The British Authorities’ Tolerance of Tamil Diaspora Demonstrations In the UK During Prersident Rajapaksa’s Visit Somewhat Apathetic!
Posted on June 8th, 2012

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial

June 9th 2012

Despite  the continued attempts by Tamil Diaspora around the world to drag down and discredit the President of Sri Lanka he is beimg hailed and acclaimed around the globe much to the chagrin of his antagonists.These apathetic demonstrators who gather around the world whenever  Sri Lankan dignitaries or sports representations appear in a pubic perspective at the highest level, don’t ever want to give up what many see as acts of frustration and communal hatred which they accuse the Government of Sri Lanka as being responsible for but the fact of the matter is, it is their own transparencies through their actions and rhetoric that are exposed that need to be broadcast around the world.

They portray themselves through their actions as a bunch of sore losers who have lost in a quest for an unattainable and incongruous objective namely to separate from a Sovereignity where they have neither legitimacy nor the head count to justify themselves even as a nominal minority as their is miniscule and dwindling by the day.

Add to this there are incoherent bleatings from some of their champions without a cause from across the Palk Strait such as the likes of Vaiko, Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi et al who incessantly crow like the one that was disposessed of his piece of cheese by a jackal. Karunanidhi’s cawingss in particular are becoming more voluminous and heaven knows for what reason? where he insists that Eelam will be achieved in Sri Lanka in the near future which of course is dementia on his part also comparable to the enemies of the state around the globe in their objectives and many attempts to discredit the GOSL and its leadership. Despit all this the President of  Sri Lanka in his inimitably tranquil manner gets about his business unflinchingly and with a smile and all kudos to him!

That he was very warmly welcomed by the British establishment recently is indicative of the admiration and charisma he carries wherever he goes where all the while there has been a sea of protestors  with their worthless and vain attempts to invite the attention to the world to what they attempt to portray as a darker side to President Rajapaksa, something which they have failed miserably towards accomplishing! By attempting to provoke any animosities against the him and his entourage they have merely have heaped  derision and ridicule on themselves whose protests fall mainly on deaf ears!

To add to their misery there are many revelations surfacing at this time of the likelihood of skullduggery and conspiratorial connivances orchestrated by many of their sympathisers against the Sri Lankan Administration, at times amazingly from sources as high as the UN and various Western based news broadcasters including the infamous Channel 4 of the UK and they simply need to be asked to go to hell with their innuendo! or perhaps take their bleatings to Tamil Nadu where in all probabilitie they will have a better audience!

During his visit to the UK The President and First Lady have been treated as is befitting the  leadership of the  Sovereign Nation of Sri Lanka, with full recognition and the cordiality which has come even from the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. Not surprisingly it has been observed by many discerning sources  both in the UK and around the world that  the relationship between Sri Lanka and Britain is getting stronger by the day.

On this particular visit the President has been observed in a spritely and peppy mood despite the catcalls and cacophony of the protesting Tamils which he as usual has taken in stride while maintaining that his country will never be intimidated by any of the Nation’s adversaries or any forces with hidden agendas that do not contribute to the well being of Sri Lanka. This  has been upheld, appreciated and applauded by a large gathering of Sri Lankans who staged a peaceful demonstration in support of the President in front of the London Hilton Hotel where he has reiterated that “We will not allow any force to snatch away the hard won peace and freedom.” as an aftermath to his succesful campaign to rid the Nation of Tamil Tiger terrorism in an unprecedented manner. The pro-Sri Lankan protestors were confronted by a large congregation of  pro-LTTE demonstrators, also near the hotel who were loud and unruly albeit under the watchful eye of the London police.
The classines and courage of the President has surfaced where despite the UK’s Scotland Yard Police Forces’ advice to heed the very violent nature of the pro-LTTE protest,  he has met with Sri Lankan expatriates and assured that he is ready to do anything to safeguard the Sovereignty of Motherland.

During the President’s visit which was on the Queen’s invitation to celebrate the Jubilee of her 60th Anniversary as the reigning monarch of England, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma has met with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in London. During the meeting it has been reported that ” President Rajapaksa apprised the Commonwealth Secretary-General of the current situation in Sri Lanka and the progress made in the development of the country.In response the Commonwealth Secretary-General has assured his fullest support on behalf of the all Commonwealth Nations for the President’s endeavor to rebuild the country.”

President Mahinda Rajapaksa who was staying at the London Hilton was scheduled to address a morning session of the Commonwealth Economic Forum but  was called off by the organizers due to pressure of pro-LTTE elements in London.
In December 2010,  The Oxford Union cancelled an address by President Mahinda Rajapaksa reportedly as a result of pressure applied by pro-LTTE activists.

Both cancellations are a reflection of apathy on the part of the British authorities who continue to tolerate the rabble they have admitted to their country who do not seem to observe the laws of the land relative to their immigrant or citizenship status and bring disrepute to the British Institution of Immigration which has graciously admitted them. One might ask ” what right do these  rabble rousers have in a country they are  domiciled in particularly when they attempt acts of public disobedience or actions which lead upto them with impunity.
It is not only an embarassment to the British Authorities but also to the Queen where it is becoming a world wide consternation and cause for contempt that such rank displays of disregard to visiting Heads of State and the respect needed towards their visit are becoming commonplace.

Simply put, The British Authorities’ Tolerance of Tamil Diaspora Demonstrations In the UK During Prersident Rajapaksa’s visit seems somewhat apathetic !

5 Responses to “The British Authorities’ Tolerance of Tamil Diaspora Demonstrations In the UK During Prersident Rajapaksa’s Visit Somewhat Apathetic!”

  1. Luke61 Says:

    ITN/CH4 News, 6th June 2012 – Jonathan Miller:

    ” With these flags the protesters showed their true colours, they declared loyalty the brutal ..tainted(?) Tamil tiger insurgents, who recruited child soldiers and suicide bombers and who were banned in 32 countries including the UK”

    Wonder what John Rankin has to say about the open display of the LTTE flags.
    clip at 1:55

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “Simply put, The British Authorities’ Tolerance of Tamil Diaspora Demonstrations In the UK During Prersident Rajapaksa’s visit seems somewhat apathetic !”

    With all due respect I disagree except for the word “somewhat”.

    Let them demonstrate, we should tighten screws on them in SL.

    When Chinese leaders visit, so called “Tibetan” people demonstrate more decently and for a reason unlike these Tamil Diarrhoea. But any idiot can demonstrate in a democracy.

    However, the cancellations should not have happened.

  3. Dham Says:

    TO me, this cancellation is expected. Why cry over it. Let British be British.
    We must defend Sinhala Buddhist identity. That is what MR demonstrated.
    There is no tit for tat required. Just don’t react to nonsence.

    Ask authorities to catch all British residing in Sri lanka with bogus extensions of visas. I am sure the number is around 100.
    Catch who took the bribes.
    Try them in the legal ssystem properly and tranparently.
    I am sure all these bastards can be proven with crime.
    Prosecute them rather than deport them back to tell their stories in channel 4.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Freedom of expression comes from accepting others’ right to express themselves. The elected leader’s freedom of expression was violated twice in Britain due to British authorities entertaining Tamil street hooligans. This is totally unacceptable. The President is the elected leader of 20 million Sri Lankans. Britain must respect that. Tamil street hooligans cannot be awarded anything similar in their say.

  5. gamunu6 Says:

    I agree with LankaWeb editorial & with some of the responses. We have witnessed evrytime our President visits Britain some hooligans, mostly living on dole ( govt.assistance) have tme to demonstrate/ disrupt normal way of life enjoyed by majority Sri Lankans who live in Britain.

    Why is it then the authorities/hosts cannot act in unison and ban these demostrations against a leader of Sovereign nation? Not once but twice in the span of two years.

    The Tamil / terrorist flag is displaced prominently, govt : in Britain who banned LTTE as a terrorist org:(as well as 32 countries), yet allowed these hooligans to protest the President who visited UK as an invited guest of the Monarch.

    Tamils in all countries should take note how their supporters in Britain continue to harass our President every chance they get…………..Thanks you for the opportunity to express my views……….~ Gamunu

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