Norway’s apology on LTTE stamps: “Thank you”, but…
Posted on February 16th, 2012

Asada M Erpini

Posten Norge, the Norwegian Postal Authority, giving a belated apology on the release of personal stamps that carried LTTE symbols is little penitence for the unpardonable act. The mention in the same statement that all orders are checked (emphasis mine) and that its policy is never to produce “illegal, inappropriate or improper” images, almost amounts to rubbing salt into the wounds of the Sri Lanka citizen that suffered at the hands of the terrorists for nearly three decades.

 It is incomprehensible that an important government institution of Norway, such as Posten Norge, was ignorant when it came to matters related to the LTTE. Norway had many key players who had extremely close links with the LTTE hierarchy. For its Minister of Environment and International Development Eric Solheim, Kilinochchi under the LTTE was a second home, and those of the calibre of Ambassador Jon Westborg were instrumental in clearing high-end telecom equipment at Customs, for the LTTE while claiming that it was for the use of its Embassy, thus depriving the Sri Lankan State of its due revenues, but more importantly, buttressing the illegal administrative structure that operated with Kilinochchi as the nerve centre. When prominent top rung administrators of Norway’s Ministry of International Development and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs knew the plans, actions, propaganda and symbols of the LTTE better than any Sri Lankan government official or civilian, it is foolhardy for some other bureaucrats in Norway to treat the average Sri Lankan as a nitwit of the highest grade.

 Implying that the order for the LTTE stamps escaped the scrutiny of Posten Norge is hogwash and is a slap on the face of the nearly 20 million inhabitants who are now enjoying the fruits of peace delivered by the armed forces of Sri Lanka thanks to the annihilation of the originators of the symbols. Of all the nations in the world, Norway is the last that can say that it was unaware of the LTTE actions and its propaganda and administration machinery.

 If Norway is sincere towards the welfare of the Sri Lankans and has any interest in ensuring Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, it should ban the LTTE rump that has free rein within its boundaries and take concrete and pre-emptive measures that would prevent attempts at undermining Sri Lanka’s moves at rebuilding. Saying “Sorry” once the damage is done is little compensation.


3 Responses to “Norway’s apology on LTTE stamps: “Thank you”, but…”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Norway is NOT sincere. No point talking logic to them. It is time to ACT.

    Tamil nationalists are the cat’s paws of Norway in SL. Their interests must be defeated. North should be distorted by population assimilation to such an extent no one can claim Tamil homelands.

  2. thurai Says:

    Western Countries don t aware of Problems in Sri Lanka. If there is any possibilities for benefiting they will
    involve themself. Stamp releasing is like Children´s Game. Anyone can download pictures and
    order valued Stamps from Postal Departments in western countries.

    Tamil youths are Brainedwashed by LTTE front Organisation in Western countries and misused for
    Terrorist activities. Such action are more dangerous than Stamp releasing. In future Western countries will
    suffer more than Sri Lanka by the activities of misguided Tamils.

  3. desh Says:

    All correspondence coming with LTTE stamps should be destroyed as carrying a terrible disease!

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