Sri Lanka’s problems are starting only now!
Posted on March 1st, 2012

Shenali Waduge

For three decades Sri Lanka was battling a terrorist problem that camouflaged itself as “ethnic” primarily to buy time and made possible by inefficient political leaders & bureaucrats unable to give proper advice. We have succeeded to discard the “terrorist” element from the “ethnic” but we now return to square one “”…” this “political solution” that we are being asked to draw up takes place amidst a feigned reconciliation maneuver that is all about a Tamil Eelaam. It appears that we have to finally pose this question to our Tamil brethren to answer. Do they really want a Tamil Eelaam? At the same time they need to accept that Sri Lanka will not allow a possible 9% of Tamils the area it is demanding as Tamil Eelaam EVER. Neither will Sri Lanka ever agree to devolution or changing its unitary status. It appears we have been and continue to be taken around the mulberry bush & it is time we finally decide where Sri Lanka is to head. Until the question of Eelaam is put to rest there can be no reconciliation whatsoever.

 A factor that remains a challenge to any solution is India. It is coming in between the Sinhalese & Tamils. Which is why it is important that Tamils also decide whether they are to be Sri Lankan Tamils or whether they wish to continue to have one foot in India & another in Sri Lanka. That however is not a positive chemistry for either country and the people of the two countries. It is this factor that will always leave a thorn in any aims to forge cordial relations.

 If India adapted a policy to destabilize Sri Lanka which they successfully achieved over 3 decades a supplementary policy has been to push current foreign policy towards economic engagement. Similar to the success to destabilize Sri Lanka, the economic engagement is also bearing fruit with Sri Lanka’s policy makers attention diverted towards appeasing international pressures spending little time to ascertain India’s plans vis a vis Sri Lanka. The economic engagement has enabled India to project a more “friendly” approach amongst Sri Lankans contrary to the aggressive line it took during the LTTE terror reign feigning interest of the Tamil people. We must ponder how far India will actually influence us and more importantly how far we will allow foreign investments attached with foreign labor and whether Sri Lanka will end up another Macau! 

 Certain quarters are trying to change historical facts. An India that trained, financed, armed and supported LTTE & over militant groups in Sri Lanka on Indian soil and continuing to allow LTTE to use India as its safe haven and even threatening to militarily land in Sri Lanka if a cornered Prabakaran was not released in 1987 can never be called a Friend of Sri Lanka. We are talking about over 30 years of backstabbing a friendly nation “”…” has Sri Lanka done anything for India to treat our country as it did? While there are quarters to promote India’s role in LTTE defeat in 2009 all we need say is that even if India did decide to change allegiance it is not because of any love for Sri Lanka but purely on the selfish interests of India. By the end of 2008 it was clear to India that LTTE was a spent force and unlikely to rise from the ashes. To hide or rather to pretend to be a friend of the Tamil people, India used the “we are interested in the Tamil civilian welfare” card against the Sri Lankan Government. Had India been concerned about Tamil civilians then India should have stopped LTTE conscription of child soldiers at least! So lets get things clear “”…” India was never interested in helping to solve a problem they created to continue for years. India was happy to use the conflict to advance its interest on the pretext that it was helping Sri Lanka.

 The present economic engagement is creating undue advantage towards India for unqualified ministers, equally inefficient advisors & government officials have little interest to read and understand the deeper significance in the bilateral agreements India thrusts for signature. Most of these economic agreements serve to only engulf Sri Lanka and such strategies with Governmental approvals leave Sri Lanka in a far more precarious situation than LTTE fighting for a separate state. There is no such thing as equitable benefits for Sri Lanka where India is concerned”¦.it would be benefits to India & Indians alone. Did Sri Lankan officials even wonder how it was to curtail Indian arrivals or at least monitor them when Indians were given the privilege to not require visas to Sri Lanka. Did Sri Lankan officials never wonder that sooner than later there would be more Indians than Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka? Did India even reciprocate this gesture?

 Whatever cordialities India projects diplomatically its policy vis a vis Sri Lanka has nothing to do with maintaining friendly ties, drawing win-win situations and formulating joint efforts economically, socially or culturally. India’s motives are centered around India’s interests alone.  There is no “mutual” interest wherever India is involved. India should not feel upset that most Sri Lankans view India along these angles.

 It has suited India to watch international pressure building up against Sri Lanka coming forward to project itself as savior. In many ways we can but wonder whether much of these pressures are instigated by India for India is often quick to come to Sri Lanka’s “rescue” and in turn Sri Lanka has to feel obliged for the back up. This then implies India’s ties with the West at a greater level of significance, naturally in the light of the Italian influence in Indian politics which has contributed to making most South Asian countries feel India is tilting towards the West than being amongst its Asian counterparts. This signals a greater influence by the West in India’s decision making though India is too shrewd not to shrug ties with Asia completely. India is well aware that Russia & China are powers that the West cannot match this side of the century.

 What we must not forget is that despite the LTTE being militarily defeated the problem is not over. We need to reiterate that Sri Lanka was facing 2 problems happening simultaneously artfully coupled by the LTTE to protect itself, strengthen its right to exist and to ensure international involvement. We cannot hide from the fact that a significant number of Tamils desire a Tamil Homeland. Where that Eelaam Homeland is to be is what India dodges to answer passing the answering to Sri Lanka while India is happy to chip in with the “concern for Tamils” statements.

 So the pretense “hands off Sri Lanka” policy that is being highlighted presently is nothing but a sham. There have been suggestions that while India will not allow an eelaam in Tamil Nadu it is reconsidering a compromise in North Sri Lanka. It is perhaps in view of this possibility that India is engaging Sri Lanka economically and forging agreements that would secure links “”…” ferry, electricity, etc”¦ do our signatories know what they are Sri Lanka committing to? Again we reiterate that the desire or aspiration for a Tamil Eelaam has not stopped with the elimination of the LTTE. LTTE was in reality a Trojan horse that served the interests of many a players throughout its existence. LTTE’s presence left some suffering but provided advantages to others! So to cater to whose interest was to decide the fate of the LTTE. Ultimately, the Government had to take the interest of the larger population that had been demanding action for over 30 years.

 In a Sri Lanka with “peace” India’s concerns were primarily who Sri Lanka was going to align with and which countries would influence Sri Lanka.

 The port of Colombo was a key entry/exit point for goods coming in/out from West & East with the Indian Ocean handling half the world’s containerized freight, one-third its bulk cargo and two-thirds its oil. Sri Lanka’s positioning  for military purposes.  Nearly 89% of oil imports to India arrive by sea & over 70% of these imports arrive via Port of Colombo. Indian investment in Sri Lanka was $4m in late 1990s by 2006 trade totaled $2.6billion. While India wishes to dominate its status quo the West in particular the US wishes to secure its interests as well. It has been for mutual benefit that Indo-US relations coordinate their policies on Sri Lanka. Security aspects are of utmost concern to all parties.

 Some of the key Indian investments include Lanka Indian Oil Corp, Aditya Birla Group, TATAs (Taj Hotels, VSNL, Watawala tea), LIC,  Ceat, Nicholas Piramal, Indian Airlines, Rediffusion, Ambujas, Jet Airways, Sahara and Ashok Leyland. Most trade agreements are tilted towards India’s favor and denotes the inefficiency of Sri Lanka’s representatives to counter these proposals with those that are favorable to Sri Lanka instead of merely signing documents given by India. The need for Sri Lanka’s representatives comes in the wake of India insisting on fully implementing the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

 Unless political leaders can envisage the situation from a larger kaleidoscope it is the Sinhalese that are likely to suffer in the long term. Numerically speaking it is the Sinhalese that are in the minority when Tamil Nadu houses 60m of the worlds’ 75m Tamils and there is hardly 1.6m Tamils in Sri Lanka.

 There are some key questions that need to be answered if we are to head anywhere and that journey should start by asking the Tamils to answer whether they are actually interested in pursuing a Tamil Eelaam or whether they would like to live in Sri Lanka as Sri Lankans.


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  1. nandimitra Says:

    Thank you for a realistic assesment. The Indians are interested in completely dominating and colonising this country. You are right our leaders/pujblic servants do not asses the agreements properly whether it is due to corruption or inefficiencyy is a matter of debate.For instance what is the earthly policy in adopting a policy of dependance on India for our energy needs ie 49% of petrolium corp sold, direct electricity from India ( all under the eyes of a sihala urumaya minister), smpur coal plant under Indians , oil exploration sold to indianssecondly selling land in the eastern province and uva wellessa allowing the corridor conneection between the central province and eastern province for a greater eelam., Gradualy the nooze is being set on the sinhalese to enslave them.
    With regards to the charge of human rights violations the first people who should be charged is the TNA for collaborating with the LTTE.

  2. dhane Says:

    President MR said Indian is our relation and China is our friend. Hope this comments is just to keep Indian Politicians happy. But I am sure MR know Indians very well following the old saying that not to trust a Relation, Rat [Mouse] or a Termite. You never know or see until any one of these three will eat from bottom up to the surface.

    Indians are Sri Lanka Historical enemy up to date. With 60 Million or 77% Tamil population in Tamil Nadu will be a problem to India one day. New Delhi knows it very well. Therefore to keep the Tamil problem away from Tamil Nadu first Jawaharlal Nehru introduced legislation no separatism is allowed to talk. Secondly daughter & Grandson helped LTTE to keep going as long as Tamil problem remain in Sri Lanka. Now LTTE is no more and India is trying its best to keep the “wound” in Sri Lanka.

    Most trade agreements are Indian’s favor and disadvantage to other real friendly countries. Therefore scrap it. Otherwise same as Fiji Island Indians will control Sri Lanka economy. Do not forget powerful Indian minority had a Indian Prime Minister in Fuji Island. Before this happens take care of Indian.

  3. lingamAndy Says:

    Shenali Waduge
    sooner than later there would be more Indians than Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka?- Aggred

    Dear Sinahala friends , We both community lived last 2500 years & will live 3000 years in our Lord Bhuddhas holy land of motherlanka – thats is the facts !!!
    At present We community should forget & forgive all our own mistake , No point in blaming India for our mistake (not trusted each other) unless We both community come with realistic solution (no point saying We do not have problm) which will workable in 21st century!& accepted our diversity (language & reliegn) to unite !
    We already have solution in our hand We do not need any outsiders to implement !
    lasting solution for our ethenic problm full implementation 13A & LLCR immediatly !
    All other imagination ( this wiil lead to TE , More Tamil indian will immigrate to N&EP etc…..) We will leave to our children they have more brain ( also let them have some problm as We had from our fathers ) than ourself !

    United Provinces of Sri Lanka !!! (UPSL)

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    We are ready for both.

    We won ALL confrontations with Tamil separatists so war is much better than peace with separatists.

    There are 89,000 Tamil war widows doing world’s oldest profession to survive. If you want more you will have more!

  5. lingamAndy Says:

    We both know very well last 33 years VP’s history, Where is he now ??? ( at Nanthikadal Sivapatham adainthar !- If any one can translated to english please …) !
    is that worth ?…. Killing others what benefit We get … is this Lord bhuddha wants in his holy land !!!

    tell me what we have in N&EP , is any river their ?No, only can use (paddy field) land in a year( has to depent to seasonal rain).
    Why 53% Tamil live in out side these province ? ……

    We are not ready for any thing, We need only 3 meals ( from our paddy field – not to depend free food or free house from Indian ) a day thats all!

  6. lingamAndy Says:

    please listen this song in youtube – KOLAVERI, KOLAVERI ( Danush song)……..

    take it easy Lerenzo ……………

    this song remin me our old pop song , MALU MALU MALU SURANKANIKA MALU KENAKA ……………… ( MS Fenando’s? song)

    Sorry to say, Loernzo you Sinhalases are not what you think you are ……. ( you too must be good as you have same DNA but you must be hated by LTTE or etc……)

    If any one of you sinhala brothers can sing this KOLAVERI song in sinhala & upload in youtube please……….

  7. lingamAndy Says:

    There are 89,000 Tamil war widows doing world’s oldest profession to survive.!
    Please do not insult other humans…………………… it harting me very much…………….

    I hope & pray you want use this third class wording in this from any more……….

  8. Charles Says:

    The Lasting solution for the so called ethnic problem is definitely not the implementation of the 13A or even the LLRC.

    The willingness to change mentally to be Sri Lankans, not remaining holed up as Communities is a prerequisite for the solution of the “ethnic problem”. Solution to ethnic problem through implementation of laws and regulations would only be temporary patching up of the problem leaving it to fester within.

    Therefore forget if you can the 13A and try to be different at least after the end of terrorism in Nandikadal, and seek unity burying the separatist Tamilness.

  9. lingamAndy Says:

    fully implementation of 13A & LLCR is nothing to do with the separatist Tamilness – no hidin agenda ( will lead to separation etc etc….) .
    it is practical & realistic solution to unit our diversiry !

    try to be different at least after the end of terrorism in Nandikadal- Aggred no more TE ( 89,000 Thamil war Widows were enough to learn good leason for at least another 100 years !- happy now ! )!

    temporary patching up of the problem leaving it to fester within.- Please do not image too much Our childern have more brain than us (in their time our country will be like western country – No religian , No language , No…… Only Money & new technoligy, first class standard of living etc………………)

  10. Voice123 Says:

    “sooner than later there would be more Indians than Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka”

    – Shenali Waduge, you may be 2,000 years too late. Sri Lanka was lost to the Indians when Queen Kuveni was deposed and her people massacred by the Indian Prince Vijaya – who after he had his way with the non-Indian woman, imported an Indian bride of the same caste from Tamil Nadu in India. The very name “Sri Lanka” or “Shree Lanka” is Indian is it not? For modern day Vijayan Sinhalese to slavishly go playing pooja to Indian culture and Bengali or whatever culture as “the source of pure uncorrupted culture” is beytraying the country and is no better than some Tamils running to Tamil Nadu for solutions. Where are our supporters of Queen Kuveni’s people and their SRI LANKAN culture? Why cant we study and replace the Vijayan culture with this? There are so many hypocritical ambivalent attitudes towards India most of us dont even question it.

  11. lingamAndy Says:

    Sri Lanka was lost to the Indians when Queen Kuveni was deposed – Well said !!!

    I real do not understand these so call Sinhala Sri lankan pariodics , as We Tamil kicked out IPKF out from our mother lanka but they are talking about We ( Thamils ) are indian invaders , kala thonis , etc etc……..

    I hope & pray one day We will get Honest Sinhala head of state with him We will shut these nonseses talk ( separation , divited country etc,etc…..) which won’t give any sense at all only produce IMF ( Chinese etc…) liablity to our future generation for ever !

    Where are our supporters of Queen Kuveni’s people and their SRI LANKAN culture?
    if We had these pure uncorrupted culture We would not produce 89,000 Tamil war widows doing world’s oldest profession to survive !!!! & I donot know how many Our Sinhala sisters in this position !!!

  12. Ben_silva Says:

    My view is that our problems started, when we stopped being competitive. We live in a war zone and if we want to survive, then we need to develop appropriate skills, that will enable us to compete with any one in the world. Is it our passive belief system that is stopping or hindering our competitiveness ? If we are not competitive or fit enough, Darvins theory says we will eventualy get displaced and it is a freightning thought. As Sri Lankans, both Tamils , and Sinhalese and others need to worktogether, helping each other to survive as a nation. Rather sadly, Tamils want exclusive treatment in the North and Eadt whilst having freedom to live any wherein the country. Tamils also ejoyed a privileged position during the time the imeperialists ran the country.
    Now the situation is very dangerous as we need to be able to compete against the Indians as well. Indians have dumped Buddhism, that came from India and they have made massive progress sinse becoming secular.

  13. Ben_silva Says:

    To respond to Seruvila. If people and rulers follow Buddhist precepts, the world would be a better place. Buddhist precepts provide a moral compass. Buddhism will work in an ideal world and unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. The real world we live is a war zone, following Davins theory. Ie survival of the fittest and all living species competing for resorces. Even Prabakaran suggested we follow Buddhism, so that he could easily defeat us. Countries that followed Buddhism in the silk route, Nalanda Buddhists all got wiped out. Tibet was taken over by China. I think is is better for our survival, to umderstand how the modern world operate and learn and evolve rather than stay trapped 2600 years BC.If we stay trapped woithout learning and evolving, then we will follow the path to extinction or end up as second class citizens in our own country. We were second class citizens in out own country during British rule. India, the source country of Buddhism has dumped Buddhism, as they realised it will not work in the real tough world w live in. Indias have moved on and it is time we moved on. We can still respect and safeguard Buddhism as a part of our heritage, rather than blindly following it

  14. Voice123 Says:

    Christie, where are you? Why are you silent about Prince Vijaya? Wasnt he the quintissential “Indian colonial parasite” that some of our misguided people consider to be a hero? He and his band of brigands seduced and tricked our ruler and murdered the first Sri Lankans. Surely Queen Kuveni and the native (non-Indian) people of Lanka (better we rename it with original NON-INDIAN name for the island) are the unsung heroes of Lanka/Ceylon? Even Sinhala language is mostly derived from Sanskrit and Pali. Sinhala script is derived from Indian scripts written on ola leaves. Sanskrit and Pali languages are both INDIAN languages. These are foreign languages. Let us remove the Indian bias in our linguistic legacy and study other major world major languages also. All major world religions practised in Sri Lanka are foreign or imported religions. Let us research the original wisdom of the native people pre-Buddhism and learn about it. Original religion remains in bali and thovil and other seasonal, agrarian and customary practices. Let us study it better. Vedda people also practice non-Indian culture. Let us learn from them also.

  15. lingamAndy Says:

    Tamils also ejoyed a privileged position during the time the imeperialists ran the country!
    This what since 1948 DSS Govt to MR Govt told to Bhuddist Sinhala People to create 1956 to 1983 raiats & 89,000 Thamil war Widows !

    We Tamil know what privilege position we had in White Tea plants ( even today’s salary of these tea plat workers is how much ?)
    Please Sinhala brothers & Sisters open your eye !
    We need a life ( 3 meals food & small place to live (you can see similar in Tea plant ) & couple of cloth thats all )
    You keep whole country !!! leave us alone !

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    Not true.

    During King Kavantissa’s time, he ruled the country according to strict Buddhist teachings. but what happened. Some kallathoniya by the name Ellalan invaded us and ruled our country until King Dutugemunu killed Tamil invaders and liberated the country.

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    “We need a life ( 3 meals food & small place to live (you can see similar in Tea plant ) & couple of cloth thats all )
    You keep whole country !!! leave us alone !”


    Don’t change the story again.

    Leave our UNITARY country ALONE and we will allow you to live with dignity. Otherwise 1939, 1948, 1956, 1958, 1972, 1973, 1977, 1981, 1983, 2009, etc.

  18. Christie Says:

    The island nation had visitors of all kinds. Arrivals from the nearest land mass goes back a fair while. In those days only a few could travel accross the Palk strait, not hundreds of thousands. The craft used could not carry thosands.

    I am sure when Sita ran away with Rawana a lot of other women came with her as Rawana must have gone wondering with other guys. When Sita was taken back in a haste; hardly any of the other women returned.

    All these people came by themselves.

    A parasite is one who is carried by another to a third host. The carrier may also harm the host but most of the damage is done by the parasite.

    This is a natural phenominon, but is rare among the humans and has never happned to the extent that happened with the British-Indian Empire.

    It is not something taht is unique to Sri Lanka (Ceylon). It is something you find in Fiji,West indies, South Africa….

    Time to becolonise Indian colonoes from Indian colonial parasites.

  19. Ben_silva Says:

    I like to treat all humans the same and all humans like to have the things you mentioned- food and shelter. My fear is the racist mind set of some Tamils. I have good Tamil friens and relatives and I will never ill trat any one on te basis of race. We also cannot blame others, if the Sinhalese want to give up desires and are scared of hard work in case it causes ‘Dukke’

  20. Ben_silva Says:

    Well said Lorenzo. We can be even be good as Buddha, but if we are not prepared to fight back and defend our only home land we would be wiped out. People do not realise that the war extends to the economic field as well. My fear is some Buddhists just bury their head in the sand and see the real tough world around them.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lankans may have Indian genes and be Buddhists too. But, in Lanka we do not/did not have a caste structure tied to religion. That is the great attraction for Tamil Nadu folk to come here.

    Since Sri Lanka is just a small island, we (all Sri Lankans) have to protect this land from foreign migrants settling in large numbers, illegally or legally. Better address this problem before it is too late.

    A lot of events are taking place in the name of Development. Watch it Lankans ! some of it may be inimical to Lanka. Ordinary citizens should unite and ‘watch our backyard’ within Lanka while GoSL is kept busy defending itself at international fora.
    The fact is that American Special Forces to ‘quell terrorism’ are already in Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, & Maldives (see Daily Mirror & Asian Tribune for this news). At the end of the day, India too is in the ‘same boat’ as Lanka so far as ‘terrorism’ is concerned. Best secure the country from within. Remove the 13-A, and deport all illegal migrants.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    And here is another news item from the Daily Mirror of today (Mar 3) :
    What is the truth, we do not know.

    “No US troops in India too-India
    SATURDAY, 03 MARCH 2012 10:56
    The Ministry of External Affairs and the Defence Ministry also denied a top Pentagon general’s statement that crack U.S. military troops were based in India besides Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Maldives to counter threats from organisations such as the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

    Coming up with the denials after U.S. Pacific Command (Pacom) chief Admiral Willard made the claim in a prepared statement at a U.S. Congressional hearing, the MEA said India interacted with the American Special Forces only during joint exercises here and abroad while the Defence Ministry asserted that U.S. special forces teams have never been stationed in India in the past, nor are such teams stationed in the country presently.

    “We have currently special forces assist teams — Pacific assist teams is the term — laid down in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, as well as India,” Admiral Willard told lawmakers at a Congressional hearing in response to a question on co-operation with India on counter-terrorism issues.
    Both Ministries dismissed his claim as “factually incorrect so far as the reference to India is concerned.” (The Hindu)”

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sorry to go piecemeal like this, but since I started the topic, here’s another one from the Daily Mirror (3rd Mar) :

    Military assigned at embassy-US
    SATURDAY, 03 MARCH 2012 14:55
    While claiming that local media reports on US Special Forces being stationed in Sri Lanka were misleading, the US said that members of the US military were assigned to work at the US Embassy in Colombo.

    The US embassy in Colombo in a statement today said, “Members of the U.S. military are assigned to work in the U.S. Embassy in Colombo as part of the bilateral engagement between the United States and Sri Lanka. The Embassy Defense Attaché is the lead representative for the U.S. Department of Defense and those assigned to that office support programmes and training that enhance cooperation.”

    It also said that “through the U.S. Pacific Command, the Embassy had contributed $9 million since 2009 towards projects such as renovating and rebuilding hospitals and schools in communities across Sri Lanka. The U.S. military has recently participated in joint programmes with Sri Lanka such as the Pacific Airlift Rally and Joint/Combined Exchange Training for medical and humanitarian assistance.”

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    Is INDIA going to stab Sri Lanka in the back …. AGAIN?

    India initiated, trained, funded, delivered, and defended Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka, before it ran afoul of its surrogates in protecting the integrity of India itself.

    Every assistance India gave Sri Lanka to defeat the LTTE … after India advanced to the rear after incurring massive losses … should be viewed as “War Reparations” due Sri Lanka to compensate Sri Lanka for the grievous hard India inflicted upon us.

    Now, is India REVERTING to its former role to placate the Racists of Tamil Nadu?

    WE HOPE NOT, but will watch VERY CAREFULLY what India does!

    PM’s assurance to DMK on Sri Lanka issue

    By J. Balaji
    March 03, 2012

  25. lingamAndy Says:

    Don’t change the story again. Leave our UNITARY country ALONE and we will allow you to live with dignity
    – THANKS

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    “We need a life ( 3 meals food & small place to live (you can see similar in Tea plant ) & couple of cloth thats all )
    You keep whole country !!! leave us alone !”

    As long as Tamils hold this view towards SL, NO ONE should be allowed to hurt them in ANYWAY. If ANYONE hurt Tamils WHO GENUINELY HOLD THIS VIEW, he should be HANGED.

    Tamils who don’t hold this view don’t deserve ANY protection. They should be made widows, dead mahaveers and carcasses to fertilize the land.

    This country belongs to ALL SLs irrespective of ethnicity, etc. to LIVE TOGETHER like children of one family, not to divide in ANY WAY.

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    MOST SL Buddhists (and others) are practical human beings. They don’t deny their desires. AT MOST they are SIDDHARTHAS not GAUTAMA BUDDHAS.

    They FOLLOW their desires to the EXTREME and then and ONLY THEN they see the futility of it (like Lord Buddha) and follow the teachings. If you artificially HIDE desires, you will be reborn with desires because those have not been fulfilled.

    We will reach Nirvana ONLY AFTER ALL Tamil Elamists are in HELL. CERTAINLY NOT BEFORE.

  28. Dham Says:

    Fool is only after Buddhists, not after LTTE or tamils. He wants to eleiminate Buddhism and that is all he wants.
    Most soldeier who won the war are SriLankan Buddhist.

  29. Dham Says:

    There were good kings and bad kings in Sri Lanka. Your quoting of Kavantissa delighted the FOOL.
    Do you think Kavantissa belived in Nibbana and Dutugemunu not ?
    Why are you feeding glucose to the pure Fool call “Ben Silva” ?

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