Message from Geneva-Know your sincere friends
Posted on April 2nd, 2012

By Latheef Farook

In times of crisis in Sri Lanka, Muslims countries have always come to the island’s rescue   with no strings attached. This friendly gesture was demonstrated once again by Muslim countries   when they voted against the US sponsored United Nations Human Rights Council resolution against Sri Lanka.

While the European countries as a whole sided with the US, almost every Muslim country either supported Sri Lankan or abstained. For example Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bangladesh Maldives, Mauritania and Indonesia   voted against the resolution defying the US. Four more Muslim countries, Malaysia Jordan, Kyrgyzstan and predominantly Muslim Senegal abstained thus depriving the US of large majority.

Surprisingly our new found friend the Zionist state of Israel co-sponsored the US resolution.

Under the circumstance isn’t it time that Sri Lanka begins to understand who the island’s sincere friends are and cultivate better relationships with them?

However support of Muslim countries has always been taken for granted by not only the island’s politicians and bureaucrats but also the mainstream media which never misses an opportunity to portray a negative picture of Muslims. In the local dailies, especially the English language ones, the three votes of Russia, China and Cuba were given a lot of fanfare on front pages while the larger number of Muslim votes did not merit even a single column space. Sadly this has been the traditional attitude of mainstream media in the island.

Muslims worldwide, especially those in the Middle East, have a fondness for Sri Lanka because of its   support for the legitimate Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation of Palestinians lands. From Yemen in the Red Sea to Egypt and even North Africa, the moment they come to know that you are a Sri Lankan a pleasant smile of recognition appears on their faces. The perfunctory response from people of all walks of life in the Arab lands used to be “Oh   Bandaranaike “in view of former Prime Minister Mrs. Srimavo Bandaranaike’s close ties with the Arab world.

Mrs. Bandaranaike pledged in her election manifesto in 1970 that she would shut down the Israeli Mission in Colombo if she was voted to power. On account of this pledge and departing from the established tradition of voting for the UNP, Muslims in large number voted for her United Front government. On assuming office, one of the first steps taken by her government was to fulfill the promise she gave in her manifesto. This decision was welcome with great appreciation and admiration by the Arab countries.

Pakistan was one of the first countries to respond to Sri Lanka’s urgent plea to airlift arms when violent political uprising by Janatha Vimukthi Permuna (JVP) erupted to topple the government. This timely help played a crucial role in crushing the uprising.

Later, as an influential member of the Non Aligned Movement, Mrs. Bandaranaike had been in the forefront of world events in highlighting Third World issues and thus was in the limelight in the third world countries .This put the tiny island on the international political map. Muslim countries like Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Algeria and others co-operated fully with her government when the island hosted the 1976 Non Aligned Nations’ Summit Conference in Colombo.

Muslim nations supported Ms. Bandaranaike with one voice in the United Nations General Assembly when she submitted the Non Aligned Colombo Summit proposal to declare “Indian Ocean a Zone of Peace”. Her speech at the UN General Assembly, as head of the Non Aligned Movement, was completely ignored by the Jewish controlled Western media while it received wide coverage  throughout the Muslim world.

Under strong Israeli pressure, when Britain threatened to boycott Sri Lankan tea, then Trade Minister T.B.Ilangaratne, said in defiance that “Sri Lankans may eat grass, but would not change the decision to close down the Israeli mission here”.

This firm policy of supporting the just struggle of Palestinian cause won the hearts and minds of people in the Middle East and elsewhere. Countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Iran emerged as some of the largest importers of the island’s tea and other products.

In the same vein as President of the Sri Lankan Committee for Palestinian People, President Mahinda Rajapakse supported the Palestinians for three long decades. He handed over that responsibility to Minister Athauda Seneviratne only after assuming office as Prime Minister.

Of course these friendly ties continued unabated though disrupted time and again during the pro Western United National Party governments. For example President J.R.Jayawardene declared arrogantly that he would bring the Israelis to crush the Tamil Tigers and the Muslim members could leave the government if they disagree.

He forced his foreign Minister A.C.S Hameed to support the move in parliament. Hameed did support the move in the parliament for   reasons better known to him    but never forgave himself for this act until he went to his grave. Dr M.C.M. Kaleel, the respected Chairman of United National Party who spent his life for the party was devastated and humiliated on account of this act of betrayal by J.R. Jayawardene. Fed up of Jayewardene’s arrogance, Muslims shifted their loyalties to the All Ceylon Muslim Congress which, further polarized the communities, and turned out to be a tragedy of Himalayan proportions to the Muslims in particular and the country as a whole.

However to   Jayewardene’s shock and embarrassment, instead of helping to wipe out the Tamil Tigers, the Israelis who thrive on others’ misery trained both the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lanka’s armed forces simultaneously   in the same area as stated in the Israeli spy’s book “By Way of Deception”.

In the footstep of Late President Jayewardene, equally pro western Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe’s government was perhaps the only third world government in the word to support the American invasion of Iraq which turned the hapless nation into a grave yard. When Muslim parliamentarians resisted Mr. Wickremasinghe, he in the same degree of arrogance as his uncle told them”you can leave the government if you disagree with party policy”. Despite Jayewardene’s and Ranil Wickremasinghe’s pro Western   policy of hob knobbing with Israelis, Muslim countries always continued their friendly ties with Sri Lanka. Israel has once again, true to form, has stabbed Sri Lanka by stabbing the nation in the back.

Meanwhile when the development boom began in the Gulf countries in the aftermath of the oil boom in the early 1970s, these countries opened their doors for the island’s workforce. Since then there are around a million Sri Lankans workers in the six member Gulf Cooperation Council countries which include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain. They remit billions and help our economy besides paving the way for better political, economic, cultural and social ties.

Muslim countries stood behind Sri Lanka and its people even in the recent effort to crush the LTTE. In fact many Muslim countries especially Pakistan, Libya and Iran helped the island a great deal during the island’s final assault in the defeat of the   Tamil Tigers. Moreover, Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf have given billions in aid   for numerous development projects. Sadly hardly any articles appear in the local newspapers, mags or TV giving due coverage to such positive stories. Instead, what we see are highly negative stories when a housemaid falls into trouble with her employers.

Ignoring all these facts many politicians, bureaucrats, professionals and the media in general openly hobnob with the Israelis paying no attention to the feelings of the Arabs or Muslim community in the island..

Some may ask “what is wrong in establishing ties with Israel as some Arab countries too recognized Israel”. Yes, some Arab dictators recognized Israel to please America so that their power could be maintained and keep the looted wealth of their people in Swiss banks.  However people in these countries treated these tyrants with contempt as they watch the atrocities Israel commits on a daily basis against the hapless Palestinians.

In fact traditionally the island’s mainstream media has been rather indifferent towards Muslim issues both here and abroad. This could be partly attributed to their being brainwashed by the Western media, an integral extension of the West’s war machine, for their international coverage.  The Western media has been employed by US led European war mongers to justify their invasions and destructions of poor Third World countries which include Vietnam and many South American, African and Arab nations. Inevitably the local media, depending on this propaganda machine, too come under their influence and thus fail to highlight the plight of the victims of US-European aggressions.

As a result  local media too have been influenced by the Western media’s evil campaign against Islam and Muslims .This perhaps may be  the reason why the local media fail to highlight Anglo-American genocides in Iraq, Afghanistan ,Palestine, Somalia  Yemen and now in  Pakistan to cite a few cases. Here too, except for a few, they are afraid to publish the victims’ sufferings even if they are provided with the facts as they are.

For example, wide publicity was given to around 300 Sri Lankans recruited to work in the Israeli agricultural sector. However more than a million Sri Lankans happily live and work in the Gulf States.  Do the local media highlight these positive developments?  Instead even before verifying the truth, media   scream highlighting incidents involving problems of maids projecting Gulf people as whole as heartless barbarians.

Isn’t it time that the country as a whole and the ultra nationalist who got into powerful positions, open their eyes and realize the reality and change their views on local Muslims and Muslim countries in their own interests and in the interest of the country?

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17 Responses to “Message from Geneva-Know your sincere friends”

  1. jayt Says:

    hi latheef bhai,

    Your saying is absolutely right but Here are some differences. There are traitors are in all societies and races. Every Muslim races have traitors including Sri lanka. All third word have traitors. The traitors of the third world are the helpers of The western spies. without them, they can’t create wars in third world countries. All Muslim countries is product of muslin traitors. Muslim traitors had longtime connection western spies. They help western spies to smuggles drugs, they help Western spies to smuggle weapon and explosive to destroy own Muslim community and drive Muslim out of their homes, Sri lanka is also good example.

    Sinhalese do treacherous work, it is not just against Muslim but they are against Sinhalese too
    Why Sinhalese traitors do that because unlike Muslim traitors, they wish they should have bone a white man in lanka rather than into Sinhalese culture but Muslim traitors still feel proud of whatever culture or race they came from.

    Sinhalese can easily
    made to be a traitor or traitors by one trick by Western spies. For a example. last week covert operators in The west said “Accept our reconciliation program and if not we start war again” and they trained a few tigers in TN and sent them TO lanka’s north and today Sinhalese are frighten
    and agreed to accept their program and western propaganda news right into Sri lanka

    Another thing is Sinhalese the people who are thousand years behind in knowledge. Therefore, they can easily be tricked. That’s what happened everyday in Sri lanka and most Sinhalese who lives in the west can be tricked.

    Here is another example, Western spies did not want tigers leadership saved and it is because it is part of covert operation; they achieved their goal: They bought India and they got enough Tamil citizenship in the west and other part of the world. so, they have Tamil for continues operation and hijack Sri lanka and countiues operation in India and keep on hijacking India.

    same thing happening in Pakistan, Afgan, Iraq etc.

    However, Victories come to those countries when they start to do same something. they just have to cooperate each other and capture foreign spies living in those countries under name “NGOs, Tourists, human right workers Church missionaries, embassy workers and UN workers” etc

  2. May182009 Says:


    You are mixing up 4 things.

    1. ON THE MATTER of UNHRC trouble and other UN matters SL and Arabic/Muslim countries are together. It is MUTUAL.

    Fully agree.

    2. On allowing Sri Lankans in Arabic/Muslim countries and Muslims in SL is MUTUAL.

    Please understand that. Arabic countries are not doing a favour to Sri Lankans by letting them work there. Muslims are allowed to do business, etc. in SL on the SAME mutual FRIENDLY understanding.

    This MUTUAL friendship MUST remain forever.

    3. “Isn’t it time that the country as a whole and the ultra nationalist who got into powerful positions, open their eyes and realize the reality and change their views on local Muslims and Muslim countries in their own interests and in the interest of the country?”

    This is just plain rubbish!

    SL nationalists always treat Muslims in SL and outside with respect, dignity and the CORRECT understnading. You cannot ask for more. The current views of the government on Muslims are PERFECT. Nothing should change.

    You have given examples how anti-nationalists when in power VOTED for the Iraq invasion and killing 1.8 million Muslim kids in Ira from 1991-2002 and AGAIN in killing 1 million Muslims in 2003.

    You may not know the UNF government in 2003 signed an agreement with USAF for SL to allow landing and operating US unmaned bombers Preditor, etc. from SL! These unmaned planes kill thousands of civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  3. May182009 Says:

    4. Israel was one of SL’s best friends during war.

    The ONLY country to give SL military technology. Deborah 2000 Colombo Class FAC destroyer is manufactured in SL thanks to Israel. Deborah FACs are the biggers killers of Sea Tigers. Our main attack craft in sea. Our ships got Israeli Gabriel anti-ship missiles to WIPE OUT ALL LTTE ships.

    Our main frontline attack aircraft is Israeli Kfir jets worked from 1995-2012. Longer than any other jet. It was our pride in the skies. Tigers crapped on their panties when they hear it approaching.

    Our army’s eyes in the sky was a Israeli EMIT Blue Horison-2 UAV.

    Israel trained our STF, SF and Tamil paramilitary groups to kill LTTE cadres in deep space operations. Tamil paramilitary groups trained in Israel killed scores in Tamil Nadu as well.

    SL MUST maintain good relations with Israel too.

    It is MUTUAL.

    Israel and SL may go at each other at UN, UNHRC but that is not the ONLY interaction.

    When Shameless Saudi WORSHIPS Israel, they have no right to tell SL not to befirnd Israel.

  4. jayt Says:

    May182009 Says,

    You are missing many more points. You better learn about other side of Jews in North America, Europe and other part of world. I myself thought Jews are good people but I never forget to check other side of Jews
    Let’s put the question why Jews want to support SRi Lanka so desperate? even when there was no war Terrorist in Sri lanka

    Jews are integrated part of American, UK, European government and intelligent agencies as well

    as immigration and many other western agencies

    Jews are also control many large food grocers, pharmacological factories, global think tank, news papers, radios, tvs. Furthermore Jews lead Western NGOS and many political groups party in the west, Additionally Jews run all Intelligent agencies in North America and Europe.

    All time, I think since last part of Madam Kumartunga, I began to know the world and sri lanka war and something happened to me in Canada mean I discovered something that no Sinhalese ever encounter this kind.
    It hurt me a lot and I thought ‘this is the end of story ‘ and I will never have peace in life
    no Sinhalese ever have peace unless we build nuclear war heads and stationed them in the space right above Israel and tell them “You reverse what you did or we dump it”.

    THis is what happened to me: I went to a Canadian house looking for room and board; at that time, I was attending a college. The owner was a Canadian women of 60s. She had students live in the house both girls and boys from universities and they well know about this Tamil Tigers are in universities. The women owner met us at dinner table a few days later and ask me where I am from. I said I am from Sri lanka. women face color began to change suspiciously and said, “I guess you are a Sinhalese.” Then, She went on to tell students who are sitting with me who is she and what She is doing.
    THis is the quote ” I went to Sri lanka in 1983 after Sinhalese Buddhists extremists killed thousand of Tamil and looted their properties. Buddhist monks too help them and Sinhalese politician too. Sinhalese take revenge on Tamil because Tamil worked for British colony”, then her mood changed and said angrily ” British killed Sinhalese Kandian in 1815.’
    Then she went on saying” Bandaranayakes support Muslim who want to destroy Israel”. “president Reagan fixed Gadhfi good” and Israel going to take care Gadafi and Muslim.”
    In a few minutes later she came back to me and tell me “You Sinhalese better recognize western power otherwise you going to face same thing like your great great grand parent faced in Kandy”

    I can’t complete this story in one shot but I will countinue

  5. jayt Says:

    This affair was a real breakthrough even without having to spend time and money. You do not need any more evident to prove Israeli were supporting both side

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree with May2009.

    Our armed forces fought with many Israel weapons that are more superior to Tigers.

    “4. Israel was one of SL’s best friends during war.

    The ONLY country to give SL military technology. Deborah 2000 Colombo Class FAC destroyer is manufactured in SL thanks to Israel. Deborah FACs are the biggers killers of Sea Tigers. Our main attack craft in sea. Our ships got Israeli Gabriel anti-ship missiles to WIPE OUT ALL LTTE ships.

    Our main frontline attack aircraft is Israeli Kfir jets worked from 1995-2012. Longer than any other jet. It was our pride in the skies. Tigers crapped on their panties when they hear it approaching.

    Our army’s eyes in the sky was a Israeli EMIT Blue Horison-2 UAV.

    Israel trained our STF, SF and Tamil paramilitary groups to kill LTTE cadres in deep space operations. Tamil paramilitary groups trained in Israel killed scores in Tamil Nadu as well.”

    FULLY AGREE. I’m no fan of Israel but THESE ARE FACTS!!

    That is why SL is now maintaining VERY STRONG relations with Israel and media highlight GROWING relations between these two countries.

    What Isreal does to Palestinians is not STRICTLY our problem. BOTH are outsiders for us.

    SL MUST get help from wherever to defeat enemies. SL is a small country.

    As he said, BLOODY SAUDI ARABIA sold Macca and Madina to US ARMY to have DIRTY US bases where they do HORRENDOUSLY DIRTY things including drugs, alcohol, porn and women. Saudi kings lick Israel and do all the Israeli dirty work including warning Iran. They should chase out the American dirt first.

  7. jayt Says:

    This time I did not know very much about JEWS but I started learn fast. Then in few months later, I learned a whole lot of ladies killed in Saudi Arabia and I immediately felt suspicious that there is a foreign spies hand in these murders to try to influence Sri lanka for something and in a few months later came another evidence a British Jew bought Canadian News paper Ottawa Citizen and immediately investigated it and i found solid evidence this Jew bought this news paper with collaboration of Canadian JEW supporters to carry out huge propaganda against SRi lanka to influence prez Kumaratunga to accept Israelis into Sri lanka. Later, I discovered more and more evidence that JEWs are authorized by western politician to operate in the west, have large global net work, have a hand in deaths of Sinhalese ladies in Saudis, directing Tigers daily bombing in Sl, many propaganda news in the world prepared by JEWs and many more mysterious events around the globe.
    ALL these were done by Jews and confirmed by a Canadian professor who investigated GloBAL Jews network.
    I NEVER had anything against JEWs and I thought if it is just recognize isrealis why not sinhalese do not know how to fight them. I sent a note to SL then govt to recognize Israel and every thing will be OK. And prez K immediately did things become worst and again SL down graded Israelis.
    Later Israelis were given another chance by prez Rajapaksa and it is the same story again and He down graded israeli again and that’s Israeli set up General against SL.
    Just think smart. JUst after MY comment, there was a Sinhalese lady death in Saudi Yesterday.
    We, Indian,
    Chinese and many had sympathies towards JEWS but they stab you behind right after you given them a room in your house and this why JEWS are hated throughout Europe history.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Identify TAMIL SEPARATISM as the main problem. Tamil Separatism is there to form a separate state for Tamils only to have a place to get away from Tamil Caste structure in Tamil Nadu. This is being used by various others for their own agendas. Besides, the irony of it all is that a separate state for Tamils, just next door to Tamil Nadu, will only re-instate the Tamil Caste Structure !

    Send a strong message that Separatism will not be tolerated in Sri Lanka. Deport all illegal migrants who are mostly low caste Tamil people from Tamil Nadu. Though I am truly sorry for the low caste people of Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka is NOT the place to solve the problem. Tamil Nadu itself has to Modernise and remove the Caste structure there. That is the only real solution.

    Identify the real problem, and find real answers. Rational Thinking is our own true Friend, and it shall always be so.

    We thank all Muslim states that stood with Lanka at the UNHRC ! By the way, we thought Saudi A. voted against Lanka. Correct me if I am wrong.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S.: Saudi Arabia had voted in favor of Sri Lanka. I found the results on Google – needed some searching.

  10. aravinda Says:

    Muslims consist 10% of Sri Lankan population. They have always been part of Sri Lankan fabric. There is GREEN in our flag for Islam. There are 5,000 Mosques in Sri Lanka. Brother Latheef, we are greatful, it is our hearts and we know who our true friends are.

    Sri Lanka always been an ardent supporter of Palestinian and Islamic causes in last sixty years. Only exception was JR Jayawardena. He was anti-Islamic for personal reasons. He wanted to hide his Muslim ancestors. Originally Jayawardena clan were Muslims. His name starts with “Marakkala arachchi”. Just see his birth certificate. JR did stupid anti-Muslim actions to hide this fact. How sad. If he had said that his ancestors were Muslims, and still elected, world would understand Sri Lankans are immune to race and religion politics.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    No permanent friends or enemies in diplomacy.

    That is the underlying principle.

    WHATEVER benefits SL must be pursued.

    I’m also concerned that this same writer last week promoted Sharia Law. Looks like he has his OWN agenda which is certainly not the welfare of SL which is and must remain a nation governed by Sinhala Buddhist governance philosophy NON ALIGN POLICY to ANY camp which means friendly with ALL camps as needed.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    It was not MUSLIM states that voted for us. It was many states INCLUDING Muslim states.


    Islamic Jahmariya of Libya voted AGAINST us.
    Malaysia abstained from voting.


    Russia a Christian country (world’s fourth largest Christian population) voted for us.
    Philippines – Asia’s ONLY Christian country voted for us. (East Timor is part of Indonesia).

    RATIONAL (on the matter) countries voted for us.
    IRRATIONAL hypocrites voted against us.

    Religion/ethnicity does not matter. They voted on PRINCIPLES.

    One day Russia will bail us out from UN Security Council when this BS resolution goes there. China may or may not. As the matter progresses, China is getting increasingly impatient with SL. China doesn’t face too much pressure on separatism than Russia.

    While sleeping with dirty Americans (Satan) in Mecca and Madina Saudi voted for us which is very good.

    Libyan terrorists (who voted against us), Syrian terrorists and the next war on Iran are financed by Saudi.

    The entire US war machine is financed by Saudi through PETRO DOLLAR. If Saudi stops using US dollar for oil exports, the evil USATANIC empire collapses.

    We have to be mindful of this minefield.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for response.
    Yes, what you say is true. But there were a number of Christian countries who voted against Lanka, USA being the lead case in point.


    At the end of the day, our own Best Friend is Rational Thinking & Self Reliance, as far as is possible. It is immaterial what religious group we belong to, do please get educated and help all others in Lanka. My own RAtional Thinking says, DEPORT all Illegal Migrants.

  14. Son of Lanka Says:

    I think the key phrase in the title of this Post is “Know your sincere friends”. All the Countries that assisted our Motherland in it’s 30-year war against the Tamil Terrorists should be considered as “friends”. After all we are not an ungrateful Nation. However, by what stretch of imagination can we consider the Countries that co-sponsored the UNHRC Resolution against our Motherland (which includes Israel) or voted in favor of the Resolution (which includes India) as being “Sincere Friends” ?
    Moreover, of the Countries that voted for or against the Resolution (i.e. excluding the Countries that abstained) approximately 80% of the Muslim Countries voted in support of our Motherland, while approximately 80% of the Christian Countries voted in favor of the Resolution. Does this not suggest some kind of ‘religious-bias’ in the voting pattern ?

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    No permanent friends or enemies in diplomacy.

    That is the underlying principle.

    WHATEVER benefits SL must be pursued.

    MILITARY help from Israel, trade from USA and India, votes from Arab, etc. countries. Be friendly with ALL. This is the way to go.

    And SL is doing JUST that. That is consistent with Buddhist principles of MIDDLE PATH.

    We should NEVER entertain HATRED based diplomacy of Arabic countries and western countries.

  16. Dham Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo.
    Why is QATAR voted against US yet be best friends with US and sending undercover troops to kill Muslim leaders ?

  17. aravinda Says:

    Loranzo, your analysis is always interesting. Today, you are Elementary. Keep on writing.

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