“Army grabbing civilian land”: What a preposterous claim by TNA!
Posted on June 24th, 2012

Asada M Erpini

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is accusing the army of grabbing the land that belongs to the civilians in the North, according to media reports on 24 June. The protest that the party had planned to hold has quite rightly been disallowed by the Jaffna District courts.

 If the TNA can turn back the clock to the period before May 2009, there certainly was land grabbing, on a massive scale, by its godfather, the LTTE. The LTTE, as the rest of the world except for the pro-separatists and their supporters, knows was an illegal entity that usurped the authority of the legally constituted government of the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka and controlled a third of the land of the island until the armed forces moved in, vanquished the terrorist leader and his top rung armed cadres. The possibility of even thinking about returning the land that had been forcefully taken over by the LTTE to the civilians arose only after the momentous events of May 2009.

 All land in the country, the airspace above it and a specified territory of the sea around rightly belong to the State. For all practical purposes, the civilians, irrespective of the ethnic affiliations, have mere temporary custodianship to specific blocks of land as stipulated under the deeds of ownership. If the Head of State, or the defence ministry – one aspect of which is the combat units – wishes to take over any land for security reasons, all that the civilian can, and should, do is to hand it over to the State. The same goes when land needs to be taken over for developmental purposes: when the Mahaveli Scheme was being implemented the Sinhalese cultivators in the Central Province districts had to forgo valuable and extremely fertile land that had come down to them through generations and had to go and live in locations such as Girandurukotte which were a far cry from Teldeniya or other villages in the Kandyan regions. The TNA and its supporters, on the other hand, have every right to protest if the land in question has been taken over by individuals, who incidentally happen to be employees of the armed forces, for their private purposes “”…” for use as residences or to run business concerns.

 It is not surprising the TNA is going to take the matter of “land grabbing by the army” to the UN Human Rights Council. The manner in which this supposed-to-be august body functions was clearly evident when it adopted a resolution against Sri Lanka on 26 May alleging human rights violations by the armed forces, when, in fact, what the most visible project the latter did was to rescue 300,000 Tamil civilians who had been corralled by the LTTE leader to be sacrificed as a human shield! The TNA politicians should be thankful that they themselves are not being hauled before the International Court of Justice for their own role during the past thirty years “”…” aiding and abetting in human right violations by the LTTE.

4 Responses to ““Army grabbing civilian land”: What a preposterous claim by TNA!”

  1. AnuD Says:

    As I heard, even before 1948 when the British master was in Sri Lanka, Tamils used to accuse for discrimination and asked for separate state. So, even now, they carry out this kind allegations discourage the govt of any settlements of other ethnic groups in the North and East. They simply has an objective and they work to achieve that.

    Govt needs to know how to do that. Any mono- ethnic enclaves will only create problems.

    See, how they tamilize every name of different areas. Now,those names are even harder to pronounce as Tamils want to develop words without any sanskrit roots or sinhala – mixing. As I see, any other writers except Tamils does not do that. I see they even tamil journalists writing to sinhala news papers tamilize the sinhala names of thoose so-called boarder villages.

    I wish , D. S. Senanayake like politicians will appear again.

  2. sumadha Says:

    What kind of land that they talking about,OK OK OK what they bought from India,when they come to Ceylon 80years ago,this is going to be a big joke. I wont tell to the every Tamil,SRI LANKA FOR SINHALA,SINHALA FOR SRI LANKA.
    we dont have room for 100million tamils to live in Sri Lanka.every time they saying 100million tamils dont have home countery.even in India Tamil language is not in officel lanuge,Sri Lanka have geving too much to this Tamils.,

  3. lingamAndy Says:

    land grabbing by the army” – if Army or any other govt body should follow our legal system to get if they want to use civilans land (who have dead of land ) !

    but I am with you ,
    what the hell these TNA have right to talk about land grabbing by the army !
    These TNA members should be put in jail immediatly for braking the law of the land (court order ) !!!

  4. S de Silva Says:

    Can we cut through all these false allegations by the TNA and where there is absolutely no truth, take legal action against TNA? The sad thing is we are so too ready to privately complain but absolutely no action is being aken against libel or slander so we are asking for all this and get more of the same – the only way is via legal channels against the TNA. That is the ONLY way to put a stopto bogus allegations – S de Silva – London

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