Now, it is the Navy that is grabbing land, according to TNA!
Posted on June 26th, 2012

Asada M Erpini

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) accused the army of grabbing the land that belonged to the civilians in the North, according to media reports on 24 June. Now a TNA parliamentarian, named Suresh Premachandran, is accusing the Navy of occupying a two kilometre stretch of the coast in the North to set up camp. And, what is the recourse that the gentleman plans to resort to?  He is going to raise the issue with India’s National Security Advisor when the latter descends on the Sovereign Republic of Sri Lanka soon.

All that the true Sri Lankans can do is to feel sorry for the TNA MP for having his wires crossed completely. Of course, there will be a substantial number among them who would say that he should be dealt with according to the legal provisions provided by the Constitution of the country.

First and foremost, the Indian who is scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka is India’s National Security Advisor. His remit is to worry about the security of India and advise the Indian government on matters pertaining to its security. Sri Lanka or its Navy has never been a threat to India or any of its regions: the exceptions would be those of calibre of the invasion by King Gajabahu (AD 1131 – 1153) of the Chola Empire in South India to release 12,000 Sinhalese held captive, but that was nearly ten centuries ago. The world has moved on, and the proposed action of the TNA is more childish than the kid running to his uncle accusing the next door boy being a big bully, when in fact the latter has been the most accommodating friend as long as one could remember.

Another matter of critical importance is the accusation by the TNA MP that the Sri Lanka Navy is occupying the land along the coast in the North. The Navy is one critical element of the armed forces of the State of Sri Lanka, and on behalf of the State, the Navy would do what is best to ensure the security of the country. Being next door to Tamil Nadu, with its vociferous Eelam supporters of all sizes, shapes and ages “”…” Nedumaran, Vaiko, Jayalialtha, Karunanidhi, etc. – , it is imperative that the Navy has maximum presence in the coastal belt in the North to prevent individuals with sinister motives originating in Tamil Nadu from entering the country illegally and with the aim of undermining Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. If the Navy decides to station its personnel every few metres along the Northern coast, all Sri Lankans, no doubt, would be happy.

The only individuals who will be against the reported action by the Navy are non-Sri Lankans who stand to lose whatever they would have otherwise gained if the members of the security forces were not around. A point that emerges from the TNA MP’s statement is that his affiliation is not to Sri Lanka in any way – although he does not seem to have any qualms about enjoying the perks and privileges granted to Members of Parliament. If he thinks that the right person to whom his so-called grievance should be presented is the National Security Advisor of India, or, as the TNA frequently does, the Central Government of India, then he clearly does not consider himself as a Sri Lankan, and the veracity of the oath of allegiance to the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka that he would have taken at the time of his induction as an MP is brought into serious question.

A final point that should be pointed out to the TNA MP is that in Sri Lanka the Navy and coastal belt go hand in glove with each other: it may be that his close connections to those in the USA administration, who want to scuttle the efforts at development initiated by Sri Lanka, may have convinced him that the Sri Lanka Navy should be operating a fleet of combat aircraft as is done by the US Marines, and stay away from the coast. As things stand at present, the Sri Lanka Navy cannot have its bases on top of Pidurutalagala or in any other region in the Central Highlands to do the tasks it is required to perform. It is time that Suresh Premachandran accepted that.

11 Responses to “Now, it is the Navy that is grabbing land, according to TNA!”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Good advise Mr Erpini. These TNA politicians who were hand picked by the LTTE terrorist leader are behaving like a lost tribe not knowing to which nation they belong to. They seem to be more loyal to Tamilnadu and by default to India, the creator of LTTE terrorists. The TNA is acting as if they are worried that the Tamilnadu politicians might find it more difficult to continue infiltrating SriLanka with trained separatists if the Northern sea coast is protected.
    TNA ignores that a nation has the right to protect its existing borders, just like India and Pakistan with each other, Vietnam and China, Cuba and USA, etc, without having to resort to international assasins like US drone flights.
    Prior to LTTE terrorist activities, SriLanka had similar Northern sea coast protection, especially around Velvatithura to prevent smuggling of contraband, when Prabakaran too was a petty smuggler of contraband before he set up the very lucrative LTTE Mafia. Mr Sumanthiran would do well to realise he has a duty towards the citizens he represent in Parliament and should complain to the visting Indian Minister of the ongoing plunder of SriLankan fishing resources by Indian fisherman and the attempts by Tamilnadu politicians to create communal violence in SriLanka and Tamilnadu, through their false claims to mislead Tamilnadu citizens.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Ban TNA. Problem solved.

    Vesawalami law should apply to Navy and Army lands too!

    “Grab” more lands to make TNA voters landess.

  3. AnuD Says:

    When TNA is behaving like this, think what would happen if they were handed over the Northern province to govern. Even at present, every body complains that TN Tamil fishermen come straightly to the Sri Lankan shores to catch fish. When they have more freedom what else they can not do. They definitely will do smuggling what they have to.

  4. sumadha Says:

    Now land what next? next week thy will complain air force grab my wife Haaaa…this monsters have only one agenda that is EELAM.thy are any TNA politician protest,TN fisherman invading Sri Lanka water?I am plead to Sri Lanka government to ban this who complain our security.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Security issues of Lanka gains topmost priority. The Law of the land should be amended, if necessary, to allow top priority to armed forces to acquire what they mus to protect the land, the coastlines especially via the Navy, with consent from the Supreme Court here. Also, Lanka authorities will have to be very vigilant and deport all illegal migrants into Lanka.

    So long as Tamil Nadu Caste/poverty problems remain Lanka security forces have to be on red alert, possibly for another 50 yrs. or more.

    Note: The Tamil Nadu fishermen who form the main ‘connection’ between the North of Lanka and Tamil Nadu, apart from the TNA, have started caterwauling again that the Lanka Navy have harassed/killed/abducted TN fishermen ! This is a prelude to other lies to follow, judging by the news item that the ltte rump in Switzerland has been acquiring money fraudulently to purchase ARMS – we hope our authorities are prepared to ward off ‘stupid flack’ lies from TN fishermen. Also, drug smuggling into Lanka has been on the rise again, judging rom news items.
    The whole purpose is to destabilise Sri Lanka and gain bargaining points with lies, cheat & deceit. Despicable trait, serving only to bring down the Tamil population here, not to upgrade them.

    It is high time that the Tamil people of Lanka who love this country speaks up in one voice to expose the lies, cheat & deceit of various other Tamil groups. All Others of Lanka will have to be vigilant against Separatism and Illegal Migrants for long years to come. It is time to go forward, not backward.

  6. lingamAndy Says:

    Tamil people of Lanka who love this country !

    It is up to Sinhala people ( Colombo Govt) to implement 13A fully over night to solve our thousand years problm for ever !

    or sooner or later King Gajabahu II (AD 2131 – 2153) of the Chola Empire in South India will be in our mother lanka !!!!

    OHHHH Krishna……..

  7. AnuD Says:

    The best thing is to expose what the Tamil politicians are doing and not to play their game by responding to them. Tamils living in Sri Lanka should under stand what it at stake. Because, lat war, left 80,000 or so Tamil widows and reduced Yapapatuna population by 20%. What will happen if there is another war.

  8. lingamAndy Says:

    not if When there is another war !
    We both community had so many war last thousand of years , last one end 19th of 2009 !
    Those 80,000 Tamil widows have very good relationship with 30,000 forces in North now so Yapapatuna population up by 40%. soon !

    Why this Kolaveri …………..

    No short cut !!!

    We can live together for ever ! now up to Sinhala peoples ( Colombo Govt) to implement 13A fully ! or Indian/USA will implement with a cost (admin cost of $1Billion)!

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Correcting a typo : Pleaser read ” …deport all illegal migrants into Lanka” as ” … deport all illegal migrants in Lanka’.

  10. AnuD Says:


    Tamils are simply jealous.

    They kneel in front of and willing follow those who don’t clean the back after it, yet Tamils show their strength to us.

    That is self-esteem in front of us.

  11. lingamAndy Says:

    I did not get you mean Tamils are simply jealous, Jealous for what , We Srilankan live in kokku land for last thousand years thats all I can work out from our both community !
    All luck bustard like me run way from mother lanka , cleaning White man toilet for last 26 years (since 1983) hope & pray rest of Tamil manage to scab from our kukkuland one day or a Chinhala leader will born in our lankan who will unit our both community live together happyly for ever !!! that all !

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