Unpublished News
Posted on July 17th, 2012


Sri Lankan media reported that Indian Minister Jeyaram Ramesh, gave a lecture on right to information. As Sri Lankan we have right to know about the information regarding new LTTE training camps in Tamil Nadu. Highly reliable source reveal that over 400 Ex-LTTE carders were smuggled to India using encroached fishing boats and are now stationed in two locations namely forest reserves of Kumarpiddi and Kumarimale.

They have been instructed and trained how to conduct cyber and other types of sabotage operations. Their new leader is one Luxman (Ex-LTTE leader from Manner). He was coordinating recent Vavuniya prison riots as well.

Indian operatives are now coordinating with Rudra and Nedi factions of LTTE in US and EU to form new separatists terrorists organization. Three decades ago India had unleashed same military tactics vis a vis Sri Lanka and suffered lot. Unfortunately, history is repeating itself now. Are we passive observers?

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