Z score issue is over? Or, a beginning of another muddle?
Posted on July 23rd, 2012

D. Rajapaksa (2011 GCE A/L)

Finally the Department of Examinations managed to release the Z score yesterday afternoon, after 28 days, after the Supreme court order which was given on the 25th of June. So now we can not ensure that the problem is over. We would be glad if it was. Now it is time to analyze through a vivid mind.

Its an Up and Down results sheet. Nobody can not say that is wrong or can not question about the reliability this time because it is the system which has been carried since 2000 and as well the re calculation process was done according to the Supreme Court order and as Srilankans we must obey that without impediments.

I used the words Up and Down because i experienced that. Before i was 68th in my district but now I m the 30th and my friend was 88th now 40th (Both 1st attempts) . So that is UP. Definitely if someone comes to a top rank the previous top rank holder will go back and most of the second attempt students had to face that embarrassing situation.So that is DOWN.

So this issue will cause another chaos. Previous top rank holders might even not be able to enter the faculty they wanted before some times either the university entrance. In the inhuman manner authorities might say “you cant not rely on the previous ranks,now we have released the correct z score results of the students and only they will be selected”. That is totally in human. It will be a mental breakdown for most of the students, and not because of a problem or a mistake of their.

This muddle will happen after the UGC releases the Cut off Z score for university entrance.

As I see justice is done only to a part of the students (majority 1st attempt) while the others suffer. The government decision regarding this is not being released yet .This is an ideal example to all of us in this country ” If a problem is not solved in a proper reliable manner it will cause many more problems like a chain “

We dont know who is responsible because nobody takes the responsibility.

Ultimately students had to suffer and its not ending.

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