Liberal MP, Jim Karygiannis
Posted on July 28th, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario, Canada

27 July 2012

Avinash Gavai (Chatter House)

Dear Avinash Gavai:

Your news item ‘Jim’s at it again” and the comment by Azerbaijani’s Ambasador Farid Shafiyev “What a choice made by the Liberal Party for the position of multicultural critic!” says  it all about this Liberal member of parliament, Jim Karygiannis.

During the Tamil Tiger war in Sri Lanka he was the spokesperson for his Tamil constituents pulling out all his shenanigan’s flaying at the Sri Lankan government at every turn. During the February 4, 2009, Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka in parliament which I christened ‘The Canadian Parliament’s Tamil Blarney Gong Show’, he was flaying his arms to the left and right like a drunken Greek sailor, and had the audacity to tell the Harper Government, “When is the government going to rise and say that if Sri Lanka does not change its ways, it is going to be kicked out of the Commonwealth?”

The Harper Government was judicious to ignore his comments and so did the Sri Lankan Government who may have thought that this MP was a nuisance. And more over he like “Jim in the Box jumps like this” suddenly appeared in the North of Sri Lanka in the height of the war, and no one knew who had authorized him to be there.  It was a mystery.   So I understand why the Ambassador was deeply upset when Karygiannis went to Azerbaijan via Armenia as an observer, and to a presidential election not recognized by Azerbaijan violating the rules of another country.

Perhaps now that the Tamil allegiance has shifted from the Liberals to the Conservatives in the GTA  and having witnessed how his Liberals lost their seats in GTA falling like 10-pins, he had to shift  his steroid energies elsewhere, and unfortunately for the Azerbaijanies it has been shifted on them.

Asoka Weerasinghe

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