A letter to Mr. S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike 72 years ago
Posted on September 9th, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe. Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

September  9, 2012

His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa
President of Sri Lanka,
Presidential Secretariate,
Colombo 1, Sri Lanka.

Your Excellency:

Notwithstanding that you have stated that “hostile activities by one state in India did not represent the whole Indian stance and Sri Lanka is conducting diplomatic relations with India closely,” I take it that regional geo-politics leaves you no choice but to conduct diplomatic relations with India to provide some normalcy, as you know as well as I know, India is no friend of Sri Lanka.  It has proved to be the Bully-boy neighbour of ours for decades.

Sure, one swallow does not make a summer, but as you are aware that Tamil Nadu state is led by Chief Minister Jayalalitha, who is a terrorist-swallow that is prepared to do anything to attack and destroy eggs in Sri Lanka’s nest, who indeed has exacerbated further our trust in India by twisting Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s arm to have India vote for the US  Resolution last March at the UN in Geneva,  thus showing what they are capable of doing to Sri Lanka to pin us to the wall together with western nations.  India’s Monroe Doctrine is still at play and is live and well,Your Excellency, in a big way, even though it was acknowledged that China’s diplomatic big bang tore up India’s Monroe Doctrine  to tatters at the end of the 13th SAARC summit in Dhaka with their influence in the sub-continent.

Don’t forget that these are the guys who did their “ƒ”¹…”parippu drop’ over Jaffna in 1987 after  violating Sri Lanka’s sovereign airspace by sending Mirage 2000 jets screaming over Sri Lanka’s northern sky on 4 July 1987.  Lets not forget that these are the same guys who took 100s of  bare footed Tamil guerrilla’s who could not shoot straight to Tamil Nadu and trained them in military camps to graduate as a terrorist conventional army and sent them back in army fatigues and jackboots carrying Kalashnikovs like babies and with festoons of live bullets around their necks and killed our people in the thousands.  Let’s not forget that these are the  same guys who are adding pressure points on you with their Integrated Guided Missile Program stationing their long range Agni Type Missile systems targeting Sri Lanka’s strategic institutions like the Colombo and Hambanthota Ports, Katunayake, Ratnmalana and Mattala Airports, Military Headquarters, Puttalam Coal plant and Kerawalapitiya-Kelanitissa oil fired Power Plants.  I know that all this is not new to you, but I thought it was worthwhile pointing out to you.  And, of course, the recent call to remove Mullikulam Navy Camp, possibly to bring in thousands of illegal Indian immigrants and flood the coastal areas with them.

However, Your Excellency, this preamble was to share with you my older brother Walter’s, the eldest in the family of seven, the son of a  Ceylon Government Railway Driver, the letter he wrote  72 years ago, at the age of 25 to Honourable S.W.R. D. Bandaranaika.  He was employed in the Government’s Granary in Colombo.  I thought that it should be read by the President of our sovereign nation of Sri Lanka.   A reality check in the 1940 which echoes  still in 2012. He was my hero as a kid and I feel proud to share his genes to love my Motherland and concerns. So here it is.

“54 Mount Mary, Colombo

17th December, 1940

Hon, Mr. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaika,

Guildford Crescent, Colombo

Honoured Sir,

I wonder whether you had the opportunity of seeing this Memorial which I am herewith enclosing.  This was sent by the Malayalees to our previous Governor and I hope you will please read this carefully and deal it confidential.  I have come to understand that similar Memorials were sent to the Viceroy of India, the Madras Governor and to all the Indian Leaders.  In my opinion this is one of the main reasons why the Indians are cross with us.

This itself, anyway, shows how the Malayalees are treating us the Sinhalese and the false accusations given about us to our God-imposed rulers, and I think the time is up to you and all the Sinhalese leaders to adopt diplomatic methods to contradict these statements and also we must try to check these in time.  The true Sinhalese nation will not be known in another 25 years hence if this be the state of our country.

Aren’t the Malayalees alone a pest and are they not polluting the country?  Why do our people tolerate them yet?  Why not we also adopt the slogans like the Indians?  Punjab for the Punjabees, Sind for the Sindees,. Bengal for the Bengalees, and why not Ceylon for the Sinhalese only?  Why should it be a cosmopolitan place? Why are the doors yet open in firms and Government for the Malayalees? Can’t we redeem ourselves from the hands of the Indians?  Why not the leaders give us a start?  We must protect our Country.  Let this not be the dumping ground of these unwanted untouchables!  Ceylon has done more for the Indian untouchables than all the efforts of Mr. Gandhi and the Congress put together by giving them a living wage. Ceylon must be ruled by the Sinhalese and not by the Tamils and Indians.  Let us also show them that we do not wish to be known as a mere appendage of India.

Sir, there is a talk among the Malayalee leaders to get a Malayalee representative in the next Reform Council.  I beg your Honour to be on the lookout and stop if such a thing occur.

Honoured Sir, I wish to state that you are the only Sinhalese who can protect our country and protect the Sinhalese nation too.  You also can make it an industrial and independent country.  I do not mean to write you at length as you might think that I am trying to dictate things to you.

In concluding I wish you  the blessings of the Triple Gem.

I remain, Sir,

Yours very sincerely

(signed) W.R.Weerasinghe


P.S.  Please return this Memorial after reading it as I will have to replace it.  Do deal it in confidential please. Thanks

 Your Excellency, perhaps here lies the precursor of India’s Monroe Doctrine which is at play at the present. The most poignant statement in brother’s letter of 72 year ago was, “Let us also show them that we do not wish to be known as a mere appendage of India.”


Asoka Weerasinghe.

5 Responses to “A letter to Mr. S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike 72 years ago”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    The Sinhale nation is grateful to you.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Upon reading it again I realized it was written on 17th December, 1940.

    That is 8 years BEFORE Independence.
    16 years BEFORE language act.

    “Ceylon must be ruled by the Sinhalese and not by the Tamils and Indians. Let us also show them that we do not wish to be known as a mere appendage of India.”

    Prophetic words.

  3. Dham Says:

    SWRD acted on it.
    Mahendra will act on it too.

  4. seruvila senarath Says:

    Well said, And i was maintaining the same stances since 1971. [ when i was in secondry school ]. and see my blog replies to BBC, Lankaweb and other web sites.}
    These Malabar are doing is to divide our country. when they are in inner circle of ministries in Indian government, specially in defense and P M ‘s office they are manipulating their power to seduce our foolish, self centered power hungry politicians.
    It is Better to see that You send this letter to mahendra percy rajapakse.

    But I doubt It.

    You can Think And Reason it yourself as you are learned and respected person.

    seruvila senarath

  5. Christie Says:

    I do not know whether SWRD was involved with the disfranchising the
    Indian coolies and other Indian settlers and the introduction of Immigration and Emigration ordinances after the Independence.
    What I am sure is the Indian Intelligence Service and the local Indian settlers were instrumental in forming the SLFP and funding SWRD and in formulating SLFP and SWRD policies and practices.

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