His Excellency The President of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,
Posted on March 26th, 2012

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya,  Melbourne

Dear Mr.President

On 25/03/12 at 07.11am early morning ABC National Radio broadcasted an interview that the journalist Richard Lindell conducted with the Sunday Leader Fredrica Janz. This link gives you the Audio of that interview.


It was also mentioned “In a rare opportunity, correspondent Richard Lindell was recently granted a visa to Sri Lanka”. Its worthy of notice by the authorities who grant visa, how they have abused this even rarely granted permission to rubbish the country. This should be highlighted by the foreign ministry to the VISA aspirants as to why foreign journalists cannot be trusted.  Whilst they have every right to roam around any place in the country and interview the general public, it is unethical to interview and publish views of only those journalists opposed to the Government just to satisfy the NGO paymasters in order to influence a negative International opinion.  It is obvious that picking this journalist was not a coincidence but was prearranged.

It’s time the Foreign Ministry adopts some stringent methods when issuing visas to journalists. They should not be allowed as tourists.

The authenticity of Frederica Janz’s bold statement about the President and Defence Secretary will be known only by the parties mentioned. Setting aside the truthfulness of the accusation, its crystal clear to the interviewer that this woman wouldn’t risk her life making such a serious statement regarding the top most personalities of the country! Therefore these news items when aired to the World are extremely damaging and they confirm negative allegations thus paving the way for the likes of UNHCR to justify US Resolutions brought recently at the UNHRC sessions.

Then comes the Minister Mervin Silva, the loose cannon, reacting to the failure at the UNHRC on the US Resolutions against Sri Lanka stating that he will break the legs & arms of some NGO spokes persons who went to Geneva and canvassed against Sri Lanka, also he admits that he is the one who is responsible for Poddala Jayantha to flee the country. Such utterances from a Cabinet Minister cannot be tolerated, they undermine Presidents authority, hence become the yard stick in measuring the strength of the President to see what actions he would take against such miscreants. It is such who reduces the Law making institution the supreme Parliament to a Law of the Jungle unit.

We as expatriates make a gigantic effort to defend the false accusations whenever they are leveled against Sri Lanka, but news items such as these makes us the laughing stock and our arguments, and presentations holds no water against these accusations.

At this juncture I believe its our duty to show our disgust and sadness on these matters with the intent for corrective actions to be taken by the President whenever responsible Government agents make damaging blunders within the Cabinet or in the Ministries belittling the parliamentary system in some instances and putting the masses in economic difficulties due to negligence in others. Certainly most of us expatriates do not want to dress the President as a King Lear when actions are not going smoothly, as they do not expect curry favours from him; it is just that they love to see their country of birth becoming a prosperous land without extending the begging bowl for ever and ever! This government enjoys two thirds of the country’s blessings and the President is still riding on the popularity of the masses, whereas I live in Australia which has a hung Parliament just hanging by the strand of hair or skin of the tooth so to speak, yet this Government has achieved what powerful governments in the past could not think of achieving within this short period of time! They are a dedicated lot who has the country’s best interest at heart without any personal egos or building personal empires.

The way the World economy is moving, very soon countries like Sri Lanka will feel the unbearable cost of living; it is inevitable as our produce depends heavily on the availability of oil, a commodity whose prices are spiraling with supply and demand under the prevailing clashes in various parts of the Globe. It won’t be long before the NGO’s start infiltrating the villages to poison the minds of the villagers who voted for the Government, encouraging them to take to the streets for a change in regime with the premise that this is the only solution.

While this may happen due to mismanagement of the Ministries, the Tamil issues may never be settled until a puppet leader is installed to run the country who would give all demands on a platter that were denied rightfully with the demise of Prabakaran just to satisfy the White regimes becoming an obedient servant while reducing the sacrifices of the gallant soldiers and the rest to be in vain!

We adore the country we left and love to see those back “Home” lead a morally sound and a decent living within a united Sri Lanka.

Mr.President it is only you who can make that happen and you got the best opportunity, if you let it slip your achievements thus far will be forgotten and History will record only a gigantic failure!

It is a colossal crime on your part to let loose the known “Traitors” to roam freely in the country destabilizing the Government, they have no right to breathe the air that is meant for the general public

No one would like to see how “Nero played the violin while Rome burned” being re-enacted in Sri Lanka!

I respectfully believe you would asses my two cents worth in the correct perspective.

Yours Sincerely,

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya,



4 Responses to “His Excellency The President of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,”

  1. dhane Says:

    Mr.President introduced a bill in Parliment soon to prevent “taking & acting any form of Seperation in Sri Lanka it is only you who can make that happen and you got the best opportunity NOW, if you slip there will be nobody in future who could do it. Like Nehru introduce this bill into parliment to know who are our “Traitors”.

  2. ranjit Says:

    We all love our President that’s the reason we all air our veiws sincerly to let him know that how much we love our Motherland. President have a long way to go till he ends his rule. He should not wait till the end to take bold decisions regarding the country we managed to free from bloody terrorism. When he has the two third majority he should act soon to get any bills passed thru the parliament. Wasting time will not help us because there are evil vultures circling in the air searching for a time and place to swallow our land. We need to act before they strike.

    Stop the evil entering the country. Eliminate corruptions from the Government completely. Punished the drug lords,drug distributers,thugs and useless no good politicians who are enjoying the power and glory been in the government. They destroy the reputation and the popularity of the President by engaging in criminal activities while been in the government. The public is with the president and no one will pity on these rascals for what they are doing to our country. After the war all were happy Sinhales,Tamils,Muslims,Malays and burgers who were citizens of our Motherland because NO MORE BLOODSHED in the country. We owe our lives to the President and to the war heros.

    We cannot be happy at the moment when we see and hear murders, thefts, rapes,drugs etc on daily basis in the news and in the T.V. The President must act immediately with an iron fist if he needs to make this country a just society. He has his brothers who were doing a great job in their respective ministries not like useless habitual politicians like Mervin and few others who ruined the good work of the government by uttering nonsence. We should have strict rules to diciplined our people. They never learn because of these corrupt politicians,they poisoned them with evil. These traitors dont love their Motherland except Money,Power and glory. There days are numbered. President must and should take stern action against traitors to the Motherland with the help of his two third majority.

  3. sena Says:

    Being in a country where law and order is functioning one can understand the frustration one feels when seeing the abhorrent way the politicians, senior officials and their side kicks behave without any repercussions. It has been a long time since the violence ended and to establish good governance. But increasingly it looks like no one is interested in creating such conditions of high integrity so that honest hard work is rewarded while corruption and lawlessness is discouraged. Most of all it is very sad that the general public , considering the hardships they under go in and out of the country to make a living and carry the economy of the country, tolerate such corrupt and unlawful activities. It is good for the government too to have a strong public voice to function well. It looks like articles like these pleading for sanity is like beating a dead horse or playing violin in front of a deaf elephant as the saying goes. Sadly we are betraying the memory of more than 25 thousand heroes who gave their lives so that others can live in peace and proper.

  4. Marco Says:

    Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya advocates that visas are issued to “friendly” journalist. If i recall that was the case adopted by GOSL for foreign journalist visiting the North in 2009/2010. The particular journalist (i believe from Al Jazeera) was disgusted with the manipulation by GOSL media advisers and its unethical practices, the whole exercise back fired and we saw Defense Secretary Gota Rajapakse interview coming out worse off. Lessons Learn?

    Sena- i agree with your sentiments entirely.
    Mervyn Silva, Wimal Weerwansa utterances and gimmicks are a joke and its quite understandable they are not taken seriously.

    However, on a serious note I cannot comprehend when there is an arrest warrant issued by a Court of Law on an MP, can parliament knowingly grant this MP extended leave with full pay for three months.
    Duminda Silva was complicit to a killing and that to a fellow member of the Rajapakse inner circle.
    It just has a very bad taste in the mouth which brings me to conclude MR has no principles or scruples.

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