Whatever UNHRC decides – Sri Lanka remains united
Posted on March 21st, 2012

Shenali Waduge

The spate of civil unrest that was artfully staged to create regime change throughout Middle East and other parts of the world has been somewhat hard to come by for foreign intelligence coup operators in Sri Lanka. It is because these countries have vested faith and money in local mouthpieces that locals know to be misfits of society who are being paid to vocalize gibberish. Sri Lanka will not fall like the other victims.

 Across the world there is a message in all the demonstrations taking place “”…” it is to show solidarity of a nation that questions the US & its allies for their hypocrisies.

 All of these nations cannot deny that they have done some type of dealings direct or indirect with LTTE terrorists undermining their own policy to eliminate terrorism. These nations by their links to the LTTE has not only humiliated a sovereign nation they have deprived 20m people of peaceful coexistence and their right to find solutions to their own problems by first identifying the problem before introducing the solutions. Sri Lanka is struggling because we are forced to work with solutions to a problem which no one is brave enough to define.

 What are the problem Sri Lanka’s Tamil’s suffer from that warrant international interference that is not suffered by the Sinhalese or the Muslims? This question is never answered. 

 LTTE was proscribed in 32 countries but their international head quarters was in London. LTTE’s front organizations openly raised funds, ran illegal operations, dealt with foreign MPs and even invited them for LTTE functions that glorified suicide bombers & hero worshipped the LTTE leaders’ right in front of these foreign MPs who opted to secure Tamil votes rather than look upon the ethics of being party to a terrorist event.

 We have countries like Norway treating leaders of the LTTE as old chums and former LTTErs citing instances of Norway passing on technical expertise to LTTE as well. In the UK, LTTE even registered as a political party People’s Front of Liberation Tigers (PFLT) in Feb 2010 but the Elections Office removed its name pending investigation. LTTE front organizations claiming to be charities have also been banned but have renamed & registered as other charities carrying on the same activities.

 Then there is the UN/INGOs & NGOs “”…” over 3500 operating in Sri Lanka, 25 located in the Wanni itself. But nothing to see about any development work done by them so what exactly have they done with money sent by charitable hearts.

 This brings us to the notion that NGOs actually operate as a strategic foreign policy initiative of western nations that is why they are never monitored on how they spend donor money. It is only a camouflage. Sri Lanka’s distrust in the NGOs primarily is due to their not operating to their official mandate. They are not supposed to get involved in the dynamics of a conflict. When they do they only end up complicating the situation by showing allegiance to a terrorist group.

 There are other evidence to doubt as well. The army found high protein biscuits belonging to UN & WFP with a shelf life of 4 years with the LTTE “”…” were these stolen? A UN vehicle bound for the North had a hidden catchment of arms “”…” were UN aware? Norwegian People’s Aid claimed its heavy earth moving equipment was “stolen” by the LTTE, can we accept this when NPA was said to have secretly smuggled arms to the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. It was these earth moving equipment that the LTTE used to build the bunds to delay the army. Then when the army overran LTTE’s Stanley Base there were generators, tents, water pumps all belonging to INGOs “”…” were these given or stolen? Then we have a senior officer of Zoa Refugee Care deciding to stay back with the LTTE “”…” why would he do that?

 Channel 4’s former UN witnesses feel so sad about the plight of the Tamil civilians. UN convoys regularly traveled to & from the North transporting essential items. This question was never asked but why didn’t the LTTE not send any civilians at least the feeble, the pregnant & the children with these UN convoys since LTTE loved the Tamil people so much? Why didn’t the UN not request the LTTE to allow these people to board the UN convoy moving out of the Wanni? These UN officials and even the Western mediators & India could have easily suggested this and moved the civilians to safety”¦.!!! At the same time why didn’t UN demand LTTE to move out of the No Fire Zone along with their heavy artillery? Didn’t the UN & foreign mediators inform the LTTE that they had no right to be amongst civilians in an area that the military had designated exclusively for Tamil civilians to seek protection?

 We next come to India. If a country that has to be accountable for Sri Lanka’s 30 year misery more than the LTTE, it is India. Is there no mechanism that a Resolution can be brought against India for creating militant movements from Sri Lankan youth, training militants, supporting them and allowing India’s south to be freely used as a transit point, where Tamil Nadu politicians openly praise these terrorists & almost worship its leader? There are enough evidence to prove India’s role in handling LTTE despite its presence in Sri Lanka in a peace mission which too turned into a killing of Tamil civilians & raping them by the IPKF which also can be proved. Now post-LTTE India is claiming to be only interested in Tamils of Sri Lanka “”…” their dignity, self-respect & justice. India is free to offer citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamils who would prefer to be Indian citizens than Sri Lankan.

 We need to remind India that had India allowed Sri Lanka’s army to capture Prabakaran in 1987 Sri Lanka’s terrorist problem would have been over in 1987 itself & not lasted 25 years. India is then solely responsible for stopping the capture of Prabakaran and then forcing Sri Lanka to make changes to its Constitution by introducing the 13thamendment & creating a provincial council system that has proven to be an utter failure in terms of productivity & efficiency.

 Since there is confusion in civilian numbers it must be pointed out that despite 294,000 emerging from Wanni as Tamil civilians it is impossible that these civilians are Sri Lankan Tamils. They have to be illegal immigrants from India & that maybe why India has insisted on opening a consulate office in Jaffna.

 Realistically speaking, India must be grateful to Sri Lanka for tolerating India despite its sponsoring of terrorism in Sri Lanka. It is not Sri Lanka that has to be grateful to India.

 Lastly we come to a film by Channel 4 winning accolades, being screened at the UN in Geneva & New York, UK House of Commons, European Parliament & among key figures in the US Senate. For them to be appalled by the war crimes of the Government they must have forgotten that they banned the LTTE in their countries & had issued countless condolence statements each time LTTE targeted civilians & children?

 None of these viewers cared to wonder why Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields was a one-sided documentary “”…” not a single mention how the military, navy & airforce personnel attended to the fleeing Tamil civilians at times carrying them through the lagoon to safety.

 Leaving all that aside when Channel 4’s “mobile” footage was challenged when first aired in 2009 & then again challenged when aired on 15th June 2011 claiming that the footage had to have been taken from a Nokia 6620 & not a mobile phone as optical zooming feature was not available on mobiles in 2009, no one asked Channel 4 to release the original video to verify the authenticity especially since LTTE has carried out murders on civilians dressed as Sri Lankan military personnel (ex: killing of 30 student monks at Arantalawa who were going on a pilgrimage & attacking the sacred city of Anuradhapura shooting at Buddhists while they were praying). Also listen to S.Kanagaratnam – A former TNA MP – http://www.asiantribune.com/news/2011/04/19/final-days-vanni-600-tamils-shot-and-killed-stray-dogs-first-person-revelation. The military even proved that Channel 4’s eyewitnesses were members of the LTTE including Vany Kumar & Issipriya.

 Moreover, the documentary is being championed by human rights organization Amnesty International an organization that has accepted $50,000 from the Canadian Tamil Congress, a LTTE front organization banned in Canada. This does appear a little odd that a human rights organization goes out of its way to be championing a film which clearly shows bias towards the LTTE and is attempting to frame the Government of Sri Lanka for war crimes taking great pains to bring areas like attacks on hospitals & shelling of civilians as a reason to press for war crimes charges.

 There is also charges that everyone who was a witness to the war was removed. On the contrary Indian journalists & Al Zaeera journalists joined the security forces and only those that had proven records of biased journalism was not included.

 It is in the light of these ambiguities, bias and unethical practices that the citizens of Sri Lanka are standing united to say that no war is fought without losses. Just as sad to see a civilian killed is also the sight of a soldier blown to bits by a mine. Similarly, we doubt that most of the young men & women & children who we call LTTE became fighters not because of any hatred for the Sinhalese but due to other reasons which no one likes to speak about. It has always been convenient to only lay the blame on the Sinhalese.

 Just take a look at the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppo21s1rM7g to see the magnitude of the humanitarian operation carried out by Sri Lanka’s armed forces. Had they been purposely shelling the No Fire Zone how did 294,000 escape along with 11,000 former LTTE cadres, lets also not forget that UN civilian death estimates was just over 7000 & not 40,000 as is being alleged & surely US satellites would have picked up such a genocide?

 What all those bringing war crimes charges must answer is if the Sri Lankan army had been ordered to kill & were killing thousands of Tamil civilians why were these very civilians running towards them abandoning their “ƒ”¹…”sole representative” the LTTE???

 Though LTTE used Tamils as human shields, killed them, denied them food & medicines watched without a hum by the Tamil Diaspora & Tamil politicians, it was the Sri Lanka Army often referred to as “Sinhala Army” that braved LTTE mines to save 294,000 Tamil civilians. Everyone especially the Tamils must be grateful for this.

 In peace time to be wagging a paper called “accountability” while remaining silent when LTTE killed throughout 30 years is what we are all opposing today.

 Sri Lanka’s “problem” is an ugly combination involving caste/class/religion/poor-rich, differences between elite Jaffna Tamils, North Tamils & Eastern Tamils (Estate Tamils are not even included into the equation of Tamil “problems”). It has been easy to blame the Sinhalese rather than highlighting the shortcomings that exist amongst their own. The problems Tamils suffer from are far more agonizing than living next door to a Sinhalese and that’s for sure! Just see if a Jaffna Tamil will ever share his cup of tea with an Estate Tamil or marry his daughter to a Batticoloa Tamil! Therefore, it is best that our people learn to overcome these issues on their own and allow time to heal inside Sri Lanka.

We don’t mind remnants of LTTE doing what they like overseas but NOT in Sri Lanka ever.  


22 Responses to “Whatever UNHRC decides – Sri Lanka remains united”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes; Sri Lankans are united against INDIANS LIVING IN SL (illegally).

  2. AnuD Says:

    If Resolution is presented and if there will be amended why Iraq, Afghanistan and even other affected nations in the middle east should not be included with respect to reconciliation ?

  3. Dilrook Says:

    India created a domino effect. Now many on the fence nations are teaming up with USA. Even if India abstains from voting now, it is too late. The damage has already been done by India.

    This is very similar to how British colonial rulers used Indians to attack Sinhalese when they tried to defend the country in 1818, 1848, Weera Puran Appu, 1915, etc.

  4. gdesilva Says:

    US and the Western neocons have checkmated India. Whether India votes for or against the resolution today, one thing is assured – this is the start of the break up of Mother India as we know today. This is a carefully laid out trap for India and they have marched right into it. The resolution most likely will create hell, once again, in Sri Lanka but this is the fire that will destroy India. First it will be the break up of TN (with the new found Tamil nationalism – did you ever wonder why a Secretary of the State decided to pay a visit to a just a clown of a Premier of an Indian State – probably the first time in US history). The break up of TN will have a domino effect, Kashmir and others will follow suit. Now that will be the end of the Great Indian Dream of becoming a Regional Super Power with a multi trillion dollar market, and wait there is more, this will also opens a new front for the US and its cronies to do their dirty work in China. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka will have to bear the wounds of collateral damage – it is just a struggle to keep the wealth within the Western Empire, stupid.

    Not convinced? – dream on about the new world order, great human rights, democracy and freedom – you will help the neocons achieve their enlightened livelihoods.

  5. Rohan8 Says:

    I’m Studying the British Imperialist Oligarchy. It is such a vast subject that I have only hit the tip of the iceberg. However in my opinion I believe this is the cabal that controls the world from behind the scenes. They certainly control the Unitest States. The President is merely a puppet. For those who don’t believe me here is a good discussion to get you started in your studies.

  6. Rohan8 Says:

    Sorry here is a even better discussion on the British Imperialist Oligarchy that created and controls the United States and created India. Sri Lanka’s next door country, and controls god knows how many countries in the world. This is the cabal in my opinion who controls the world from behind the scenes. The British Imperialist Oligarchy.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDWrhwI5zY4 (part 1)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzsXUWFTaSs (part 2)

  7. Marco Says:

    Resolution has been passed
    24 Yes
    8 Abstained
    15 Against

  8. Marco Says:

    Countries that voted against Resolution-
    Russia, Cuba,China,Uruguay,Equador,Thailand,Phillipines,Nigeria,Uganda,Maldives,Indonisia,Bangladesh,Colombia,Angola,Russia and another

  9. lingamAndy Says:

    Sri Lanka remains united
    back to basic (IPKF time 1987) now !
    Can We (both community) need to (home work) kick out these USA ( with Indian) before they land in our mother lanka !

  10. Dilrook Says:

    As we expected India voted against us.

    Anyway UNHRC cannot enforce its resolutions. There is nothing they can do if Sri Lanka refuses to do anything. For that they have to go to the UNSC.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Marco, thanks for the list of countries.
    It appears that India is getting isolated in the region …. in the long run, the plan may be to weaken India further and make them more subservient.

  12. Marco Says:

    My list above was slightly wrong- apologies
    The list is as follows:

    Against – Sri Lanka, China, Uganda, Indonesia, Maldives, Bangladesh, Cuba, Congo, Ecuador, Kuwait, Mauritania, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand

    Abstentions – Angola, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Senegal

    Favour – United States, Mexico, India, Nigeria, Austria, Belgium, Benin, Cameroon, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Hungary, Italy, Libya, Mauritius, Norway, Peru, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay

  13. Marco Says:

    It is rather ironic that Malaysia abstained.
    Only last week the Govt sold the EPF stake of 8.8% in John Keells holdings to Malaysia’s Khazanah Nasional Berhad, a sovereign wealth fund (Chief Investment Director is a Sri Lankan Tamil) for $114m. The sale was only opened to foreigners in order to bring in much wanted FX and then spent to stablise the Rupee.
    The same Wealth Fund already owns majority stakes Dialog, and SLT.

  14. S de Silva Says:

    Thanking you Shenali for your many supporting words for Sri Lanka. We need to move on to a plan “B” if we are to officially contest all this. A key component of which has to include moving away from India and her commercial links with SL including further prospecting for Oil & Gas in SL waters. Everyone including those in every country abroad should be reminded that SL is a democracy with a fully elected Parliament and a President with a 60% majority and despite any shortcomings it is certainly not a ‘Banana Republic’. Therefore it has the power with a majority greater than 2/3 to change the Laws of the Land. Such a majority vote to modify / reject some aspects of UNHRC and the 13A as not relevant on a document which was drafted over 20 years ago under duress is clearly possible. I doubt very much if a vote with such a majority in the SL Parliament can be overturned by the UNHRC or even the UN!! So there you have the ‘Road Map’ and let’s get ready to move on this road if all reasonable requests to India fail. (Barristers who know better please correct me). It could also be pointed out that an ALTERNATIVE to blindly accepting UNHRC / 13A (which I believe was not INITIALLY cleared by the SL Parliament) is to make it the subject of a specific REFERENDUM to decide whether the UNHRC dictats or existing 13A terms are to be accepted or changed,,S de Silva –London

    Just to add to what I have written earlier it has to be pointed out that an ALTERNATIVE to blindly accepting 13A (which I believe was not INITIALLY cleared by the SL Parliament) is to make it the subject of a specific REFERENDUM to decide whether the existing 13A terms are to be accepted or changed,,S de Silva –London

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    S de Silva,

    I do not know how far this is correct, but someone told me that if the 13-A is to be put to an islandwide Referendum, GoSL has to have Opposition approval to do so, according to the law.

    Can someone clarify the matter for us.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    According to the resolution there is nothing to do!

    It only “REQUESTS”, “ENCOURAGES” and “CALLS UPON” to do things. That is all!

    There is no “URGING” to do anything.

    Everything is OPTIONAL. These wordings were repeatedly changed to get it passed as a WATERED DOWN RESOLUTION.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    Breaking news.

    This dumb resolution was not the only one at UNHRC. Another resolution was passed against Israel. 39 resolutions against Israel so far. But NOTHING HAPPENED!

    The United Nations’ Human Rights Council voted on Thursday to appoint a panel charged with evaluating the effects of Israeli settlement construction on Palestinian human rights in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted harshly to the decision, calling the body a “hypocritical council with an automatic majority against Israel.” He added that the council “should be ashamed of itself, and has nothing to do with human rights.

    Netanyahu added that out of 91 decisions made by the UN body to date, 39 dealt with Israel. “Only three of the decisions dealt with Syria, and only one with Iran. It was enough to hear the Syrian ambassador speaking today about human rights to understand the extent which the council is out of touch with reality.”

    Thirty-six states voted in favor of the decision, while ten states abstained, including the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Costa Rica, Italy and Spain. The United States was the only country to vote against it.

    Israel’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva Aharon Leshno-Yaar criticized the decision. “Despite the fact that this is my fourth year in Geneva, I am still stunned by the hypocrisy of the Human Rights Council,” he said in a speech.


  18. Marco Says:

    Minister GLP appears to give the UNHRC an Arithmetic Lesson.
    15 +8= 23 against 24-1(USA)
    I think he forgot the 40 odd HRC members and observers who co-sponsored the Resolution but had no vote.

    HRC Members who Co-Sponsored the Resolution but no vote.
    Czech Republic

    HRC Observers who Co Sponsored the Resolution but no vote.
    New Zealand
    United Kingdom

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    The real resolution was against Israel. SL is just a distraction.

    In the resolution against Israel, 36 voted FOR and ONLY USA voted AGAINST.

    SL need not do ANYTHING as the resolution ONLY requests, calls upon and encourages!!!

    Some microbes can’t understand English!

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    CORDIAL ties with the USA & India to remain INTACT?

    You have GOT TO BE KIDDING! The USA is reigniting terrorism in Sri Lanka by giving oxygen to the separatists, and India, which initiated, funded and fostered Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka, just STABBED US IN THE BACK … AGAIN … in Geneva!

    And we are to “maintain cordial ties” as if nothing happened? BLOODY NONSENSE!

    Instead, Sri Lanka should batten down the hatches, man the guns on the ramparts, gird up our loins, and prepare to OVERCOME TOUGH TIMES AHEAD without handing over our sovereignty to the VERY PEOPLE who are the source of our difficulties.

    If we do that, the next steps taken by these VERY SAME ENEMIES will create SEVERE ECONOMIC HARDSHIP for Sri Lanka. We must prepare to face that just as our ancestors faced 400 years of European Colonialists. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO PROTECT & PRESERVE our FREEDOM and the INTEGRITY of our Motherland.

    Here are a few things we should do in the years ahead:

    1. REDUCE interactions and ties to the USA, including limiting DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATION to only the US Embassy in Colombo, and the USEF. Reject USAID, and SHUT DOWN all Peace corps, “democracy building” and “human rights” assistance staffed by US and Local personnel. ALL of these latter activities are used to undermine and destabilize the nation. We no longer trust them.

    2. REDUCE Indian DIPLOMATIC PRESENCE to the Indian Embassy in Colombo. Reject Indian assistance for Rehabilitation & Reconstruction of the North & East. Discourage Indian companies from doing business in Sri Lanka, and prohibit businesses incorporated in TamilNadu from doing ANY business in Sri Lanka. Redirect all purchases of Indian goods towards purchases from other nations that supported Sri Lanka at the UN.

    3. Examine the activities of all international and local NGOs for destabilizing activities inimical to the preservation of peace and national security in Sri Lanka, including fake democracy building and fake human rights activities, missionary religious conversions, underhand promotion of separatism, and aid and assistance to specific communities based on communal considerations such as ethnicity, religion, language, and caste. Kick them all out of Sri Lanka!

    4. Delete the 13th Amendment from Sri Lanka’s CONSTITUTION. That was ILLEGALLY imposed on Sri Lanka by India, under the threat of FORCE. Instead adopt a policy of Ethnic Integration as the central aspect of a broader policy of National Integration, passing the necessary laws to HOMOGENIZE the DEMOGRAPHY of Sri Lanka to ELIMINATE ETHNIC CONCENTRATIONS within Sri Lanka. Declare that Sri Lanka’s policy is NOT TO DEVOLVE ANY POWER on the basis of COMMUNAL ATTRIBUTES (race, religion, language, caste, sex) to ANY COMMUNITY that is not available EQUALLY tp ALL CITIZENS.

    5. Dissolve Provincial Councils as a burdensome layer of unnecessary bureaucracy that creates sub-national regional entities that weaken the central government, threaten its control over national security, and raise barriers to national infrastructure development for the benefit of all citizens of Sri Lanka. Adopt DISTRICTS as the largest administrative units, and place them under direct control of the central government. Empower Members of Parliament, reporting to the central government, to represent local interests and to secure government assistance for their constituencies. Currently, MPs are underutilized but useless elected officials paid by the governments but having few responsibilities or adequate authority to work for the benefit of their constituents. Let us make better use of these people ELECTED by the people.

    6. Increase DIPLOMATIC representation and commerce with other non-Western nations of the world, to develop symbiotic relationships to exchange resources, share technologies, help each other in security matters, and prevent victimization by Neocolonialists powers manipulating the United Nations.

    7. Sri Lanka should examine its resource needs, and move to become self-sufficient in as many areas as possible. Let us strive to become self-sufficient in food, medicines, clothing, building materials, and energy. Energy for electricity generation and transportation, in particular, should be given special attention … for the price of oil and gas is likely to sky rocket in the future due to rising demand from developing economies, and wars created by Neocolonialists to capture these resources for their exclusive use. Import taxes should be ELIMINATED on ALL-ELECTRIC and HYBRID PLUG-IN ELECTRIC cars to drive Sri Lanka car and truck fleets away from imported fossil fuel use. Massive subsidies and low cost loans should be given for renewable electricity generation with Photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, for residential and commercial installations. Homeowners should be encouraged to not only generate electricity to meet their own needs with roof-top solar panels, but also to cover every inch of their roofs with additional PV-panels to sell to the CEB at the average price they would pay the CEB for electricity. The latter alone has the potential to make Sri Lanka independent in energy for both residential use and automobile transportation. To meet the needs of the local market, Sri Lanka should develop solar panel manufacturing and small-wind turbine manufacturing facilities with the help of the Chinese Government. This will jump start a flowering of technology that help meet Sri Lanka’s needs as well as contribute to exports to foreign markets.

    8. Under no circumstances should Sri Lanka allow foreign powers to dictate what it should do to Rehabilitate and reconstruct war affected zones of Sri Lanka, or to allow them access on the ground ton any part of Sri Lanka to “supervise” or “direct” any of these activities. They have CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED their ILL-WILL TOWARDS our Motherland, despite all that we have done to uplift ALL of our people, endure as Asia’s oldest functioning democracy with universal franchise, and rescue our people from the jaws of death by defeating a murderous terrorist movement that survived through the support it received from these same foreign powers.


  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    We see TAMIL SEPARATISM as the crux of the problem and this has been used by vested interests to weaken both Sri Lanka and India, and the region.
    Todays (31 Mar) Daily Mirror carries the news item of Karunanaidhi saying that he always ‘Dreamt of Eelam’. This is to bind the Tamils all over the world (give them a Cause), plus distract them from the real issues of Caste/poverty in Tamil Nadu. Nevertheless, this is what Tamil leaders say, and must be taken seriously.

    Yes, by all means put LAWS in place to remove ethnic based political parties (none in the western democracies), and the 13-A. Also, deport all illegal migrants.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    Date error in my write up : Please read “Todays (31 Mar) ….. ” as “Todays (24 Mar ) ….”

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