Failed teachers’ wrong lessons
Posted on March 1st, 2012

Editorial Island ( Sri Lankan Paper)

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Russia on Wednesday slapped the swashbuckling international bullies right across the face in Geneva much to the relief of their hapless victims. Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gennady M. Gatilov did not mince his words when he condemned sinister attempts by some countries to transform the UNHRC into a tool of political pressure to undermine others. He said Russia did not approve of attempts in some quarters to categorise countries as ‘students’ and ‘teachers’ or ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as regards human rights.

Gatilov’s no-holds barred attack on the newfangled Responsibility to Protect or R2P doctrine which the US and its allies are making use of to meddle in the affairs of other countries, effect regime changes and install puppet governments, must have struck a responsive chord with many a nation. People must be able to find solutions to problems their countries were faced with without external intervention, said the Deputy Russian Foreign Minister.

One cannot but agree with Gatilov. No country is qualified to teach human rights to others. For, the self-appointed teachers are no better than those they consider their ‘students’. In trying to make others improve their human rights records, they are doing just like the father crab which, while walking sideways, asks its offspring to go straight!

Among those who learnt their human rights lessons from the US and its allies were Haiti’s Papa Doc and Baby Doc, Chile’s Augusto Pinochet, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Iran’s Shah, Pakistan’s Zia Ul Haq, Cuba’s Batista, the Philippines’ Marcos and many others of their ilk, some of whom are still in power. All of them lived up to the reputation of their gurus. Teachers are known by the students they produce!

Outgoing World Bank President Robert Zoellick has said the US should head more international institutions. He is entitled to his opinion but the question is whether he does not give a tinker’s damn about the wellbeing of those outfits? See what has become of the UNHRC since the US rejoined it. The apex human rights body has been turned into an Inquisition of sorts. Does Zoellick want more and more international organisations to become pliable tools in the hands of the US and other western powers?

The best service the self-appointed failed human rights gurus could render the world is to stop teaching and start learning.


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