NAVANIDEM PILLAI – Commissioner of UNHRC Impartiality in Doubt!
Posted on February 27th, 2012

Prof. Hudson McLean

 I have been following  the learned Hon. Ms. Navnethem Pillai and one must admit that she has excellent credentials to hold the position of Commissioner of UNHRC.
Undoubtedly, her rise to the top of the tree was through her own achievements in South Africa, the African Continent and at the Hague.
Throughout her life, during and after Apartheid, Ms. Pillai has exercised strong vocal opposition to the Apartheid  regime in South Africa. As a Tamil, she then changed her atention to Tamil causes in Asia, especially Sri Lanka.  Since her stance is in Public Domain accusing and expressing her opinion on Sri Lanka on internal politics of Sri Lanka, one may assume that she, as a public official, has taken a personal stand (a dual role) on defending the Tamil grievences as presented by various parties, including the Tamil Terrorist LTTE Tigers, their TNA, Diaspora etc.
One may assume that due these facts, that the current activity of Hon. Ms. Pillai as the Commissioner of UNHRC is very likely prejudiced, partial and dependent on her previous opinions.
Therefore, Hon. Ms. Pillai as an illustrious international legal personality, should give serious consideration to her current status, either she acts as an independent Commissioner (which under normal circumstances as a human being subjected to in-built prejudices might be difficult), or resigns from this prestigious International position, to maintain its Credibility, and decides to act as an independent, dedicated legal representative of the Tamil Diaspora.
As to remuneration, at her mature age, with the available funds of Tamil Diaspora and certainly her personal acquired wealth, plus potential incomes from other future engagements, Hon. Ms Pillai should not find difficulties in sustaining her comfortable standard of living.
Hon. Ms. Pillai, is certain to give careful consideration to her illustrious professional legal history, her contributions as a Supreme Court Judge, and her potential standing as a Fair, Impartial voice in the global UNHRC, and possibly consider tendering her resignation, or refrain from entanglement with the internal affairs of the Sovereign State of the Republic of Sri Lanka.
And benefit of any doubt should be in favour of Sri Lanka.
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10 Responses to “NAVANIDEM PILLAI – Commissioner of UNHRC Impartiality in Doubt!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    How can TAMIL Navi Pillai impartially look into TAMIL allegations of TAMIL grievances, TAMIL aspirations and alleged human rigths vilations of TAMILS.

    naduth aamuthuruvan ke
    baduth aamuthuruvan ke!!

    – SL proverb

  2. S de Silva Says:

    Well. the UN will not employ an Arab to inquire into the affairs of Israel!! – will they. So why this conflict of interests with Sri Lanka? – S de Silva – London

  3. LankaLover Says:

    As long as Navi Pillai and others dance to the tune of the West, they will have jobs. UN has become a farce!

  4. sumadha Says:

    Navi Pillai she is a anther LTTE proxy.

    This what you call in sinhala “HORAGAY AMMAGEN PEANA HANWA WGEY”

  5. sumadha Says:

    Navi Pillai she is a anther LTTE proxY

  6. jayt Says:

    I would like to leave a note here for every body including governments of UK , us ,russia , India ,Canada,Sri Lanka, new zeeland , south korea and whole world to be aware of that sudden deaths of sinhalese in UK ,new zeeland, and Korea in a row are not accidents but somebody done it in order to frighten sinhalese writers and stop them of writing about an issue of a paticular state . Also. Note for asaudis it’s nabours that many sinhalese ladies were killed were set up or frame up to be invold in an incedent. My conclusion is that sinhalese will be drawn into a diferent type of global war sooner or later.

  7. aloy Says:

    Looking at the voting pattern it is obvious these are being made not on merits but on some other basis. I hope LankaWeb has a handle to identify who the voters are. If not, I suggest an addition to be made to the package for that facility.

  8. jayt Says:

    there were thousands of unsolved incidents took place in SL, Middle-east, Australia, Europe and north America which are directed at Sinhalese either to harm Sinhalese or discredit Sinhalese as as part of tactic to control Sinhalese locally and internationally. This will not go away until it is published in the west through lawyers as I noted before.

  9. jayt Says:

    Also, lanka web should have right to know identity or ip addresses of those who vote. However, there are many who claim to be patriotic writers and comment makers are not patriot but hidden individuals who thinks that other Sinhalese are that great big dumb in the world. And if any country want to be friend is fine but you can’t be friend by secretly or openly threatening someone.

  10. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Prof. McLean!

    Always happy to see your articles in Lankweb. I strongly feel Sri lankan writers who contribute to Lankaweb should all get together & make our President realize NOT to depend too much on India.

    A country & people who armed & distroyed Sri lanka, now wishes to be friends with grants, loans & INFERIOR medicines & drugs, un-workable railway engines,, and the list goes on. When we were in HS we never had any regard to them, because they lie about experience, qualifiactions & higher education.

    That is how they get employment in sri lanka. We should completely stop Indian immgrants coming to lanka. The ones coming on business must leave after the Visa expires.

    Re: Ms N. Pillai, I can only say..the sayiing : Tamil is a tamil is a tamil. They never change, in school we use to say even fried tamil will still get up.. & fight for Tamils. So if we or Western countries have any doubts about her, it is too late she has been bias and have been the voice of LTTE.

    Sorry to say that.. but we know now we can never trust a tamil. Thanks very much for the opporunity to express my views freely…..~ Gamun-Retd Engineer, Canada

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