Posted on April 11th, 2012

By Stanley Perera

Since pro Terrorist Tamils funded Hillary Clinton’s Presidential election campaign, Hillary Clinton is determined to  REGIME CHANGE in Sri Lanka.  Unfortunately the MR government does not realise the dangers of American connivance with India. As a result of American intervention in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka, India voted against the American sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka.  Prior to the UNHRC resolution Hillary invited GL Peris and TNA.  Within minutes of passing the resolution Hillary ordered GoSL to present to her the detailed programme in implementation of the LLRC recommendations.  Hillary did not stop there.  She ordered GL Peris to  explain to her in full details of the GoSL’s plans.  This whole process is seen as a combined efforts of Hillary and Jayalalitha to teach a lesson to MR government and return the favour to pro terrorist LTTE supporters.

Before the presentation of the resolution Hillary made a private visit to Jayalalitha where Hillary advised Jayalalitha how to get the Indian Lokhsaba to support the American made resolution.  Tamil nadu politicians made a vialent moves to change the mind of Manmohan Singh.  American Embassy in Colombo organised Rayappu Joseph and 31 other catholic priests to petition the UNHRC against GoSL.  Hillary spent $140 million to buy the votes against Sri Lanka.  Samarasinghe and Peiris maintained at a low profile at the debate.  Unlike the two previous occasions the duo either were complacent or did not contribute their five cents worth.  Out of the 50 or more Sri Lankan delegates who participated at the UNHRC meeting, not even harlf a dozen of them could speak, write or read English.  There is a belief that RAW and Hillary got involved heavily and details of it remains a secret.  What is quite obvious is Hillary and Jayalalitha became victorious in passing the resolution against Sri Lanka.


Did Hillary Clinton advise Jayalalitha to commence training of Tamil Terrorists to destabilise Sri Lanka and create a situation like in Lybia so as to get the NATO to intervene and fulfil the West’s ambition of regime change and break Sri Lanka into two countries amalgamating North and East with Tamil Nadoo.  This situation was first created by Indira Gandhi and MG Ramachandran.  GoSL did turn a blind eye as usual allowing the monster to rule North and East for 27 years.  The same situation is now being created by the mistress of MG Ramachandran and Hillary Clinton with India pretending to treat as a non existant issue.  The plan is to create a civil disturbance in Sri Lanka with the help of Tamil Nadoo and the TNA creating a suitable atmosphere to Intervene.  If the GOSL did not take necessary preventive action THE LIFE OF THE MR GOVERNMENT IS TOO SHORT.  NOW THAT THERE IS ENOUGH POWER TO THE UNHRC ATLEAST ON FLIMPSY charges, HILLARY CLINTON WILL SEND THE NATO TO ARREST THE PRESIDENT MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE AND FRAME WAR CRIMES CHARGES.  IF IT HAPPENED, WHAT WILL RUSSIA, PAKISTAN AND CHINA DO WHILE THE BLOODY INDIANS SHITTING ON THE FENCE? .


  1. nandimitra Says:

    When the europeans arrived we had Indian interferance and disruption of our society. We appealed to the Europeans for help . They finaly ruled us for 400 years and they still do so with the consent of the ruling classes through international pressure and controling our finances. We have still not learnt our lesson. Surpressing internal dissent but going on bended knees to the Foreigners is the modus operandi of the ruling elite. This is history repeating. will it be another 500 years of subjugation. The only answer is a free and just society. We are daily moving away from such a society. God Save Us!

  2. lingamAndy Says:

    The only answer is a free and just society. We are daily moving away from such a society. God Save Us!- Not sure God will understand our SL short sided mind !

    I do not understand why We need india,America, Western world , China ,Russia, even Bangadesh, Pakistan ……
    commmn My Sri Lankan Brothers & Sisters ….Please do not think any thing just shut up do your daily work………………………… get up eat , go to the toilet, go to bed ,than get up eat ,…… nothink else….

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