The LTTE was a political hoax
Posted on February 3rd, 2012

by Victor Karunairajan

 A community cheated to chaotic consequences because it lacked the consciousness of collective co-existence

 The general belief that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is a homogenous political organization committed to a liberation struggle to create a State ofEelamis a hoax.

 All that Prabakaran wanted was a Sicilian type mafia state inSouth Asia.

 The political immaturity of the TULF leaders offered him just that opportunity to embark on such a dream with cold-blooded savagery. He fleeced the Tamil community to assume leadership of it and turned down many opportunities for solutions that came his way and the Tamils.

 He exterminated all those he thought stood in his way to achieving the dream of becoming an all-powerful mafia boss. He considered Rajiv Gandhi as his greatest obstacle and even the TULF leaders who politically breast-fed him had to be wiped out.

 What he succeeded in creating was a Tiger underworld with roots firming up principally inCanada. The Tamil Diaspora has still not woken up sufficiently to this danger.

 Riding the Tiger brings in the shekels to the LTTE workers who continue to exploit the Diaspora as tail-twisting fund-raisers. LTTE supporters are still bent on hate propaganda against the Sinhalese but only for their good and the gullible believe them.

 Playing the cards of racial discrimination inSri Lankaeffectively, LTTE supporters have shown mainstream political interests inCanadaand other countries too.

 The violation of human rights is another issue they are dwelling on despite large numbers of them blamed the Tigers for their plight.

 Even now there are Tiger fund collectors and pro-LTTE organizations and individuals who hold vast sums of funds collected from the Diaspora and much of these have been invested in real estates and business ventures of those who have these funds as if they are their own.

 Hardly any of them are willing to support the needs of their folks inSri Lankaand do not even want to know of  the devastation the Wanni suffered.

 Canada’s generous social action grants for local community programmes are manipulated by clever crooks and diverted to their coffers. Stinking worms await exposure should the accounts of the Tamil Eelam Society be audited.

 What is being practised is a large scale fraud on the Tamils by their own selfish and corrupted elements. And this fraud continues unabated because the community lacks civil consciousness and the awareness that a health of a society is ensured by collective coexistence. Tamils are far too splintered a community fenced tightly within the bounds and borders of their social divides.

 When will they tear down the fences and become a nation and people?  When, if ever for a tiger cannot eat a tiger!

3 Responses to “The LTTE was a political hoax”

  1. wantdetails Says:

    Commendable of you (probably a Tamil) to speak the truth. How is it that there is such mass deception of the Tamils, and the international media and governments into believing this hoax for so long without some kind of opposition from those who see it as a hoax. Is it the violence and the brutality. If so, they should be taken to task for human rights violations and not the Sri Lankan authorities.

  2. Raj Says:

    More like minded Tamil people like the author should write to this forum and other media and expose the LTTE fundraisers by names. You can inform anonymously through phone or online form. Check this website:

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Yes from day one it was clear Prabakaran who was a common smuggler in Velvatatura, had a desire to be a great mafia leader for a lifetime. Now he is gone, it is time that all the accounts of overseas Tamil Organisations should be audited by reputed audit firms to ascertain how the money is collected and how it is used. While punishing those who have misappropriated these funds, any remaining funds should be distributed amongst the war displaced civilians in SriLanka. Many of the beneficiaries of these funds, including foreign politicians and journalists would certainly oppose such a move.

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