Is Aggression and Destruction Necessary to Solve Problems?
Posted on December 27th, 2011

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Globalization is important in opening-up global markets, culture, people and economic activity.  However, it also inherently influences minimizing inter-cultural contact, and increasing unhealthy competitions leading to intranational and international conflicts.  In general, the West as well as some large multinational companies also uses globalization platform with hidden agendas including trade advantages, spreading religions, and to strengthen political and military power bases in the region.  Such are known to cause conflicts like recent wars and disturbances, worldwide.  In fact, fighting wars should not be an option in any disagreement.

Anger & frustrations

Responding with force against force will only destroy both parties.  Most recent examples include wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have not brought peace, but rather carnage instead.  These large-scale destruction of infrastructure and human life in the affected countries has generated opportunities for industrialized countries to sell their services and products, trafficking weapons causing more misery, all the while capturing reconstruction dollars for themselves; examples are numerous.

Fighting will not resolve issues

Many interventions and invasions conducted by outside forces in recent years were under the guise of controlling a crisis, establishing democracy, or overcoming an eminent of “ƒ”¹…”threat’; but in most cases like in the case of invasion of Iraq, documentation of these crises or threats have been lacking.  Furthermore, these kinds of interventions frequently have significant unintended negative consequences.  Instead of solving the so-called crisis, frequently the situations become worse following an invasion.  The Iraq invasion is one such example that will go in history books.

There are no winners of wars:

Whether brutal actions and counteractions are taken between two countries, two societies, two companies, or two individuals, the same principle will apply.  There are no true winners of war, but rather a plethora of losers and casualties.  However, there may be third-party bystanders who cash in from a materialistic standpoint – companies and a handful of governments who supply arms and ammunition to fighting parties.  The damage of war is not just limited to the two parties most directly involved, but also to those around them, many time innocent bystanders.  Social well-being, societal friendship, unity, and prosperity are destroyed, often for decades to come.  Fighting to the death may not be the right thing to do.

Think twice

Fundamentally speaking, greed, arrogance, foolishness, jealousy and the intention to gain and sustain power are the key reasons for fighting wars in this world.  Extreme materialism and greed override realism and rationalism.  People and leaders become so shortsighted that war or destroying the other party, becomes their only clear option.  These could be between countries, between two rival companies or even two individuals.  At that point unfortunately, no amount of reasoning or negotiation will work.  We witnessed a classic example in recent years: the carnage and destruction wrought by the LTTE, secondary to a handful of hard-core psychopaths led by Prabhakaran.

Wars kill people:

Destruction of wars

Historically, the highest war casualties have been due to religious wars, numbering many millions.   The next leading cause of war casualties have been water-wars.  Unfortunately, the latter is expected to escalate in the coming years.  In fact, water-resource based wars may even trigger a third world war within the next two-to-four decades, arising in the Middle East.  The other veiled threat rests with global power(s) hoping to spread out in an octopus-like expansion fueled by greed, materialism and wealth.  Other potential etiologies of serious global conflicts are the desire for scarce resources such as energy/gasoline and the control of global economy (i.e., key trading materials) and currency domination.  In this regards, one needs to carefully watch the behavior of China and Russia, along with the population explosion in selected populations/countries, and the potential collective destructive irrational actions arising from the Middle Eastern countries.

Do we need armies? 

Armies and barricades exist to “ƒ”¹…”protect’ their represented groups; this desire arises out of a fear of those outside the group “”…” i.e., from a fear of their fellow human beings.  This scenario also applies to the barricaded or gated communities in Western counties, especially in the United States.  The question is why one needs such extra-ordinary protections from other human beings.  Even if we ignore greed, jealousy and resentment for a moment, if one lives in a “truly democratic society or a county,” then why do people have to be fearful and be suppressed?  If one person, or for that matter, a ruler of a given country, practice loving-kindness, compassion, fairness and generosity, not taking revenge and retaliations against his or her own populace, aggression within and from outside will decrease tremendously.

Gandhian concept of peace

It would not be a surprise that one would be afraid of “other humans,” when one engages in wrongdoings.  The saying goes “what goes around eventually comes around”; albeit, sometimes the karmic return may take its time.  All major world religions preach, at some level, peace and happiness “”…” the disconnect has been how these teachings have been interpreted and implemented.

Why we need fair rulers?

Leaders/rulers governing a country by Dasa-raja-dharma, as per the Buddha’s teachings, could help eliminate unrest, uncertainties, inequalities, and corruptions, while promoting peace, harmony, unity, prosperity, and happiness.  Now a days, it is rare to see such honest and dedicated individuals with no hidden-agendas governing countries.  Lack of these fundamentals frequently leads to disharmony, disunity, fighting, and misery.  Basic understanding of good governance can eliminate this.

The famed Buddhist Emperor of India, Dharmasoka, ruled according to Dassa-rajadharma.(English meaning)  He even fed animals in the jungle and set up hospitals for animals.  For the sake of their fellow citizens, the present rulers of the world should begin to emulate Emperor Dharmasoka.

Spread of peace via meditation

Democracy does need to be imposed.  Good and fair governance will automatically leads to true democracy in a country.  This is exactly what the Emperor, Ashoka the pious did, from 258 B.C.E. onwards for four decades.  King Asoka’s famous rock edict reads, “May the Dhamma last as long as my sons and grandsons, and the sun and the moon will be, and may the people follow the path of the Dhamma, for if one follows the path, happiness in this and in the other worlds will be attained.”  The chakkavattisihanada Sutta offers additional guidance for good governance. 

We need mediation, mediation and compassionate practices, rather than wars

All world religions teach love, peace, and harmony.  It is the individual practitioners, who misinterprets and use religious teachings for personal advantage and to fulfill their hidden agendas.

Buddhist mediation is universally applicable, and there is no barrier preventing anyone from practicing it.  Such practice would spread the message of peace, harmony, and happiness.  Whether a country has a defence force or not, if the practices are widespread, they will prevent internal fighting and external invasions.  In this new millennium, it is unfortunate that the highest percentage expenditure of GDP in most countries is spend on the military; a trillion dollar industry.  Production and selling of military hardware is a thriving industry, but comes at the expense of the misery of people, families, societies, and countries.  Currently, it is believe to be the most monetarily profitable business in the world, but brings untold misery to the peoples of the world.

Making the right decision

Spending this much of GDP on the military complex seems as foolish as reactively spending over 80% of the health care budget in any country on “acute hospital-based medicine” rather than proactively investing in “preventative medicine” to minimize illness in the first place.  Unfortunately, both these examples are happening in the majority of countries in the world including in Sri Lanka and the Unites States.  Consequently, education, healthcare, infrastructure, food-production, and most importantly peace, health, social-well being, and happiness are left behind.  These would not reflect as good “happiness indexes” in a country, or can be identifying as fair, sustainable democracies.

Aggression will only destroy

Over the past two decades, the world witnessed the break-up of several countries into smaller and often unsustainable nation states.  From the Western perspective, this gives the illusion of decreased threat from “ƒ”¹…”that country’; the West also believes that these actions will assist to maintain their global domination.  Example of this includes the USSR, which dissolved into 15 states, and lead to continued unrest and internal wars.  So as with Yugoslavia, Kosovo, East-Timor, Palestine, Darfur, Southern Sudan, Iraq, etc.  Balkanization has developed into a pattern and many of the assets and highly skilled and

Wise men make wise decisions

qualified workers have moved to neighboring countries (i.e., “ƒ”¹…”stolen’ by others).  For example, once Yugoslavia turned into a disaster zone, much of its qualified skilled workforce moved to the European Union, further adding to the economic downturn and destabilization of this county.  This is continuing to happen in all affected countries.

We all know that power corrupts; but more importantly, the possibility of losing power corrupts even more.  Nevertheless, the power afforded the rulers of all governments comes with responsibilities.  These include protecting the country, its environment and inhabitants; provision of basic human needs such as, food, safe and clean water, housing, healthcare, education; infrastructure development, and the facilitation and sustainment of economic opportunities for people.  Without provision of the above-mentioned, there will be no sustainable democracy or peace in a given country.

Revitalization of Buddhism by monks:

We must not forget that in most predominantly Buddhist countries including Lanka (Hela), Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, etc., at appropriate and critical time points, Buddhist monks come forward to protect and safeguard the religion and consequently the country.  While, Buddhism in India succumbed to brutal foreign invasions, the religious and cultural roots embedded in the Lankan communities were too deep to be destroyed by 500 years of vicious ruling by the Western invaders.  The Buddhist Sangha came to rescue Buddha’s teachings and thereby, Lanka””‚Helabima, at critical points of Lankan history.  If necessary, they will come forward again in the future; right time for the right reason, with right attitude.  Review of the History of Buddhism in Lanka gives plenty of such examples and this tendency will continue in the future (for those who are interested reading specific examples, please read “The Intertwined Histories of Buddhism and Sri Lanka”, by Sunil Wimalawansa, 2011).

Solving seemingly insolvable problems:

When confronted with problematic decision, wise rulers would to come with an amicable and sustainable solution; both parties minimize their suspicion and egos and have to make small, many time apparently insignificant sacrifices.  In the case of such disagreements between two leaders, rival groups, societies, or industries, one should take albeit seemingly small and positive gestures towards satisfactorily resolving the issue.

Fair agreements nurture peace and prosperity

 For examples, offering a plan of settlement with good will, a pardon without conditions, etc., not only for the parties directly involved in the confrontation(s), but also for the sake of peace, prosperity, and stability of a country.  The party which is receiving some benefit must also accept it without any conditions attached to it.  However, the long term success depends on restrains of making justification(s) and claiming victories. Other parties who have the ability to mediate can create a stage where in advance, people who support both sides are prepared to not to take this as a victory for either party.

Victory breeds hatred; The defeated live in pain,
Happily the peaceful live, Giving up victory and defeat
– Dammapada

The true victory as described by the Buddha is a victory in which everyone wins.

We anticipate that these brief articles that appear in this column will initiate peaceful, healthy and positive discussions, that devoid of personal attacks.  

May the Noble Triple Gem bless you

Sunil J. Wimalawansa

Professor of Medicine, Endocrinology, Physiology, & Integrative Biology   

22 Responses to “Is Aggression and Destruction Necessary to Solve Problems?”

  1. mjaya Says:

    **The Buddhist Sangha came to rescue Buddha’s teachings and thereby, Lanka—Helabima, at critical points of Lankan history. If necessary, they will come forward again in the future; right time for the right reason, with right attitude. **

    Exactly! It is something which (not surprisingly) Ben Silva omits all the time. Starting from King Dutugemunu (whose chief backing came from the Maha Sangha) all the way to Ven. Kudapola Rahula Thero and Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thero, in the time of need the Maha Sangha put everything aside (including seeking Nirvana) and rallied the people to fight the enemy.

    The Sinhalese people in Sri Lanka are no bit less competitive than any other people on earth. This is another fictitious invention by none other than (UK residing) Ben Silva, just like his statement “India and China dumped Buddhism and became developed (overnight!)”.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    With all due respect to everyone……

    “Is Aggression and Destruction Necessary to Solve Problems?”

    For some problems, destruction certainly helps.

    e.g. LTTE menace, JVP menace, even the destruction of mosquito breeding places and homo sapience wiping out Neanderthal humans from the face of the earth

    Unfortunately giving up victory by one group today leads to the other group striving for victory against the first group. This is the reality. So in this context it is better to live in victory than in defeat. In the case of SL, there will NEVER be a time when both Tamil nationalists and Sri Lankans can live in victory/peace. One MUST lose for the other to win.

    Defeated Tamil nationalists MUST live in the pain of defeat for there to be peace. But if anyone of them gives up Tamil nationalism, then they have ALL the reasons to share the joy of victory. They are most welcomed to do so.

    Sri Lanka has 69% of its population Buddhists. When the nation decides, it cannot only consider the Buddhist point of view. It must consider the spiritual views of all and MORE importantly WORLDLY desires of the people.

  3. Ben_silva Says:

    As Lorenzo pointed out, aggression and destruction is needed and essential to solve certain kind of problems. If we did not use aggression and destruction, we would be still under LTTE terrorism. Fortunately our leaders realised this and selected the correct path. Agression and destruction was needed to save the world from Hitler. If there is a threat of force, there should be a use of or at least a threat of use of superior force. If we are not prepared to fight, we become victims of Bullies and get involved in unnecessary wars. The Sikhs learn the need for aggression and changed their religion, to prevent being victims of Muslim aggression. We have not learnt.
    The good Prof. is promoting, with very good intentions, the politics of Nalanda Buddhists and even Tibetian Buddhists.

  4. mjaya Says:

    **The Sikhs learn the need for aggression and changed their religion, to prevent being victims of Muslim aggression. We have not learnt.**
    Again another typical Ben Silva statement. Ever heard of King Dutugemunu?

    **The good Prof. is promoting, with very good intentions, the politics of Nalanda Buddhists and even Tibetian Buddhists.**
    Can’t you read? If you can solve a problem without hurting anyone that should be done. If you can’t then its plan B. You don’t beat up someone for standing in your way Ben, you say “Excuse me!” first.

    **Religion shold be a thing of ther past and should be dumped as Indians and Chinese have done.**
    (Ben fidgeting at the keyboard during a palpitation). In this world Indians and Chinese have not dumped religion. They have probably done so in your imagination. This statement is too ridiculous to even respond to (just google religion in India or China).

    **Instead, universal morality and values need to be promoted.**
    Yes you can start from the Pancha-Seela (no killing or harming another living being, no stealing, no adultery, no malicious deception and avoid intoxicants)

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    But nothing stops Buddhists from defending themselves and their nation from aggressors.

    Buddhism NEVER stood in our way of ANNIHILATING Tamil invaders (e.g. 161 BC, 1070 AD, 2009 AD). We ANNIHILATED them with GREAT JOY! Then we built world’s greatest Buddhist temples.

    After 161 BC – The Great Ruwanweliseya
    After 1070 AD – Gal Vihara
    After 2009 AD – many in the north. Some are rehabilitated.

    King Walagamba ANNIHILATED Tamil invaders REPEATEDLY the last instance being so viciously that they never turned back. After that what did he do? He did one of the most noble things ever done by any king. He sponsored the documentation of the Buddhist holy book.

    We MUST learn from our own history how Buddhism never stood in the way of %^&*#ing Tamil invaders. We MUST do the same today.

    The horse has a place and the cart has a place. If you put the cart before the horse, you won’t be going anywhere.

    If anyone tells us a different way from what our forefathers did, he is an ***** ignorant of both Buddhism and our great history.

    No one among us, I say NO ONE, can be a better Buddhist than King Dutugemunu. Stop pretending to be one.

  6. wasantha Says:

    There were wars during the Buddha’s own time. The Buddha never interfered with the governing of a kingdom. Kings have visited the Buddha before going to wars.
    Sri Lanka was a prosperous Buddhist country before the Christian European invaded and destroyed our Buddhist culture(not totally thank gods). We made enough wars to protect mainly the Buddhism. India’s glory was during its Buddhist past. The Muslim marauders couldn’t have been stopped until the Europeans got together and started the crusade, where two rival inhuman civilisations meet each other in wars killed each other to this day.
    India could not have avoided the Muslim marauders, with or without Buddhism. Anyway when these Hell’s angels invaded India was completely a Mahayana type of Buddhists. Much more powerful countries like Turkey, Persia, have fallen to this menace. Sri Lanka again spared by both Muslim and Christian marauders. Both are two sides of the same coin.
    It looks the evil is spreading throughout the world.
    The Buddhists in Sri Lanka may be just over 70% but with Hindus Sri Lanka culture amiable to both Buddhism and Hinduism is around 90%.

  7. Ben_silva Says:

    Let me be clear. I have promoted competition (learning to compete , survive and win ) , strong defence and dumping unproven Indian myths. Economists say those that cannot compete will not survive and scientists and thinkers say religion is a thing of the past. I merely echoed these views.. I have echoed the views of Clark et al, that religion is a thing of the past I never promoted racism or harming innocent people, on the basis of their ethnicity. I do not think Buddhism promote violence either – just weak on defence.. I am wondering what Lorenzo is on about. ? Who is trying to be Dutugemunu ?
    On the other hand Buddhism says give up desires and aim for extinction (Nirvana). Even Indians do not believe it any more.
    An interesting question is if the Indians had a fighting spirit (rather than a passive Buddhist spirit ) and was prepared for aggression, would they have defeated Muslims. Did the Sinhala Buddhists do enough to defend the country from Western imperialists ? It was the Sinhala Buddhists who handed over the country to the British.
    All am saying is learn and evolve rather than living in the past.
    Why is that a large number of Sinhalese living as second class citizens in their own country ?

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    We are now addressing religion and security measures.

    Some Ideas on How to Secure Internal Security, whatever the religion :

    (1) All Core Teachings of any religion get suspended in any wars in any part of the world. Prof. Wimalawansa is right – we must first attempt to stop/avoid war anywhere in the world. The UN was created for just that purpose after WW I & II. Both World Wars started from land locked Germany. Today, Germany has laws to take care of its people & the economy, enforced by then American Pres. Harry Truman’s German Constitution. Worker representation on company Boards to ensure fair play to workers and avoid foul play of investors’ monies by CEOs. Also, payment of part of workers’ wages by the govt. there to ensure that there is no loss of jobs during recessions, are part of the measures taken by the German govt. now, enforced through by Pres.Truman’s German Constitution. Basically, the wage earner of a family is looked after and peace reigns. These are preventive measures to be imitated to prevent strife within the country that leads to future trouble. During the last recession in the west, Germans had no problems. There has to be social security net/fund to ensure that workers get paid even during recessions.

    (2) Also, we need to aim to be self sufficient in Basic Needs of Food, clothing & shelter.

    (3) We may also have to have our armed forces active for a very long time, not only for security issues, but also for humanitarian needs in times of environmental disasters.

    (4) With the Law, plus new Laws perhaps, and Buddhist attitudes to give a free education (switch now to mainly Sc&Tech for creative thinking & jobs) and health care, we can succeed in taking care of our existing society.
    But, can we afford to look after hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu ? What are we going to do with illegal migrants already in Lanka ? Protecting Sri Lanka from outsiders mainly means guarding the coastline and stopping illegal migrants. In this regard, Tamil Nadu ‘fishermen’ have to be watched along with certain local institutions and Tamil leaders, and those who over stay their visas must be deported.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    1. Parts of India were invaded and ruled by Muslim invaders.
    Buddhist Maldives was invaded and converted to Islam.
    Indonesia, Malaysia, same story.

    Did it happen in SL? Had they tried it, we would have ****** them as we did with the other invaders.

    2. Didn’t countries around the world fall into the hands of British colonialists?

    If so why blame only SL?

    If you care to look, you can see SL was much better in BOTH instances. Why?

    3. My religion says, if anyone slaps you, turn the other cheek too. If anyone slaps me, I will **** his/her clan instead of turning the other cheek!

    People don’t follow teachings to the letter. Far from it.

    Why do you refuse to take in these facts? They are not accidents.

  10. mjaya Says:

    Lorenzo said **Why do you refuse to take in these facts? They are not accidents.**
    So Ben, now it is clear that people aren’t as gullible as you think they are……………..(looking in the mirror may help)

    **An interesting question is if the Indians had a fighting spirit (rather than a passive Buddhist spirit ) and was prepared for aggression, would they have defeated Muslims. Did the Sinhala Buddhists do enough to defend the country from Western imperialists ? It was the Sinhala Buddhists who handed over the country to the British.**
    As I have previously highlighted traitors can be (and always will be) found among all people of the world. Judas betrayed Jesus Christ to the Romans, Brutus betrayed Julius Ceaser, Vidkun Quisling betrayed Norway to Hitler.

    Statements like this are an insult people who gave their lives for our freedom like Keppitipola Maha Adikaram, Weera Puran Appu, Gongalegoda Banda and Kudapula Rahula Thero by fighting against British domination.

    As usual you live in an imaginary world where India wasn’t colonized by the British! The only countries the British didn’t capture were Ethiopia, Thailand and countries that were already colonies of France, Portugal, Holland or Spain.

    **I have echoed the views of Clark et al, that religion is a thing of the past**
    **All am saying is learn and evolve rather than living in the past.**
    Well “Mano Pubbangama Dhamma” (the mind is above everything) is the embodiment of reason over blind faith. It is as modern as you can get. It is true Buddhism in Sri Lanka has acquired certain traditional aspects. Some are benign and form the basis of our culture and identity. The Kandy Perahera is one such tradition. Though I don’t believe in “evil spirits” (but very much do so in malicious human beings) I am not against Thovil as well.

    There are some harmful traditional practices which we should come out of. One is the use of horoscopes to predetermine our destiny (from education, marriage to profession). Wasting coconuts to curse people at a Devala is another.

    **Why is that a large number of Sinhalese living as second class citizens in their own country ?**
    There are a number of reasons for that (had you bothered to read the article “ළඟ එන නත්තල වෙනුවෙන් ටර්කි කෑමට අලුත් සෝස් එකක් සමග ‘සුන්දර-කබර’ ආර්ථික ප්රතිපත්තියක්” by Geethanjana you would be able to understand a few – probably you didn’t understand the language :D). Also Sinhalese aren’t the only second class citizens in Sri Lanka. Does Rizana Nawfeek’s family live as first class citizens? Do a majority of the estate working Tamils live as first class citizens?

  11. Christie Says:

    Hope this post will not be removed.

    “Gandhian concepts of peace” with a pix of him.

    Mohandas Karamchand volunteered as a pole bearer to the poverful British Regiments that were wiping out brave worrior Zulus in KwaZulu natal of South Africa with fire power. Zulus did not have fire arms like the Sinhalese. (remember the British came with Madras Regiments to take over Dutch possions and later the Kandyan Kingdom of the island nation) He wnated to bring as many Indians as possible to Africa to colonise Africa and he wrote to the British requesting the same. He refused to travel with local blacks in trains. He made his finacial and political fortunes from Black Africa. Remeber he could not make a penny from his own high caste Indians when he returned to India after his law studies in London. He went to KwaZulu Natal as a Magistrate paid by British. His first case involved a Tamil.

    He slept with very young girls as a Brahmin and was gay. He is the most celebrated paedophile in the world.

    He was instrumental in setting up the Indian Intelligence Service, the Third eye with Bose and Nehru.


    A man who comes from a culture of non-violent aggression and oppression; the caste system.
    The Indian Empire was built on non-violent aggression and oppression by Indian colonial parasites (makkas) like him who had a free ride on the of violent British fire power.

    Great concepts of peace!

  12. Ben_silva Says:

    The British empire Collapsed because the British did not have money to support the empire, as money was spent on the 2WW. As for Ghandi’s sex life, it is his business and I am not concerned. All natiions, not prepared for aggression or not equipped to destroy their enemies have collapsed, as evidence around the world indicate.. Prof. W is correct in an ideal world. However, he is wrong in the real dangerous , competitive, dog eat dog world we live in.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Gandi was a racist who discriminated against Africans.

    From Huffingtonpost.

    But Gandhi was an unabashedly diehard supporter of India’s Hindu caste system, and would never mix with a lowly group or caste, and Lelyveld in Great Soul lays out Gandhi’s unedited views:

    “We were then marched off to a prison intended for Kaffirs [offensive term equivalent to the n-word],” Gandhi complained during one of his campaigns for the rights of Indians settled there. “We could understand not being classed with whites, but to be placed on the same level as the Natives seemed too much to put up with. Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilized — the convicts even more so. They are troublesome, very dirty and live like animals.”

    In an open letter to the legislature of South Africa’s Natal province, Gandhi wrote of how “the Indian is being dragged down to the position of the raw Kaffir” — someone, he later stated, “whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a number of cattle to buy a wife, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness.”

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    I read somewhere that both SL and British authorities were worried Gandhian expansion agenda would spread to SL. That is why Independence was delayed until Gandhi died.

    There is more to the Tamil racism link.

    The ultra racist Jaffna Youth Council which was the predecessor to all RACIST Tamil parties was formed under the presence of Gandhi on November 27, 1927. Velupillai the terrorist declared this day Mahaveer day. These are no accidents. The loser’s birthday falls on November 25 not 27.

    His entire clan was against us – Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and now Rahul.

  15. mjaya Says:

    **The British empire Collapsed because the British did not have money to support the empire, as money was spent on the 2WW. **
    It is true that WW2 was the catalyzing event for the end of the British empire but even before that anti-British sentiment was strong throughout British colonies. Ever heard of the Azad Hind Fauj (Indian National Army), the Kenya Uprising? In Sri Lanka anti-British activities were growing under the leadership of leftist parties, the temperance movement, the helabasa movement, etc. The British handed over power to the UNP because and left because there were afraid that the growing movement might end in a victory for socialists and communists.

    Saying that the British empire fell only due to WW2 is both servile and an insult to those who fought against the British.

    **All natiions, not prepared for aggression or not equipped to destroy their enemies have collapsed, as evidence around the world indicate.**
    True and SL is has always been so for 2500 years. Did your (schizophrenic or imaginary) historian friend tell you that SL didn’t have an army in the past?? PS: I’d love to know the name of your historian.

    **Prof. W is correct in an ideal world. However, he is wrong in the real dangerous , competitive, dog eat dog world we live in.**
    You have blatantly ignored (pretty obvious since its your profession) the core of this article. You try to solve your problems by peaceful means first. Solving a problem peacefully is good for all parties. If that fails, use the alternative means.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    “You try to solve your problems by peaceful means first. Solving a problem peacefully is good for all parties. If that fails, use the alternative means.”

    This summarises the PRACTICAL approach which is most important.

    You don’t pounce on an adversary like a tiger with its a* on fire. You exhaust all peaceful means first.

    Violence also has its various stages. The threat of violence without actually using violence can solve MOST problems that CANNOT be resolved peacefully. If things cannot be resolved OUR WAY after that, then we have to use violence IF it is winnable.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    Here are some facts about India’s “Great Soul”, Mohandas Gandhi :

    * Gandhiji was the architect of Freedom for India from British colonists. Britain lost the ‘jewel in their crown’ when India won her freedom. Hundreds of thousands died in the fight for freedom. During India’s struggle for Freedom, the British partitioned India into W&E Pakistan through a Muslim man called Jinnah, who was earlier a student in Britain, same as M. Gandhi. Ironically, India remains the 2nd most populous Muslim country in the world. The British PM recently said “most of the world’s problem is due to Britain’.
    I might add also that Sri Lanka won her freedom fairly easily due to India’s liberation from colonists. Therefore, we ought to give thanks to India’s Great Soul, M.K.Gandhi.

    * Gandhi was no relative of the PM Nehru family, though Nehru’s daughter, PM Indira Gandhi, married a man with surname Gandhi, no relative of Mohandas Gandhi.

    * Mohandas Gandhi was a lawyer by profession. He practiced law in Africa. He was against discrimination anywhere. The colonists of Africa refused Gandhi travel in 1st class railway carriages, as that was privilege reserved for westerners. He abhorred travel in discomfort and SQUALOR of the other rail carriages reserved for ‘natives’, which included Indian migrants.

    * He was a married man. A lot of untruth has been written about his private life. He practiced austerity in the later years and advocated a life of ‘plain living & high thinking’, hence the use of the spinning wheel for self sufficiency in cloth.

    * He was a Hindu by birth and was caught up in the eternal Caste wars of India.

    It is best for us in Sri Lanka not to get caught in the webs of global problems, resource & caste wars. We should reserve our energy to get our act together and Aim for SELF SUFFICIENCY in our Basic Needs.

    Sri Lanka is a Non-aligned, Socialist, Democratic, Republic . We must remain so and act as such.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    India’s Mohandas K. Gandhi is the architect of Passive Resistance (Satyagraha). Even Martin Luther King, Jnr., won through for the Afro-American (Black) population of America using this technique of protest against genuine discrimination there.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    You are right about the Nehru-Gandhi family.

    SL Independence had NOTHING to do with India getting independence. Britain was leaving its colonies after WW2 ANYWAY. SL Independence movement had NOTHING SIGNIFICANT to do with the Indian movement. Ours was led by Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim leaders who followed their OWN unique SL approach AND by English speaking, cricket/rugby playing, champaign drinking, suit wearing leaders.

    When Gandhi was in SL, there were no mass crowds, no large meetings UNLIKE in India. His biggest rally was in Jaffna. That was because ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Tamil Nadu, INDIA were there!

    There was NO Gandhian movement in SL.

    India is NOT the second largest Muslim country TODAY. It is THIRD. Second is Pakistan TODAY. Soon the third will be Bangladesh pushing India to the 4th place.

    I have given documented evidence of what Gandhi said about Africans. It proves he was a racist.

    A so called “Gandhian” movement was launched by ITAK RACISTS. That was how racism, violence and intolerance was fed into the Tamil community. Fooling them with Gandhian nonsense (there was no Gandhina movement in the country so no one knew what it REALLY was) and pushing the Tamil racist agenda was what ITAK did.

  20. mjaya Says:

    **We should reserve our energy to get our act together and Aim for SELF SUFFICIENCY in our Basic Needs.

    Sri Lanka is a Non-aligned, Socialist, Democratic, Republic . We must remain so and act as such.**


    Self Sufficiency is the way to go. That is why King Datusena said “water is my wealth” because water is the basic need for self sufficiency in agriculture. Today we need to be self sufficient in energy, medicine (we import medicine from Bangladesh now! but I must say that the quality of Bangladeshi medicine is much better than Indian junk.) and as much as possible in manufacturing.

  21. Christie Says:

    There was a news paper called “Sinhala Jathiya” that was published from Kelania about 60 years ago. It had a series of articles on Mohandas Karamchand.

    Part of Indian hedgemony is to brain wash ist subjects with propaganda about their sacred men and women. They are great leaders for Indians. For the Sinhalese these great leadres are oppressors and aggressors.

    What was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi doing in KwaZulku Natal in South Africa?

    There was no India before British made it, Great king Asoka coul not do that.

    For Indians including Tamils Mohandas is a greta man and a liberator.

    For the Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays of the island nation he is a bad man. For Tamils he is a hero.

    Mohandas used non-violent aggression and oppression like all other Indian colonial parasites who went to suck the blood of natives of British dominions in tropics.

    WWho said Mohanda is a related to Nehru?

    Mohandas, Nehru and Bose are the three great heros of Indian Hindu supermists. Some are still awiting the return of Bose.

    These three are the architects of Indian Empire todya and the island nation is a dominion of this empire.

  22. Dham Says:

    I don’t know why people still argue with Gon Silva.
    Gon’s agenda is clear. Why argue with agenda’s ?
    Prof. W has given a good argument explaining how kindness rather than agression can sove problems better.
    That does not mean that people should not protect their wealth. Even Buddha has talked about “aarakka sampada” in many instances.
    LTTE problem was a created problem by many. Our leaders useless in protecting the country. Human nature and animal nature will always create issues and these should be solved by the rulers using just methods which may include death penelty. LTTE problem did not happen because of Buddhism but because of lack of Buddhism.

    Please do not argue with fools who keep singing Naalanda Buddhist every day.

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