Restrictions Needed to Stop Tamil Nadu Brainwashing Local Tamils through Media
Posted on March 27th, 2012

Dilrook Kannangara

It is no secret Tamil Nadu has emerged the sworn enemy of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans other than Tamils are threatened, attacked and humiliated in Tamil Nadu. Even Tamils with different political views to that of Tamil Nadu are subject to harassment. Pilgrims, politicians, film directors, academics and many others from the island nation have suffered in Tamil Nadu recently. Nowhere else in the world this happens with such consistency and deliberation. When USA indicated it will push a resolution against Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu was the only state or nation that vociferously supported it even going against India. Tamil Nadu illegal fishermen rob the resources of Lanka and they are unrepentant. They are determined to repeat offend. The only dispute Sri Lanka has relates to the Kachchatheevu island. This dispute is not with India but with the Indian state of Tamil Nadu only. In other words, Tamil Nadu is a threat to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Sri Lanka. Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister met the LTTE leader and helped him financially and by providing LTTE cadres safe refuge. Other prominent Tamil Nadu politicians threatened to invade the island, visited LTTE in Vanni illegally, carried out protests in support of the LTTE and conspired with external agents including Hilary Clinton to destabilise the island nation. Tamil Nadu poses a grave threat of illegal migration as well. Considering all these facts it is no doubt Tamil Nadu is Sri Lanka’s sworn enemy and it must be treated as such.

Apart from a very few instances, Tamil Nadu or Tamilakam as it was known in the past was always inimical to Sri Lanka. Pandya, Chola and other attacks were launched on the island from Tamilakam. It was unreservedly treated as an enemy territory. Ancient rulers fully appreciated this fact. They built military garrisons in areas closest to Tamil Nadu. For instance the Yapanaya peninsular was garrisoned with military bases in the past according to Nam Potha “”…” an ancient historical account of names of villages used in taxation purposes by Kandyan rulers. The word Yapanaya (the main city) derives from Yapa which refers to a military governor. Batakotte meaning a military fortress of a large army, Wedimurachchiya (check post with fire power), Henemurachchiya (check post adjacent to cultivated areas), Muramalaya (a mountain range of check posts), Vehelipura (city of barricades) and many other place names in the Yapanaya peninsula are evidence of this military build up in the very north of the island to prevent Tamil Nadu illegal immigrants landing in the island at its most vulnerable locations. Wisdom of ancient rulers is amply displayed by the sheer number of Tamil Nadu illegal immigrants and fishermen who venture into the island almost every week.     

Initially LTTE and other Tamil groups had no ships to smuggle in weapons. They brought in weapons using small boats from Tamil Nadu. LTTE leaders escaped to Tamil Nadu to save themselves in the 1970s and 1980s.

In addition to all these inimical action, Tamil Nadu is targeting Lanka in another way which may be one of the most dangerous. Tamil Nadu films, songs, teledramas, books and magazines flood the island. These material are filled with Tamil racist matter instigating Tamil nationalism. They pose a potent threat to Lanka. All Tamil Nadu produced or originated material must be thoroughly scrutinised before allowing them in to the island. It is easy to electronically download material. However, public distribution of these can be easily controlled. Today there is uncontrolled distribution of Tamil Nadu nationalist material right throughout the country via broadcasts. Private TV networks distributing Tamil Nadu produced or originated matter must also be thoroughly monitored.    

Uncontrolled flooding of often dirty and tasteless Tamil Nadu artwork is the main reason why a healthy local Tamil culture does not emerge. All Tamil Nadu cultural imports should be restricted to a bare minimum.  

Imports from Tamil Nadu should be discouraged. All essential imports from South India should be thoroughly checked and administrative delays must be inbuilt to discourage them as much as possible. People who frequently travel to Tamil Nadu should be monitored and an electronic register should be kept of them, their addresses, their businesses and political affiliations. Indians of Tamil Nadu origin arriving in the country must be closely watched. No Indian with Tamil Nadu origin should be allowed to enter the island unless with tourist visa.

India has imposed a total ban on Tamil nationalist events. As a result Tamil nationalist elements organise these in Sri Lanka where the law is more relaxed. These events should be banned as in India. Severe Tamil Nadu originated brainwashing campaigns stand in the way of reconciliation. Local Tamils cannot shed the Tamil racist mentality promoted by Tamil ethnicity based political parties due to constant bombardment of Tamil Nadu produced political and cultural material. They should be prevented from reaching Sri Lanka physically and, as much as possible, electronically.

Local Tamil politicians should be prevented from meeting Tamil Nadu politicians. Tamil racist ideological transfer occurs when they meet which is a grave threat to both India and Sri Lanka. Tougher controls are needed in relation to allowing members of the clergy into the island from South India. They can be agents of Tamil racist ideology as evidenced by the conduct of some. India is made up of ethnically divided enclaves called states. There is a state for Tamils, a state for Punjabis, a state for Gujarati, etc. This racist enclave system is not suitable for the island. Too much influence from Tamil Nadu leads to the replication of this ethnic enclaves system which is a stumbling block to ethnic integration. Dismantling this stumbling block is essential for long term peace and harmony. Nothing good comes or ever came from Tamil Nadu!

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  1. thurai Says:

    Tamilnadu trading is increasing in western countries by Tamils from Sri Lanka. Many LTTE investments are
    in TN. LTTE financed many Tamilfilms. Dead of Tamils in Sri Lanka is important for propaganda and Trading
    for Terrorism. There are Tamils in Tamilnadu suffering untold difficulties by cast discrimination.
    Indien army in Jaffna got angry with Tamils because they understand after seeing the living condition of
    Tamils in Jaffna comparing with Tamils in TN. We need a better unstanding with all who want peacefull
    life in Asia.

  2. Kamal Says:

    I may be very unpopular by what I am going to write, but I have to.
    The amount of Sarees imported it drape our lovely ladies in Sri Lanka, from India needs a second thought.
    The amount of silk (made by boiling millions of butterfly larvae), a very un-buddhist act and, made by Indians causing unemployment in Sri Lanka (hand looms) has to be discouraged. Our lovely ladies could be patriotic and insist on Sri Lankan apparel for a change.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    We thank Dilrook for this timely article.

    We wish the REAL PROBLEM facing Sri Lanka, i.e. Tamil SEPARATISM in Lanka guided by some Tamil Nadu leaders and some Tamil leaders here, was IDENTIFIED, EXPOSED & REMEDIED a long time ago. The death of our past able leaders and thousands of villagers, Buddhist clergy, armed forces, and innocent Tamils themselves, etc. could have been avoided, plus the vilification of Lanka abroad for no good reason stopped.

    Tamils of Lanka will never be allowed to lead a life of freedom and happiness in Lanka by the some leaders in TN and here. They are treated as mere fodder for a Separatist movement – more dead Tamils, the better for the Separatist leaders. This clearly explains the 1983 Riots too, where use of drugs & narcotics to stun reasoning, was evident.

    Thurai, your comments above are absolutely right. When will the local Tamils wake up to this fact that they are being used as fodder for a pointless battle, and ignore/fight Separatism en masse ? The best way to fight back is to ignore/destory all forms of existing SEPARATIST MATERIALS & OVERTURES from TN and here, and as Dilrook suggests, ban such material outright.

    The struggle for Modernisation of Tamil Nadu has to be brought about by Tamil Nadu leaders in Tamil Nadu itself, not on offshore Sri Lanka. Similarly, the Modernisation of Lanka has to be done here. The stupidity and senselessness of it all is mind boggling. Separatism in Sri Lanka is a mere distraction for Tamil Nadu & Lanka Tamils, an absurd deception making the Sinhala people and others ‘fall guys’ for the problem of Caste/poverty issues of TN.

    Our ancestors were wiser than we were, judging by the manner in which they guarded our coastlines against illegal migrants. However, it is better late than never to wake up and act. Yes, please do ban all the literature, films etc. from TN and elsewhere that is inimical to Development, Growth & Peace between our people of Lanka.

  4. Voice123 Says:

    How do you propose to ban literature, films etc? It’s very hard to control. With the Internet, dvds, sattelite communication etc. the only long term solution is development, education, tolerance and freedom in Tamil Nadu. This is wholly outside our control. A defence pact with a superpower or even leasing the island to a non- Indian power or corporation is looking like the only viable option but that could also pose problems. Other option for us to simply give up and adopt Dalitdom!!

  5. Dilrook Says:

    DVDs, internet, etc. is very difficult to control. But there are ways to limit them.

    However, the main thrust is not in these that are not accessible to over 75% of Tamils.

    What is accessible to 75% Tamils are free TV, free radio that repeat Tamil Nadu junk free of charge. They must be controlled, forced to air a certain percentage of Sri Lankan made Tamil and Sinhala programs and restrictions must be imposed on their imports.

    We certainly need a defence pact with China, etc.

    People of Tamil Nadu origin I associate think very highly of Sri Lanka. Not so much about Jaffna though. This is actually a danger. It encourages illegal migration among poorer sections of Tamil Nadu.

    Unfortunately “Dalitdom” is what happens in Sri Lanka with Sinhalese having to learn the Tamil Nadu language. It is the cultural extention of Tamil Nadu. If 20 million Sri Lankans are Tamil fleunt, Tamil Nadu illegal immigrants will not find Sri Lanka any different to Tamil Nadu. It will be their second or first home.

  6. Vijendra Says:

    Dilrook, you have brought out some very interesting points. However, in my humble opinion, it is more important to curb the use of “Tamil separatism” by local politicians for their political and personal gains. Its been more than two long years since SL got rid of the LTTE, but unfortunately, SL does not seem to be taking strong enough action to take to task the traitors who run to Tamil Nadu or the west or the UN to hand over the sovereignty of SL on a platter to the foreign warmongers and opportunists.

    SL must get rid of the 13A and make sure that the politicization is brought under control with a strong central government comprised of patriotic politicians, who should be made to sign an oath of allegiance to the country. Any politician espousing separatism or found corrupt must be sacked and punished to the full extent of the law. Any Sri Lankan should be able to live anywhere in the country and any law preventing this should be abolished.

    SL government has done a lot for the integration of the LTTE brain-washed Tamils, but there is much more yet to be done for the Sri Lankans. SL should build a strong and honest centralized police force, adopt a policy of supporting local industries and prevent the importation of goods from hostile countries. Anyone importing separatist propaganda should be caught and put behind bars.

    We may not be able to do things in Tamilnadu, but we sure can promulgate appropriate laws and legislation and adopt country-friendly policies in SL to prevent the spread of hatred and separatism !

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka is eyed by various external sources for her resources and also to split up India. Tamil Nadu is trying spread her influence into Lanka through language & culture.

    Here are some ideas on how to protect Lanka :

    * Best deport all illegal migrants most of whom are from Tamil Nadu, and look after all the true born citizens of Lanka. Guarding of the coastline should be up to the Navy & the Coast Guard who ought to be very trustworthy. It is also up to the ordinary citizens of Lanka to report illegal migrants in Lanka.
    * Get rid of the 13-A.
    * Best to have least dependency on Tamil labor, introduce mechanised tea plucking with tea plucking machines.
    * Teach English as a link language and Sc&Tech in the villages and to Buddhist priests.
    * Have an Oath of Allegiance to Lanka to be taken by all citizens.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Tamil Eelamist WOLVES who funded and supported murder & mayhem in Sri Lanka, now posing as VICTIMS hiding under sheepskins, are planning PROSECUTION of those who STOPPED THEIR CRIMES against innocent people of Sri Lanka.

    The Sri Lanka Government should allocate $500 million from the National Budget to SEKK OUT & PROSECUTE Eelamist Organizations and their Leaders as War Criminals. This is NOW A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE that MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY and the PROPER RESOURCES allocated and deployed for National Defense.

    ENOUGH SITTING ON OUR HANDS! Let us not wait for ANOTHER 30 Years like we did in CONFRONTING & DEFEATING the LTTE in the Battlefield. Recall that LACK OF RESOURCES is what prevented the Sri Lanka Armed Forces from winning in the battlefield then. Let us allocate the NECESSARY RESOURCES LIBERALLY now!

    The Failure to FIGHT & WIN this war will have severe economic, political and territorial repurcussions for Sri Lanka. Fighting this LEGAL BATTLE is AS IMPORTANT as FIGHTING the MILITARY Battle which we won.

    They BEGAN the terrorist War; We ENDED it.
    Now, they have BEGUN a LEGAL War; Let us END it Victoriously.

    Let us GET TO WORK!
    William Hague faces legal action over Sri Lankan diplomat war crimes claim

    Tamil group to bring judicial review against foreign secretary over refusal to declare military attache persona non grata

    By Sam Jones
    March 30, 2012


    The Global Tamil Forum told the Guardian that the diaspora would take legal action against anyone suspected of involvement in war crimes.

    “Every alleged war criminal of Sri Lanka must know that the Tamils will not rest until justice is served for the terrible crimes they are alleged to have committed,” he said.


  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here is an example of what happens when a nation in divided into competing fiefdoms with ambitious politicians: Karnataka and TN are battling over who gets the lions share of the Cauvery River water. If the National Government was empowered to make the necessary decisions in the national interest to benefit the largest number of citizens everyone’s the project can go ahead. Currently, the project id DEAD IN WATER.

    Likewise, if Provincial Councils are given Land Powers in Sri Lanka, we will see these kinds of battles breaking out between the leaders of the Provinces ruled as separate fiefdoms by intransigent politicians like Jayalalitha in TN. In addition, they will invoke their rights to PREVENT National Infrastructure Projects from being implemented in the Nation’s Interest, especially if different Ethnic majorities govern in adjoining provinces.

    For example, no project SPANNING MORE THAN ONE PROVINCE, such as the Mahaveli River Development Project can be undertaken either by the national government or by the Provinces.

    In a large country like India, some power has to devolved to states, because governing that vast land as a single unit is impractical.

    However, one of the few advantages of being a small country like Sri Lanka, smaller than most States in India, is that it CAN BE GOVERNED MORE SIMPLY AS A SINGLE ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT. Therefore, there is NO REASON to hoist the additional cost and bureaucratic inefficiency of MULTIPLE COMPETING BUREAUCRACIES of Provincial Governments upon our already harassed citizens trying to eke out a living, and struggling for survival as a nation in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

    Therefore, we must REPEAL the 13th Amendment, DISSOLVE the PROVINCIAL COUNCILS, REPLACE then with DISTRICTS administered DIRECTLY by the National Government. That will increase the SECURITY of the nation, enable policing by ONE National police force eliminating demands for police powers by provinces, reduce the cost borne by tax-payers to support unnecessary provincial government employees, and will minimize the bureaucratic barriers to individuals and businesses.

    TN won’t allow new Cauvery dam: Jayalalithaa
    March 31, 2012

    CHENNAI: With the Cauvery water sharing row escalating, Tamil Nadu government today made it clear that it would not allow construction of a new dam by Karnataka at Mekedhatu across the river under “any circumstances.”

    Replying to a special mention on the water dispute in the Assembly, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa accused Karnataka of not honouring the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal award.

    She said Karnataka makes all efforts to first fill its reservoirs and then release only surplus waters to Tamil Nadu.

    “I and my government are committed to securing the state’s rightful share in the Cauvery waters,” she said, amid thumping of desk by the members.

    She said Karnataka cannot build a dam at Mekedhatu, about 100 km from Bangalore, without Tamil Nadu’s acceptance. “If Karnataka tries to build a dam, Tamil Nadu will not allow the move under any circumstances.”

    Her assertion comes in the backdrop of tough postures being adopted by Karnataka leaders on the release of water from Cauvery to Tamil Nadu.

    Accusing Karnataka of using water from its dams for summer irrigation, she said, as per the final orders of the Tribunal, Karnataka had used 203 tmc ft of water for irrigation as against the stipulated 103.24 tmc ft of water.

    “Karnataka is also not giving water to Tamil Nadu for its Kuruvai cultivation (short term) in June and July,” she said.

    Since Karnataka was utilising water for its summer crops, during monsoon that state took efforts to fill its reservoirs and then released water to Tamil Nadu, resulting in Mettur dam in the state not getting its due share, she said.

    Recalling her meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after she assumed office last year, Jayalalithaa said she had discussed the issue of notifying the Tribunal’s award and setting up Cauvery Water Management Board for implementing it.

    “But so far, the Centre has not acted on these demands and Tamil Nadu government has been pressing for them,” she said.

    The two states are locked in decades-long dispute on sharing Cauvery waters.The Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal, set up by the Centre, had in 2007 given its final award, allocating 419 tmcft water to Tamil Nadu and 270 tmcft to Karnataka annually.

    However, Karnataka has challenged the award in the Supreme Court, alleging it gave a raw deal to the state overlooking its requirements and rights.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    Tamil Nadu & Karnataka states in India can’t even proceed to build Hydroelectric Power Plants WITHIN their OWN STATES because the Cauvery river that transports the water crosses their shared state boundary!

    TOTALLY TIED UP IN Red Tape & Political Posturing by Communal Politicians playing to the Gallery!

    This again illustrates the PERILS OF DEVOLUTION of Land Powers to competing Provinces in Sri Lanka.

    Karnataka makes U-turn on hydel project
    March 31, 2012

    CHENNAI: The National Hydro Electric Power Corporation Limited proposed to set up hydel power stations at Sivasamudram, Mekedhatu, Rasipuram and Hogenakkal in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, located between Krishnaraja Sagar and Mettur Dams and drawing water from Cauvery river. Union Ministry of Power sent this proposal to concerned States in 1999.

    TN agreed to the proposal in July 2004 by laying three conditions — in the first phase, work on hydel power projects at Sivasamudram and Hogenakkal should commence simultaneously after getting the permission. In the second phase, work on Mekedhatu and Rasimanal projects should be taken up simultaneously and the NHPC should operate all these four power projects.

    Initially, Karnataka agreed to these conditions, but later announced that it would implement the Sivasamudram and Mekedhatu projects on its own as those places fell within Karnataka. Following this, TN had conveyed to Karnataka that it can’t take up any new project across inter-State river Cauvery without getting TN’s consent.

    Besides, TN had also filed an interim petition before the Supreme Court seeking to restrain Karnataka from implementing the Mekedhatu and Sivasumdaram projects till the review petitions pending before the SC as well as Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal were disposed off and that the NHPC should operate all the four projects. The case is still pending before the court.

    Jayalalithaa said Karnataka had not been releasing Cauvery water to TN when it was vital, during June and July. “Considering all these facts, the government headed by me filed a plea before the SC,” she said.

  11. Dilrook Says:


    No doubt 13A must be repealed. There is no control of Tamil Nadu.

    What must happen is Tamil Nadu material should not be allowed to freely broadcast in the island. That must be done through increasing restrictions.

    There is no point dismantling Tamil racist political parties if Tamil Nadu junk is allowed in. They brainwash Tamil people into another round of violence. What’s worse is it can stir violence in the now peaceful upcountry too.

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