large numbers was the main reason.

    However, in the past they may have been the main contributors from outside to the Sinhala community.

    Agree with you that genetics is used by racists to tie Sinhalese to Bengali invaders like Jewsih invaders lead by Moses to Palestine. The Vijaya story clearly states there were people when they arrived. Elsewhere Mahavamsa clearly states Sinhalese come from Yakka, Naga, Kinnara, Rakshasa, Deva, etc. tribes that were present when Vijaya came.

    However, even genetics support the view that there was no Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka.

    South India has 3 main gene pools. Tamils in Sri Lanka belong to two of those gene pools. Jaffna Tamils are one. Others are the other. The fact that they belong to the same gene pools as in South India clearly shows, Tamils in the north are not very old. Had they been there for long, they would also have become a melting pot (or “mongrels” as one Tamil racist said) like the Sinhalese.

    Outside the north and east, these two gene pools are not found. Instead Sinhalese belong to a unique gene pool. That is due to heavy mixing in Sinhala majority areas.

    You may also note that Europeans called people of this island “Ceylonese” pronounced as Silanese. They called the majority Sinhalese pronounced as Sinalese.

    It is not rocket science to see the sameness between Silanese and Sinalese.

    No disrespect to anyone, but I kind of like this “mongrel” genetics which is far better than “mongal” genetics of inbreeding. It is nature’s way of telling, either integrate or go extinct.

  39. Voice123 Says:

    @Dilrook, no nation in the planet is “pure”, except perhaps the Vellala Tamils and High Caste Indians (but this type of inbreeding is very bad). I stand corrected. Sinhalese will sometimes accept people from different regions. A good example is the current cricket captain Tilekeratne Dilshan, who I am told is of Malay/Indonesian origin. Also the Kandyan kings accepted a small number of lost Englishmen to settle in his kingdom led by Robert Knox. Most of these men adopted Sri Lankan culture in its entirely.
    @Fran. You care correct. Sri Lanka is still a poor country and cannot support too many migrants. However it is my belief that the government already has in place a business migration type program that offers citizenship to a handful of foreigners who provide investments or otherwise contribute to the country.

  40. Dilrook Says:



    Tilekeratne Dilshan – hope he score long due centuries for a change in South Africa whatever his origins are!

  41. jimmy Says:

    Shame on you Dilook fellow and Voice 123 : Shame on you Dilook fellow and Voice 123 : Shame on you Dilook fellow and Voice 123
    You must be kidding to talk about inbreeding , and race in the 21st century.
    . I will pray for both of you to make you good human beings to be accepted as normal among civilized society

    How do you like if you are treated like a 3rd class citizen in a country you live. You do not want it to happen to others the way you treat others
    I hope you guys may be old farts ( over 80 years of age). I can feel it from your writing . I am not sure one of you might have been involved in 83 riots . Who knows ?
    You have to meditate to remove the killing insticts from you . Pray in your temple . I will pray for both of you . My God Jesus will heal your sickness so you will not commit nurder or any sick things

    As I said before inorder to have peace in Srilanka racists should be eliminated who write and talk against other races, religions and cultcure
    You may not be able to write like this to western newspapers unless you are ready to give every penny you earned to Judiciary or spend your last years of your old age in Prison

    Terrorrisim is eliminated . It is the time to arrest people who speak or write against other races. I have a dream there will be everlasting peace in Srilanka for ever because Majority of Srilankans are for Peace unlike these two monsters who commented

    Government must pass Law to arrest people who write or talk against other races cultcure and religion

    Bye Peace

  42. jimmy Says:

    Forgive me Dirlook and Voice123

    I am very sensitive when any one attack other race cultcure or religion.
    I re read the comments and I do feel there are things hurtful but I have no right to say bad things about you both. Apologize guys.
    I get into trouble when I write . I am not going to write any more

    I promise you both I am going to pray for you both to remove the demons and give you happiness and Peace
    so you will be kind and compassionate to the minority also

    wish you all happy Christmas and New year

  43. Fran Diaz Says:


    My concerns are with ILLEGAL MIGRANTS and not with the gene pool, the latter being healthy enough, in my opinion.


    To Others :

    I am continuing on the theme of ILLEGAL MIGRATION :

    Whilst we are aware of the past entrants, historically speaking, into Lanka as ‘migrants’ thus loosely classified in the early times, I am referring to the ILLEGAL MIGRANTS who have entered Lanka in the past few decades (say, 30 yrs) plus present day ILLEGAL entrants.

    Lax attitudes toward ILLEGAL MIGRANTS have resulted in Lanka being used as spot to launch Revolutions & Insurgencies. Why aren’t other islands in the Indian Ocean used as launching pads for such activities ?
    Take the attack on the Maldivian govt. when Pres.Gayoom was in power (Nov 1988). Abdulla Luthufee, who led the attack, said (in an interview to the Island newspp), that he came to COLOMBO in a boat (no visa, therefore ILLEGAL ENTRANT), and went to a duck farm north of Colombo from where he planned & launched his adventures. Take Prabhakaran’s father who was an illegal migrant into Lanka. P’s father became a govt. employee and seemingly integrated, yet his son led a massive Caste War in North Lanka, culminating as a war against the GoSL (any GoSL). Today, the ill effects of that war is still reverberating at an International level, using that whole issue plus 1983 Riots (which was another set up to advance the Tamil cause of Separatism), the Language Act, Human Rights etc. to keep down and control the growth of Lanka. Apart from the local uprisings through the JVP (which I think was due mainly to 500 yrs under the Colonial yoke), our able leaders from every side have been assassinated in the name of ‘revolution’ for virtual outsiders. All due to ILLEGAL MIGRANTS and their progeny. Even today, the ltte rump abroad are exerting their influence over the rest of the Tamil population abroad for their ill begotten cause in Lanka, as evinced by numerous articles to this website. When do these negative acts stop ? Where is the loyalty to the land that nurtured them in their hour of need ? Also, various other factions within the island will absorb illegal migrants into their unsavory Causes, which Causes are highly detrimental to the Nations sense of unity.

    In my opinion, a firm stand re ILLEGAL MIGRATION is central to the solution. Imitate the present day Laws re Immigration in countries such as Britain. Britain suffered the same fates long centuries ago, as Lanka is presently suffering, when various invaders arrived on her shores to cause death and mayhem there, and has learnt her lessons well resulting in stringent Laws governing legal migrants.

    I have NO grouse with LEGAL MIGRANTS who offer useful services in Lanka. I am not including tea plucking into this category. Tea plucking should be done by local people already in Lanka, whichever ethnicity, or by machines as in some other countries. If tea plucking is included in this category of services to justify legal migrants, then low caste/poor Tamils from Tamil Nadu will keep pouring into Lanka. Tea plucking is an honorable job, pleasant & healthy as it outdoors.
    In the case of legal entrants, have proper rules to govern such entrants such as learning spoken Sinhala, and English as the link language. But, merely having some spoken Sinhala should not be a qualification to be a Sri Lankan citizen. They must learn some history of the country and answer a question paper and also take an Oath of Allegiance, and bring in enough fiances to support themselves. All legal migrants & all Citizens of Lanka must take an Oath of Allegiance, including the TNA MPs. Computerised records ought to be kept by the relevant Ministries, points of entry, on all legal migrants, as is done in the developed countries, and made available to the senior members of the armed forces, including senior members of police.
    Is a thorough background/police check done on legal migrants prior to awarding citizenship at a proper ceremony, as is done in the west ? What is their level of education ?

    I presume people like Arthur C. Clarke were honorary citizens, and that is a good idea. As it is, anyone with some money can download as a migrant into Lanka – am I right ?
    How weak we are as a Nation in safeguarding ourselves ! It is pointless howling after the damage is done. Anyone who thinks that Tamil Nadu social problems and resultant illegal migrations are now over is very naive indeed.

    Safeguarding Lanka through the Law is the major priority for anyone who wants peace and genuine reconciliation & trust building. To all those who say that there are no Illegal Migrants in Lanka : We challenge them to PROVE that there are NO Illegal Migrants in Lanka.

    If we are wise, we will use all this strife as an opportunity to grow as a unified and wholesome Nation, or alternatively degenerate into endless insurgencies & rebellions. Which path would you choose ?

  44. brahamin Says:

    The whole topic has got sidetracked into “illegal migration”. Obviously, any country which values its soverignity needs to stamp out illegal migration and there is NO DEBATE about it. And if anyone migrates into the country, he should have a working knowledge of the Majority Language rather than a minority language like tamil.
    The issue is Language services to Tamils. The Muslims are today nearly the same percentage as the tamils. But they don’t have the problems that the Tamils are pretending to have. They can communicate with the Sinhalese or the tamils. That is how the Tamils need to go, and Ann Abesekera or Sasanka perera should say that instead of talking about Tamilservices.
    By the way, does anybody know the e-mail address of Ann Abesekera and/or sasanka Perera?

  45. Voice123 Says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Sorry to have hurt your religious feelings but dont you think that higher forms of Hinduism opposes separatism, casteism and racism? For example:

    “The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision a learned and gentle brahmin, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater [outcaste]. ” – Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 5, verse 18.

    If you live in the West, as you say you do, you would also know that first cousin-first cousin marriage (as encouraged by some castes in India) is also frowned upon. Thanks for your prayers. I am praying for you too.

  46. Fran Diaz Says:

    brahmin: You say : “… if anyone migrates into the country, he should have a working knowledge of the Majority Language rather than a minority language like tamil”. That is not happening. Why ? because of illegal migration. The topic of ‘illegal migration’ is relevant to Tamil language services. Tamil language services have become more than just an ordinary necessity because Tamil illegal migrants do not know Sinhala or English. They only know Tamil.

  47. Lorenzo Says:

    Brahmin or Bodhi,

    Illegal immigration is connected to the language issue.

    Tamils are learning Sinhala. Slow but it is happening.

    But it is of little use because more and more Tamil Nadu illegal immigrants stuff the Tamil community. They know no Sinhala. This always keeps a certain percentage of Tamils without the Sinhala knowledge.

    If we can TOTALLY BLOCK illegal migration, the Tamil society in SL will fall in line. Not otherwise.

  48. jimmy Says:

    Thank you Voice 123 for your prayers. I feel better . You made my day
    Please keep on praying for me
    and I will do the same. I did pray for both of you and I am sure you both will find Peace
    When I go to church I will pray for both you and Dirlook again

    here this is what I was talking about all the time. we have to look after each other , be compassionate to each other
    I feel better after my sinhala friend prayed for me . I appreciate his prayers
    Sinhalese should help pray for Tamils and Tamils should do the same for sinhalese we have to love respect each other eventhough we may speak different language , different cultcure
    i hope you all understand my point


    I wish you all happy christmas and New year . God bless you all
    I am not going to write or read lanka web for a while

  49. Dilrook Says:


    Inbreeding within the Jaffna Vellala community is well know. Yes, even in the 21st century it is happening.

    Here is an extract from

    …The recent debacle of Tamils in Sri Lanka is not a feat by the Singhalese or China or Indians. The defeat came from within us, the division based on the caste system introduced by the Nordics. A caste system is a way of silent genocide by causing inbreeding depression. In the science of genetics, when smaller populations intra-breed inbreeding depression is introduced. No suspects, no one is guilty and no laws to prosecute the felon. If you want to divide a community just subliminally introduce division and they will destroy themselves. Tamils are said to be a community strongly divided by their caste system and weakly united by their language and religion….

    This is the reality you must face (than avoid) and correct it.

    Looks like broad minded Tamils are already accepting it so that they can correct it than live in denial. A good sign.

  50. Ariya Says:


    Anne Abeysekera has NO idea there is a “reply” to her letter to the Island newspaper in November, so it should be sent to the Island for publication.

    Then again, Anne is a German Jew living in Sri Lanka for ages, while Bodhi is a Sinhalese (?) living in Quebec for less than the time Anne is living here. Can you see the drift?

    It is pretty easy to write about things one doesn’t know and FROM Quebec.

  51. nilwala Says:

    The Tamils WANT the Language Policy to fail – more reason to justify their separatist agenda. Clearly the old double standard is alive and well, as shown by the West deliberately ignoring the failure of multiculturalism in Canada, USA etc..
    Bodhi has written a good article and should send it to The Island Opinion page.

  52. Ariya Says:

    Sorry Barahamin, I made a mistake here about Anne Abeysekera. I was thinking of Anne Ranasinghe.

  53. Lorenzo Says:



    Already over 95% people can speak Sinhala. If the remaining 5% learn it problem solved.

    Tamils in SL today are also a migrant community just like in USA, UK or Australia. Tamils who lived here for thousands of years had thousands of years to learn Sinhala and they DID. Good on them. Most of them are Sinhalese today. Never forget Sinhalese origins include Tamils. It is MOSTLY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who are not fluent in Sinhala.

    During the LTTE de facto rule, over 400,000 Tamil Nadu illegal immigrants came to/illegally stayed in the country. They are the problem. Once they leave or learn Sinhala there is no problem here.

    In India Tamils are encouraged to learn Hindi but Hindi speakers don’t have to learn any other language!

    Muslims, upcountry Tamils, Malays, European descendants, Veddhas and ALL other minorities are already Sinhala speaking. So don’t drag them in to this.

  54. Fran Diaz Says:

    Take the facts as they exist :

    * No Tamil language taught actively in states adjoining Tamil Nadu i.e. Kerala, Andrapradesh, Karnataka. If these states do not feel the necessity to teach Tamil, why should Lanka which is a separate sovereign state ?
    * No one is going to Tamil Nadu for job opportunities or to migrate there.
    * Lanka will receive a lot of Tamil films of no value if Tamil language is made a must for children
    * Lanka may well become a satellite of Tamil Nadu
    * Sinhala will get side lined with time as more and more Tamil culture expands into Lanka

    * Mr “Pethiyagoda” says : “We must not allow petty issues to divide the brotherly bond between Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala in this resplendent isle ..” Sure, we must not let petty issues divide us. We can seek other less petty, more meaningful avenues of ‘brotherly bonds’ rather than indulge in petty issues. For instance, learning Sc&Tech from a young age will serve all our children, Sinhala, Tamil & Muslim (which, by the way is a religion and not an ethnicity), far better than waste time learning languages that does not serve a good purpose. English is a very useful link language. Tamil can be learnt by those need to do so, for whatever reason. Sinhala must stay as the main language of the land from time immemorial.
    Learning Sc&Tech will serve the whole Nation and form bonds between ethnic groups too.

  55. Voice123 Says:

    @Jimmy, thanks for your support but please dont refer to me as “Sinhala”. I am not Sinhala. I am Sri Lankan. Thanks.

  56. Christie Says:

    Tamils have not lived as long as the Sinhalese in the Island.
    Tamils and other Indians came on the back of the British Raj since 1792, first as foot mennof the Royal Madras regiment, then tax collectors and administrators, then road builders, then agin as soldiers to take over Kandy Kingdom in1815, then as merchants and administrators, after that coffee plantation workrs and last as tea plantation workers.
    There is no other group of people anywhere in the world who have close relatives and almost the exact religion, language, culture etc like Tamils in tamil Nadu and the island.
    British Isles and Europe are similar to Ceylon and India. Where are the Romns, Vikings and French who arrived in British Isles.
    This concept of ethinicity is a concept in countries lik USA, Australia and Canada whre the local inhabitants have been wiped out and those who arrived after the British are called ethinics.

    Time for the Sinhalese, Moors, Burghers and Malays to Unite and fight for their basic rights in economic freedom from tha tamils and other Indians.

  57. Christie Says:

    Tamils have not lived as long as the Sinhalese in the Island.
    Tamils and other Indians came on the back of the British Raj since 1792, first as foot mennof the Royal Madras regiment, then tax collectors and administrators, then road builders, then agin as soldiers to take over Kandy Kingdom in1815, then as merchants and administrators, after that coffee plantation workrs and last as tea plantation workers.
    There is no other group of people anywhere in the world who have close relatives and almost the exact religion, language, culture etc like Tamils in tamil Nadu and the island.
    British Isles and Europe are similar to Ceylon and India. Where are the Romns, Vikings and French who arrived in British Isles.
    This concept of ethinicity is a concept in countries lik USA, Australia and Canada whre the local inhabitants have been wiped out and those who arrived after the British are called ethinics.

    Time for the Sinhalese, Moors, Burghers and Malays to Unite and fight for their basic rights in economic freedom from tha tamils and other Indians.

  58. Fran Diaz Says:

    For Economic Freedom, we have to become as Self Sufficient as much as possible. The art of importing and selling should become less and less with time.
    To be Self Sufficient we have to become a smart Nation, learned in Sc&Tech, especially Medical (alternative meds.included), Food Technology and all aspects of Engineering, including Environmental.

  59. Marco Says:

    LLRC Report in full

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