“Tamil illegal immigrant will be killed on return to Sri Lanka”, laments sister in Melbourne
Posted on July 26th, 2012

Asada M Erpini

“A desperate bid to stop Australian immigration officers deporting a Tamil man back to Sri Lanka has failed “”‚ despite fears from his family he will be killed on his return”, goes the opening sentence in a story in theage.co\m.au “”…” The Age – National Times, dated 27 July.

The story continues: “ƒ”¹…””ƒ”¹…”If he goes there, they kill him”, his tearful sister said before the flight left. The “they’ in the ever-loving sister’s wailing obviously refers to the government of Sri Lanka or its armed forces, or could even be the Sinhalese who are projected to the rest of the gullible world, led by the likes of Australia and Canada, by the bogus asylum mafia as an ethnic group whose members cannot have a restful night of sleep unless they kill a few dozen “ƒ”¹…”innocent’ Tamils who are minding their own business.

It seems strange that some of the media persons in the western countries and in Australia keep on repeating the claim by the failed asylum seekers that certain death awaits them the moment they land at Bandaranayake International Airport in Katunayake. It is as if the armed forces personnel are waiting at every vantage point to gun down these “ƒ”¹…”hapless unfortunates’ as soon as they clear immigration formalities. On the other hand, it is difficult to accept that the correspondents are fools: there obviously should be other attractions that egg them on to continue to publicise the untruths peddled by the LTTE and its supporters.

 Many Tamil illegal immigrants who landed in the UK to claim refugee status, citing the alleged persecution by the government of Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese have been told by the immigration authorities, “You are not welcome” and have been sent back. The British High Commissioner in Colombo has clearly stated that there have not been any reports of harassment of any of the returnees by the Sri Lankan authorities.

 On the days just prior to the LTTE leader meeting his Waterloo at Nandikadal on 19 May 2009, there were tens of thousands of Tamils running to the armed forces personnel for succour. The manner in which the old and infirm as well as the young children were carried to safety by the men and women in uniform, risking their own lives, was an epic that had never ever been witnessed before and is highly unlikely to be repeated anywhere in the world. The nearly 300,000 Tamil civilians escaping from the grips of a megalomaniac, who had kept them as a human shield to prevent the lawful actions of the armed forces of Sri Lanka, was beamed live to the diplomatic community based in Colombo and was there for the open-minded and the objective observers who had not been swayed to toe the LTTE line attracted by the filthy lucre dished out from the 300 million dollar annual earnings of the terrorists.

 Sri Lanka is not such a horrendous place for the Tamils, provided they are law-abiding citizens. Over 40% of the population of Colombo is Tamil, and some of the most prestigious positions in banking, business concerns, travel, etc. are held by Tamils. The owners of enviable real estate in and around Colombo are Tamils. Anyone going to Wellawatte, Bambalapitya or Sea Street in Pettah will wonder whether he or she is in Jaffna or in some place in Tamil Nadu: almost everything that one sees or hears is in Tamil language, with no evidence whatsoever of Tamils being killed by the Sinhalese or by any other group.

 The Australian authorities should be thanked for seeing through the claims by the bogus refugee status seekers. Their action is a minuscule, but the story goes that tiny drops make the mighty ocean. Let us hope that Australia has, at least now, opened its eyes.



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  1. Vijendra Says:

    People in the west and Australia have been gullible to believe all the rantings of the Tamils seeking economic refuge in these countries lying through their teeth as to how they are ill-treated in SL and how genocide is going on there. They can fool some people some time but not all the time! One day truth had to triumph.

  2. Sirih Says:

    I have already mailed to SMH editor in chief and awaiting reply. My tweet..
    This is a hoax .Aussie jurno’s taken for a ride by tamil lobby.. http://thuppahi.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/australian-gullibility-forgeries-lies-and-manipulation-in-the-netherworld-of-in-migration/#more-6374http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/more-may-follow-as-tamil-deported-20120725-22r28.html … via @smh

    Dear Sir,

    Today I’d an opportunity to interview Dayan Anthony first deportee from Australia . Alrdy being H/o to over to his parents today. The significance of this event is that the some Australian reports /publications (attached) highlighted the following;

    The deportee is a victim of Sri Lankan war and has been in Mullawaikkal during 2009 and subsequently move to Australia. The same report highlights that he has been subjected to torture by CID as he was found guilty of associating with LTTE and selling clothes to LTTE from Negombo.Furthermore the report talks about the white van and how he managed to escape from the white van abduction. Hence the reports portray a complete different picture about Sri Lanka and blame Australian authorities fro putting this mans life in a very dangerous situation , indicating that he will be harassed, tortured and imprisoned.The report also indicate an arrest warrant issued against the suspect.


    I checked and found that all these allegations are baseless and not true. The said person was borne in Kytes and moved to Negombo in 1989. He has never experienced any wrong doings as alleged by the above media reports . He has gone to Malaysia seeking a job but has returned and then he has sought the assistance of an agency to go to France in 2009. Having failed that , the agent Siva (well known human smuggling operative) has taken him to Australia by using a fake passport. His sister is living in Australia . The agent has told him to tell the immigration authorities that he was in Wanni and was subjected to torture by CID and also has a case against him. He was wanted by Police. He was never in Wanni as claimed by the report. As per the statement made by him, he was asked to tell all these things as Australians have a soft corner for illegal immigrants.

    He also has been told that Australia will consider the asylum application only if it from North and East but not from any other part of the country.Today he is a freeman and he has never experienced any sort of harassment from the airport and he was taken in to CID in order to identify him and to check the allegations made against him by the media. At the CID he has been treated well and now released him back to his parents. He wants to start a new life. He blames the Australia authorities as he was handcuffed and brought to Sri Lanka which resulted in swollen wrists. All these were stated to the media personnel voluntarily prior to joining his parents.It is unfortunate that some segments of the media together with pro LTTE elements in Australia along with some human right activists deliberately engage in a campaign to bring discredit to GoSL on this issue behind the human right banner. will send you a photograph within half an hour.

    An Australian journalist also spoke to him today.



  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    The profile and modus operandi for economic migrants, could be:
    They are generally the very poor with a few assets and low skills, willing to take the risk of migrating illegally to a generous, rich and gullible nation like Australia. They could be citizens of Tamilnadu or SrLanka or any other nation in the world, but they enter Australia, claiming they are SriLankan, but their identity documents destroyed. “Then comes the joke of an SOS calling for only Australian authorities to rescue them from a “rapidly sinking leaking boat.” Then the sponsors, lawyers and politicians of the targeted nation take over, calling the illegal migrants to be processed on Australian soil, claiming they would be tortured, raped killed etc if sent back to SriLanka. Though this is furthest from the truth and the Australian Govt should know better, this ploy works at least as long as political parties like the Greens support their claims blindly. In the current situation the would be asylum seeker, would hope that the Labour party proposal to put them at the end of the queue would never get aopproved and they would rather prefer the Liberal party offer to process them off shore, but at the front of the migrant queue. However, the best is the current process and this is the pull factor for more and more to arrive, before the Labour proposal is approved.

  4. Vis8 Says:

    Here’s what these fake-artists are after: Aussie $$$$:

    Here is what the Refugees or Asylum seekers are paid, IMMEDIATELY on arrival in Australia:



    Weekly allowance

    Weekly Spouse allowance

    Additional weekly hardship allowance



    Weekly allowance

    Weekly Spouse allowance

    Additional weekly hardship allowance


    Is it any wonder that more and more are arriving daily?
    And these people are paid this without working at all, and not even being asked to work!

  5. sumadha Says:

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  6. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Why do the Sinhalese also in the same asylum boats?

    Further many aussies saw how the Tamils were killed in 1983 pogram. Can any Sinhala fool explain why they want to kill Tamils? in Thi web many bark that Tamils must leave SL and SL belong to Sinhalese ONLY.

    Then why are you all barking?

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