Too little too late in Geneva
Posted on March 24th, 2012

By Gomin Dayasri

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Losing in Geneva partly caused by our own undoing makes it imperative now to stand firm in safeguarding our sovereignty and protecting Sri Lanka from foreign interventions.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Message is short ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢¢”š¬…” defy it diplomatically. No unwanted interference is permissible in our domestic sphere. Now is the moment for Sri Lankans to stand up for the country against the impending foreign peril. Mahinda Rajapakse has to rally the country and give leadership; foreign footprints of a regime change are getting closer home.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ President must clean his stables and put the house in order because the West will continue to destabilize the country relying on the extent of domestic dissatisfaction. Sri Lankans will not stand up to nonsense whether it originates from the West or from the Government. There are limits to tolerance.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ LLRC report has to be administered according to needs of the nation synchronized to our timetable and not to the tune of Washington-New Delhi alliance.Make no mistake,it was well coordinated and timed to perfection, with the underground cabal running from the Indian to Atlantic Ocean through Chennai orchestrated after the Clinton visit. We were caught napping by failing to monitor till India dropped the bombshell.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Colombo needs to be told sternly never more are we to repeat this performance in diluting the glory the war brought and place the country and its military in jeopardy? Disastrous decisions made in Colombo proved costly: hostile forces obtained a stick to beat when it wasavoidable with smart diplomacy, a forgotten ritual.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ After the event it is easy to sit back at home and sully those who fought the big boys in Geneva. Let the dust settle before the spring-cleaningbegins. Few worked hard, more dawdled easy in Geneva.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Too little was done too late. Tamara Kunanayakam, our lady in Geneva, had the spunk to speak her mind with diplomatic finesse. For once, a straight bat with a straight face was shown to a bodyline attack that more experienced old hands ducked under.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The campaign of 2012 was grueling in Geneva with US leading the rival packcommandeering the wavering to come on board. Unlike in 2009 when the vote was taken at the UNHRC a few days after PrabhakaranƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s demise, whenwe weretriumphantlyriding on a crest of a popular wave on dismantling terrorismagainst an uncoordinated opposition originating from the softer bank of the Atlantic. A victory was there for the asking with a strategic campaign well conductedfrom Colombo.All that has evaporated with time and poor forward planning.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Any comparison of the situations in 2009 and 2012 is unfair: the present team was engaged in a battle reminiscence of a Goliath and Appuhamy. Local lads are smarter and came up smelling sweet during the more difficult days of the war. No more. DonƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢t under-estimate the Sri Lankan mentality when pasted against the wall to find ways to wriggle out victoriously. How did we lose our way this time?

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The smoke signals from the United States, which the External Affairs MinistryƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s smart set,residing in cuckoo land, failed to interpret correctly, proved disastrous.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Dispatching the Minister on a jaunt toexotic destinations in Africa than heed toan invitation from Hilary Clinton to visit Washington was bizzare. That was a final call to negotiatean acceptable modified resolution across a State Department coffee table that would not compromise or humiliate Sri Lanka, if such was the inevitable. Other option was to have the resolution differed forwarding our track record and a road map executed on our terms. Decision to be in Africa to pick votes was based on a wrong reading of the ground situation:confident of defeating the resolution than to defer it or deflate its intensity? What would have been a privatepinprick has reached proportions of a public body blow.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ It was the opportunity to place on record in Washington the many untold achievements in the post-war period that had being poorly marketed. G.L.Peris excels in extolling our virtues in refined language to a foreign audience as a super salesman but needs an automated thinking-manƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s pathfinder.Pieris plans to pay a courtesy call on Washington after the event, displaying the minds ofthe Foreign Office helpmates!!

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ AmericanƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s double standards on Human Rights and Democracy must be exposed and exploited but that is the function of nondescript unofficial commentators of whom we have an effective patriotic surplus in Sri Lanka and abroad- a function they perform more effectively than the government

Officialdom should follow diplomatic channels of engaging the ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”hostile nationsƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ with tact, in finding solutions without conceding national interest in facing confronting challenges. Instead, Ministers morph into master blasters wielding the long handle to reach the maximum distance for political expediency. Diplomacy is an art, if handled with care by the skilled in a bi lateral process, can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The problem we face is more fundamental- have we acquired credibility in the international circuit? Procrastination and double speak does not help in a crisis. We present more ofthe cello tape to temporarily cover breaches than show the admirable results gained by our performance, as along-term safeguard.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ This government has done much in the rehabilitation process that should receive international acclaim but has not being marketed adequately for a global spread. ItƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s not easy with the inclination of international media to gun down Sri Lanka. Few of our expatriate intellectuals have successfully reached their local media while some of our embassies in key regions have failed miserably.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ An ongoing accountability process of a Military Board of Inquiry ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢¢”š¬…” a process that is a prelude to a court martial-is off the ground following the identical trends in UK and US against allegations on war crimes. Eventhose at home were unaware theprocedure was in motion, until the US resolution surfaced. We fail to play to our many pluses and lose out on a few minuses due toan inferior publicity network.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ A cardinal error was the time wasted in attempting to send the LLRC proposals to a Select Committee instead of pressing the fast forward button to place them on course. After the dismal showing at the All Party Conference can reliance be placed on a Select Committee with the presence of the TNA, UNP and JVP to deliver a result helpful to Rajapakse?

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Best response to a regime change is an endorsement from the People. Search must extend from the South to the North without wasting time on the TNA instead investing in the people including those living in the North and East ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢¢”š¬…” it is insignificant how they vote at a forthcoming election.


19 Responses to “Too little too late in Geneva”

  1. Christie Says:

    What was out in the open is the Indian Imperialism and Indian colonial parasites.

    Most of us talk about and complain about the West and say filthy things about them. For some reason or other most of these critics of the West live in the West.

    In my posts I have tried to show and said that it is India behind this resolution and of courase Indian colonial parasites like Navi Pillai and Yasmin Sooka.

    What we see is the new world order and how countries like India and Indian colonial parasites can enforce their will on small groups of people like the non Indians in the island nation.

    Please comment.

  2. love_lanka Says:

    Christie, Indians have done the dirty trick at the last minute and acted as the agent of imperialist USA.

    We should boycott indian bollywood, cricket and send all exploiting indian businesses out of Lanka.

  3. dhane Says:

    As I repeatedly mentioned India is Sri Lanka historical enemy. In Tamil Nadu [TN] 72 million population 76% are Tamils which is the larges Tamils in one area of the world. These Tamils have their own language, culture etc but no country of their own. New Delhi keep whoever in TN happy only to maintain balance in Parliament. But treat Tamils as 2nd class or no class. During Nehru’s period a legislation was passed in Parliament to prevent any further division or separatism of India. Thereby these Tamils cannot ask TN as their homeland. Therefore Tamils decided best option is Sri Lanka. Tamils are jealous of Sinhalese been less in population we have a county in word map call Sri Lanka. To keep Tamils Homeland concept away from India New Delhi will do any “Paraya work”. New Delhi helped, trained terrorist and formed LTTE. After 2009 LTTE was eliminated now New Delhi will continue do any dirty tricks to keep away Tamil Homeland away from India. I think president is well aware of Indian Policy by telling India is “our relation”. and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says CORDIAL ties with the USA & India to remain INTACT? . Yes this is best diplomacy it is better keep the enemy at hand distant then chasing him away.

    Now is time for Sri Lankan to avoid Indian products and import from other friendly countries. Do not trust any Indian and allow them to control SL economy like in Fuji Island.

  4. Dham Says:

    Look we alos should look back and see where we are.
    Have we done much in the recent past to be proud of ? may be, but not apparent.
    Look at the negatives happening dialy basis.
    From Silvas who ruin our image to police corruption and failing act fast.

    Mahinda cannot control any more. Too many doing politics. Too many elections. Too many MPs. Too many cabinets. Too many jokers and parasites.

    To put this to a stop we need innovation. 2/3 majority what else you want. Change evrything and empower people, not hooligons.

  5. Dham Says:

    “President must clean his stables and put the house in order because the West will continue to destabilize the country relying on the extent of domestic dissatisfaction. Sri Lankans will not stand up to nonsense whether it originates from the West or from the Government. There are limits to tolerance.”

    Very true. This is it. Don’t go along the path Premadasa went. You have godd brothers, Premadasa did not have.
    You have us. Kids offered their lives to make you king. So don’t be a king. be a servant instead.

  6. douglas Says:

    Bashing the opponants in public debate, in my opinion, is not what is wanted at this moment. We have to very carefully carve out a strategic plan of action to combat the opponants, first inside and then outside the country. Throughout my comments in this web site, I have been pointing out the plots that were hatched with the commencement of the spate of crimes spread through out the country starting with the “Grease Yaka” drama from Ratnapura and travelled through Hill Country to Jaffna. Next came the well orchestrated strikes and protest rallys by the university students and its staff spreading it to the public sector. Then came the wild behaviours of the politicians including the Ministers and the Local Government sector UPFA members. In the midst of these, we saw the “White Van” drama and the abductions staged on a daily basis followed with killings and extortions. Along with these, we saw the Police brutalities which led to the public storming the stations and settting fire to the Govt. properties. At a time we were inviting the much needed tourists to the country, the local politicians were busy getting involved in brawls and even went to the extent of killing one of them. Then we saw the “land grab” by politicians, all by the governing party politicians.

    This list of misbehaviours, crimes, corruptions, mismanagement ctc. can be written in volumes. These were given wide publicity by the print and electronic media both locally and internationally. If you remember, all these activities took place and given wide publicity starting a few months before the Geneva Drama. However much we cautioned the authorities, they were fast asleep and continued only to blow the trumpets of war victory. While the authoratative gigures were visiting the foreign countries in a bid to win “friends and influential people”, they were deaf and blind to what was going on in the country. They never realized how we were being watched and assessed of our capability to manage and handle the task of good governance that the world at large expected of us. At that critical hour we failed miserably and displayed to the world at large, we are a nation in disarray and depicted a picture of a weak nation. Even immediately after the Geneva Drama, a Govt. Minister making a statement (as reported in media) threatens to break the limbs of those who went against the country and admitting the responsibility of deposing a journalist is a clear sign of our miscreant behaviour at the top.

    So enough is enough. Let us stand in front of a mirror and ask ourselves – Have we done our best and if not what we must and need to do? This question must be answered honestly meditating on our inherent good qualities as a national of a nation bound by religious and cultural values. At least now it is heartening to notice that the Government has awakened to the existence of well oiled and organized plots that were hatched before the UNHRC sessions. Please do remember this will continue, because the enemy is within.

    So it is now time to determine our road map for better governance and show the world that we a capable nation who could manage our affairs by ourselves without the “expertise” from outside.

  7. ranjit Says:

    All the devlopments around the country is useless if we dont have proper peace or peace of mind. We won the peace by sacrificing our own blood.We lost our sons,daughters,mother,s and fathers. They were not from one race but from all races belongs to our Motherlanka. Think of our country first,Think of your children think of their schooling and the future. Why cant we be a SRI LANKAN and serve our own motherland without been greedy for money and power? Why we cannot be united and fight the enemy together? This is the time Motherlanka needs you very badly.So wake up Sri Lankans and show the world the strength of our peoples. Vultures are waiting to grab our gem of a land. We must protect it at all cost even with our lives.

    I hope our President will take strong action to tackle this very grave problem we are facing today against our homeland the same way he acted during last days of war. He should take the lead as the captain of the team to vanquished the evil and to bring lasting peace to our nation. Be tough,act tough and be straight forward in dealing with these traitors. Dont give in or give up. Use two third majority to clean up and do the right thing to the nation without fear. We Sinhalese have only this country to call home no other therefore we have to fight for our survival to the last man. Sinhalese no fear of anyone. We have gone thru many battles in the past and won so let’s face it some more time together unitedly as one nation. Traitors must be identified and bansihed to Sahara desert to die without water. If we cannot protect our tiny nation better sacrifice our lives for it. Shame on traitors.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    India merely protected herself first at the UNHRC sessions, and protected Lanka a bit afterwards by changing the extreme sounding Resolution to a watered down version – sort of compromised on the whole issue. USA knew India would, but we didn’t. I reckoned that India might abstain from voting at all. India has just two months or so ago rejected some 500 Walmarts to be opened in India (under an Indian sounding name), and after that India had to do something to please the west. Cairn Oil of UK has been placated already with 70% holdings in the vast Rajasthan (India) oil discovery. Now the time has come to please USA, and also placate whining Tamil Nadu – and India did just that at some cost to Sri Lanka.

    The trouble is, Sri Lanka leaders are too busy just keeping their leadership roles intact to even think of governing the country properly. That is the technique used by vested interests to down the country – keep the leaders ‘destabilised’ and thereby keep the country destabilised. How many good leaders are we to lose to keep the ‘big boys’ happy ?

    But, it is not too late for Sri Lanka. We can make lemon aid out of lemons. First, as Mr Dayasiri suggests, secure the country internally. We suggest to get rid of the 13-A, and look after the labor – the breadwinners of a family – of the country. Also, our diplomatic front has to do even better in keeping the west informed through film media preferably, of progress made in the Development work in the N&E and rest of Sri Lanka. To this extent, the YouTube can be used extensively, plus film shows at various embassies, all over the world showing the Development work done/being done. Film shows should be done (with Tea & Sympathy) especially in the UK, and also in EU countries, USA & Australia. In fact, all the Commonwealth countries roamed by Ranil W. and where the so called Tamil economic refugees plus the ltte rump and the Churches reside.

    Also, at micro level, attention ought to be paid to Tamil labor in Lanka. Is Lanka overly dependent on Tamil labor in the tea sector ? Tea plucking is done through machines in some countries, and these machines can be operated by people from any ethnic sector. Tamil aspirations lie in losing caste and gaining liberation through mostly education and travel abroad. Can Lanka meet these aspirations ? A frank talk with the Tamil people (not the Tamil leaders such as the TNA), will surely help.

    I welcome other suggestions on how to improve our situation, or corrections to any of the above statements.

  9. bathgediya Says:

    It’s time to get out of the United Nations. There is no point in pretending that this body can ever function in the way it was meant to. It can never be fair and just when a few rogue nations can declare themselves more equal than the rest. The US, UK, Israel and a few others can get away with anything. Any state that joins this club forfeits it’s freedom to deal with it’s internal affairs as it sees fit. Let’s say ‘Thank You & Goodbye’ to this corrupt organization which has outlived it’s usefulness long ago.

  10. Vis8 Says:

    Brilliant by Manmohan Singh: He “satisfied” the whims of Karunanidhi, yet at the same time telling the US that the “foreign intervention” part be deleted. Quite brilliant, Sri Lanka should appreciate this. They essentially neutralized the “resolution” (Karunanidhi must be red-faced and fuming by now) :)

  11. Leela Says:

    I write to convey my fullest backing for the comment douglas has written above.

  12. Sasi Says:

    As Douglas has quite correctly pointed out the “list of misbehaviours, crimes, corruptions, mismanagement ctc. can be written in volumes.” Its really sad to see the country gradually descending to such a low level withing just three years after the magnificent victory over terrorism, which plagued Sri Lanka for nearly 30 years. The government missed a great opportunity to steer the country in the right direction after the conclusion of the war. Reality hit them only when it was quite clear that the US meant business! Until then they really were living in a world of their own, basking in the war victory; becoming drunk on power. With the opposition in disarray, those in government thought they could do what they please and get away with anything.

    I believe after the war victory, those in power were more interested in implementing mega projects – which of course should be undertaken – but should have been done with more transparency and openness. I have heard from very reliable sources (some who are firm supporters of this government) so many stories about the massive corruption going on starting from the very top.

    Although the Geneva fiasco should never have happened, it has opened the eyes of the government (I hope so!). They should change course NOW – before its too late.

    Considering the present scenario, the first priority of the government should be to seriously commit towards working out a permanent solution to the Northern issue. This is a festering sore, if not cured urgently, will give the opportunity for outside forces to meddle in our affairs to fulfill their own sinister agendas.

    Second, take stern action against the gangsters, thugs and murderers within the government ranks. Mervyn Silva has again started to run amok, by talking utter rubbish. Why cannot the President take action against this character who is tarnishing the image of this government?

    Third, there should be transparency and openness in all government projects/appointments to responsible positions/how the monies that are taken as loans etc are spent – these should be in a public domain. There should be zero tolerance of any form of corruption.

    Fourth, no room should be kept for anti-Sri Lankan forces to accuse the government of stifling the media. There should not be any threats, intimidation and even murder of any media personnel in the future. Police investigations into murders and disappearances should be concluded and those responsible should be charged in a court of law.

    Fifth, wastage and government spending should be drastically curtailed, starting with the expenses incurred on our huge cabinet of ministers. What the hell most of these guys do, no one knows, except when they appear on the TV screen at some public event or open their mouth to come out with some ‘gems of wisdom’.

    Sixth, our bureaucrats should be made to ‘really’ work towards the goals and objectives pursued by the government, and ensure that they do not sabotage them from within. Most importantly, strengthen our foreign missions with professionals – at least appoint people who can speak proper English and who are patriotic!

    The list can go on and on. But the above are I believe some of the priorities that the government should adhere to if they want to move forward, and if they want to avoid any other future occurrence like the Geneva debacle.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    We certainly need good governance.

    But the reality is even if SL established good governance, outside interference will continue. It is a geopolitical necessity of USA.

    Bad governance DID NOT result in Geneva 2012! It is a geopolitical necessity of USA. We must understand this.

    Just imagine SL has good governance but DO NOT implement the resolution. What will happen?

    There will be further resolutions! In fact there will be MORE resolutions because these colonials cannot stand good governance in SL or anywhere in Asia/Africa/Latin America! If there is extreme bad governance there will NOT be any resolution. No resolution against LTTE’s HORRIBLE governance of part of the country. USA and others who voted for it actually wanted to give money to “de facto” LTTE rulers.

    There cannot be a political solution to the “ethnic problem” or whatever it is called that SATISFIES ALL parties. We need a solution that SATISFY UNITARY SL. Others must fall in line. But they don’t. They want a “solution” that takes them nearer and nearer to Tamil Elam.

    Unless and until Tamil Elam is established, outside interference will continue. We have to destroy the possibility of Tamil Elam by changing the north from Tamil only to multi ethnic.

    That should be PRIORITY NUMBER 1.

    Stopping illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu should be PRIORITY NUMBER 2.

    Fix the hole in the bucket before filling it with goodies.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say :

    “We have to destroy the possibility of Tamil Elam by changing the north from Tamil only to multi ethnic.

    That should be PRIORITY NUMBER 1.

    Stopping illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu should be PRIORITY NUMBER 2”.

    Absolutely spot on !

  15. Dham Says:

    “Just imagine SL has good governance but DO NOT implement the resolution. What will happen?”

    If that is the case they don’t have much to talk. What can they complain on ?
    We could have had a simple investigation like US doing on some soldiers like Sarath Fonseka , not guilty and close the case.
    The problem is every day Silvas behave like idiots. Police beahve like idots killing disabled people. TNA bastards and Arjuna Ranatunag go to other coutries asking for intervention.

    Problem is no governance add wood to fire.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo said:

    “Unless and until Tamil Elam is established, outside interference will continue. We have to destroy the possibility of Tamil Elam by changing the north from Tamil only to multi ethnic.”


    Elimination of Ethnic Concentrations that form the basis of separatist demands must be our goal.

    To do that the GOSL needs to adopt Ethnic Integration as a broad National Policy that will enable TRUE DEMOCRACY and EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS for ALL people os Sri Lanka, without giving into demands for special rights for some people to the exclusion of all others.

    We must DEMOLISH the very notion of Ethnicity as an acceptable basis for the allocation of citizens rights.

  17. Sasi Says:

    With the present bunch of Tamil politicians in Sri Lanka and the loony, power-hungry politicians in Tamil Nadu salivating for the creation of a Tamil homeland in tiny Sri Lanka with the connivance of the sole global super power, I can quite understand Lorenzo coming to the conclusion that “unless and until Tamil Elam is established, outside interference will continue.” This is the reality that the government has to deal with and this is where statesmanship comes in.

    Whether we like it or not, we have to keep India in our good books, because we need their support especially to calm down the Tamil Nadu clowns. Of course any solution arrived at must respect the unitary character of the state and should be acceptable to ALL the people of Sri Lanka. Its up to the government to work out such a solution and that should be the number one priority of the government. That is the reason why the people have given them a huge majority in Parliament!

    I firmly believe that ultimately its the younger generation – Muslim, Tamil, Sinhala – the majority of whom are thankfully NOT racist despite the 30-year bloody conflict, who should and will lead the way to achieve permanent peace in Sri Lanka. In other words, it will be the people who will ultimately take the lead in bringing about meaningful reconciliation and peace in the country – with or without the intervention of politicians.

    In a speech delivered by terrorism expert Professor Rohan Gunaratna in Colombo a few days ago he said: “When I travel to the North or to the South or to the East I do not see racism; but I see so much of racism among the elite in Colombo. There has been a significant amount of propaganda in circulation in the capital. In contrast, the people in the rural areas want to only live in peace”. He adds: “The greatest heritage every Sri Lankan inherited is harmony. Unfortunately, the political leaders in the North and South exploited the ethnicities and religiosities of the people for their personal and political advantage.”

    How true! Its the elitist English educated, Sinhala and Tamil politicians who created this so-called “ethnic” problem, for their own selfish ends. Today we are all suffering due to their power hunger and opportunistic politics!

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    There IS racism in the north. In fact northern politics is 100% Tamil racism and nothing else. Unfortunately the younger generation is no different as they cannot stand on thin air.

    Don’t get confused. If you go to the north and offer SOME BENEFIT to them (or give them the impression they will lose something if they don’t comply) then they will VOW against Tamil nationalism (Tamil racism bcos Tamil is ONLY a race and NEVER a nation). AFTER they consume and digest the benefit, they become the worst racists on earth.


    Because they LIVE AND BREATH racism day in and day out. They listen to Shanthi FM/TV, etc. (ALL of them promote Tamil racism every day), read Thinamurusu, Uthayan, etc. (ALL of them promote Tamil racism every day), watch Tamil Nadu EXTREME racist propaganda through pay TV (extremely popular in Jaffna), listen to/read Tamil racist songs/poems, etc.

    They ONLY interact with Tamils. They share resources only with Tamils.

    Just look at the election results of:
    2000 (thank god EPDP rigged the 1994 election in Jaffna!)
    2011 (LG elections)

    If you go through ACTC and ITAK LG candidates list, MOST of them were youngsters! Actually the OLDER TNA crowd is now getting fed up of this never ending racism and even think of crossing over. But not the younger crowd. They are inspired by their BLOOD RELATIVES in the LTTE Diaspora RUMP and Tamil Nadu youth groups reaching out to them via the internet.

    In other words, TNA has already established the next level of racism in the north.

    Mark my word at the next ANY election in the north, TNA (or the MOST racist Tamil party) will not only win but also increase their votes percentage. This is what happened EVERY TIME since 1947 and this is what WILL happen.

    Rohan Gunratna is NOT a political expert. But he has proposed how to eliminate the Tamil majority in the north through multi ethnic schools. So whatever he has said, he recognises there IS a problem of racism. ALL schools in the south have Tamils and/or Muslims but NOT A SINGLE SCHOOL in north has non-Tamils!

    Lets not live in a fools paradise thinking that everything is prim and prom. Tamil racism is on the upswing.

    I disagree Colombo Tamils are worse racists. They may display it more because no army camps in Colombo and more resources but election results don’t indicate that. Upcountry Tamils – very little racism. Eastern Tamils – racism is on the decline. Northern Tamils – racism is in the upswing.

    It is NOT power hunger and opportunistic politics that drive Tamil racism. Those are only symptoms. The real driving force is the NEED to have a Tamil nation and the inability to get it from India. I think their demand for a Tamil nation is VERY FAIR but getting it from SL just because it is easy is not fair.

    We MUST DESTROY (that is the word DESTROY) Tamil enclaves by making Tamils a minority in the northern province by peaceful means (war was very successful in chasing most of them away now it is up to politicians to do the rest). That is what we did to the East and that is what works in the north.

    Otherwise this will be back (if not it is already active).

    The ONLY political solution is ethnic integration. Tamils in the north are VEHEMENTLY against it. Thousands of years of living in ethnic isolation (as can be seen in 100% Tamil only Tamil Nadu) has conditioned their minds.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    The resolution is NOT about good governance!

    It IS about BAD GOVERNANCE! Can you understand that?

    Interfering in a sovereign nation is BAD GOVERNANCE at its WORST.

    Presidential commissions bypassing elections and referendums is BAD GOVERNANCE at its WORST.

    Ignoring LTTE war crimes and one sided investigations as proposed by the resolution is BAD GOVERNANCE at its WORST.

    A retired police officer wrote to Lankaweb detailing how devolution of land and police power is BAD GOVERNANCE at its WORST.

    What does that mean?

    If we are to escape ANOTHER resolution we MUST adopt bad governance (as above)!!

    Do you honestly think the colonial parasites who voted for the resolution want good governance for SL?

    Wake up Dham.

    We NEED good governance to FIGHT this imposition of bad governance.

    That is to develop this country (go against the resolution), make it more civilised (go against the resolution) and make it a safer place for everyone (go against the resolution).

    That means another resolution against us but powerless not because of GG but because we have DESTROYED all possibilities of Tamil-only Empowerment (Tamilnet calls it structural genocide and I LOVE it).

    But GG CANNOT save the country from this Tamil Elam madness.


    DESTROY Tamil only enclaves by making them multi ethnic.

    MEASUREMENT – Tamilnet MUST call it completion of structural genocide of historical Tamil homelands.


    Deport and deter all illegal immigrants by peaceful and not so peaceful means. Not so peaceful means should be driven by civilian groups as in Malaysia/Australia/USA/China. Well you know what I mean.

    MEASUREMENT – ZERO illegal immigrants fro South India. Manageable levels from elsewhere.

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